A Further Contribution to the Commercial History of Glamorgan


Moelwyn I Williams, National Library of Wales journal, Summer, 1962, Vol XII/3. pp265-287

Extracted onto the pages of GENUKI by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the National Library of Wales

This is the third part of this 'Further Contribution' follow up series.

The tables included in this instalment contain the details of the coastal trade between Minehead and the old Glamorgan 'ports' of Aberthaw and Newton as recorded in the official port books of Bridgewater for various years between 1678 and 1694.

The records of this coastal trade for the years previous to 1678, together with a short explanatory note on the work of transcribing from the original documents have already been published.   A general introduction to this 'Further Contribution ... ' will also be found in a previous issue of this Journal.




Pages 266-287 of this article are all Bridgewater Port Book schedules, too onerous to copy here apart from a section of that for 1678 which illustrates cargos with Aberthaw as the destination. The personal names are all included in the main indexes, see below.

A list of C17 ships (Aberthaw, Newton, Sully)  can be seen in Appendix B  on Part I of   A FURTHER CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMMERCIAL HISTORY OF GLAMORGAN  

There is a separate list of ships taken from the Bridgewater Port Book entries on   Part II of A FURTHER CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMMERCIAL HISTORY OF GLAMORGAN together with the main index of names of masters and merchants.

Details of Shipments of Goods into and out of Aberthaw and Newton, for Various Years from 1615 -1701. Transcribed from the King's Remembrancer Port Books.

Extracts from the Bridgewater Port Books (Customer and Controller) P.R.O. E190/1085/11 et al


Destination port- Aberthaw

1678 (part of)

  • May 20-Endeavour of Aberthaw-John Spencer-William Awbrey-20 peeces of Serge, 3 Kerseys, 2 Cottons, 3 peeces of Bayes, two peeces of Lockrams and 500 Ells of Canvas
  • June 12-Elizabeth of Aberthaw-Thomas Andrews-John Crockford-6 peeces of Serge 20 peeces of [Cwens ?]3 peeces of Lockrams, 5 peeces of Bayes, 1 peece of Tycking 200 Ells of Vittry Canvas
  • June 22-Endeavour of Aberthaw-John Spencer-John Spencer-8 trusses cont. Wollen, Lynen and haberdashery, and 2 peeces of serge
  • Sept. 28-Blessing of Aberthaw-Arthur Sweet-William Awbrey-40 peeces of Serges, 12 Broad Clothes, 6 Kerseyes, 6 Cottons