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Welsh Shipping

By P.M.Heaton 1989

Indexed by David Webb 1999

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Personal Names

Barker,M.A.,death,83 Bolam,F.W.,Newcastle-upon-Tyne,40
Brown,Ernest William,---,19 Brown,Ernest William,death,22
Brown,Janet Liddell,re-marriage,19 Brown,John Duncan,---,19
Brown,William Barclay,Glasgow,15 Brown,William Barclay,---,18
Brown,William Barclay,death,19 Bur,Hosni,Cairo,78
Calver,Capt. T.,---27 Clay,Charles Leigh,Chepstow,67
Clay,Charles Leigh,Wyndcliffe Court,67 Clay,Charles Leigh,death,69
Clay,Henry,Derbyshire,67 Clay,J.C.,---,69
Clay,J.C.,---,72 Clay,J.C.,cricketing connections,73
Clay,John Charles,Bonvilston,67 Colle,Reginald George,---,17
Colle,Reginald George,death,22 Dewey,F.T.,---69
Dewey,F.T.,---,72 Dewey,Frederick T.,---,67
Duncan,Francis Thomas,---,18 Duncan,Francis Thomas,death,21
Duncan,Jessie,---,17 Duncan,John Norman Valette,---,16
Duncan,John Thomas,Glasgow,15 Duncan,John Thomas,death,19
Duncan,John William,---,18 Duncan,John William,death,22
Duncan,Norman,marriage,16 Edwards,Henry James,---,16
Edwards,Henry James,death,18 Elliot,John,Cardiff,27
Elliot,Margaret Annie,---,27 Feneley,Major Charles Ellis,---,31
George,C,Company Secretary,56 Hannevig,H.,Norway,41
Hindmarsh,John,---,86 Horwood,Amy,---,83
Leighton of St Mellons,Baron,creation,32 Leighton of St Mellons,First Baron,death,36
Leighton of St Mellons,Marjorie Lady,---,36 Leighton of St Mellons,Second Baron,---,36
Lemos,C.M.,Greece,40 Lemos,P.A.,Greece,41
Lemos,S.A.,Greece,41 Lovering,Arthur,---,84
Lovering,Arthur,---,87 Lovering,Arthur Horwood,---,83
Lovering,Claire,---,83 Lovering,Claire,Canada,86
Lovering,John Samuel George,Bristol,83 Lovering,John Samuel George,death,85
Lovering,Paul Alan,---,83 Lovering,Paul Alan,---,86
Lovering,Peter,---,87 Lovering,Peter Hugh,---,83
Lovering,Peter Hugh,---,86 Lovering,Robert,---,84
Lovering,Robert,death,87 Lovering,Robert George,---,83
Lovering,Thomas Stanley,---,83 Lovering,Thomas Stanley,death,84
Martin,Capt. Frederick,---,19 McConkey,Capt J,West Africa,54
Palmer,Sidney,---,67 Pardoe-Thomas,Augustine Bazey,Newport MON,51
Pardoe-Thomas, Bertie,death,57 Pardoe-Thomas,Bertrum,Newport MON,51
Pardoe-Thomas,family,Dinas Cross PEM,51 Pardoe-Thomas,John,Newport MON,51
Pardoe-Thomas,Lance,Brindisi,58 Pardoe-Thomas,Lance,Naples,58
Pardoe-Thomas,Lance,Malta,58 Pardoe-Thomas,Lancelot (Lance),---,57
Pardoe-Thomas,Leslie,---,57 Pardoe-Thomas,Leslie, Mayor of Newport,57
Pardoe-Thomas, Rev John,Newport MON,51 Pardoe-Thomas,William,joined firm,53
Pardoe-Thomas,William Christopher,Newport MON,51 Parode-Thomas,Leon,---,57
Protopapas,P.A.,Greece,42 Richard,S.P.,---,69
Richard,S.P.,death,72 Rizzuto,R.,Italy,41
Seager,Capt. John Elliot,---,35 Seager,Capt. John Elliot,death,36
Seager,Douglas Leighton,---,36 Seager,George Leighton,---,31
Seager,John Elliot,---,31 Seager,John Leighton,---,36
Seager,Lady,---,31 Seager,Leighton,---,32
Seager,Margaret Annie,marriage,31 Seager,Margaret Lady,death,36
Seager,Mary Jane,Ilfracombe DEV,27 Seager,Mrs Dorothy Irene,---,36
Seager,Sir George Leighton,---,35 Seager,Sir William Henry,death,35
Seager,William,Ilfracombe DEV,27 Seager,William Henry,Ilfracombe DEV,27
Seager,William Henry,---,30 Seager,William Henry jnr,killed in action,31
Shaw,Mr,---,54 Shearer,James,Glasgow,55
Smith,William Reardon,27 Valette,Jacques Victor,---,15
Waller,Henry Walter Phillips,---,17 Waller,Henry Walter Rhymer,---,19


Ships' Names

Adamas,34 Adamas,40 Aegean Sea,47
Ageroen,23 Agia Trias,78 Agnes Duncan,18
Agnes Duncan,24 Aikaterini,28 Aikaterini,38
Aikoku Maru,68 Aikoku Maru,74 Alba,76
Albamar,76 Albaran,76 Alcantara,57
Alcyon,83 Alcyon,88 Algarve,20
Alice Marie,20 Amicus,27 Amicus,29
Amicus,30 Amicus,33 Amicus,35
Amicus,36 Amicus,38 Amicus,41
Amicus,42 Andromeda,39 Anna Woermann,61
Antoina,61 Antonis G. Lemos,30 Antonis G. Lemos,41
Arabistan,58 Areti S,77 Ascensione,44
Askelad,28 Askelad,38 Assunzione,33
Assunzione,41 Athos,62 Axel Johnston,44
Bagnolini,34 Bagnolini,41 Balboa,34
Balboa,42 Barbara,19 Beatus,28
Beatus,33 Beatus,35 Beatus,36
Beatus,39 Beatus,41 Beatus,43
Beatus,46 Bembridge Hill,48 Bendi,15
Benefactor,15 Benefactor,16 Benefactor,23
Boug,20 Boug,24 Brietzig,44
Brookway,30 Brookway,40 Calyx,84
Calyx,88 Campus,28 Campus,29
Campus,30 Campus,33 Campus,35
Campus,39 Campus,41 Cape Corso,62
Cape Howe,63 Cape Nelson,62 Cape Race,63
Cape Sable,56 Cape Sable,63 Charlotte Cords,21
Charo,77 City of Cardiff,27 Claymont,67
Claymont,74 Clayton,67 Clayton,75
Clonlee,17 Clonlee,74 Coral,63
Corallo,63 Cornel,84 Cornel,87
Cornel,88 Curran,17 Cygnet,30
Cygnet,38 Dah Loh,60 Daisy,18
Daisy,23 Darfield,47 Darius,28
Darius,33 Darius,34 Darius,40
Darius,42 Daybeam,67 Daybeam,71
Daybeam,72 Daybeam,74 Daybeam,76
Daybreak,67 Daybreak,68 Daybreak,74
Daybreak,75 Daydawn,71 Daydawn,72
Daydawn,76 Daydawn,76 Dayrose,68
Dayrose,70 Dayrose,72 Dayrose,75
Dayrose,77 Dimos,77 Divis,17
Dopey,86 Dopey,89 Eastern Venture,63
Eems,83 Eems,88 Egee,20
Elenitsa K,87 Elenitsa K,88 Elimarie,48
Empire Connah,21 Empire Isle,85 Empire Isle,89
Empire Nerissa,72 Empire Nerissa,76 Empire Ness,35
Empire Ness,46 Empire Noble,35 Empire Noble,42
Empire Punch,85 Empire Punch,86 Empire Punch,89
Empire Sky,71 Empire Sky,79 Empire Tees,74
Erika,20 Ethel Duncan,18 Ethel Duncan,24
Fairwater,69 Fairwater,71 Fairwater,77
Falls City,70 Falls City,75 Fennel,85
Fennel,86 Fennel,89 Fernfield,32
Fernfield,41 Ferro,23 Filia,62
Firby,46 Firoza,76 Fiscus,33
Fiscus,40 Fiscus,42 Fisucs,29
Flying Irishman,91 Forli,45 Fort Brandon,35
Fort Brandon,47 Fort Highfield,36 Fort Highfield,47
Fort Tremblant,35 Fort Tremblant,35 Fort Tremblant,43
Fort Tremblant,46 Frances Duncan,17 Frances Duncan,19
Frances Duncan,24 Fylla,20 Gambian,56
Gambian,62 Gema,63 Generous,75
Glenside,87 Glenside,88 Glynn,17
Goose Point,77 Gransha,17 Gunn,48
Halmstadt,23 Halvard,29 Halvard,44
Hamlet,78 Hannevig Brothers,33 Hannevig Brothers,41
Hedia,75 Hillcrest Park,36 Hillcrest Park,48
Hillcroft,53 Hillcroft,59 Hindlea,86
Hindlea,89 HMS Alcantara,58 HMS Keith,30
HMS Keith,41 HMS Prunella,63 HMS Splendid,45
Hwai Choing,44 Ignacia Aguado,39 Ignacia Aguao,28
Ingleby,15 Irene K,46 Iron Baron,35
Itxas-Alde,74 J. Duncan,17 J. Duncan,18
J. Duncan,21 J. Duncan,23 J. Duncan,24
Jalamani,62 Jalapadma,61 Jalaratna,62
Johnstown,30 Johnstown,39 Josiah P. Cressey,21
Karavados,60 Kindiesel,84 Kindiesel,86
Kindiesel,89 Knight Almoner,55 Knight Almoner,63
Knight Bachelor,55 Knight Bachelor,63 Knight of St George,55
Knight of St George,62 Knight of St John,55 Knight of St John,63
Knight of St Michael,55 Knight of St Michael,62 Knight of the Cross,55
Knight of the Cross,56 Knight of the Cross,61 Knight of the Realm,55
Knight of the Realm,62 Knight of the Rose,55 Knight of the Rose,62
Kopalnia Kleofas,63 Koumoundouros,75 Kowel,20
Kraljevica,77 Krioneri,76 Laurentian Hill,47
Leela,36 Leela,42 Llantwit Major,60
Loch Don,77 Loke,68 Loke,75
Loyal Briton,28 Loyal Briton,39 Magda,28
Magda,39 Maisie,30 Maisie,40
Margaret Jones,28 Margaret Jones,39 Margretha,61
Marie Horn,44 Marika Protopapa,34 Marika Protopapa,42
Marshall Plumer,30 Marshall Plumer,39 Mary M. Dodge,77
Maywood,17 Maywood,18 Maywood,20
Maywood,21 Maywood,23 Maywood,24
Michael A,87 Milly,75 Mindi,62
Mokta,58 Moldavia,35 Molengraaf,77
Moliere,16 Mongolia,68 Mongolia,75
Moyle,17 Nereo,44 Nessie,52
Nessie,60 Nolisement,33 Nolisement,42
Norfolk Range,28 Norfolk Range,39 Oakdene,86
Oakdene,89 Ocean Fame,35 Ocean Fame,46
Ocean Vanguard,35 Ocean Vanguard,46 Pacific Fir,36
Pacific Fir,42 Parkhill,20 Parkhill,24
Pelica,67 Pelica,75 Pennine Range,28
Peterstown,87 Petertown,86 Petertown,90
Point of Ayr,83 Polac,34 Polac,42
Polalp,29 Polalp,32 Polalp,33
Polalp,44 Polanna,53 Polanna,61
Polbrae,29 Polbrae,44 Polzeath,53
Polzeath,61 Port Underwood,21 Portgwarra,54
Portgwarra,60 Porthcawl,67 Porthcawl,74
Portreath,30 Portreath,38 Prins Willem II,72
Prins Willem II,77 Promus,29 Promus,32
Promus,33 Promus,34 Promus,40
Queen Anne,59 Radmar,35 Radmar,41
Raloo,17 Ras Rowa,16 Realma,77
Rubens,60 Rugard,78 Salvus,28
Salvus,29 Salvus,30 Salvus,33
Salvus,39 Salvus,42 Sambo,52
Sambo,60 Samdonard,71 Samdonard,76
Samshee,36 Samshee,47 Sanator,86
Santa Lucia,20 Saracen,52 Saracen,59
Satrap,52 Satrap,60 Scatwell,30
Scatwell,40 Sebaa,45 Sebastian,74
Selamet,74 Senator,89 Seringa,70
Seringa,75 Shahm,78 Shahristan,58
Shamal (not built),53 Sharon,52 Sharon,60
Sheba,52 Sheba,59 Sherborne,77
Simoom,52 Simoom,60 Sirenella,87
Sirenella,90 Skeldon,17 Skjaereg,23
Slav,52 Slav,60 Slemish,17
Sletter,86 Sletter,89 Soborg,71
Soborg,78 SS Fairwater,70 Staniel,86
Staniel,86 Staniel,87 Staniel,89
Stanland,36 Stanland,43 Starcross,27
Starcross,38 Stokesley,16 Stokesley,17
Stokesley,20 Stokesley,23 Stokesley,24
Suffolkbrook,85 Suffolkbrook,89 Sydney Reid,28
Sydney Reid,39 Tai Fong,48 Tairiku Maru,54
Talacre,83 Tanlan,83 Tatriku Maru,60
Taygetos,47 Teane,61 Teasel,84
Teasel,85 Teasel,88 Tees,74
Tellus,29 Tellus,45 Tempus,27
Tempus,33 Tempus,38 Tempus,41
Theoskepasti,30 Theoskepasti,38 Tromp,84
Tromp,91 Trostan,17 Tsurugisan Maru,30
Tsurugisan Maru,40 Underwood,21 USS Gato,54
USS Gato,60 Virtus,27 Virtus,28
Virtus,38 Walter Dammeyer,53 Walter Dammeyer,61
War Temple,74 William Paca,46 Winchester Queen,46
Wynding,20 Wynding,24 Yamaska Park,36
Yamaska Park,48 Yoho Park,47 Zephyr,16


Company/Business Names

Alexandra Dock Company,57 Anning Bros,27
Anning Bros,38 Barker & James,83
Barker & Lovering Ltd,83 Barker James & Lovering,83
Bartram & Sons Ltd,40 Basra Steam Shipping Co Ltd,71
Bowles Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd,83 Braithwaite Heslop & Co Ltd,87
British Aluminium Co,57 Bucknell Bros,51
C. L. Clay & Co,67 Cairn Line of Steamships Ltd,40
Christopher Jones & Co,39 Clan Line,57
Claymore Shipping Co Ltd,67 Craig Taylor & Co Ltd,40
Duncan Valette & Co,15 E.L. & F.P. Williams,39
Edward Earl & Co,15 Eldridge & Morgan,67
Evans & Reid Coal Co Ltd,87 Fairwater Shipping Co Ltd,69
Fernfield Steamship Co Ltd,41 Frank C. Strick,51
Frank C. Strick,57 Furness Withy & Co Ltd,40
Galbraith Pembroke & Co Ltd,71 Gibbs & Lee,28
Gibbs & Lee,39 Hannevig Bros Ltd,41
Harris & Dixon Ltd,40 Hill's Dry Dock,88
Hindlea Shipping Co Ltd,86 J. Crown & Son,52
J. Hoggarth & Co,27 J. Hoggarth & Co,38
J. Livanos & Sons Ltd,42 J. Priestman & Co,44
J. Priestman & Co Ltd,52 J. Priestman & Co Ltd,59
J.L. Thompson & Sons Ltd,40 J.Priestman & Co Ltd,55
J.S. Rees & Griffiths,39 J.T. Duncan & Co,15
Laming d'Ambrumenil Steamship Co Ltd,40 Letricheux and David Ltd,59
Letricheux Line,53 Lithgows Ltd,46
Lithgows Ltd,55 Longueil Steamship Co Ltd,42
Lovering & Sons Ltd,83 Lovering Fuel Oils Ltd,87
Lyle Shipping Co Ltd,55 Lynn and Hamburg Steamship Co Ltd,53
Morel Ltd,33 Morel Ltd,42
Mount Stuart Dry Dock Co Ltd,86 Neptune Steam Navigation Co Ltd,40
Newport Africa Line Ltd,55 Newport America Line Ltd,55
Newport Argentina Line Ltd,55 Newport Liners Ltd,55
Newport Normandy Line Ltd,55 Newport Provence Line Ltd,55
Northumberland Shipbuilding Co Ltd,41 Ottoman Line Ltd,52
Pardoe-Thomas & Co Ltd,51 Penylan Steamship Co Ltd,27
Portfield Steamship Co,38 Portfield Steamship Co Ltd,54
Portloe Steamship Co Ltd,40 Radon Navigation Co Ltd,41
Radonic Ltd,41 Ras Steamship Co Ltd,16
Reardon Smith Line Ltd,76 Rising Sun Navigation Co Ltd,59
Roath Pavilion Co Ltd,16 Ropner Shipbuilding and Repairing Co (Stockton) Ltd,41
Royal Mail Lines, 57 Sanderson Shipping Co Ltd,54
Scarisbrick Steamship Co Ltd,67 Seager's Shipping Supplies Ltd,32
Shamrock Shipping Co Ltd,16 Sir William Seager and Sons Ltd,32
Six Bells Colliery,57 St. David's Navigation Co Ltd,39
St. Mary Steamship Co Ltd,39 Stephens Sutton and Stephens,51
Stockwood Rees & Co Ltd,22 T.T. Pascoe Ltd,37
Tempus Shipping Co Ltd,40 Trident Line Ltd,52
Vale of Glamorgan Railway Co Ltd,16 Vickers-Armstrong Ltd,42
W. & C.T. Jones Steamship Co Ltd,27 W. & C.T. Jones Steamship Co Ltd,39
W.E. Hinde & Co,30 W.E. Hinde & Co,38
W.H. Seager & Co,27 W.R. Smith & Sons,75
Watts Watts & Co Ltd,57 White Cross Line,55
William Gray & Co Ltd,42 Williams Bros (Cardiff) Ltd,39
Woodruff Shillito & Co,27 Woodruff Shillito & Co,38