Where in Wigtownshire is .......?


This list gives 1200 place names in Wigtownshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Kelly Port Penninghame parish
Kenmure Kirkcowan parish
Kenmure Stoneykirk parish
Kevans Sorbie parish
Kidsdale Glasserton parish
Kilbreen Stoneykirk parish
Kildarroch Kirkcowan parish
Kildarroch, East Kirkinner parish
Kildarroch, North Kirkinner parish
Kildarroch, South Kirkinner parish
Kildarroch, West Kirkinner parish
Kildonan Stoneykirk parish
Kildonan, High Kirkmaiden parish
Kildonan, Mid Stoneykirk parish
Kildonan, South Stoneykirk parish
Kildonan, Wee Stoneykirk parish
Kildrochet House (Kildrochat House) Stoneykirk parish
Kildrochet Mains (Kildrochat Mains) Stoneykirk parish
Kilfeddar NewLuce parish
Kilfillan OldLuce parish
Kilfillan Holdings OldLuce parish
Kilhern NewLuce parish
Kilhilt Portpatrick parish
Killadam Kirkcowan parish
Killantrae, Meikle Mochrum parish
Killantringan Portpatrick parish
Killantringan Lighthouse Portpatrick parish
Killaser Castle Stoneykirk parish
Killeal Penninghame parish
Killgallioch Kirkcowan parish
Killiemore House Penninghame parish
Killiemore, High Moor of Penninghame parish
Killiemore, Low Moor of Penninghame parish
Killumpha Kirkmaiden parish
KilmacFadzean NewLuce parish
Kiln Hill Penninghame parish
Kilquhockadale Kirkcowan parish
Kilsture Forest Penninghame parish
Kilsture, Little Sorbie parish
Kiltersan Kirkcowan parish
Kinsale Tower Leswalt parish
Kirkbride Kirkmaiden parish
Kirkbride Church (ruins) Kirkmaiden parish
Kirkbryde, East Kirkcolm parish
Kirkbryde, North Kirkcolm parish
Kirkbryde, West Kirkcolm parish
Kirkcalla Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Kirkcalla Cottage Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Kirkchrist Penninghame parish
Kirkcolm Kirkcolm parish
Kirkcolm Old Churchyard Kirkcolm parish
Kirkcowan Kirkcowan parish
Kirkcowan Churchyard Kirkcowan parish
Kirkhobble Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Kirkinner Kirkinner parish
Kirkinner Cemetery Kirkinner parish
Kirkinner Churchyard Kirkinner parish
Kirkland Leswalt parish
Kirkland Sorbie parish
Kirkland of Longcastle Kirkinner parish
Kirkland, East Wigtown parish
Kirkland, High Leswalt parish
Kirkland, West Wigtown parish
Kirklauchline (Kirklauchlan) Stoneykirk parish
Kirkmabreck Stoneykirk parish
Kirkmadrine Sorbie parish
Kirkmadrine Church Stoneykirk parish
Kirkmaiden Glasserton parish
Kirkmaiden Kirkmaiden parish
Kirkmaiden Ancient Church Kirkmaiden parish
Kirkmaiden House, Old Kirkmaiden parish
Kirkminnoch Kirkcolm parish
Kirminnoch Inch parish
Kirnaughtry Stoneykirk parish
Kirranrae Kirkcolm parish
Kirvennie Wigtown parish
Kirwar Plantation Mochrum parish
Kirwaugh Kirkinner parish
Kirwaugh Moor Kirkinner parish
Knock Glasserton parish
Knock Leswalt parish
Knock and Maize (1) Leswalt parish
Knock and Maize (2) Leswalt parish
Knock and Maize, High Leswalt parish
Knock of Luce OldLuce parish
Knock School Glasserton parish
Knock, House of Leswalt parish
Knock, Low Glasserton parish
Knockaldie Leswalt parish
Knockanharrie Whithorn parish
Knockann Kirkinner parish
Knockbrex Moor Penninghame parish
Knockbrex, East Penninghame parish
Knockbrex, West Penninghame parish
Knockcoid Kirkcolm parish
Knockefferick Kirkinner parish
Knockencule Kirkmaiden parish
Knockencurr Kirkinner parish
Knockglass, Low Portpatrick parish
Knockglass, Mid Portpatrick parish
Knockglass, North Portpatrick parish
Knockiebae Lead Mines NewLuce parish
Knockinaam Stoneykirk parish
Knockinaam Lodge Stoneykirk parish
Knockishee OldLuce parish
Knockmore Wigtown parish
Knocknain Leswalt parish
Knocknassie Kirkcolm parish
Knockneen Kirkcolm parish
Knockquhassen Portpatrick parish
Knockskeog Farm Wigtown parish
Knockstock Penninghame parish
Knocktimn Kirkcolm parish
Knockville Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Knowe Penninghame parish
Knowe School Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Knowes Kirkmaiden parish