Where in Wigtownshire is .......?


This list gives 1200 place names in Wigtownshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Dalhabboch Inch parish
Dalkest Kirkcolm parish
Dally Kirkcolm parish
Dalminnoch Inch parish
Dalnigap NewLuce parish
Dalreaglie (Dalreiglie) Kirkinner parish
Dalrymple Street Burial Ground Stranraer parish
Dalvadie Stoneykirk parish
Dam Knowe Kirkmaiden parish
Damhouse Kirkcolm parish
Damnaglaur Kirkmaiden parish
Darloskine Bridge Kirkcowan parish
Darsnag, Flow of Mochrum parish
Deer Park Inch parish
Dergoals OldLuce parish
Derrie Mochrum parish
Derrie, Flow of Mochrum parish
Dervaird OldLuce parish
Dervaird, Wood of OldLuce parish
Dhuloch Schoolhouse Kirkcolm parish
Dhuloch, Mains of Kirkcolm parish
Dhuloch, West Kirkcolm parish
Dindinnie Leswalt parish
Dinduff, High Kirkcolm parish
Dinduff, Low Kirkcolm parish
Dinduff, Mid Kirkcolm parish
Dinnans Whithorn parish
Dinvin Portpatrick parish
Dinvin, Upper Portpatrick parish
Dirneark Kirkcowan parish
Dirniemow (Darniemow) NewLuce parish
Dirnow Kirkcowan parish
Dirnow School Kirkcowan parish
Dirskelpin (Derskelpin) OldLuce parish
Dirvachlie Kirkcowan parish
Dirvannie Kirkcowan parish
Donald Parks Inch parish
Doon Glasserton parish
Doonhill Sorbie parish
Dounan Moor Mochrum parish
Dourie Mochrum parish
Dowalton Sorbie parish
Dowalton, Low Sorbie parish
Dowies Glasserton parish
Dranigower NewLuce parish
Droughduil (Drochduil) OldLuce parish
Drove Park Wigtown parish
Druchtag Mochrum parish
Drumantrae Stoneykirk parish
Drumbeg Kirkcowan parish
Drumblair Mochrum parish
Drumblair Moor Mochrum parish
Drumbreddan Stoneykirk parish
Drumdoch Inch parish
Drumdow Kirkcolm parish
Drumdow Moss Mochrum parish
Drumfad Glasserton parish
Drumflower OldLuce parish
Drumgin Glasserton parish
Drumjargon Kirkinner parish
Drummaston Whithorn parish
Drummoddie Croft Glasserton parish
Drummoddie Moss Glasserton parish
Drummoddie, East Glasserton parish
Drummoddie, North Glasserton parish
Drummoddie, South Glasserton parish
Drummoddie, West Glasserton parish
Drummond Hill Cottages Whithorn parish
Drummoral Whithorn parish
Drummore Kirkmaiden parish
Drummore, High Kirkmaiden parish
Drummore, Low Kirkmaiden parish
Drummuckloch Inch parish
Drummurrie Kirkcowan parish
Drumnabrennan Kirkcowan parish
Drumneil Mochrum parish
Drumnescat, Flow of Mochrum parish
Drumpail (Drumphail) NewLuce parish
Drumrae Glasserton parish
Drumrae, Low Glasserton parish
Drumscallan Plantation Mochrum parish
Drumskeog, High Mochrum parish
Drumskeog, Low Mochrum parish
Drumterlie Cottage Penninghame parish
Drumterlie House Penninghame parish
Drumtroddan Mochrum parish
Drumwalt Mochrum parish
Drumwalt, Moor of Mochrum parish
Drury Lane Glasserton parish
Duchra Inch parish
Dunbae Inch parish
Dunragit OldLuce parish
Dunragit House OldLuce parish
Dunskey Castle Portpatrick parish
Dunskey Home Farm Portpatrick parish
Dunskey House Portpatrick parish
Dyemill Stoneykirk parish