Where in Wigtownshire is .......?


This list gives 1200 place names in Wigtownshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Ladysmith Mochrum parish
Laggangarn NewLuce parish
Lagganmore Portpatrick parish
Laigh Glenstockadale Leswalt parish
Laigh Sinniness OldLuce parish
Laight, Little Inch parish
Laight, Meikle Inch parish
Lairds Hill Inch parish
Lake Cottage Stoneykirk parish
Landberrick Mochrum parish
Larbrax Leswalt parish
Larbrax Cottages Leswalt parish
Larg, Little Inch parish
Larg, Mains of Inch parish
Larg, Milton of Inch parish
Larroch Glasserton parish
Leffnoll Inch parish
Leswalt Leswalt parish
Leswalt Cemetery Leswalt parish
Leswalt Old Parish Churchyard Leswalt parish
Liddesdale Leswalt parish
Limpit Hall Kirkmaiden parish
Little Airies Kirkcolm parish
Little Aries Kirkinner parish
Little Cairnbrock Kirkcolm parish
Little Eldrig Penninghame parish
Little Float Stoneykirk parish
Little Galdenoch Leswalt parish
Little Genoch No 1 Inch parish
Little Genoch No 2 Inch parish
Little Glengyre (1) Kirkcolm parish
Little Glengyre (2) / Low Glengyre Kirkcolm parish
Little Hills Kirkinner parish
Little Isle Whithorn parish
Little Kilsture Sorbie parish
Little Laight Inch parish
Little Larg Inch parish
Little Lochans Inch parish
Little Mark Leswalt parish
Little Tahall Kirkinner parish
Little Tongue Inch parish
Little Torhouse Wigtown parish
Loch Head Mochrum parish
Loch Maberry Castle Kirkcowan parish
Loch Ronald, Fell of Kirkcowan parish
Loch Ronald, Mains of Kirkcowan parish
Loch Ronald, Mark of Kirkcowan parish
Lochans Inch parish
Lochans Moor Inch parish
Lochans, Little Inch parish
Lochinch Castle Inch parish
Lochnaw Castle Leswalt parish
Lochnaw Home Farm Leswalt parish
Lochryan House Inch parish
Lochside Cottage Mochrum parish
Logan House Kirkmaiden parish
Logan Mains Kirkmaiden parish
Logan Mills Kirkmaiden parish
Long Forth OldLuce parish
Long Planting Inch parish
Longcastle, Boreland of Kirkinner parish
Longcastle, Kirkland of Kirkinner parish
Longcastle, Woodside of Kirkinner parish
Longhill Glasserton parish
Losset (Lossat) Kirkcolm parish
Low Airyolland NewLuce parish
Low Ardwell Stoneykirk parish
Low Aries Kirkcowan parish
Low Auchenree Portpatrick parish
Low Auchleach Stoneykirk parish
Low Balcray Whithorn parish
Low Baltersan Penninghame parish
Low Balyett Inch parish
Low Barbeth Kirkcolm parish
Low Barmore Stoneykirk parish
Low Barness Kirkinner parish
Low Barnultoch Inch parish
Low Bishopton Whithorn parish
Low Blair Sorbie parish
Low Boreland Inch parish
Low Cairndoon Glasserton parish
Low Carseduchan Mochrum parish
Low Chlenry Inch parish
Low Clachanmore Stoneykirk parish
Low Clanyard Kirkmaiden parish
Low Clone Mochrum parish
Low Craiglemine Glasserton parish
Low Curghie Kirkmaiden parish
Low Currochtrie Kirkmaiden parish
Low Dinduff Kirkcolm parish
Low Dowalton Sorbie parish
Low Drummore Kirkmaiden parish
Low Drumrae Glasserton parish
Low Drumskeog Mochrum parish
Low Eldrig Kirkcowan parish
Low Eldrig Kirkmaiden parish
Low Ersock Whithorn parish
Low Glasnick Penninghame parish
Low Glengyre Kirkcolm parish
Low Glenling Mochrum parish
Low Glentriplock Mochrum parish
Low Knock Glasserton parish
Low Knockglass Portpatrick parish
Low Mains Whithorn parish
Low Malzie Kirkinner parish
Low Milton Kirkcolm parish
Low Milton Mochrum parish
Low Mindork Kirkcowan parish
Low Moor Mochrum parish
Low Moor of Killiemore Penninghame parish
Low Mye Stoneykirk parish
Low Portencalzie Kirkcolm parish
Low Salchrie Kirkcolm parish
Low Shennanton Kirkcowan parish
Low Skeog Whithorn parish
Low Threave Penninghame parish
Low Three Mark Stoneykirk parish
Luce, Glen of OldLuce parish
Luce, Knock of OldLuce parish
Luce, Mark of OldLuce parish
Luce, New NewLuce parish
Luce, New, Cemetery NewLuce parish
Luce, New, Churchyard NewLuce parish
Luce, Old OldLuce parish
Luce, Old, Cemetery Extension OldLuce parish
Lurneoch Penninghame parish