Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830


The information  below relating to Cardigan is extracted by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. Any general data such as referred to in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary1833 extract, see Description of the parish of Cardigan ,  is not repeated here.


Post Office, High-street, James Morse, Post master.---Letters from London etc arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched every day at once.---Letters from Newcastle-In-Emlyn arrive every forenoon at nine, and are despatched every day at one.---Letters arrive from and are despatched to Newport and Fishguard (by penny-post) every Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Bowen, James, esq.; Bridell
  • Bowen, Major; High st
  • Brigstocke, Col. W O; Blaenpant
  • Brigstocke, Rev A, MA; Llwynbedw
  • Colly, Mrs Col; Ffynone
  • Curtis, Charles, esq.; Glandwr
  • Davies, Evan, esq.; Trevorgan
  • Davies, Mrs John; St Mary st
  • Davies, Rev Thomas; Close house, Llechryd
  • Davis, D S, esq.; Pentre
  • Davis, W H, esq.; Castlemalgwin
  • Edwards, John, gent; St Mary st
  • Evans, Rev David; High st
  • Gower, Abel A, esq.; Glandovan
  • Griffith, George W, esq.; the Priory
  • Griffith, John, esq.; Llwynduris
  • Griffith, Rev Chas. AM; Cardigan
  • Humphreys, J, esq.; Rhosygilwen
  • Jenkins, Capt; Penrallt
  • Jones, Arthur, esq.; the Castle, Cardigan
  • Jones, Mrs Ann; St Mary st
  • Jones, Mrs Elizabeth; St Mary st
  • Jones, Morgan, esq.; Kilwendeage
  • Jones, Rev David AM; Rose hill
  • Jones, Rev John AM; Penlan
  • Jones, W David MD; Penar
  • Leach, Henry, esq.; Ddol
  • Lewes, Thomas, esq.; Clynfiew
  • Lloyd, John Vaughan, esq.; Tyllwyd
  • Lloyd, Thomas, esq.; Coedmore
  • Lloyd, Thomas, esq.; Kilrhue
  • Lloyd, Rev William; St Mary st
  • Parry, Captain; Parkgorse
  • Parry, Capt. Wm. Henry Webley RN; Noyadd
  • Phillips, Major RN; Penalltrhiny
  • Rees, Edward, esq.; Pantydery
  • Sheriff, S L, MD; Stradmore Hill
  • Thomas, Rev Griffith; Church yard
  • Vaughan, Major Herbert; Llangoedmore place
  • Wagner, T P, esq.; Penallteifed

Academies and Schools

  • Free Grammar School, High st; Rev David Evans, master
  • M'Cord, John, master of the mathematical school; High st
  • National School, High st; David Roberts, master
  • Noot, the Misses; Quay st
  • Wagner, the Misses (boarding & day)


  • Davies, Evan; High st
  • Evans, Lewis; St Mary st
  • George & Amlot; Quay st
  • Lloyd, Oliver; St Mary st
  • Morse, James; Cross


  • George, David; Bridell
  • Roberts, David; High st

Bakers & Confectioners

  • Griffiths, Mary; Market lane
  • Jenkins, Mary; St Mary st
  • Thomas, Catherine (& stamp distributor); St Mary st


  • Davies, Evan; Mwldan
  • Davies, John; Mwldan
  • Davies, Thomas; Bridge
  • Griffiths, David; Eben's lane

Block makers

  • Phillips, William; Mwldan
  • Rees, Rees; Mwldan

Boot & Shoe makers

  • Davies, John; Bridge-end
  • Davies, John; St Mary st
  • Davies, John; Pendre
  • Evans, Thomas; Mwldan
  • Jones & Son; High st
  • Jones, Benjamin; Penbre
  • Jones, Jonathan; Penbr
  • Parry, Evan; Mwldan
  • Phillips, John; Bridge-end
  • Powis, John; St Mary st
  • Richards, David; Bridge-end
  • Thomas, John; St Mary st
  • Williams, William; Market lane


  • Jeremiah, Thomas; Pendre
  • Morris, Matthew; Bridge st

Cabinet Makers

  • Havard, John; Quay st
  • Miles, John; Pendre

Carpenters and Joiners

  • Davies, Jenkin; Penbre
  • Davies, Thomas (& wheelwright); St Mary street
  • Jones, George; St Mary st
  • Miles, John; Pendre
  • Moss, William; St Mary st
  • Rees, John; Strand
  • Rees, Owen; Bridge-end

Chymists and Druggists

  • Davies, Thomas; High st
  • Williams, William; High st


  • Davies, Benjamin; Quay st
  • Davies, William; St Mary st

Curriers and Leather Cutters

  • Esay, Benjamin; Pig market
  • Williams, Stephen; Quay st
  • Williams, William; High st

Fire etc Office Agents

  • Crown (life), Thos Davies; High st
  • Phoenix (fire), Caleb Lewis; High st
  • Protector (fire), Ts Davies; High st


  • Evans, William; St Mary st
  • Griffiths, Jonathan; St Mary st
  • Lewis, John; High st
  • Lewis, Thomas; St Mary st

Grocers and Drapers (See also Shopkeepers etc)

  • Griffiths, William; Bridge st
  • Jones, John James; High st
  • Jones, William; High st
  • Mitchell, Thomas; High st
  • Morgan, Owen; High st
  • Rees, David; High st
  • Thomas, David; High st
  • Thomas, Joshua Morgan; near the Green
  • Williams, Stephen; Quay st

Hair Dressers

  • Davies, John; High st
  • Thomas, James; High st
  • Williams, Thomas; St Mary st

Hat makers

  • Davies, Benjamin; Pendre
  • Davies, George; Pwllhay


  • Angel, William Davies; St Mary st
  • Black Lion (& posting house), Danl Nathan; High st


  • Jones, John James; High st
  • Mitchell, Thomas; High st
  • Rees, David; High st
  • Thomas, David; High st

Lime Burners

  • Davies, David; Bridge st
  • Edwards, John; Bridge st
  • Jones & Williams; Church st

Linen Drapers

  • Evans, David; High st
  • Jenkins, Morgan; High st
  • Jones, William; High st


  • Davies, Jane; Mwldan
  • Eynon, Thomas; Eben's lane
  • Matthias, John (& coroner); High st
  • Phillips, William; Cross
  • Williams, Susan; Quay st


  • Brown, Patrick; High st
  • Davies, David; Bridge st
  • Evans, John; High st
  • Harris, Richard; High st

Milliners & Dressmakrs

  • Cadwallader, Sarah; High st
  • Evans, Margaret; High st
  • Evans, Mary; High st
  • Thomas, Grace; St Mary st

Painters---House & Sign

  • Lewis, Jno (& paper hanger); High st
  • Miles, John; High st


  • Jones, W David; Penar
  • Sheriff S L; Stradmore hill


  • Morris, Jacob; High st
  • Morris, Thomas; St Mary st

Printers & Bookbinders

  • Davies, John; High st
  • Thomas, Isaac; St Mary st

Rope Makers

  • Davies, David; Bridge st
  • Griffiths, Evan; Penbre
  • Jones and Co; Penbre

Saddlers and Harness Makers

  • Lundy, Thomas; Cross
  • Pugh, John; High st
  • Rowlands, Evan; Church st

Sail Makers

  • Davies, David; Bridge st
  • Edwards, John; Bridge-end
  • Jones, Jonathan; High st

Salt merchants

  • Edwards, Thos (& corn); Bridge st
  • Jones, William; St Mary st

Ship & Boat Builders

  • Jones, John; St Mary st
  • Morgan, Evan; Mwldan

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries

  • Davies, Jemima; St Mary st
  • Edwards, Griffith; High st
  • Evans, Louisa; St Mary st
  • Finch, William; St Mary st
  • Jones, David; High st
  • Morgan, Mary; Strand
  • Owen, Mary; Penbre
  • Parry, Mary; High st
  • Williams, David; Bridge end

Spirit Dealers

  • Evans, David; High st
  • James, Margaret; Pendre
  • Williams, Frances; High st

Straw Hat Makers

  • James, Margaret; Church st
  • Thompson, Fanny; St Mary's st


  • Bevan, John Bartlett; Bridge st
  • Jones, Daniel; Bridge st
  • Noott, Thomas; Strand
  • Nugent, Thomas George; High st


  • Edwards, John (land); St Mary's st
  • Evans, John (& architect); Mwldan
  • Lloyd, Owen (land); High st


  • Edwards, David; Strand
  • Edwards, John; Mwldan
  • Evans, David; Penbre
  • Ladd, Thomas; Pwllhay
  • Rees, William; Penbre
  • Thomas, George; Market lane

Tallow Chandlers

  • Jones, John James; High st
  • Rees, David; High st


  • Mathias, David; Penbre & Verwick, near Cardigan
  • Williams, Thomas; Pant y dwr

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Albion, Maurice Davies; Quay
  • Blue Bell, George Jones; St Mary st
  • Butchers' Arms, Thos Evans; St Mary st
  • Dolphin, Elizabeth Davies; Mwldan
  • Farmer's Arms, David Richards; Market la
  • Ivy Bush, John Lloyd; High st
  • Plough, John Davies; High st
  • Red Lion, Thomas Thomas; St Mary st
  • Rose and Crown, Francis Morse; Quay st
  • Royal Oak, John Phillips; Quay st
  • Salutation Inn, Diana Owen; High st
  • Ship, Daniel Davies; High st
  • Ship-on-Launch, John Phillips; Penbre
  • Swan, Benjamin Esay; Pig market
  • Three Mariners, John Davies; High st
  • White Lion, Elizabeth Davies; High st

Watch & Clock Makers

  • Evans, Thomas; High st
  • Davies, John; St Mary st

Wine & Spirit Merchants (See also Spirit Dealers)

  • Gibbs, John; High st
  • Phillips, William (brandy); Cross
  • Windsor, Thomas; High st


  • Clark, Jonah, whitesmith and patten ring maker; St Mary st
  • Davies, John, anchor and ship smith; Eben's lane
  • Evans, Evan, governor of the gaol for the town and county of Cardigan
  • Griffiths, John, china, glass and earthenware dealer; Quay st
  • Humphreys, Edward, tinman and brazier; High st
  • Jones, David, weaver; St Mary st
  • Lewis, Caleb, bookseller & stationr; High st
  • Phillips, Evan, weaver; St Mary st
  • Williams & Jones, corn millers; Mwldan
  • Williams, David, stone mason; Mwldan

Custom House, St Mary st

  • Collector---David Powell Lucas , esq.
  • Comptroller & Landing Surveyor---Mr Thomas Lloyd


  • To Aberystwith, Lewis Morris, from the Black Lion yard, every week.
  • To Carmarthen, David Williams, from High st---Owen Paice, from the Salutation----and William Ladd, from the Market place, every Tuesday
  • To Haverfordwest, John Davies, from St Mary street, every Tuesday

Conveyance by Water

Coasting Traders

  • To Bristol, the Mary, John Griffiths, master; and the Hero, David Jones
  • To Liverpool, the Three Sisters, Evan Evans, master; and the Squirrel, John Matthews, master

Gareth Hicks  23 December 2001