Llanllechid Chapels


The following is a list of the Churches and Chapels in Llanllechid parish:







Sunday School 1864




1886- 2015

Discussion to build chapel on Bethesda High Street began in 1884. Built in 1885 on a leasehold agreement for 80 years from 1884 onwards by the Penrhyn estate at a rate of £7 per annum. The building cost in excess of £2600. Capacity of 600. Last service held in December 2015.





1820 – 1988

Built in 1820 costing about £300. Renovated in 1828 at a cost of £500. Expansion project in 1840 to create sufficient space for the growing congregation costing £500. The total capacity was now 1000. In 1873 it was renovated further including the addition of the organ with a total cost of £2000. Improvements were made again in 1885, costing over £800. 

Final service on 11 of July 1988. See below for a list of members (1898-99).




Cae Gwigyn - Tal y bont


Services held in Cae Gwigyn as early as 1784. Cae Gwigyn was opened before Dr. George Lewis (Caernarfon) began preaching in Tregarth and at about the same time as the Independents were established in Bangor. The Chapel was small with room for only 80-100 members. In 1789 when William Hughes, of Llanystumdwy, was asked to serve in Bangor and the surrounding area he was inaugurated as a minister in Cae Gwigyn. In 1788 the first Sunday School in Caernarvonshire by the Independents was held in Cae Gwigyn. Closed in 1825 and converted into a dwelling house.




Bethlehem – Tal y bont


Bethlehem chapel built to replace Cae Gwigyn at a site less than 100 yards from the original Chapel. Initially 60 members were present. Capel Bethlehem cost £330 to build.

Renovated in 1860 at a cost of over £526 - a debt which was repaid quickly as an average of £1 per annum was contributed by the members. Later a schoolhouse was added.Total capacity for the building was 320.




Carmel – Caellwyngrydd


Prior to the building of Carmel, services and occasional prayer meetings were held in members houses along with a Sunday School.

In 1839 the land for the Chapel was purchased by Samuel and William Roberts (Coedyparc). Carmel and a chapel house were built on the land at a cost of £340, however no debt was repaid for the first 15 years.

Rebuilt in 1860 for £841, 10s and along with the remaining debt a total of £977 was owed. The chapel had a capacity of 480.




Salem – Carneddi

1870 – 1971

Built by Capel Bethesda in 1870 at a cost of £1657 with a capacity of 650. The Chapel opened in 1871. 84 members joined Salem from Capel Bethesda and it agreed to repay £1033 of the debt. The building had a capacity of 650 members.

Meeting regarding future of the Chapel held during April 1970 indicating that significant renovations were required. Final service on 26 September 1971. Demolished in January 1972.




Saron – Ty’n y Maes

1860 – 1970

Chapel built in 1860, costing £350. Capel Bethesda agreed to repay £400 of the debt and 45 of its members joined Saron initially. Ty Capel (Chapel House) built in 1881. Final service on 11 of May 1970.




Treflys – Gerlan


An increase in the population of Gerlan during the mid 19th century prompted Capel Bethesda to discuss opening a chapel in Gerlan. Opened 18 Feb 1866 (HEAC) / 2 Apr 1866 (H.D.H) on land provided by David Roberts. The chapel cost £932 to build, a debt which Capel Bethesda agreed to repay. 42 members joined from Capel Bethesda upon opening.

Rebuilt in 1871 and later opened in 1872. The chapel was rebuilt due to structural problems with the foundations at a total cost of over £4,000. It had a capacity of 650.

Houses were built on chapel site following its closure. Building demolished in 1974.





Bethel – Caellwyngrydd (Rachub)

1885- c. 2016

Built in 1885 at a cost of £800 on a leasehold agreement by the Penrhyn estate. Capacity for 260.

Chapel sold in 2017.




Caersalem – Bethesda

1834 – 1856

Built in 1834 for £500 on a leasehold from the Cefnfaes estate. On the site of 10 and 11 Pen-y-graig, Bethesda. In 1856 the chapel was converted to houses and a new chapel rebuilt on the High Street. Members of Caersalem moved to Capel Tabernacl on the High Street (now Siop Ty Mawr).





1814 - ? (closed)

The Baptists began preaching in Bryngwylan and Cefnfaes farmhouses in about 1798. Their first Chapel, Gilfach, was built in 1814 at a cost of about £200. It was rebuilt in 1860 for £650. The Chapel was built on land owned by the Baron Hill family on a leasehold agreement for 99 years at an annual rate of 7s 6c. Capacity for 200.




Tabernacl – Penybryn Road, Bethesda

1856 - 1978

Built on the High Street in 1856 at a cost of £750 to replace Capel Caersalem. Opened with 120 members. Built on land given by Humphrey Ellis, owner of the Cefnfaes estate. In 1866 the chapel on High Street was converted into a house and rebuilt nearby on Penybryn Road. The new chapel was built on a leasehold agreement for 200 years with an annual rate of £2. Capacity for 500.

Chapel closed in 1978 and used as an artists studio for many years. In 1998 it was destroyed by a fire and the remains were demolished in 2001. Houses (apartments) are now built on the site.





Bethel – Ty’n y Maes


H.D.H mentions Ysgoldy (School house) Ty'n y Maes (C.M) opened in 1843. W. Hobley states 'yr oedd ysgol Sul yma flynyddoedd cyn adeiladu capel a sefydlu Eglwys' (a Sunday School was present for many years before the opening of the chapel). 

Renovated in 1899 using funds provided by the members. 

List of first Members of Ty'n y Maes (orignially members of Carneddi) - 1843 : Beti William Blaen y Nant, Harri a Mari Gruffydd y Tai newyddion, Ann Elis, Richard a Sara Thomas Penisa'rnant, y William Dafydd y cynhelid yr ysgol yn ei dy, Sian Owen, Elis a Beti Jones Braich ty du.




Brynteg - Pantdreiniog


Opened August 1864 - measured 17 by 13 yards with 560 pews.  Built by David Williams at a total cost of £1250. 111 members of Capel Carneddi joined Brynteg once opened. Many others joined from Jerusalem giving a total of 140 members upon opening and 194 in 1866.

Minor renovations occurred in 1869 costing £40. The chapel was debt free by 1878. Between 1879 and 1883 a chapel house, schoolhouse and chapel gate were added along with renovations to the chapel ceiling. The total cost of the project was £785. A lease for 70 years was secured in 1884. 

During 1890 the chapel was renovated internally, costing £515. Later, in 1900 there were 241 members with 377 on the Sunday School books. 

Following closure developed into flats.





1816 – 1993

Built to replace Capel Rachub - 80 of the original members transferred to Carneddi. Land for the chapel was given by Owen Ellis, Cefnfaes on a hundred year lease. £15 was paid for the land and an annual rent of £2 to Owen Ellis. Salmon Parry, Tregarth built the chapel with a total cost of £1000. The chapel measured 14 by 11 yards. Opening meeting held on 6 Oct 1816.

Original 1816 chapel rebuilt in 1827/8 at a cost of about £1000. Opening meeting for the new chapel held on 28 Nov 1828. Chapel house was built in 1827 for £124. In 1863 a house was built for the minister costing £387. 

Rebuilt for a third time costing £1847/12/0 with the opening meeting on 16/17 Jan 1869.

Chapel demolished and houses built on site. Upon closure of chapel members joined Capel Jerusalem.






Discussions began in 1865 as freehold land was shown to be available and an expansion into the Gerlan region was required. The land was purchased in 1868 by Capel Jerusalem for £60 as Capel Carneddi had an outstanding debt of no less than £610.

Initially, before building the main Chapel building 50 members attended services in rooms on the site. The total cost of the build was £2200 and the debt was repaid within 10 years. The capacity of the Chapel was 550. 100 members of Capel Carneddi transferred to Capel Gerlan along with 60 from Capel Jerusalem. The chapel opened on 6 May 1869 with a Service by R. Lumley, Dr. John Hughes, Owen Jones Bootle and Daniel Evans, Waunfawr. 

Chapel site is now a car park. Members joined Capel Jerusalem.





1799- 1991

Built in 1799 in the lower part of Llanllechid parish costing £80. The chapel was later rebuilt in an expansion project to give a building with a capacity of 370.






Discussion of opening new chapel in Bethesda began during late 1839/ early 1840 due to overfilling of Capel Carneddi. Opened 7 Oct 1842 - Daniel Jones Carneddi began the service on Friday evening with William Charles Gwalchmai and John Jones Llanllyfni as preachers. Initally 195 members joined from Capel Carneddi. Chapel was built on land on lease from Lord Penrhyn. The Chapel was 24 x 20 yards with pews for 900-950 people. Total spend for the chapel, chapel house, coach house and stable was £3400.

Renovated in 1874 for £2050 (present Grade I listed building) including new gate in front of the chapel and thorough interior renovations.   Designed and supervised by Richard Davies, a carpenter from Bangor and Owen Williams of Bnagor. The work took over a year. Estimated bill was £1778.

Renovated again in 1896 with further rooms added and a schoolhouse - costing about £4000. The renovation also included an organ. 

Carneddi, Gerlan and later others joined to form Eglwys Unedig Jerusalem.




Peniel – Llanllechid

1834 – 1991

Purchased from the Wesleyans in 1834 for £502. 38 members of Capel Carneddi transferred to the chapel.

Rebuilt in 1838 – ‘yn llawer helaethach ...  yn digon i gynnwys dros 500 o bersonau' [far larger and sufficient for over 500 people]. By 1853 there were 390 members and £340 of the original debt remained. (The exact amount of debt varies in different sources). The total cost of the new chapel was £858/3/1 giving a total outstanding debt of £1198/3/1.

In 1862 a new Chapel House, Coach House, Stable and Sunday School room were built at a cost o £350. Rebuilt again in 1876 at a cost of £3500 with pews for 700 people, later opened in 1877.The debt of £3500 took 10 years to pa. The new building measured approximately 20 x 18 yards.

Vestry now developed into house. Members held services in vestry before joining Capel Jerusalem.





Rachub (Yr Achub)

1793 - 1816

Built 1793 at a cost of about £100 with a house and stable. Opened 26 Dec 1794. Capel Carneddi built to replace Capel Rachub.

List of 80 members that left Rachub for Carneddi (1816): Daniel a Catherine Jones Bontuchaf, William a Jane Jones Abercaseg, Richard ac Ellen Jones Tai duon, Thomas a Jennet Jones Brynllys, Edumund a Catherine Joens Gwaen y gwiail, Hugh a Mary Evans Carneddi, Richard Thomas Tygwyrdd, Morris Griffith Penybryn, Owen Jones Machine, Thoams Rogers eto, Evan Ellis Llwynrhandir, William a Catherine Jones Glanygors, Thomas a Margaret Owen Glanygors, Robert a Mary Williams Tanysgrafell, William Edwards a'i briod Hirdir, John Prichard Prys Coedyparc, Morris ac Ellen Joskin Coedyparc, John Griffith a'i briod Tyhen, W. W. Thomas a Margaret Williams, Thomas a Mary Rowland Natygraen, Moses Rowlands Parc, Thomas William Hughes Tai'nycoed, Wm. a Grace Edwards Wern, Wm. a Mary Perry Llan, John Jones Abercaseg, Dd. a Margt. Rowland Cilgeraint, Wm. Jones Caemascollen, Wm. a Mary Williams Bontuchaf (Tycapel wedi hynny), John Humphreys, Henry Williams, Hugh Parry, John Owen, i gyd o Dregarth ; John Williams Coedyparc, John Jones Llystyn, Evan a Margt. Williams Bontuchaf, G.W. Prys Cilhafodan (Camgymro), Wm. Francis a'i briod Felinhen, Wm. Moses a'i briod Tregarth, Thos. Hughes a'i briod o'r Bwlch, Wm. Morris a'i briod Tanycaeau, Ellen Hughes Caellwyngrydd, Sarah Williams Heigate, Llan, Mary Pierce Gerlan, Ann Prys Tynyclwt, Eliz. Griffith Penybonc, Ann Ellis Nant, Ellen Jones Coedyparc, Catherine Williams Cwlyn, Grace Thomas Tyntwr, Mary Thomas Tyhen, Mary Jones Tyhen, Margt. Jones Cilgeraint, Margt. Thomas Bryniau, Mary Owen, Bryn, Ann Jones Coedyparc, Eliz. Morris Rachub. Yr oedd yn eu plith dri blaenor, a weithredai fel y cyfryw yn Rachub (in their midsts were three elders, that acted as such in Rachub) W. Jones, R. Jones, W. Williams Ty Capel. 





Wesleyan chapel (name not known)


Wesleyans built a small chapel in Llanllechid, costing £700. In 1831 a leasehold agreement was achieved for 98 years for £1 per annum. The outstanding debt on the Chapel was too much for the Wesleyans to repay. As such, it was purchased along with the houses belonging to it by the Calvinistic Methodists in 1834 for £502 and Peniel was built on the site.




Rehoboth - Parc Moch

1832 - late 1830s

Following the purchase of the above chapel, Rehoboth was built for the Wesleyan congregation at a cost of £200. Members returned to the parent church Shiloh (Tregarth) in late 1836/early 1837. Eisteddfood Parc Moch is recorded as being held in the building in 1837. Houses are now built on the site.






c.1836/7 - 2003?

Salem (Caellwyngrydd) built in 1836/7 at a cost of £100.

In 1875 there was a disagreement between the Chapel elders regarding expansion of the chapel and a plot of land was purchased for this purpose. However, many insisted on building a new chapel - the prevailing opinion. A plot of land measuring 48 x 35 yards situated between the settlement at Caellwyngrydd and the parish Church was obtained on a lease from Lord Penrhyn. A new Chapel (50 x 35 yards) was built with a capacity of 254 at a total cost of £917. It (Salem - Rachub) opened in 1877.

[The Records suggest that the Wesleyans Capel Salem existed on two different sites , the first described as Salem (Caellwyngrydd) and the other as Salem (Rachub).]

Following the closure of the chapel many members joined Capel Carmel.




Siloam, Bethesda

1833 - 1982

Original chapel opened 22 Sep 1833 in Stryd y Felin, Bethesda. The deed of Siloam was dated 1 Nov 1833. The trustees upon opening were J. Edwards, Hugh Michael, Owen Owens, Griffith Davies, and Robert Williams. 

Later moved to Allt Pen y Bryn in June 1872. Land was provided on lease by Lord Penrhyn and was given as a gift to the Chapel by the Penrhyn estate in 1939. A house for the minister was built at the same time as the new chapel in Allt Pen y Bryn with a total cost of £2270. Capacity of 650.

Following closure many members joined Capel Jerusalem.





St. Llechid, Llanllechid

515AD – 2003

Earliest record of rectors in 1542. New building (still present today) opened in 1845 with a capacity of 500 members. Closed on 2 Dec 2003. 




Glanogwen** ,Bethesda (new parish formed in 1858).

1856 -

In 1853 Lord Penrhyn built Glanogwen schoolhouse, a National School in Bethesda. A service was held in the school every Sunday. Later, in 1856, he built a church and a parsonage on the site - at a cost of over £7000. Church capacity of 650.

Cemetery attached to church. 




St. Cross (Tal-y-Bont)


Built in 1887 by the widow of the then Lord Penrhyn (Edward Gordon Douglas- Pennant) in memory of her husband. The church cost over £3000 with a capacity of 212.




The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Present on 1851 register. Used the old Caersalem chapel building.




*The initial date in the range gives the date when the first building was opened (in many cases the causes were established and services held in members houses by local preachers), until closure of chapel. Where a date of closure is not given this indicates the chapels are still open (correct as of March 2019). Furthermore, many chapels were rebuilt, some numerous times, the details where available have been noted in the table.

**Glanogwen is considered a sub-parish of Llanllechid.


Rhestr aelodau Capel Bethesda (o gyfrif y casgliadau ugain mis rhwng 1898-99 at ddiddyledu'r capel) - cyhoeddwyd yn Cyfrol y Jiwbili Eglwys Bethesda, Arfon 1900 (W. J. Parry).

List of members of Bethesda Chapel (From the collection accounts over 20 months between 1898-99 to repay any outstanding debt.) - Published in Cyfrol y Jiwbili Eglwys Bethesda, Arfon 1900:

W.J Parry (Coetmor Hall), Ellen Parry (Wellington Hotel), Henry Hughes (Gwynfryn), Lewis Jones (Braichmelyn), John Jones (3 Ogwen Terrace), Richard H. Thomas (4 Caerberllan), Griffith Edwards (7 Caerberllan), Robt. Williams (Ship Cafe), Hugh Hughes (30 Braichmelyn), Richard Edwards (8 Coetmor Terrace), Pierce Wheldon Jones (Fronallt), D. Jephson Williams M.A (Ogwen Terrace), William Hughes (Pantffrydlas), Trefor Jones (Cwlyn), Griffith Rowlands (Grisiau Cochion), Hugh Griffith (Erwfair, Pant), Griffith Williams (9 Penybryn), John Ellis Williams (50 High Street), Hugh Roberts (Frondeg), Jacob Parry (Penybryn), Lewis Jones (7 Gordon Terrace), Hugh Williams (Douglas Terrace), Hugh Hughes (42 High Street), Robt. Pritchard (Ogwen Square), Rowland Jones (44 Bryntirion) , John N. Crowther (21 Ogwen Terrace), David Griffith (Tanysgrafell), Edward John Roberts (High Street), John D. Williams (1 Ogwen Terrace), E.D. Lloyd (Coedmadog), Robert Williams (Mostyn Terrace), William Roberts (Station Road), Geroge Hughes (Lockup Street), R. W. Roberts (Ogwen Stores), John R. Jones (Penrhyn Terrace), Wm. H. Thomas (8 Tabernacle Terrace), William Edwards (Penybryn), William Williams (9 Bryntirion), Hugh Williams (Mostyn Terrace), William D. Williams (Penybryn) Hugh Roberts (Slate Mill Cottages), Hugh H. Griffith (Erwfair, Pant), Robt. J. Williams (Hill Street, Gerlan), William H. Lewis (Penybryn), William Thomas (1 Tabernacle Terrace), John Griffith (Grisiau Cochion), John Jones (Fern Hill, Pant), Owen O. Williams (Coetmor Mount), Griffith H. Hughes (High Street), William Hughes (Braichmelyn), David W. Jones (Victoria Place), William Jones (Victoria Place), William R. Jones (Penybryn), David Griffith (Mountain View), Ellen Grace Jones (Wellington Hotel), John D. Williams (Gerlan), Evan Evans (Bontucha), Owen Williams (Tanysgrafell), Evan Jones ieu. (5 Ogwen Terrace), Joseph Williams (Penygraig), Moses Jones (Glangors), John Evans (52 Penybryn), Thomas Jones (8 Caerberllan), William Pritchard Jones (Braichmelyn), William Thomas (10 Cefnfaes Terrace), Griffith Evans (Mountain View), Evan Parry (Penygraig), Ellen Williams (12 Ogwen Terrace), Eliza Rowlands (12 Ogwen Terrace), Richard Pritchard (Coedyparc), Hugh Williams (Penybryn), William Edwards (Gwalia Stores), Joseph Thos. Davies (Rock Terrace), Robert Thomas (Penybryn), T.P. Williams (Elvet Terrace), Samuel Jones (Bryntirion), John Parry (Fron Ogwen), Richard W. Roberts (Bryn Ogwen), Charlotte Lewis (Hendyrnpike), John Roberts (Braichmelyn), John T. Williams (Taiduon), Thomas Price (Tanygadlas), John J. Roberts (5 Ogwen Terrace), John Roberts (10 Penybryn), John W. Hughes (Quarry View Stores), David Davies (1 Penybryn), William Elias Williams (Bodawen), John Williams (12 Ogwen Terrace), Thomas Morris (3 Twr), David Joseph Williams (Braichmelyn), Mariah Griffith (High Street), Griffith Griffiths (10 Bryntirion), Edward Williams (Braichmelyn), Robert Parry (11 Caerberllan), Hugh Gough Hughes (Braichmelyn), William Hughes, Builder (Quarry View); Trevor Jones (Blaenycae), Thomas Edwards (Fronallt), Hugh Owen (Bryntirion), Jane Roberts (Slate Mill Cottages), Griffith Davies (Lockup Street), Hugh O. Williams (Coetmor Mount), J. W Parry (Bryntirion), John W. Rowlands (Penygraig), Kate Roberts (Slate Mill Cottages), David Parry (Tynewydd), Robert Parry (Penygraig), William Roberts (Bryn Ogwen) , Owen Williams (Coetmor Mount), Mary Parry (Penybryn), Hugh Lewis (Penybryn), Ellen Jane Williams (Bryntirion), Mary Williams (Mostyn Terrace), Hugh Hughes (Pantffrydlas), John Dreflan Jones (Victoria Place), Richard W. Jones (Victoria Place), Maggie J. Griffith (Erwfair, Pant), Evan Jones (Bryntirion), Hugh Price Jones (Ogwen Street), Jane Ellen Williams (Penybryn), John Roberts (Slate Mill Cottages), W. W. Williams (Davies Court), W. J. Williams (Tai duon), Thomas D. Parry (Coedyparc), William Edwards (Penygraig), Margaret Roberts (Glanmeurig), Gwen Parry (Fron Ogwen), Ellis Pritchard (Braichmelyn), John Enoch Williams (1 John Street), Catherine Williams (56 High Street), Ann Jones (Ogwen Street), Henry Williams (Bryntirion), Hugh Hughes (18 Bryntirion), David Davies (Glanmeurig), John Williams (Ty’r Engine), Griffith Jones (Braichmelyn), Charles Jones (Ogwen Street), Thomas Roberts (Pant), Griffith Roberts (Bryntirion), Richard W. Griffith (3 Caerberllan), Richard R. Griffith (3 Caerberllan), Henry Parry (Bryniau Alma), Mary Ann Owen (Crown Hotel), John Williams (Coetmor Mount), Griffith Parry (Bryniau Alma), Ann Jones (Bryntirion), Robert H. Williams (Station Road), Thomas Williams (Crown Hotel), Griffith Hughes (Springford Place), David Williams (Llangollen Hotel), John Jones (Bronygraig), Luke Moses (Bryn Eglwys), Richard R. Roberts (Bryn Ogwen), Isaac Davies (Elvet Terrace), William Morgan (Quarry View Terrace), Jane Jones (Tan’rhirdir), Ellen Jones (Cwlyn), R.W. Pritchard (Cae Star), Henry Jones (Brynllys), Robert Jones (Grisiau Cochion), Jane Jones (Cwlyn), Griffith Thomas (8 Tabernacl Terrace), Lydia Humphreys (10 High Street), Ellen Hughes (10 High Street), Thomas Morris (Brynffrydlas), William Griffith (Mountain View), John Edwards (Gardd Star), Lizzie Jane Jones (Victoria Place), Hannah Thomas (3 Ogwen Terrace), Thomas J. Williams (Cae Star), W. E. Williams (Station Road), Ann Jones (Well Street, Gerlan), Mary Ann Parry (Bryntirion), Sarah Roberts (Tan’rhirdir), David Morris (Cefnfaes Terrace), William Hughes (Glanmeirig), David J. Williams (Coetmor Mount), W. H. Edwards (7 Caerberllan), Ann Thomas (Ty’ntwr), Ann Jones (Tangadlas), Ann Edwards (Cae Star), William Roberts (Braichmelyn), Ellen Roberts (9 Caerberllan), John Pritchard (Bryntirion), Owen Thomas Edwards (Fronallt), W.R. Griffith (3 Caerberllan), John Evans (Fron Ogwen), Jane Roberts (Alma Lodge, Anglesey), Ada Owen (Coetmor Hall), Ellen Williams (Penybryn), Margaret Williams (Cae Star), Mary Edwards (Fronallt), Catherine Williams (Cae Star), John T. Roberts (Pant), Joseph Williams (Gerlan), William Hughes (Lockup Street), Edward W. Rowlands (Castell), Ellen Jones (Penygraig), William W. Jones (James Street), Elizabeth Jones (Bronygraig), W. R. Edwards (Station Road), John Dronfield (High Street), Eliza Parry (Pant), William Roberts (Penllyn, Bryn Ogwen), Robert Jones (Ogwen Street), Margaret Roberts (Garneddwen), Ellen Thomas (Slate Mill Cottages), Elizabeth Davies (High Street), Robert Williams (Ty’nyclwt), Ann Griffith (Bryntirion), Elizabeth Williams (Ogwen Street), Richard Roberts (13 Caerberllan), David Griffith (Bontucha), Catherine M. Parry (Penybryn), Ann Jones ieu. (James Street), Grace Owen (Bryntirion), Maggie Owen (Bryntirion), Hughie Williams (Mostyn Terrace), Richard Jones (Mostyn Terrace), Lizzie Williams (Station Road), Margaret Jones (Penygraig), Mary Ellen Parry (Penybryn), Evan Parry ieu. (Penygraig), Ann Hughes (Bryntirion), Elizabeth Williams (Tanygadlas), Margaret Ellis (Mill Street), William Griffith (Bryntirion), John Williams (Bodawen), Mary Williams (1 John Street), Owen Pritchard (Penybryn), Ann Jones (James Street), Jane Evans (Bryntirion), Elizabeth Davies (Bodforis), Thomas Edwards ieu. (Fronallt), W.H. Parry (Coetmor Hall), S.R. Parry (Coetmor Hall), Mary Pritchard (Gerlan), Ann Roberts (Bryn Ogwen), Ellen Jones (Penybryn), John H. Parry (Coedyparc), John R. Thomas (Cloth Hall), Morris Hughes (Cefn Cwlyn), Maggie Edwards (Cae Star), William Williams (Davies' Court), Joseph Thomas (Cefnfaes Terrace), William Morris (Fron Ogwen), T. Ogwen Griffith (Middle Street), Mary Roberts (Bryn Ogwen), William Thomas (2 Middle Street), R.S. Thomas (4 Caerberllan), W.D. Thomas (4 Caerberllan), Eraill a gynigodd symiau islaw 2s. 6c. [others that contributed less than 2s. 6c].

The above list is in descending order of contributions with names of contributors and their addresses in brackets. It should be noted that ieu. = Jr.


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List compiled and translations provided by Tomos Owen (2019)