Turner in Wales


By Andrew Wilton

This book was published by the Mostyn Art Gallery in 1984 as an essay and catalogue relating to the 'Turner in Wales' Project.

I quote;

 " ...........the project is in many ways the culmination of a series of important exhibitions undertaken by the Gallery which have revealed the wealth of arts and crafts produced in Wales, past and present............"

This page on Genuki is simply a listing of the watercolours and drawings that are actually reproduced in the book
The description title lines (including ?s) are as in the book, with the relevant page number, the entries are in the same order as in the book
(Gareth Hicks June 2008)


J M W Turner on wikipedia

Introduction (first paragraph only)

As an inspiration for his art, Wales belongs very much to the first ten years of Turner's career, the decade from 1790, when he first showed a watercolour at the Royal Academy, to 1800 when, having already been elected a very young Associate of that Institution, he was on the threshold of Full Academicianship. He visited Wales five times in eight years: with the except of a brief excursion along  the Dee to Corwen in 1808 he never went there again. He was to draw on these early tours occasionally in later life -  notably for a group of sixteen subjects in the long series of Picturesque Views In England and Wales that he produced in the 1820s and 30s.

But in the great mass of his output from 1800 onwards Welsh subjects are rare, a state of affairs that contrasts startingly with the wealth of Cambrian drawings, watercolours and oil paintings of the 1790s. These are works of a richness and vitality,  a readiness of inspiration and a fecundity of technical invention, that rival those of any other period of his life, and they must count among the most intent of all romantic landscapes............................


Front cover; The ruins of Valle Crucis Abbey with Dinas Bran beyond 1794-5 8; Ysgyryd Fawr 1792
8; A bay on a rocky coast, with a man running 1792-3 8; Llanthony Abbey 1794
9; The interior of Tintern Abbey 1794 9; Llanstephan Castle by moonlight, with a kiln in the foreground 1795
9; Briton Ferry, a fisherman's cottage with a boat pulled up under a low cliff 1795-6 9; Llandaff Cathedral, the west front 1795-6
12; North Shore, Tenby, with the Goscar Rock 1795 12; Llandilo Bridge and Dinevor Castle 1796
13; Aberdulais Mill 1796-7 13; Trancept of Ewenny Priory, Glamorganshire 1796-7
16; Llandovery Castle, beside the Tywi 1798 16; Abergavenny Bridge, Monmouthshire, clearing up after a showery day 1798-9
18; Llyn Cwellyn, with Craig Cwm Bychan from the south east 1798 18; Harlech Castle, from Twgwyn ferry, summer's evening twilight 1798-9
19; View towards Snowdon from above Traeth Bach, with Moel Hebog and Aberglaslyn (?) 1798-9 19; Snowdon and Y Garn from above Llyn Nantlle 1799
22; Y Cnicht and Moelwyn Mawr from the slopes of Moel Hebog (?) 1799 22; View across Llanberis Lake towards Snowdon 1799-1800
23; Caernarvon castle, North Wales 1799-1800 23; Pembroke Castle, South Wales, thunder storm approaching 1800-1
26; A bard and other figures, with a crowd of dancers, in a landscape with distant mountains 1799-1800 26; Scene in the Welsh mountains with an army on the march 1799-1800
27; Dolbadern Castle, North Wales 1799-1800 30; Conway Castle c. 1802-3
35; The west front of Tintern Abbey 1792 36; Distant view of Llanthony Abbey from the south 1792
36; A watertfall among rocks 1792 37; Craig y Foel, Radnorshire 1792
37; Study of cottages and a barn with a mountain beyond 1792 37; Sheet of studies; a slight sketch of a tree; a group of cottages; and two compostion sketches 1792
38; Ysgyryd Fawr 1792 38; Landscape with a river and distant mountain 1792-3
39; Composition with a ruined castle on a cliff above a stormy sea 1792-3 39; A rocky shore, with men attempting to rescue a storm-tossed boat 1792-3
39; A bay on a rocky coast, with a man running 1792-3 40; The west front of Tintern Abbey 1793
40; Llanthony Abbey c. 1794 41; Inside of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire 1794
41; Llangollen: houses and an arch of the bridge over the Dee 1794 42; A watermill near Llangollen, with Dinas Bran beyond 1794
42; Marford Mill, Denbighshire 1794 43; On the Dee 1794-5
43; Llangollen from the east, with the Dee in the foreground 1794-5 43; Llangollen from the north-east, with Moel-y-Geraint beyond 1794-5
44; The ruins of Valle Crucis Abbey with Dinas Bran beyond 1794-5 44; Marford Mill, Wrexham, Denbighshire 1794-5
46; Smaller South Wales sketchbook 1795 46; St David's Head from the south 1795
47; North Shore, Tenby, with the Goscar Rock 1795 47; Llanddowror Mill 1795-6
48; The entrance to the Great Hall of the Bishop's Palace, St David's 1795-6 48; Cardiff, Canton Bridge, with the Castle beyond 1795-6
49; On the coast near Tenby 1796 49; Newport Castle 1796
50; Rhayader Bridge over the River Wye 1796-7 50; A castle on a hill with a town beyond  ?1797-8
52; Hereford Court sketchbook 1798 53; Dynevor Castle sketchbook 1798
53; North Wales sketchbook 1798 54; View of Caerphilly Castle from the west1798
54; The bend of a river, with a tower on a wooded hill; sunset 1798 55; Usk, Monmouthshire, from the south 1798
55; Drovers with cattle on a road near a town with church and castle  ?1798 55; Llandovery Castle, beside the Tywi 1798
56; The bend of a river (the Wye?) under high cliffs c.1798 56; Pembroke Castle c. 1798
56; A bridge over the Dyfi near Dinas Mawddwy, with Aran Fawddwy beyond (?) 1798 57; Llyn Cwellyn, with Craig Bychan beyond from the south-east 1798
57; Caernarfon Castle, from the east 1798 57; Academical sketchbook 1798
58; Caernarfon Castle 1798 58; The bridge at Pontyypridd, Glamorgan ?1798
59; Dolbadarn Castle 1798-9 59; View on the River Wye(?) 1798-9
60; Cilgerran Castle 1798-9 60; Harlech Castle, from Twgwyn ferry; summer's evening twilight 1798-9
62; Lancashire and North Wales sketchbook 1799 62; Dolbadarn sketchbook 1799-1800
62; The Penrhyn Arms, Port Penrhyn  ?1799 63; In the valley of the Glaslyn near Beddgelert with Dinas Emrys(?)  1799
64; Snowdon from above Beddgelert, with Llyn Gwynant in the distance(?) 1799 64; Traeth Mawr, with Y Cnicht and Moelwyn Mawr(?) 1799
64; The Glaslyn from Traeth Mawr(?) 1799 65; Llyn Nantlle, with Snowdon beyond 1799
65; Nant Ffrancon from above Llanllechyd 1799-1800 65; Distant view of Snowdon; cattle in a river in the foreground 1799-1800
66; Dolbadarn Castle from above the Llanberis Pass 1799-1800 66; Llanberis Lake 1799-1800
67; Llanberis Lake and Dolbadarn Castle 1799-1800 67; Llanberis Lake and Dolbadarn Castle, with Snowdon beyond 1799-1800
67; View of Conwy Castle from the south 1799-1800 68; The gateway of Denbigh Castle; colour study 1799-1800
68; A bard and other figures, with a crowd of dancers, in a landscape with distant mountains 1799-1800 68; A bard playing a harp with other figures in a mountainous landscape with a river and lake in a distant valley 1799-1800
69; Dolbadern Castle, North Wales 1799-1800 70; Studies for Pictures sketchbook c.1799-1802
70; Pembroke Castle, South Wales; thunder storm approaching 1800-1 71; St Donat's Castle, South Wales; Summer evening 1801
71; Conwy Castle 1802