Newspaper extracts for Beaumaris


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  • From  The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 4th September 1914

BEAUMARIS. WAR ITEMS.—A batch of young men left on Saturday and Monday, having enlisted in Lord Kitchener's Army. From the garden staff at Baron Hill, four have gone, and two from the household staff. Mr Joyce, keeper at Pen-man Park, who has already seen service in the Army has re-joined the colours.

The Rector addressed a meeting of the women members of the congregation of St. Mary's at the Church Room on Monday evening. He delivered a timely and helpful address on the duties and responsibilitiee of the women at home in the present crisis. 

Sanction has been obtained to raise a "Holyhead" company for the Royal Anglesey Special Reserve Royal Engineers. A splendid response was made to the appeal for recruits. The men will train here at the regimental depot, and the first batch arrived on Wednesday. At the end of this present week it is expected that the company will be at full strength.

  • From  The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 3rd July 1914

BEAUMARIS. AN IMPROVEMENT.—The croquet green in the Castle Pleasure Grounds is now in condition for play, and has been a considerable attraction.

  • From  The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the…16th November 1867

BEAUMARIS. ELECTION OF MAYOR.—On Saturday last, the 9th instant, the annual meetiug of the ancient corporation of Beaumaris was held, for the election of a Mayor. Mr Alderman Higgins was appointed to that office without opposition. On the following day, the entire Council attended him to church, as usual, preceded by the constables, mace-bearers, and other officers of the Council; but for the first time within memory, not accompanied by the Rector of the parish. Some delay occurred in the commencement of the service by the Kev. Mr Williams seeking to dislodge the councillors from the stalls which they have occupied from time immemorial. The attempt was unsuccessful. A most able discourse was delivered by the Rev, Mr Gregory, rector of Honiton, Devon, from Acts xxvii. 13, 14.

  •  From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 21st December 1867

BEAUMARIS. POPULAR ENTERTAINMENTS.—On Tuesday evening, the 10th instant, another of these delightful meetings took place in the Town-hall, which was attended with the most brilliant success, not only as regarded the large and attentive audience, but more especially as regarded the superior rendering of the different performers. The chair was ably filled by the Rev. B. Morgan, B.A., Beaumaris, who in opening the meeting delivered a masterly and practical address, which, however, owing to the limit of our space, we have found it impossible to insert. ......(part extract)......

  • From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 28th December 1867

BEAUMARIS. The public were greatly attracted this Christmas by the splendid display of flesh-meat exhibited in the shop of Mr Thomas Hughes, butcher. Church-street. Mr Hughes saves no expense in catering to the public taste at this festive season of the year. Amongst a great variety of well-fed beasts exhibited for sale, the following were universally admired :—One excellent heifer (Scotch breed) reared by Sir Richard Bulkeley, Bart., M.P. and one Alderney heifer, reared at Nant—Lady Bulkeley's Model Farm. Also, one short-horned ox, fed by H Platt, Esq., of Brynyneuadd, Carnarvonshire, and some two-year-old wethers fed by Mr Roberts, Lledwigan, Anglesey. A splendid calf was also exhibited, fed by Major Pearse, of Bryncelyn, near Beaumaris. Such a costly variety of good things speaks highly of the respectability of this establishment.

  • From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 17th August 1867

BEAUMARIS. GOOD NEWS FOR TENANT FARMERS.—We are in formed that Sir Richard Bulkeley, Bart., has given permission to his tenantry in the neighbourhood of Beaumaris to kill rabbits on lands in their holding by any means they wish to adopt. This is a great boon to the farmers and will be duly appreciated by them and will be the means of perpetuating the kind feeling which has long existed between landlord and tenant. We hope that such a good example will be followed by other landlords, as the complaints are very general of the depredations committed by these destructive but fecund little animals.

  • From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 8th September 1866

BEAUMARIS. BEAUMARIS SCHOOL.-Several letters about Beaumaris Grammar School have from time to time appeared in our columns. We are assured, on the highest authority that out of the fifty boys now at the School, 34 come from the neighbourhood,-namely, 19 boarders and 15 day-boys. Out of twelve admissions this half year, ten are Welsh; and out of three put down for admission, two are Welsh. So far from there being any difficulty about admitting day-boys who do not reside with their parents or near relatives, there are now at the School five day-boys (out of 15) who lodge with persons approved by the Head-Master, and who have undertaken to act as guardians to the boys when not under his control.

  • From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 18th March 1865

BEAUMARIS. The Commission of Assize is to be opened here on Wednesday next, and the business to commence on Thursday morning. The calendar is extraordinarily heavy, comprising no fewer than thirteen prisoners, one of whom is charged with murder, two with manslaughter, one with feloniously stabbing, another with sheep stealing. There are also, we believe several causes for trial. Business will probably last till Saturday evening. We understand that the old system of javelin men has been returned to a manifest improvement upon the late 'police' practice.

  • From  The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 12th January 1895

BEAUMARIS. SCHOOL TREAT. On Thursday last, Lady Magdalen Bulkeley gave her annual treat to the childrtn of the Beaumaris Board and Penmon Schools. The Beaumaris children assembled at school at two o'clock, and marched to the Town Hall, where her ladyship had secured the services of Mr Mills, Bangor, to give the children a magic lantern entertainment, which they highly appreciated. After the entertainment the children were marched to the Williams-Bulkeley Arms Hotel, where a sumptuous table was awaiting them. .....(part extract)....

  • From  The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 8th January 1887

BEAUMARIS. FIRE BRIGADE.—IN these days loss of life and property through fire is so frequent that one cannot but welcome the very idea of a fire brigade in our midst. Thanks to Sir R. H. Williams - Bulkeley, Bart, (mayor), a recognised and efficient brigade has, at last, been formed here, and what is still more gratifying, the worthy baronet has himself undertaken the captainship thereof. Some 30 years ago the present baronet's grandfather naturally felt the necessity of a fire brigade in the town, and, after subscribing handsomely towards it himself, prevailed upon the Corporation to join him in obtaining the present engine, the services of which has invariably been appreciated in different parts of the borough and county. In consequence, however, of their being no recognised brigade, the engine and equipments were allowed to remain in a state almost of neglect and dilapidation, and if called for services would certainly reflect discredit on the Corporation ...... (part extract)......

  • From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the…15th February 1862

BEAUMARIS. MEMORIAL FUND TO HIS LATE ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRICE CONSORT.—A public meeting of the inhabitants of the borough, convened by the Mayor, J. Slater, Esq., was held at the Town Hall, on the 6th inst, to discuss their wishes with reference to uniting with the Committee formed in London, for the purpose of raising a lasting Memorial to his late Royal Highness the Prince Consort. The MAYOR, in taking the chair, said that a public meeting had been held at the Mansion House, London, on the 14th ult., at which resolutions were unanimously passed that a National Memorial be raised to the late Prince Consort, in commemoration of his many virtues, and expressive of the gratitude of the people, the de-sign and mode of execution to be approved of by Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, and that all Her Majesty's subjects be invited to subscribe ..... (part extract).....

  • From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the…4th August 1860

BEAUMARIS. HARP ENTERTAINMENT.—On Wednesday last, the 1st inst., Mr. T. D. Morris, harpist to Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family, &c.. gave a promenade concert within the walls of the ancient castle of Beaumaris. The doors of the old castle were thrown open at half past one p. m., and by two o'clock, the hour appointed for the commencement, a large and respectable audience was congregated to listen to sweet old Cambria's harp and song. At the appointed hour, Mr. Morris took his seat at the harp, and opened the concert in his usual first rate style with "The March of the men of Harlech," which greatly pleased the audience. This was followed by several other Welsh Airs, which were played by Mr. Morris, accompanied by his young pupil Master Davies, who sweetly sang both English and Welsh words to some of the airs. Master Davies was on this occasion dressed in the ancient British costume, which, together with the young gentleman's ancient style of singing, caused great amusement to our English friends.....(part extract)......

  •  From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 18th August 1860

BEAUMARIS. CRICKET.—A match was played on the Beaumaris ground, on Wednesday, the 15th instant, between Baron Hill versus Penrhyn Castle. Owing to the heavy rain the game was decided in one innings, in favour of Baron Hill. The scores were as follows;—Baron Hill, 90; Penrhyn Castle, 38.

BEAUMARIS.—Notwithstanding the rather unfavourable weather we have had of late, and amidst the general complaints of Welsh watering places, through the lack of visitors, this charming little "Brighton of  Wales" seems to enjoy, and to have enjoyed a greater share of visitors than its rivals. At the intimation, and for the convenience of the English visitors, the Rev. E. S. Hart, M.A., preaches twice on each Lord's day, to a most numerous and respectable congregation, and will continue it during the summer months.

  •  From the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and South… 30th November 1906

BEAUMARIS. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD INQUIRY.—On Wednesday, Colonel A. J. Hopper, D.S.O., R.E., one of the inspectors of the Local Government Board, held an inquiry at the Town Hall re the matter of the application by the Beaumaris Town Council for sanction to borrow £250 for the provision of new sewage pumping plant.  ..... (part extract).....

  • From the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and South… 2nd September 1892

BEAUMARIS. The annual regatta of the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club-commodore, Sir R. H. Williams- Bulkeley, Bart.; vice-commodore, the Marquis of Anglesey; and rear-commodore, Colonel T. L. Hampton Lewis—was held on Monday in weather which, like that of the two previous regattas, was wet and stormy. The wind varied from an almost dead calm to squalls that bent the big 30-raters' gunwale under and made havoc of time allowances. There was a very good entry in the three yacht races, and some good racing was seen, but the list of casualties was large, the Eileen and Mischief having each a mast carried away, while the commodore's yacht, the Vanessa, had to come to her moorings ere she had completed the course, having had her crosstrees carried away, The Bronwen also gave up before completing the first round, the Merry Maid drawing off before ......(part extract)......

  • From the  Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and South… 25th November 1898

BEAUMARIS DEBATING SOCIETY.-This society is entering upon another year's work with undiminished vigour. Sir R. H. Williams- Bulkeley, Bart., has accepted the presidency and has promised to favour the members with another paper during the course of the winter. Mr William Owen proves an effective hon. sec. ......(part extract)......