Where in Wigtownshire is .......?


This list gives 1200 place names in Wigtownshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Macher Stewart Sorbie parish
Machermore OldLuce parish
Mahaar Inch parish
Mahaar Kirkcolm parish
Maidland Wigtown parish
Mains of Airies Kirkcolm parish
Mains of Cairnbrock Kirkcolm parish
Mains of Caldons Stoneykirk parish
Mains of Dhuloch Kirkcolm parish
Mains of Larg Inch parish
Mains of Loch Ronald Kirkcowan parish
Mains of Park OldLuce parish
Mains of Penninghame Penninghame parish
Mains, High Whithorn parish
Mains, Low Whithorn parish
Malzie Schoolhouse Kirkinner parish
Malzie, Low Kirkinner parish
March Farm Kirkinner parish
Mark Inch parish
Mark of Loch Ronald Kirkcowan parish
Mark of Luce OldLuce parish
Mark of Shennanton Kirkcowan parish
Mark, High Inch parish
Mark, High Leswalt parish
Mark, Little Leswalt parish
Mark, Meikle Leswalt parish
Markdhu (Markdow) NewLuce parish
Marklatch (Marklach) NewLuce parish
Marslauch Kirkcolm parish
Mary Mine Whithorn parish
Maryport Kirkmaiden parish
May, The Mochrum parish
Mayhar (Mayhaar) Kirkcolm parish
Meadow Bank Wigtown parish
Meikle Aries Kirkinner parish
Meikle Aries / Over Aries Kirkinner parish
Meikle Balsmith Whithorn parish
Meikle Castle Penninghame parish
Meikle Eldrig Penninghame parish
Meikle Float Stoneykirk parish
Meikle Galdenoch Leswalt parish
Meikle Glengyre Kirkcolm parish
Meikle Killantrae Mochrum parish
Meikle Laight Inch parish
Meikle Mark Leswalt parish
Meikle Tongue Inch parish
Meoul Stoneykirk parish
Meoul Croft Stoneykirk parish
Meoul Schoolhouse Stoneykirk parish
Merrick, High Portpatrick parish
Merton Hall Penninghame parish
Mid Barnultoch Inch parish
Mid Barsalloch Mochrum parish
Mid Curghie Kirkmaiden parish
Mid Currochtrie Kirkmaiden parish
Mid Dinduff Kirkcolm parish
Mid Ervie Kirkcolm parish
Mid Float Stoneykirk parish
Mid Gleniron NewLuce parish
Mid Glenstockadale Leswalt parish
Mid Kildonan Stoneykirk parish
Mid Knockglass Portpatrick parish
Mid Muntloch Kirkmaiden parish
Mid Ochtrelure Inch parish
Mid Ringuinea Stoneykirk parish
Mid Torrs OldLuce parish
Middle Threave Penninghame parish
Mill Aries Kirkinner parish
Milldriggan Mill Kirkinner parish
Millisle Sorbie parish
Milmain, North Stoneykirk parish
Milmain, South Stoneykirk parish
Milton OldLuce parish
Milton of Larg Inch parish
Milton Smithy OldLuce parish
Milton, High Kirkcolm parish
Milton, High Mochrum parish
Milton, Low Kirkcolm parish
Milton, Low Mochrum parish
Miltonise (Miltonish) NewLuce parish
Mindork, High Kirkcowan parish
Mindork, Low Kirkcowan parish
Mochrum Mochrum parish
Mochrum Church Mochrum parish
Mochrum Park Penninghame parish
Mochrum, Old Place of Mochrum parish
Monreith House Mochrum parish
Monreith Mains Mochrum parish
Monreith Village Glasserton parish
Monreith, Old Place of Glasserton parish
Moor Head Penninghame parish
Moor of Drumwalt Mochrum parish
Moor of Killiemore, High Penninghame parish
Moor of Killiemore, Low Penninghame parish
Moor of Ravenstone Glasserton parish
Moor Park of Barr Penninghame parish
Moor Park of Barr House Penninghame parish
Moor, High Mochrum parish
Moor, Low Mochrum parish
Moorcroft Portpatrick parish
Moorhead of Glenturk Wigtown parish
Moormains Mochrum parish
Moorpark Stoneykirk parish
Moorpark of Baldoon Kirkinner parish
Morrach Whithorn parish
Morroch Stoneykirk parish
Moss End, High Kirkinner parish
Moss of Cree Penninghame parish
Moss Park Glasserton parish
Mosscroft Stoneykirk parish
Mote Slap Stoneykirk parish
Mount Pleasant Inch parish
Muil Kirkcowan parish
Muir, Small Kirkinner parish
Muldaddie Kirkmaiden parish
Mulhill (Mullhill) Kirkmaiden parish
Mull of Galloway Farm Kirkmaiden parish
Mull of Galloway lighthouse Kirkmaiden parish
Mulloch Penninghame parish
Muntloch, East Kirkmaiden parish
Muntloch, Mid Kirkmaiden parish
Muntloch, West Kirkmaiden parish
Mye, High Stoneykirk parish
Mye, Low Stoneykirk parish
Myroch, West Kirkmaiden parish
Myrton, Clachan of Mochrum parish