A Cardiganshire Bibliography


Books of General Interest for Family Historians

It is acknowledged that the principal source of the details of books etc included
 on these pages is the online catalogues of the National Library of Wales


Archives and Libraries

  • Freeman, Michael. The History of Museums in Ceredigion. (NLW's site) Ceredigion, Vol XIII/3 1999.
    "The first plans for a public museum in Aberystwyth were discussed in 1871 - exactly 100 years before the first meetings took place to form the present Ceredigion Museum...........this paper describes the history of museums in Ceredigion during those first 100 years........."
  • Jones, T Howell. The County Museum (NLW's site)   Ceredigion Vol II
  • Vincentelli, Moira. The U C W Arts and Crafts Museum. Ceredigion, Vol IX/1 1980. Welsh Journals Online
    "The period between 1918 and 1936 saw the formation of an important craft collection in Aberystwyth, founded by the Davies sisters of Llandinam "(Margaret and Gwendoline, grand daughters of David Davies of Llandinam).


  • Anon.         Bibliography of the printed literature relating to the parishes of Cardiganshire.           Card. Antq. Soc Trans, Vol III  Welsh Journals Online
  • Jones, Glyn Lewis (ed.) A Bibliography of Cardiganshire 1600-1968 (2 vols.) Ceredigion Library (1967, 1970) [BM 2719.x.16218]
  • Williams, Moelwyn I. Cardiganshire in Periodical Literature. Ceredigion, Vol IV/3 1962  Welsh Journals Online
    "The following bibliographical list brings together under one general heading over three hundred articles and notes relating to the history of Cardiganshire and its people........."


  • Anon. William Evans. ( Alaw Afan). Y Cerddor, Medi 1900
  • Anon. John Jones, Aberaeron. Y Cerddor, Ebrill 1908.
  • Anon. David Jenkin Morgan, Llechryd (1751/2?-1814). Y Cerddor, Gorph 1889
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  • Ellis, Mari.  T E Ellis a Cheredigion  (NLW's site)   Ceredigion XIV
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  • Jenkins, Geraint H. Lewis Morris: 'the fat man of Cardiganshire'   (NLW's site)    Ceredigion XIV
  • Jones, G . (Glan Menai) Enwogion Sir Aberteifi . Dolgellau,  1868.
  • Jones, T Hughes.  Daniel Rowland, Llangeitho. Llawlyfr. Cym. Cered. Llundain. Vol V
  • Jones, Thomas Dr.  David Alban Davies. Llawlyfr Cym. Cered. Llundain, Vol VIII
  • Lewis, W J. 'Yr Hen Syr' (John Williams, Ystrad Meurig).      Ceredigion, Vol IV 1960/63     Welsh Journals Online
  • Lloyd-Johnes, Herbert. John Johnes (1800-1876). Ceredigion, Vol III           Welsh Journals Online
  • Morgan, Gerald. A Welsh House and its Family : the Vaughans of Trawsgoed [Crosswood].1999.A study of the largest landowners in Cardiganshire, from the C14 to C20. The Trawsgoed estate extended over 22 Cardiganshire parishes.
  • Morgan, J J.  Hanes bywyd Twom o'r Bryn, sef Thomas Williams, o'r Bryn, Sir Aberteifi. Cylch. Cymd. Hanes. Meth. Calf., Vol XVIII
  • Williams, Benjamin     [Gwynionydd] .   Enwogion Ceredigion. 1869.
  • Williams, J Gwyn.  Sir John Vaughan of Trawscoed. NLW journal, Vol VIII

Business and Commerce Records

  • Green, F.  Early Banks in West Wales. Trans. Historical Society of West Wales, 1916.
  • Y CYMMRODOR,  XXXIX (1928) Peate: A North Cardiganshire Woollen Yarn Factory .


  • James, Auronwy. The First Graves in the Cemeteries of Ceredigion. Cardiganshire FHS journal, Vol 4/2, June 2005.


  • Benjamin, E. Alwyn. Human Afflictions : a study of the North Ceredigion census returns, 1851-71 (NLW's site) Ceredigion, x 2 : 155-60 (1985)
  • Gibson, J.S.W. and Medlycott, M.T. Local Census Listings 1522-1930 (2nd ed.), Birmingham, Fed. of Fam. Hist. Soc. (1994) 52 pp. [ISBN 1-872094-75-9]. Extracted  are details of local censuses in Wales, listed by county
  • Wilson, Dave. Cardiganshire Census Statistics. Cardiganshire FHS journal vol 3/8 June 2004

Church History

  • Barker, T.W. Particulars Relating to Endowments etc of Livings .Diocese of St David's Vol3: Archdeaconry of Cardigan. 1907
  • Barrow, Julia. [Ed]. St Davids Episcopal Acta 1085-1280. South Wales Record Society, 1998. Contains the Latin text of all the charters known to have been issued by the bishops of St Davids down to the death of Richard de Carew in 1280, with English summaries and notes.
  • Beynon, Tom.   Howell Harris's visits to Cardiganshire. Cylch Cym Hanes Meth Calf Cymru. Vol XXIX, XXX, XXXI, XXXII. and his  'Last visits etc 1766, 1769, 1770'  XXXII
  • Brinkley, Richard. Connop Thirwall, Bishop of St David's    (NLW's site)    Ceredigion Vol VII
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  • Ellis, Mari. Thomas Beynon, Archddiacon Ceredigion 1745-1833 . (NLW's site)   Ceredigion: Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society. Vol. XIII, No. 1 (1997]
  • Evans, D.E.   Mudiad Rhydychen yng Ngogledd Sir Aberteifi. .[The Oxford movement in North Cardiganshire]  Historical Society of the Church in Wales, Journal, 1954, Vol.4
  • Evans, George Eyre. Cardiganshire, a Survey of its Antiquities, Chapels, Churches .1903
  • Evans, J.T. The Church Plate of Cardiganshire.   Stow-on-the-Wold, 1914
  • Gray, Madeleine. The diocese of St Davids in 1563. Journal of Welsh Religious History 5 (1997), p. 29-56
  • Green, Tyrrell Prof.            Carved work in Cardiganshire churches           Card. Antq. Soc. Trans., Vol I/3     Welsh Journals Online
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  • 'Hanes Capeli'r Enwad yn Sir Aberteifi' [History of the Chapels of the Denomination in Cardiganshire]. Yr Ymofynydd : Cylchgrawn Misol Cymdeithas Undodiad Deheudir Cymru [The Enquirer: The monthly magazine of the Unitarian Society of South Wales], 1928-33
  • Jenkins, Geraint H.  The Established Church and Dissent in Eighteenth Century Cardiganshire.   Cardiganshire County History, Vol III
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  • Kirkby, D.P.     The church in Ceredigion in the early Middle Ages.      Cardiganshire County History, Volume 1.
  • Levi, T A          A tribute to the early church            Card. Antq. Soc. Trans., Vol I/3     Welsh Journals Online
  • Ludlow, N.    Ceredigion churches (DAT 48): church reports.   Cardiff, CADW,Welsh Historical Monuments project, 1998/2000.   Details and description of every church
  • Morgan, W T.    Disciplinary Cases against Churchwardens in the Consistory Courts of St David's .  Journal of the Historical Society of the Church in Wales Vol. X, No. 15 (1960)
  • Morris, J.    Dedications of Cardiganshire Churches. Card. Antq. Soc, Trans., Vol I/4   Welsh Journals Online    &      Card. Antq. Soc. Trans, Vol II/1   Welsh Journals Online
  • Percival, D.      Inventory of nonconformist chapels and Sunday Schools in Cardiganshire.    Cardiganshire County History. Vol.3.
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas   Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). The CGN section of these books (in Welsh) is being extracted - some with translations
  • Salter, Mike .    The Old Parish Churches of South-West Wales. Malvern, 1994 .
  • Saunders, Erasmus. A view of the state of religion in the diocese of St.David's about the beginning of the 18th century : with some account of the causes of its decay,together with considerations of the reasonableness of augmenting the revenues of impropriate churches . Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 1721
  • Sharpe, F.      The church bells of Cardiganshire: their inscriptions and founders.           Brackley, Smart and co, 1965.
  • The Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of St.Davids, 1397-1518 : from the original registers in the Diocesan Registry of Carmarthen.   London : The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1917. 3 v ; 25cm. Series title Cymmrodorion Record series ; No.6
  • The Welsh Church Year Book 1929. Published by The Representative Body of The Church in Wales. Cardiff, 1928. pp 624 including over 130 pages of biographies of clergy. A Cd containing a scanned copy of the book was published by Archives CD Books in 2002. With the permission of the latter part of the statistical data for parishes in the counties of Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire has been extracted onto those GENUKI parish pages. The Explanatory notes state that;
    • Where parishes have been grouped or divided then the acreage is unreliable, some town figures are not given.
    • Population figures are according to the 1921 census returns.

Church Records

  • Ifans, Dafydd [ed]. Cofrestri Anghydfurol Cymru/ Nonconformist Registers of Wales. Aberystwyth, 1994. This book includes Ordnance Survey references for listed chapels.
  • Jones, I.G. & Williams, D. The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales.   Cardiff, 1976.
  • MacDonald, R W. The Parish Registers of Wales, National Library of Wales journal. 1976, Winter. Volume XIX/4
  • Rawlins, B.J. The Parish Churches and Nonconformist Chapels of Wales: Their Records and where to Find them, Vol. One, Cardigan - Carmarthen - Pembroke. P.O. Box 510652, Salt Lake City, UT 84151-0652, Celtic Heritage Research (1987). [Provides details of  [ but no personal names] parish registers at the National Library of Wales and at the Carmarthenshire Record Office, and very extensive details of the various types of nonconformist records, mainly held at the PRO or at the chapel concerned.This book has been used as a source of data of nonconformist records on the Genuki parish pages.
  • Samuel, David. Schedule of Records and Printed Materials of the North Cardiganshire Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Wales [Calvinistic Methodist Archives Collection]. Chapel histories are included for the chapels of ;
    • Elim, Llanddeinol
    • Swyddffynnon, Lledrod
    • Tabor, Llangwyryfon
    • Siloh, Aberystwyth
    • Bethel, Llangwyryfon
    • Blaenplwyf, Llanychaearn
    • Rhiwfelen, Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn
  • Williams, C.J. and Watts-Williams, J. Cofrestri Plwyf Cymru: Parish Registers of Wales (National Index of Parish Registers, Vol. 13).Aberystwyth: National Library of Wales, Second edition, 2000. This book has been used as a source of data of parish records and bishop's transcripts on the Genuki parish pages

Court Records

  • Foley, R. The Practice of the Court of Great Sessions for Carmarthen, Pembroke and Cardigan. 1792
  • Griffiths, G. Milwyn. Glimpses of Cardiganshire in Sessions Records (NLW's site) Ceredigion: Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society. . Vol V, No. 3 (1966)
  • Pre-1858 Welsh probate jurisdictions.South Wales & Monmouthshire : a genealogical research guide to probate courts having jurisdiction in the counties of Brecon, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan, Monmouth (England), Pembroke, and Radnor. Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. : Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Inc., 1970

Description and Travel

Books marked * have an entry on the separate 'Review/Contents' page.

  • 'An old inhabitant'. Vanished and vanishing Cardiganshire; 1. Castle Lane, Aberystwyth. 2. Bont Cottage , Aberaeron. 3. Llanrhystud Church before restoration. 4. Nantcwnlle Church before restoration. 5. Llanfihangel-y-Creuddin in 1889. 6. Leaves from an old sketch book (relating to the Aeron valley). Card. Antq. Soc. Trans, Vol II Welsh Journals Online
  • Benbough-Jackson, Michael. Ceredigion and the changing visitor gaze, c1760-2000  (NLW's site)   Ceredigion XIV
  • Chater, Arthur.     Inscriptions on Bridges in Ceredigion (NLW's site)     Ceredigion, 1978
  • Colyer, (Moore) R J. The Teifi: Scenery and Antiquities of a Welsh River. Llandysul, 1987
  • Davies, Dewi.  The Early Years of the Turnpike Trust in Cardiganshire.  (NLW's site)    Ceredigion, 2003
  • Davies, Paul. A Company of Forts, A Guide to the Medieval Castles of West Wales. Published by Gomer, site intro; "As in the rest of Wales, the western counties of Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion abound with reminders of a turbulent medieval past, - magnificent castles which grace the landscape, their inherent menace only somewhat subdued by the passing years. Paul R. Davies provides us here with an introduction to the history which led to the building of the medieval castles, and then divides the fortresses into three types - motte and bailey sites, stone-built castles and fortified manor-houses. The text is lavishly illustrated with photographs and line-drawn reconstructions, which vividly show the range of castles, both large and small, in West Wales, from mighty Pembroke and Carreg Cennen to the fortified manor-houses of Green Castle and Eastington and the atmospheric mounds such as Pencader and Llangadog......."
  • *Ellis, T.I. Crwydro Ceredigion.1952. Gives a fairly detailed background as to the history and geography of this mainly rural county some fifty years ago.  
  • Horsfall-Turner, E.R. Walks and Wanderings in County Cardigan, being a descriptive sketch of its Picturesque, Historic, Antiquarian, Romantic and Traditional Features. n.d. ca 1903. Appendices include :  lists of wrecks off Cardiganshire coast -1743/1901; Cardiganshire militia; nonconformist chapels (with some ministers' names).
  • Images of West Wales. Carmarthen Journal, 1999. Here is an index  by Ruth Broad
  • Inglis-Jones, Elisabeth. Memories of old Cardiganshire (NLW's site)   Ceredigion, Vol IV
  • Jones, E D             Some glimpses of Cardiganshire           Journal of the Welsh Bibliographical Society  vol 6/1 1943              Welsh Journals Online    
  • Lewis, C.R. and S. Wheatley.   The towns of Cardiganshire, 1800-1995.  Cardiganshire County History, Vol.3.
  • Macalister, R A S          The sculptured stones of Cardiganshire             Trans. Cards. Antiq. Soc. V, 1927   Welsh Journals Online
  • Padfield, Roger and Barrie Burgess.   The Teifi Valley Railway.   Haverfordwest, 1974
  • Rees, T. A topographical and historical description of Cardiganshire; containing an account of its towns, castles, antiquities, churches, monuments, public edifices, picturesque scenery, the residences of the nobility &c accompanied with biographical notes of eminent and learned men to whom this county has given birth. London, 1810. Based mainly on the ancient seats of the county.
  • Sarn Helen-A Roman Road in Wales. Morris Marples. Welsh Outlook Press, 1939
  • Victorian and Edwardian Wales from old photographs. Introduction and commentary by E D Jones. Batsford 1972. Here is a brief introduction and an index of the 154 photographs.
  • William-Davies, John. Tom Mathias, Folk Life Photographer. Gomer site intro; "A selection of photographs from the Tom Mathias Collection and a resume of the photographer's life and work.A fascinating record of daily life in south Ceredigion and north Pembrokeshire at the end of the nineteenth century and during the early years of the twentieth century. "


  • Kelly's Directory of South Wales  1884 ,1910 , 1920.
  • Kelly's Directory of South Wales  1904
  • Pigot's Directory of South Wales  1835 . A classified directory of Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Merchants, Bankers, Professional Gentlemen, Manufacturers and Traders - Not a listing of all residents or households.
  • Pigot's Directories of North Wales, South Wales and Monmouthshire 1822-3
  • Pigot's 1830 directory South Wales,  and , Pigot's 1830 directory North Wales; searches within  their Research Service from  Cardiganshire Family History Society
  • Slater's Directory of South Wales and Monmouthshire  1850
  • Slaters Directory of North and South Wales 1858-1859
  • Worrall's Directory of South Wales : comprising the counties of Glamorgan Carmarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, Brecknock and Radnor, with Newport, Monmouthshire. Oldham : John Worrall, 1875. [18],436,174p. Includes 178p of advertisements.Includes index.

Emigration and Immigration

  • Beddow, Deirdre . Eleanor James: Cardiganshire's only Female Transportee to Australia (NLW's site) Ceredigion : Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol VIII, No 3, 1978
  • James, Evan L. Ceredigion Ancestors of Joe Tanner, Astronaut. Cardiganshire FHS journal, vol 3/9, Oct 2004
  • Knowles, Anne Kelly. Calvinists incorporated : Welsh immigrants on Ohio's industrial frontier  Chicago : University of Chicago Press,1997. Includes a section on emigration and immigration history  in 19th century Cardiganshire, and has bibliographical references  to Cardiganshire individuals, and  an index.
  • Morgan, Gerald & J Ann Davies. Americans in Cardiganshire in 1881. Cardiganshire FHS journal vol 4/1 Feb 2005
  • Owen, Bob. Ymfudo o Sir Aberteifi i Unol Daleithiau America o 1654 hyd 1860 (NLW's site- 2 parts)    Ceredigion, Vol II  1954
  • Owen, Bob.  'O Sir Aberteifi i Jackson a Gallia, Ohio.    Llawlyfr Cymdeithas Ceredigion Llundain XI (1955/6)
  • Thomas, Peter. Strangers from a Secret Land.- the voyage of the brig "Albion" and the founding of the first Welsh Settlement in Canada.Gomer, 1st ed., 1986. 329pp. The story of the original emigration from west Wales, especially from the surroundings of Cardigan and the Teifi valley, in the early 1800s, and the fate of the emigrees in Canada.
  • Williams, Daniel Jenkins . The Welsh Community of  Waukesha County (Wisconsin).1926.   This book mentions over 600 individuals who came from the Teifi Valley to Wales/Genesee (Towns), Waukesha County, Eastern Wisconsin, USA in the 1840--1850's period. The abstract lists individuals by family, local nickname, marital relationships, children, shire and farm/parish (if available) in Wales, and some birth and death dates as well as Wisconsin moves.


Books marked * have an entry on the separate 'Review/Contents' page.

  • Ashworth, Norma.     My 'Illustrious' Ancestry.       Cardiganshire FHS journal, vol 3/2, June 2002. Explores the author's ancestors from  Llanarth, Henfynyw, Ciliau Aeron parishes links and Sir Richard Herbert of Coldbrook, Abergavenny.
  • Baker-Jones, D.L. Princelings, Privilege and Power: the Tivyside Gentry in their Community. Llandysul, 1999.This has many references to the parish, its main houses and their families [including a pedigree of the Brigstockes of Blaenpant] and an extensive bibliography.  Gomer 2002 Catalogue (1 85902 381 9);- "This sumptuously researched book charts the rise and fall of the Tivyside gentry from the beginning of the eighteenth century to the 1930s....."
  • Bridgeman, Rev. The Hon. George T. O. History of the Princes of South Wales. 1976 (Wigan) 310pp. + intro. 11 genealogical tables
  • Evan Thomas Rhys o Lanarth. Diliau'r awen; sef crynodeb o waith awenyddol y diweddar ardderchog brydydd Evan Thomas Rhys o Lanarth Ceredigion [yr hwn a flodeuodd tua chanol ddeunawfed ganrif] ac eraill, wedi ei gasglu gan William Hughes Griffiths, Tyhen Llandyssilio Gogo. Argraffwyd gan D Jenkins, Heol fawr, Aberystwyth 1842.  
    (A series of collected poems of Evan Tomos Rhys; collected by William Hughes Griffiths, Tyhen Llandyssilio Gogo and printed by D Jenkins, Heol fawr, Aberystwyth 1842.
    Here is the list of subscribers from this book
  • Evans, W (Parch). Cyfrol o Bregethau (Book of Sermons). 1st Ed. Aberayron 1893. D.D.Williams, Bookbinder, Merthyr Tydfil.
    Here is the list of subscribers - with addresses - from this book;  mainly Cardiganshire but also Liverpool, London, Barry and Other Places.
  • Green , Francis [Ed] . West Wales Historical Records The Annual Magazine of the Historical Society of West Wales. c 1920 in 14 volumes.  Here is a listing of Contents
  • Hughes, H Harold. Some further notes on North Cardiganshire wills and deeds. Arch. Camb. 1919
  • Jones, E D.   John Humphreys Davies  1871-1926    (NLW's site)   Ceredigion  Vol IV
  • Jones, Francis.      Gellidywyll: a Ceredigion Family South of the Teifi .     Ceredigion : Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol VIII, No 4, 1979 Welsh Journals Online
  • *Jones, Francis. Historic Cardiganshire Homes and their Families. Brawdy Books, Newport, Pem; Nov 2000. Here is a list of parishes/houses appearing in the book.
  • Jones, Francis. The old families of south-west Wales  (NLW's site)   Ceredigion Vol IV
  • Jones, Francis   Lloyd of Gilfachwen, Cilgwyn & Coedmore   (NLW's site)   Ceredigion Vol VIII
  • Lloyd, Howell A.  The Gentry of South-West Wales 1540-1640.   Cardiff, 1968
  • Lloyd-Johnes, Herbert. John Johnes 1800-1876   (NLW's site)   Ceredigion Vol III
  • Lowe, Vera. The Mortimers in Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire and Related Families. Dyfed FHS journal, Vol 7/6 Dec 2001.
  • Morgan, Gerald.      Women's Wills in West Wales 1600-1700.    Trans of Hon Soc of Cymmrodorion , 1993
  • Morgan, Gerald.      Dowries for Daughters in West Wales 1500-1700.   Welsh History Review 17, (1995)
  • Phillips, Sir Thomas (ed.) Pedigrees of Caermarthenshire, Cardiganshire, and Pembrokeshire, in continuation of Lewis Dwnn [i.e. of the pedigrees recorded by him in his Heraldic Visitations], to about the years 1700-10, from the MS. of John P. A. L. Philipps, etc. Jacobus Rogers, Middle Hill (1859) pp. 4. 44. fol. [BM Tab.436.b.4.(3.)]
  • Porter, Edward T. The Olivers of Cardiganshire 1778-1993: their descendents in Wales, England and North America and some of their related Welsh families. Author, 1993(USA). Apart from family details, contains background history of the area, especially the lead mining district around Gwnnws. Here are some extracts from the CD of the book
  • Rowlands, John &  Sheila. Cardiganshire marriages. Ilar Hundred. Aberystwyth, 1991
  • Rowlands, John &  Sheila. Cardiganshire marriages  pre 1813, Pennarth Hundred : indexes and transcripts Aberystwyth, 1992
  • Theakston, Lucy E. Lloyd & Davies, John.   Some family records & pedigrees of the Lloyds of Allt yr Odyn, Castell Hywel, Ffos y Bleiddiaid, Gilfach Wen, Llan Llyr, Waun Ifor.Oxford: Fox, Jones & Co (1913). Counties - Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. Family names - Lloyd, Philipps, Allen Estates/properties - Allt yr Odyn, Castell Hywel, Ffos y Bleiddiaid, Gilfach  Wen, Llan Llyr, Waun Ifor, Llanfair Clydogau, Maes y Felin, Highmead, Pantstreimon.
  • *Thomas, David N. Dylan Thomas. A Farm, Two Mansions and a Bungalow. Seren, the book imprint of Poetry Wales Press, Bridgend, 2000 The area covered is around Talsarn, Talgarreg, Llanon, Aberaeron, Llanina, New Quay and Llangrannog.


Books marked * have an entry on the separate 'Review/Contents' page.

  • Afan ab Alun.  'Cestyll Ceredigion', , Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 1991.
  • Anon. Cardiganshire prices etc in 1601. Bye-Gones, 1874-5
  • Barber, Jill and Derryan Paul.  Catherine Chichester and Cardiganshire, 1705-1735  (NLW's site)   Ceredigion XI
  • Barber, Jill.  A Fair and Just Demand?: Tithe unrest in Cardiganshire, 1796-1823   (NLW's site)   Welsh History Review 16
  • Bird, A.J. The Menhir in Cardiganshire: a Re-assessment (NLW's site) Ceredigion : Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol VII, No 1, 1972.
  • Bowen, E G. From antiquarianism to archaeology in Cardiganshire, 1909 -1959  (NLW's site)   Ceredigion Vol III
  • Bowen, E G    Cardiganshire in prehistoric times           Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society    Vol 11  1936   Welsh Journals Online
  • * Cardiganshire County History . Volume1: From the earliest times to the coming of the Normans , edited by Davies J.L and Kirby, D.P. Cardiff, 1994
      Volume 3: Cardiganshire in Modern Times, edited by Jenkins, Geraint H. and Jones, Ieuan Gwynedd. Published by the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society in association with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales: Cardiff [1998].
  • Briggs, C S.  The Bronze Age.    Cardiganshire County History . Volume1, 1994
  • Briggs, C S.  Historical notes on the study of Megalithic and Bronze Age sites and finds from Ceredigion  (NLW's site)   Ceredigion Vol IX
  • Cameron, T Duncan. Recent fieldwork in Ceredigion  (NLW's site)   Ceredigion Vol IX
  • Davies, D Ernest          Recent finds in Cardiganshire         Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society    Vol 9  1933   Welsh Journals Online
  • Davies, D J. The Economic History of South Wales prior to 1800, Cardiff, 1933
  • Davies,  Hettie Glyn.   'Edrych Yn Ol, Hen Atgofion Am Bentref Gwledig'  Gwasg y Brython, 1958.
  • Davies, Gwyn.   Ceredigion in the Second World War. (NLW's site)   Ceredigion, 2000
  • Davies, J Ceredig            Brittany and Cardiganshire           Card. Antq. Soc, Trans., Vol I/4   Welsh Journals Online
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  • Davies, J L.   The Roman Period.      Cardiganshire County History . Volume1, 1994
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  • Davies, T I.   The vale of Aeron in the making (NLW's site)   Ceredigion, Vol III
  • Davies, W H.  The Romans in Cardiganshire (NLW's site)   Ceredigion, Vol IV
  • Evans, Eyre. Cardiganshire; a personal survey of some of its Antiquities, Chapels, Churches, Fonts, Plate and Registers. 1903
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    Description of Photographs
    Growth of Non-conformity
    Houses of the Early Gentry in Tudor times
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    Tai un nos on Mynydd Llanddewibrefi
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Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc. 

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Religion and Religious Life

Books marked * have an entry on the separate 'Review/Contents' page.

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Social Life and Customs

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