Where in Wigtownshire is .......?


This list gives 1200 place names in Wigtownshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Gabsnout NewLuce parish
Galdenoch NewLuce parish
Galdenoch, East Stoneykirk parish
Galdenoch, Little Leswalt parish
Galdenoch, Meikle Leswalt parish
Galdenoch, West Stoneykirk parish
Gallahill Inch parish
Galloway House Sorbie parish
Gallowhill Farm Leswalt parish
Gallowhill House Leswalt parish
Gallows Outon Whithorn parish
Garchew Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Gargrie Mochrum parish
Gargrie Moor Mochrum parish
Gargrie, Throne of Mochrum parish
Garheugh Mochrum parish
Garheugh Croft Mochrum parish
Garlieston Sorbie parish
Garlieston Home Farm Sorbie parish
Garrerie (Garrarie) Glasserton parish
Garrie Stoneykirk parish
Garrochtrie Kirkmaiden parish
Garthland Mains Stoneykirk parish
Garthlearie Cottage Inch parish
Garvilland NewLuce parish
Gass Kirkcowan parish
Gass NewLuce parish
Genoch Mains OldLuce parish
Genoch Square OldLuce parish
Genoch, Little, No 1 Inch parish
Genoch, Little, No 2 Inch parish
Gillespie OldLuce parish
Gillespie Bridge OldLuce parish
Gillespie, High OldLuce parish
Glaik Leswalt parish
Glasnick Smithy Penninghame parish
Glasnick, High Penninghame parish
Glasnick, Low Penninghame parish
Glasserton Glasserton parish
Glasserton Bank Glasserton parish
Glasserton Church Glasserton parish
Glasserton Home Farm Glasserton parish
Glasserton House Glasserton parish
Glasserton Manse Glasserton parish
Glasserton Old Schoolhouse Glasserton parish
Glassoch Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Gledmein Mochrum parish
Glen of Luce OldLuce parish
Glenchamber NewLuce parish
Glendarroch Kirkcowan parish
Glengyre Kirkcolm parish
Glengyre, Little (1) Kirkcolm parish
Glengyre, Little (2) Kirkcolm parish
Glengyre, Low Kirkcolm parish
Glengyre, Meikle Kirkcolm parish
Glengyre, West Kirkcolm parish
Glenhapple Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Glenhead of Aldouran Leswalt parish
Glenhie Stoneykirk parish
Glenhowl OldLuce parish
Gleniron NewLuce parish
Gleniron Several NewLuce parish
Gleniron, Mid NewLuce parish
Glenjorrie Cemetery OldLuce parish
Glenjorrie, High OldLuce parish
Glenkitten NewLuce parish
Glenling Moss Mochrum parish
Glenling, High Mochrum parish
Glenling, Low Mochrum parish
Glenluce OldLuce parish
Glenluce Abbey OldLuce parish
Glenpark, Upper Challoch & Leswalt parish
Glenrazie Penninghame parish
Glenruther Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Glenruther Lodge Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Glenside Kirkcolm parish
Glenstockadale Several Leswalt parish
Glenstockadale, Laigh Leswalt parish
Glenstockadale, Mid Leswalt parish
Glenstockadale, West Leswalt parish
Glentriplock, High Mochrum parish
Glentriplock, Low Mochrum parish
Glenturk Wigtown parish
Glenturk Moor Croft Wigtown parish
Glenturk, Moorhead of Wigtown parish
Glenvernoch Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Glenvogie Penninghame parish
Glenwhilly NewLuce parish
Grange of Bladnoch Penninghame parish
Grange of Cree Penninghame parish
Greenfield Leswalt parish
Grennan Glasserton parish
Grennan Kirkmaiden parish
Grennan OldLuce parish
Grennan Moss Glasserton parish