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Books relating to Scottish names in general

  • An inquiry into the genealogy and present state of ancient Scottish surnames Buchanan, William, d. 1747 : Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1979.
  • Scottish Christian Names: A.to Z.of First Names Leslie Alan Dunkling : (January 1999) Alphabetical guide to origins and variations of traditional first names used in Scotland.
  • Scottish Forenames Donald Whyte : (March 31, 2005) This is the most detailed book available on Scottish forenames, giving origins and meanings for hundreds of names. It also traces the changes in naming patterns over the years, documenting the effects of the Norman Conquest, the Reformation and Royal births, as well as the impact of film stars and sports heroes on the popularity of forenames in modern times.
  • Scottish surnames; a contribution to genealogy Paterson, James, 1805-1876 : Edinburgh, J. Stillie, 1866. 2 p.l., 86 p. illus., geaneal. tab.
  • Scottish Surnames David Dorward : (March 2003) With an estimated 90 million people of Scottish descent scattered around the globe, it's not surprising that there is a worldwide interest in Scottish family names. This handy volume is the ideal guide to the rich variety of names found in Scotland.
  • Scottish Surnames Donald Whyte : (May 2000) This revised and expanded edition includes data on over 220 families, the development of surnames, a reading list and a guide for beginners in search of ancestry and family history.
  • The Book of Scottish Names Iain Zaczek : (January 2001) The rich traditions of Scotland have given us some beautiful and evocative names. This gift book lists the most popular names for both boys and girls, giving their derivations, pronunciations, meanings and the legends associated with them.
  • The Surnames of Scotland George F. Black : (1996) A book on the origin, meaning and history of Scottish surnames. The core of this work is a listing of over 8000 names, each with a concise history and cross-references.