Welsh American Newspapers and Periodicals


Bob Owen, National Library of Wales Journal, Winter 1950, Vol VI/ 4

Extracted onto the pages of GENUKI with the kind permission of the National Library of Wales

This is a complete extract of this article by Gareth Hicks [July  2002].

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[Readers of this Journal will recollect that the Summer, 1942, issue was given over entirely to matters of Welsh-American interest, and that a list was included of 'Welsh Newspapers and Journals in the United States'. The list was compiled by Mr Idwal Lewis of the staff of this Library, and is based mainly on our own holdings together with references given by T M Jones ('Gwenallt') in his Llenyddiaeth fy Ngwlad (Treffynnon, 1893).

We are please to be able in this issue to supplement the information given in that list with the following valuable contribution by Mr Bob Owen. An asterisk before a title in the list indicates that there is a file in the National Library of Wales of that particular periodical or newspaper, and that issues contained in the Library's file are indicated within square brackets. --- Editorial note].


Yr Ardlais. 1894-5

A periodical for the use of the Welsh Americans, published by P M Evans Co, Chicago.


Yr Adolygydd Chwarterol. 1852

A Welsh quarterly review. The first number was issued in the summer of 1852 and was edited by John W Jones, Utica, NY. The price was one dollar per annum. The pages of this review were confined mostly to matters relating to Art and Science.


#Yr Aelwd (The Hearth). 1926-1934. [1933-March, April].

A periodical of four pages to each number, published partly in English and partly in Welsh by the Presbyterian Church, Moriah, Utica, NY.


Yr Afon. Sometime before 1871.

A periodical published by the Welsh Baptists of the USA. As far as I know, however, there are no copies available in Public Libraries either in America or in Great Britain.


Yr Amserau. 1862---

A newspaper published for the Welsh in Utica, NY. It only lasted a few months, and I know of no existing copies.


Anthemydd Solffa. ?1868 -1870?

A monthly organ published for the Welsh musicians of the USA, under the editorship of 'Isalaw', similar to the one that was published in Wales. I have not seen a copy, but it is mentioned in a newspaper scrap-book as having been published in the United States during the years above-mentioned.


#Yr Arweinydd. 1858-1861. [1858 --- Nos 5,6,8,10,,12,18-20; 1860 --- No 72]

A periodical first issued on 10 January 1858. It was published by R R Meredith at Rome, County Oneida, NY, and edited by the Rev Thomas T Evans, Floyd. It contained sixteen pages, 12mo, was issued on the 10th and 25th day of each month, and cost 75 cents per annum. The editor of the poets' corner was 'Eos Glan Twrch', a native of Llanuwchllyn, Merionethshire.

In the year 1860, this periodical appeared with 24 pages octavo, under the editorship of the Rev William Hughes, of Utica, NY.

Fortunately all four volumes are available in the Harvard University Library.


Baner America. 1868-1877.

A Welsh newspaper published in Hyde Park, Pa, by a Company. The first editors were the Rev Morgan A Ellis, the Rev Frederick Evans, and the Rev David Parry ('Dewi Moelwyn'). Henry M Edwards was the agent or organiser. On the retirement of the above-mentioned persons it was edited by Thomas B Morris ('Gwyneddfardd'), and W S Jones became its chief organiser. During this period it was published in Scranton, Luzerne, Pa.

This newspaper earned for itself a good reputation on both sides of the Atlantic.


Baner y Bobl.

According to Y Drych, 31 July 1924, this journal was published at Hyde Park, Pa, and was issued for the Welsh people.


Y Bardd. Newyddyr Wythnosol. 1856-c1857.

In the list of Welsh newspapers printed in the USA, which appeared in Y Drych, 1890, this newspaper is recorded as having been first issued in 1856, and according to an article that appeared in Y Cymro (edited by Isaac Foulkes) it is said to have run for two years, a statement which is confirmed in the above-mentioned list in Y Drych.


#Y Bardd. Pythefnosolyn llenyddawl. 1858. [Nos 1,2,4,5]

As stated by T M Jones ('Gwenallt') in his book entitled Llenyddiaeth fy Ngwlad, the first number of this periodical was issued in September, 1858, and only five numbers of it appeared. It was published in Minersville, Pa.

There is an advertisement in the last number for 1856 of Y Drych a'r Gwyliedydd which states that the first number of Y Bardd was to appear on 10 January 1857, under the editorship of Thomas Gwallter Price ('Cuhelyn'), and that its objects included the publication of Welsh poetry and literature, book-reviewing, articles on ancient history, the discussion of art and science, music, literature, and protection of the rights of man, and the advocation of freedom for everyone, without exception. It was intended to follow man's footstep from the coalmine and the smelting-works to the pulpit, the Senate, the President's Seat, and the Throne. Opinions were to be expressed independently and impartially on everything pertaining to the public, immature compositions were not to be published, nor uninteresting correspondence. References to the personal characters of friends or enemies which would give offence were to be avoided. The aim of the paper was to be to foster love, peace and patriotism, to cultivate the Welsh mind and thoughts, and to refine the taste of the reader and Welsh writer.

In size this paper was to be the same as Punch or London Journal in order that readers could bind it. The price was to be two dollars per annum, and each issue was to consist of 16 pages, four of which were to be in English. Among the projected Euoropean Welsh correspondents were Eben Fardd, Brutus, Ioan Emlyn, Thomas Stephens of Merthyr, John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), Cynddelw, Hugh Cadvan, Ieuan ap Gruffydd of London, Llawdden, Dewi Wyn o Essyllt, Islwyn, Aneurin Fardd, Gwilym Mai, Yr Hen Frychan, Nathan Dyfed, William Roberts ('Nefydd'), Eiddyl Ifor and Gwilym Teilo. The life and poetical works of Dafydd ap Gwilym, the famous Welsh poet, were to appear weekly within its columns.

Y Bardd was owned by a company of shareholders who were advancing 2000 dollars in 25 dollar shares to start the venture. A free share would be given to anyone who would succeed in obtaining 50 subscribers. News and correspondence were to be sent to Thomas Gwallter Price ('Cuhelyn'), Bardd Office, New York, and payments to John Phillips, 51 Atlantic Street, Brooklyn City, NY. The motto of the paper was 'Bod heb ddim yw bod heb Dduw'. The 16 page issues that appeared were all in Welsh, and not bilingual as originally intended.


#Y Beread. 1842-1843 [Rhif 1-23, 25].

A Welsh Baptist fortnightly magazine of 16 pages, octavo size. According to a letter by 'Ab Morydd' in the Ashby Collection at the Library of the University College of North Wales, Bangor, the first number appeared in January, 1842. The Rev D Phillips, New York, was the editor. Harvard University is fortunate in having in its possession well over a half of all issues of this rare and short-lived publication.


#Blodau'r Oes a'r Ysgol. 1872-1875. [1872 and 1873 complete. 1874 --- Jan, April, 1875 --- Jan to Aug].

A small sized magazine for Welsh children in America, similar to Trysorfa' Plant, Dysgedydd y Plant, Y Winllan etc in Wales, first issued by William ap Madoc and T Solomon Griffiths, Utica, and printed by T Griffiths, Utica. Soon afterwards it was bought by the Rev M A Ellis and the Rev T C Edwards, D.D ('Cynonfardd')


Y Brython.

I have absolutely failed to get any details of this publication except that it was short-lived, and that I found it named in an American Welsh Booklist.


#The Cambrian. 1880-1919. [1880-1919].

An excellent periodical published in English for Welsh Americans which was first issued in the year 1880 by the Rev D J Jones. It began as a bi-monthly, and later appeared as a monthly, and then as a fortnightly journal. It was published and printed in Cicinnati until it was bought in 1886 by the Rev Edward C Evans, MA, Remsen, Oneida Co, New York, and printed by T J Griffiths, Utica. This publication is a mine of information on the history of Welshmen in the USA.

I have in my possession almost all of its issues. There are many volumes of it in the library of the University College of North Wales, Bangor. Harvard University Library in 1931 lacked the first eight volumes as well as the 23rd, 26th, 28th and all after the year 1915.


#Y Cenhadwr Americanaidd. 1840-1901. [Cyf 1, 3-6, 8, 10-11, 15, 17-24, 29, 31-38, 40-42, 44, 49, 52-61; and other parts].

An excellent monthly periodical for the use of Welsh Congregationalists of the USA. It was started by the eminent Welshman, the Rev R Everett, DD, Steuben, in 1840, who was assisted by his son, Lewis Everett. The Rev Robert Evans ('Trogwy') edited the poetical columns.

The file of this periodical contains scores of articles on the history of Welsh Americans from the earliest period down to the end of the nineteenth century, and abounds with material on the Welsh Settlements in every part of the vast country. Dewi Emlyn became its editor, and his biographical articles on Welsh preachers of America from 1660 to about 1770 are most valuable. Others who became its editors were the Reverends J P Williams, T C Edwards, DD ('Cynonfardd'), and E Davies, Waterville.

This periodical is most useful to all who seek the history of the Independents and Congregationalist in the USA. As a result of the gift of Dr Everett, the file of the Cenhadwr Americanaidd is more nearly complete than that of any other Welsh periodical in Harvard University. The issues still wanted in 1931 were 1887-8, 1891-2, and 1896, in their entirety, and some numbers from most of the other years from 1882 to 1900.


#Colomen Columbia. 1883-1893?. [1891-Rhag 24].

A newspaper published in Emporia, Kansas. In 1893 it was issued under the title of Y Columbia. This organ was of great service to the American Eisteddfodau. At the time of the Chicago World fair it was printed in that city and was in great demand during the period of that event. Soon afterwards it was combined with Y Drych.


Y Cor-Drysor.

A monthly periodical for the use of Welsh American musicians.


#Cyfaill and Cyfaill o'r Hen Wlad. 1838-1933. [Cyf 1-6, 8-11, 20-83, 85-88. 1926-1933; and other parts].

A monthly periodical, the first number of which appeared in January, 1838. It has played a great part in the life of the Welsh in America. Its founder was the Rev William Rowlands, pastor the Calvinistic Methodist Church in New York City. He intended his paper to serve all denominations among the Welsh, but following the publication of Y Cenhadwr in 1840 in the interests of the Congregationalists, and four years later the Seren Orllewinol for the Baptists, the Cyfaill soon became the organ of the Calvinistic Methodists, and was mainly so after the year 1869.

It is an invaluable source for the history of that denomination in America. Harvard University, in 1931, had complete files of volumes 1-4, 23, 24, 26, 30-33, 37, 41, 48, 72 and 74, and many other volumes lack only one or two numbers each.

The University College of North Wales, Bangor, has an almost complete set.

Even the covers of this publication, like those of the Cenhadwr, are an immense quarry of information for researchers of history, as they contain much detail bearing on the romantic story of the Welsh in the USA, and their way of life.


Cyfaill yr Aelwyd.

A short-lived newspaper. I have failed to obtain its history.


#Y Cylchgrawn Cenedlaethol. 1853-1856 (or 1857). [Cyf. I, Rhif 1-4, 6; Cyf II, Rhif 2-6; Cyf III; Cyf IV, Rhif 3].

T M Jones ('Gwenallt'), in his book, Llenyddiaeth fy Ngwlad, states that the first number was issued in July, 1853, but according to the list in Y Drych in 1890, it appeared in the previous year. The editor and publisher was Mr John M Jones, of New York City. It was a magazine of strong Welsh national sentiment. Most of its contents were borrowed in part from Y Traethodydd of Denbigh, North Wales. Harvard University has Volume III complete, and many numbers of other volumes.


#Cymro America. 1832. [Rhif 1-5, 7-12].

This newspaper was the first Welsh periodical published in the USA. It was published by J A Williams ('Ioan Glan Towy'), of New York City. The full title reads Cymro America, sef Cyfwrng puthegnosol [sic] o Wybodaeth Fuddiol, Mewn Hanesiaeth, Athroniaeth, Celfyddyd, Crefydd, Dysg & /Y gwir yn erbyn y byd. Truth against the World.

It had as one section, a page of English bearing the title The American Cambrian. A Semi-Monthly Journal of Useful Knowledge Devoted Principally to Welsh Literature. The first number is marked 'Rhif I. Caerefrog Newydd, Ionawr 1. 1832.Cyf I'.

This newspaper was published by its owners at No 88, Division St, New York. After a few months of publication it was suspended during the cholera epidemic, and no copies are known to exist in the USA. Fortunately the National Library of Wales contains all the numbers up to No 12 (wrongly dated May 15 1832, which should read June 15), except No 6.

The first number is notable for a valuable article on the history of newspapers in Wales, and there are in the various issues many interesting obituary notices of Welshmen in the USA. The first number also contains poems by David Thomas and Gwilym ab Ioan, and in the other numbers are notes on Welshmen in New York, columns on Goronwy Owen (the eminent Welsh poet who died in Williamsburg, Virginia), and on the Madogwys.

In the eighth number, dated 1 May 1832, there is an advertisement : 'wanting Welsh slate makers in Columbia, New Jersey', which is an interesting sidelight on the fact that at the time of publication of this journal there was a heavy flow of emigrants from Wales to the USA.

Cymro America was sold for two dollars pa. New York trade was in confusion at the time on account of a plague of cholera, of which hundreds of people died, amongst them were many Welshmen.


#Y Cymro Americaidd. 1855-1890. [Cyf I, Rhif 1, 3, 8, 10, 11, 25. Cyf VI, Rhif 1, 3, 21.].

A weekly newspaper, first published in May, 1855, which was printed and edited by J M Jones, of New York. In the earlier issues there is to be found an English column.

Several of the leading Welsh American writers contributed articles. These included Benjamin F Lewis, who was the author of Welsh books published in USA to the year 1856, 'Eryr Glan Taf', 'Eos Glan Twrch', 'Iorthyn Gwynedd' (the author of History of the Welsh Americans) and 'Eryl Meirion'. In the Cyfaill, 1855, page 472, it was announced that the eminent Chartist, John Frost, of Newport, Mon, had agreed to take charge of the English section of the Cymro Americaidd, and henceforth 'Eryl Meirion' was to take charge of the Welsh section. It was stated that both were to commence their work as editors on the issue for December 1855.

The title of the first number is as follows; Y Cymro Americaidd. Fy Nghrefydd, Fy Rhyddid, Fy Nghenedl, am Iaith. Rhif I. Efrog Newydd. Mai 5, 1855. Cyf I.

The title of the English part is The Cambro-American. In size this journal was similar to the Cymro of Liverpool. Soon the English section disappears, and this was obviously the result of John Frost's departure from the country.

No 1 of the sixth volume, dated 7 January 1860, is in the National Library of Wales.

In size it is smaller than the previous issues, but is of more artistic appearance. There were 16 pages, and John M Jones, of New York, was still the proprietor and editor.


#Y Detholydd. 1850-1852. [1850-1. Cyf 1-11].

A periodical published to advocate the freedom of the slaves in the USA., and edited by the Rev R Everett, DD. It was sold for one dollar a year.

I have a few copies in my possession, and Harvard University Library has a file which is nearly complete.


Y Detholydd Cerddoral. 1867-8.

A monthly musical periodical for Welsh Americans, printed in Utica by S E Roberts, and edited by John Owen ('Glan Marchlyn'), a native of the parish of Llanddeiniolen, Caernarvonshire.


#The Druid. 1903-. [July,7, 1910, to 1931, wanting only July 25, Aug 1, and Sept 5, 1912, Jan 30 and May 22, 1913, May 1, 1918, and May 1, 1919. Also in NLW are May 9 and July 25, 1903].

An American-Welsh weekly newspaper published in English in Utica. In content and principles it closely resembled Y Drych Americanaidd. The late R H Davies ('Gomerian') was its editor for many years. From 1914 to 1918 it was called The Welsh American.


#Y Drych Americanaidd. 1851--- to date. [Complete for 1851, 1889, 1891-2, 1894-1903, 1909-1917, 1919 to date. Numerous other parts.]

No one at the date of the first issue of this popular Welsh American weekly paper could foresee its long and successful career, and all too few of its early issues were saved. This journal is invaluable for the history of the Welsh in America. Its first editor was John W Jones, a native of Llanaelhaiarn, Caernarvonshire.

A few years ago the Drych had to be published in English and Welsh and for some time the major portion has been in English. The size was also reduced to half, and it now appears monthly instead of weekly.

I have in my possession a file from 1901 to date, but several numbers are lacking in some years.


#Y Dyngarwr. 1843- 1844. [Cyf. I, Rhif I, 2-4, 6-8, 10-12].

A monthly periodical which advocated the freedom of the slaves in the USA, and other philanthropical aims, edited and published by the Rev R Everett, DD, of Steuben, a well known advocate of Sunday Schools. The editor's zeal for negro emancipation led him, in 1843, to give a free copy to every Welsh preacher in the Union, as well as to many other people. Although most of the articles in this journal dealt with the negro question, the readers' attention was also drawn to oppression in Russia, and other places in Asia and Europe, and elsewhere.


Yr Eginydd.

According to Y Drych, 31 July 1924, this Welsh periodical was published at Hyde Park, Pa.


Yr Eryr. ?1836-

According to a letter written by 'Ab Morydd' from Floyd, NY, 28 June 1836, certain hindrances made it impossible for Yr Eryr to appear at its proper date, but that unless unforeseen circumstances were to occur, Welshmen in Wales could expect to have it by the beginning of 1837.


Yr Eryr. ?1879-1880?

A fortnightly periodical published by Ellis Roberts, East Pa, some time around the dates mentioned above.


#Y Ford Gron. 1867. [Rhif 1-3].

A monthly periodical, published at Scranton, Pa, for the service of Welsh literature in all its branches. It was edited by Thomas Gwallter Price and William Aubrey Powell, and ran for less than a year.


#Y Glorian. 1872-1874? [Cyf I-II, 1872-3 complete. Cyf III, 1874, Ion - Awst.].

A monthly organ published by the Welsh Baptists in the county of Oneida, NY, and printed for the Committee by the 'Negesydd Press', at Youngstown. The editors were the Revs W L Evans, D J Nicholas, and A J Aubrey ('Cynval'), of Youngstown, Ohio. Very interesting historical articles on the beginnings and the growth of the Welsh Baptists in America are contained in its various issues.


Y Golygydd. 1856-7 ?

A Welsh monthly periodical published and edited by the Rev John Jones (of Llangollen). The place of publication was Cincinnati, Ohio, and it was sold for one dollar pa. The stir created around John Jones in Wales before his emigration, was not allowed to abate, and severe criticism was poured upon him from Welsh settlements in all parts of the United States. William Rowland, the editor of Y Drych, was scathing in his remarks, and another writer called the fruits of his pen a hodge-podge. John Jones's judgement may not have been safe to follow, but nevertheless he had a natural gift for writing which was far above that of most of his contemporaries. There was more originality in this journal than in most of the Welsh periodicals of the time. Each issue of Y Golygydd had fifty pages, containing over thirty articles and some poetry.


Y Gwron Democrataidd. 1956-57.

A newspaper published in New York as an organ of the Welsh American Democrats. It caused a great stir in the Welsh press in the United States when it first appeared, and an interesting controversy was carried on between it and Y Drych in their respective October issues in 1856. It seems that Y Gwron Democrataidd had accused Y Drych of upholding slavery.

Y Gwron was published at 138 Nassau St, New York. Its founders were J M Jones, Thomas Gwallter Price ('Cuhelyn'), and Dr J Henry Puleston, and its owner and editor was Thomas Jones, 6, Wall St, New York, the author of The History of New York during the Revolutionary War (2 volumes), 1879.

Y Gwron Democrataidd was opposed to Fremont, and enthusiastically in favour of Buchanan, in the keen election which they contested. This journal lasted only for a few months.


Y Gwyliedydd. C 1843-44.

A monthly organ of the Welsh Baptists, edited by the Rev D E Bowen, Carbondale, Pa. In Y Seren Orllewinol, Vol I, No 1, p 10, the editor thanked Bowen for his zeal in publishing Y Gwyliedydd, and his kindness in giving it up in favour of Y Seren.


Y Gwyliedydd Americanaidd. 1854-55.

A Welsh newspaper which first appeared at the beginning of 1854, under the editorship of the Rev Robert Littler, South Trenton, who was followed as editor by the Rev Morgan A Ellis, of Utica, New York. It was printed by E E Roberts, Utica, and sold for one dollar pa. J E Jones and others were the publishers. In 1885 this journal was combined with Y Drych, which consequently, for a time, bore the title Y Drych a'r Gwyliedydd.


Haul Gomer. 1848.

A fortnightly newspaper sold for one dollar pa, published and edited by Evan E Roberts, 'Ieuan o Geredigion', at Utica, New York. It first appeared in January, 1848, and lasted for nine months before being given up on account of failure to find printers who would continue to produce it. The poetical column was edited by 'Eos Glan Twrch'.


Haul Gorllewinol. 1852 -

A fortnightly newspaper, published in Milwaukee, under the editorship of Robert Emrys Jones, Superintendent of Schools in Waushara, Winsconsin, and sold for a dollar a year.


#Y Lamp. 1897-1903? [1898-1902 complete. Also all issues for 1897 except Gorff. And Awst, and for 1903 except Tachwedd].

A small monthly publication for the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists for the use of their Sunday Schools in the state of Wisconsin, and edited by the Rev D Davies, DD, of Oshkosh.


Llais y Gan. 1883.

A periodical which lasted less than a year.


Y Negesydd. 1868-1869.

According to the list of periodicals which appeared in Y Drych this periodical was published during the years mentioned above, but T M Jones ('Gwenallt') states that it was first published in 1871 by R T Daniels, Pittsburg, Pa, who also edited it.


Y Pwnsh Cymreig. 1876-1878.

A satiric paper on the same lines as the English Punch and the Liverpool published Y Punch Cymraeg. I have seen some of the issues, but the dates and the name of the publishers were broken away. According to Y Drych, 31 July 1924, p 8, this journal was published at Hyde Park, Pa.


Seren Oneida. 1844, 1845-1849?

'Ab Morys', of Floyd, Oneida, in a letter, to his father in Anglesey, dated 16 december 1845, stated that the copy of Seren Oneida which his father had received in the previous year had been printed by a Welshman, or Welshmen, who showed enthusiasm for political matters, and who distributed copies among fellow Welshmen. A subsequent number was also printed and distributed in the same way, but from July, 1845, Seren Onedia was regularly issued for 50 cents pa. It became a very good periodical, outspoken in its comments on political preachers, but at the same time a widely acceptable home and foreign magazine. 'Ab Morydd', who was a descendant of Lewis Morris, of Anglesey, sent poems to it, including a series of englynion addressed to the journal itself. There is no doubt that issues of Seren Oneida were published during the first half of 1844, for the editor of Y Cyfaill states that he received two numbers.


#Y Seren Orllewinol. 184401867. [Cyf 1-4, 6-7, 16, 21, 23 complete, and other parts.]

A monthly organ of the Welsh Baptists in the USA, edited by the Rev W T Phillips, Utica, and later by the Rev John P Harries, ('Ieuan Ddu'), of Minersville, Pa. Each number contained 24 octavo pages, and the price was three dollars a year. The first number, issued in July, 1844, was printed in Seneca Street, Utica, by Evan E Roberts, but the second volume was printed at the Miners' Journal office, Pottsville, by R Bannar.

I once had the first four volumes complete, and can testify that the pages of this journal are a mine of information, particularly on emigration from Wales to the USA from 1790 to 1847. Harvard University Library, in 1931, had volumes 6, 7, 8, and 12 complete, and almost complete sets of other volumes, down to the last, which appeared in 1867.


#Y Traethodydd yn America. 1857-1861. [1857-1860].

It was published and owned by the Rev William Roberts, DD, a CM minister of New York, and printed by Richards and Jones of that city. It reprinted the most important articles in the original Y Traethodydd, which was published in Wales, and also contained supplementary articles on Welsh-American poets and other writers. It was a thick volume, but did not outlast its fourth year of publication. Like its prototype in Wales it was a periodical of high standard, similar to the Scottish Blackwood's Magazine.


Tarian y Bobl.

According to the list which appeared in Y Drych, 31 July, 1924, it was a newspaper published in Hyde Park, Pa, but so far I have failed to see a copy, or even to find any other mention of it.


Y Trysor. ---1905---.

A monthly periodical for young Welshmen published under the auspices of the General Association of the Calvinistic Methodists, and sold for half a dollar a year. It was printed in Columbus, Ohio, and edited by the Rev John Hammond, MA.


#Y Wasg. 1868. [Rhif 1-7].

Published and edited by the Rev Richard Edwards, of Pottsville, for distribution among the Welsh Baptists of the USA. It did not last twelve months.


#Y Wasg. 1871-1890. [11 Mawrth 1876; 5 Gorff 1884].

A weekly newspaper published at Pittsburg, and owned by R T Daniels, of that town, who also edited it for a period. Its price was two dollars a year. It was a very good Welsh newspaper, and full of valuable information for researchers into the history of Welshmen in the USA during the last century. In 1890 it was combined with Y Drych.


The Dawn (Y Wawr). ---1876-1890---

A periodical intended for the Welsh Baptists of the USA, published and edited by Owen Griffith, ('Giraldus'). Its contents are all in English but are entirely devoted to the activities of Welsh people. The articles are parallel to those published in Y Wawr Americanaidd. This publication is an useful mine of information on the religious activities of Welsh Americans.


#Y Wawr [Americanaidd]. 1876-1896?[Cyf 1-5, 7-8, 11-12, 14-15, 17-20 complete, and many other parts.]

A monthly periodical edited and published by Owen Griffith ('Giraldus'), a native of Garn Dolbenmaen, Caernarvonshire, for the use of the Welsh Baptists in America. It was an organ of very high standard, contained 32 pages to a number, and cost one and a half dollars a year. There is an almost complete file in my possession. In 1931, Harvard University Library had only the first three volumes on their shelves.


#The Welsh American Magazine. 1929-1936. [Vol 4 complete, and parts of vols 3, 5, 6, 7, and 10].

It was published by Cadwgan Jones, a native of Merionethshire, at 219 Seventh Ave, New York. The first issue appeared in January, 1929, and was sold for 10 cents. It was a large sized quarto publication, nicely printed on good paper, and devoting its pages to the news of the day in and around New York. It contained articles in English and Welsh. It was intended as a monthly, but did not always appear regularly. In 1932, for example, it only appeared four times.


#Yr Ymdrechydd (The Endeavour). 1894-1895. [Cyf I, Rhif 6,12]

A monthly organ of the Welsh Christian Endeavour Societies, published by P M Evans and Co, 325 Dearborn Street, Chicago, and edited by the Rev J C Jones, Chicago, and G James Jones, PhD, Oak-Hill, Ohio. The price was 60 cents a year, payable in advance.


Yr Ymwelydd. 1877-?. [Cyf 1-27, 35, 55 complete, and many other parts.]

Henry M Edwards, an eminent solicitor in Luzerne Co, Pa, first published this journal about the end of 1871, and was also its editor. It was a monthly periodical, and included among its articles were many on the leading Welsh writers of the USA, such as the Rev Frederick Evans ('Ednyfed'), 'Dewi Glan Twrch', etc.


#Yr Ysgol. 1869-1870. [Cyf I. Rhif 1, 2, 4-12.]

It was first published by H J Hughes, of New York, who was also its editor. It was a monthly organ for the use of young people in the Welsh churches, and sold for one dollar a year. It contained pictures in keeping with the taste of the youth of its period. On the death of the editor, it ceased publication, but in 1872 it was combined with Blodau'r Oes under the title Blodau yr Oes a'r Ysgol.


Yr Yspiydd. 1871-1872.

A monthly periodical of which I know nothing, except that it ran for two years, and to which I have seen three references.



Bob Owen