Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


The information  below relating to Cardigan  with the village of St Dogmells and Neighbourhoods is extracted by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books) see their web page

This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. Any general data such as referred to in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary1833 extract, see Description of the parish of Cardigan ,  is not repeated here.

Cardigan  with the village of St Dogmells and Neighbourhoods

The population of the parish in 1831 was 2,109, and at the last census, 1841, 2,478

Post Office, High street, Cardigan, Mary Jones, Post Mistress. Letters from London and various parts arrive (from Carmarthen) every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at four. --- Letters from Pembroke, haverford West, Fishguard, Newport and Ireland arrive every morning at twenty minuts before ten, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past one.

Post, Dogmells --- Letters are forwarded to and arrive from Cardigan daily by foot post.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Bowen James Esq; Troadyrawr
  • Brigstocke, W O Esq; Blaenpant
  • Buck, Mrs ---, Parkgorse
  • Colby, Mrs ---; Rhos y gilwen
  • Colby, John Esq; Fynone
  • Danzy, Mrs ---; Noyadd
  • Davies, David Esq; Castle Green
  • Davies, Mrs John; St Mary st
  • Davis, David Arthur S Esq MP; Pentre
  • Devonald, Rev George; Boreath
  • Evans, Rev Griffith; High st
  • George, Rev John P; Park y Prett
  • Gower, Abel Anthony Esq; Kilrhue
  • Gower, Abel Lewis Esq; Castle malgwyn
  • Gower, Robert Frederick Esq; Glandovan
  • Griffith, John Esq; Llwynduris
  • Griffiths, George W Esq; Pantgewyn
  • Howell, Rev Hugh; Aberewed
  • Howell, John Esq; St Mary st
  • James, J T W Esq; Pantsaison
  • James, Rev William; High st
  • Jenkins, Captain ---; Penrallt
  • Jenkins, Griffith Esq; Pantirion
  • Jenkins, Jonathan Esq; Cilbronne
  • Jones, Miss ---; Kilwendeage
  • Jones, Mrs ---; Penlan
  • Jones, Mrs ---; Rose hill
  • Lewis, Thomas Esq; Clynfew
  • Lewis, William Henry Esq; Clynvieu
  • Lloyd, Thomas Esq; Coedmore
  • Morris, Thomas Esq; Trevigin
  • Parry, Mrs Admiral; Trevorgan
  • Parry, Captain William Henry Webley; Noyadd
  • Phillips, Major --- RM; Penalltrhiny
  • Pritchard, Chas Arthur Esq; Tyllwyd
  • Thomas, Rev Griffith; Church yard
  • Thomas, John Esq; Close Llechryd
  • Vaughan, Lieutenant Colonl Herbert; Llangoedmore place
  • Vincent, Rev Henry James; St Dogmells
  • Wagner, T P Esq; Manereified

Academies and Schools

  • Charles, Jane; Bridge end
  • Charles, Thomas; Bridge end
  • Evans, David; St Dogmells
  • Forrester, James; Pwllhay
  • Free Grammar School, Pendre --- Thomas Morgan, master
  • Jones, Lewis; St Mary st
  • Jones, Richard; St Dogmells
  • Lundy, James; St Dogmells
  • M'Cord, John; Pendre
  • National School, Bridge st --- Thomas Lewis, master
  • National School (Girls), Pendre --- Margaret Jones, Mistress
  • National School, St Dogmells --- David Lewis, master
  • Noott, the Misses; Strand
  • Thomas, Joshua; Castle st
  • Wagner, Ann; St Mary st


(See also Fire, &c Office Agents)

  • Davies, David (for Lloyd's); Bridge end
  • Jenkins, John (land); Tymawr

Anchor & Chain Cable Manufacturers

  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Lloyd, Davies & Myers; St Mary st


  • Amlot, William; St Mary st
  • Charles, Thomas; High st
  • Evans & Morgan; St Mary st
  • George, Thomas; Quay st
  • Jenkins, Richard David; High st
  • Lloyd & Davies; St Mary st

Bakers and Confectioners

  • Lewis, Thomas; Pendre
  • Thomas, Catherine; St Mary st
  • Voyle, Mary; Pendre
  • Williams, Ann; St Mary st


  • North & South Wales Bank, High st ---(draws on the London and Westminster Bank) --- William Phillips, manager
  • Wilkins & Co, High st --- (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co, London)


  • Davies, John; Pendre
  • Davies, Thomas; Pontyclifon
  • James, David; Mwldan
  • James, John; Bridge st
  • Jenkins, John; Strand
  • Jones, David; Bridge st
  • Rees, David; St Dogmells
  • Rees, John; St Dogmells
  • Rees, William; St Dogmells
  • Williams, David; Quay st

Block Makers

  • Evans, David; St Dogmells
  • Griffiths, Eli; St Dogmells
  • Rees, Rees; Mwldan
  • Williams, Edward; Mwldan

Booksellers & Stationrs

  • Lewis, Caleb; High st
  • Thomas, Isaac (& printer); St Mary st

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Charles, William; St Mary st
  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Davies, John; Pendre
  • Davies, William; Bridge end
  • Evans, Thomas; Pendre
  • Jones, Benjamin; Pendre
  • Jones, Jonathan; Pendre
  • Parry, Evan; Mwldan
  • Phillips, John; Bridge end
  • Phillips, William; Mwldan
  • Powls?, John; Mwldan
  • Thomas, James; St Dogmells
  • Thomas, James; St Mary st
  • Thomas, John; St Mary st

Braziers & Tin-Plate Workers

  • Humphreys, Abednego; Pendre
  • Jones, Erasmus; Bridge st
  • Lloyd & Davies; St Mary st


  • Mathias, Morris; Pwllhay
  • Thomas, Mary; Pendre
  • Wilcox, Matthew; Market lane

Cabinet Makers

  • Havard, John; Pendre
  • James, Simon; Bridge st
  • James, Simon; Bridge end
  • Rosser, James; Pendre

Carpenters & Joiners

  • Davies, John; Pendre
  • James, David; St Dogmells
  • Jones, David; Bridge end
  • Joseph, John; Pendre
  • Ladd, John; Pwllhay
  • Lloyd, Thomas; St Dogmells
  • Mells, John; Pendre
  • Rees, Owen; Bridge end
  • Richards, Thomas; St Dogmells
  • Thomas, David; Market lane
  • Thomas, Evan; Mwldan
  • Watkins, Thomas; Bridge end

China, Glass &c Dealers

  • Davies, Hannah; Pendre
  • Davies, William; Quay st
  • Phillips, Francis; St Dogmells
  • Williams, Charlotte; Bridge st

Chymists & Druggists

  • Evans, James Seaborn; High st
  • Jones, John (& oil & colourman and seedsman); High st
  • Williams, William; High st

Coal & Culm Merchants

  • Evans, Samuel Jones; Mwldan
  • Davies, Elizabeth; Mwldan
  • Davies, Henry; Quay st
  • Evans, John; Quay st
  • James, Owen; Quay
  • Morgan, Ann; Mwldan st
  • Morse, Frances; Quay st
  • Phillips, John; Quay st
  • Tenby & Begelly Colliery Co; Quay


  • Davies, Benjamin; Quay st
  • Davies, John; Quay st

Corn Merchants

  • Brown, Patrick; Arthur's quay
  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Edwards, Thomas; Bridge st
  • Edwards, Thomas jun; Bridge end
  • Evans, Samuel Jones; Mwldan

Curriers & Leather Cutters

  • Watkins, Enoch; Bridge st
  • Williams, Mary; Pendre
  • Williams, Stephan; Quay st

Fire &c Office Agents

  • Britannia (life), Ths Charles; High st
  • British Commercial (life), Thos Davies; St Mary st
  • Clerical, Medical & General (life), Patrick Brown; Arthur's quay
  • Crown (life), Wm Amlot; St Mary st
  • Farmers' and General, Richard David Jenkins; High street
  • Law (life), Oliver Lloyd; St Mary st
  • Phoenix (fire), Caleb Lewis; High st
  • Star (life); David James; St Mary st
  • Universal (life), Oliver Lloyd; St Mary st
  • Yorkshire, James S Evans; High st

Flour Merchants

  • Edwards, Thomas jun; Bridge end
  • Jones, John James; Bridge st
  • Rees, David; High st
  • Thomas, Isaac; St Mary st

Gardeners and Seedsmen

  • Jenkins, Abraham; Mwldan
  • Thomas, John; St Dogmells

Grocers & Tea Dealers

(See also Shopkeepers, &c)

  • Davies, William; Quay st
  • James, David (tea dealer); Quay st
  • Jones, John James; Bridge st
  • Lewis, Caleb (tea dealer); High st
  • Phillips, John; Bridge st
  • Rees, David (& tallow chandlr); High st
  • Thomas, David; Pendre
  • Thomas, Isaac; St Mary st
  • Williams, Charlotte; Bridge st
  • Williams, David; Bridge end

Hair Dressers

  • Davies, John; High st
  • Thomas, James; High st
  • Williams, Thomas; St Mary st

Hat Makers

  • Davies, George; St Mary st
  • Davies, Thomas; Catherine row
  • Jones, Evan; Pendre

Inns & Posting Houses

(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Angel Inn, David James; St Mary st
  • Black Lion Inn, John Jones; High st

Iron Founders

  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Lloyd, Davies & Myers; St Mary st

Iron Merchant

  • Evans, Samuel Jones; Mwldan


  • Evans, Samuel Jones (and dealer in farming implements); Mwldan
  • Jones, John James; Bridge st
  • Lloyd & Davies; St Mary st
  • Rees, David; High st
  • Thomas, David; Pendre

Lime Burners

  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Edwards, Thomas; Bridge st

Linen Drapers

  • Griffiths, Thomas; St Mary st
  • Jenkins, Morgan; High st
  • Jones, William; High st
  • Phillips, Levi; High st
  • Williams, David; Bridge end
  • Williams, David; High st
  • Williams, Thomas; Bridge st


  • Edwards, James; Bridge st
  • Eynon, Thomas; Mwldan
  • Hasselby, John; Bridge st
  • Phillips, William; High st
  • Rees, David; High st

Marine Store Dealers

  • Jones, Evan; Pendre
  • Murphy, James; Pendre


  • Brown, Patrick; Arthur's quay
  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Edwards, Thomas; Bridge st
  • Edwards, Thomas jun; Bridge end
  • Evans, Samuel Jones; Mwldan


  • Jenkins, David; Mwldan
  • Richards, John; St Dogmells

Milliners & Dress Makers

  • Lewis, Ann Elizbth & Mary; High st
  • Thomas, Grace & Jane; St Mary st

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers

  • Beynon, John; St Mary st
  • Davies, William; Pwllhey
  • Griffiths, Esther; St Mary st
  • Jones, Erasmus; Bridge st
  • Miles, John; Pendre
  • Thomas, David; Market lane


  • Morris, Jacob; Pendre
  • Morris, Stephen; Pendre
  • Williams, Benjamin; St Dogmells

Rope Makers

  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Edwards, Thomas jun; Bridge end
  • Humphreys, William; Catherine row
  • Jones, Thomas; Quay st

Saddlers & Harness Makers

  • Griffiths, Thomas; Bridge st
  • Jones, David; High st
  • Ladd, Richard; Quay st
  • Matthews, Rice G; Church st
  • Rowlands, Benjamin; St Mary st

Sail Makers

  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Edwards, Thomas jun; Bridge end
  • Jones, Mary; High st

Salt Merchants

  • Edwards, Thomas; Bridge end
  • Jones, Williams; St Mary st
  • Rees, David; High st

Ship & Boat Builders

  • Evans, John; St Dogmells
  • Griffiths, David; Netpool
  • James, James; Mwldan
  • Jones, William; Netpool
  • Owen, David; Netpool
  • Williams, John; Mwldan

Shopkeepers & Dealrs in Groceries & Sundries

  • Charles, William; St Mary st
  • Davies, Ann; Quay st
  • Davies, Mary; St Dogmells
  • Davies, Thomas; St Dogmells
  • Davies, William; St Mary st
  • Edwards, Mary; Pendre
  • Herring, Elizabeth; St Mary st
  • Lewis, Rachael; St Dogmells
  • Owen, David; Pendre
  • Owen, Thomas; St Dogmells
  • Thomas, Ann; Mwldan
  • Thomas, David; St Mary st

Spirit Dealers

  • Jones, Thomas; High st
  • M'Cord, John (& wine); St Mary st
  • Makeig, Matilda & Ellen (and wine); High st

Stone Masons

  • Davies, Enoch; St Dogmells
  • Jenkins, Benjamin; Mwldan
  • Jenkins, William; High st
  • Jenkins, William; Catherine row
  • Williams, William; St Dogmells

Straw Hat Makers

  • Evans, Jane; St Mary st
  • Jones, Ann & Louisa; High st


  • Bevan, Charles; St Dogmells
  • Bevan, John Bartlett (and sub-distributer of stamps); Pendre
  • Evans, John; Castle st
  • Noott, Thomas; Strand
  • Noott, William Lane; High st
  • Nugent, Thomas George; Pendre


  • Davies, Lewis (to Lloyd's); High st
  • Lloyd, Owen (land); High st


  • Bowen, Joseph; New st
  • Edwards, John; Mwldan
  • Evans, John; Mwldan
  • Griffiths, Daniel; Strand lane
  • Griffiths, Griffith; Quay st
  • Jenkins, Thomas; St Dogmells
  • Jones, Daniel; St Mary st
  • Ladd, Thomas; Pool bay
  • Lewis, William Thomas (and draper); High st
  • Rees, William; Pendre
  • Thomas, George; St Mary st
  • Williams, David; St Dogmells

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Ancient Briton, Simon James; Bridge st
  • Angel, Ann George; St Dogmells
  • Black Lion, John Jones; High st
  • Blue Anchor; William Morgan; Mwldan
  • Blue Bell, Jane Jones; St Mary st
  • Bridge End, Margt Sanderbrook; Bridge end
  • Butcher's Arms, John Morris; Market lane
  • Cardigan Arms, David Thomas; Mwldan
  • Carpenter's Arms, Dav. Thomas; Market la
  • Castle, Elias Evan; Castle st
  • Castle, Richard Harris; Bridge end
  • Castle, James Thomas; High st
  • Coach and Horses, Morris Davies; Rhydyfuwch
  • Commercial, Henry Davies; Quay st
  • Cooper's Arms, Eliz Williams; Bridge end
  • Corner House, John Thomas; St Dogmells
  • Cross Keys, William Davies; Pwllhey
  • Crown, John Davies; Quay st
  • Crown and Anchor, David Owen; St Dogmells
  • Davies' Inn, Lewis Davies; Bridge st
  • Drawbridge, Catherine Owen; Mwldan
  • Eagle, Jane Davies; Pendre
  • Eagle, John Mathias; Bridge end
  • Farmers' Arms, David Evans; Catherine row
  • Farmer's Arms, Evan Jenkins; Bridge end
  • Farmers' Arms, John Mathias; Pendre
  • Ferry House, David Rees; St Dogmells
  • Fishguard Arms; David Jones; Bridge end
  • Fountain, Elizabeth James; St Dogmells
  • Gomer, David Jones; Market lane
  • Greyhound, William Evans; St Mary st
  • Half Moon, Margaret Griffiths; Castle st
  • Hope and Anchor, James Jones; Pendre
  • Hope and Anchor, Jas Owen; Bridge end
  • Ivy Bush, Owen Lloyd; High st
  • Joiner's Arms, Simon James; Bridge end
  • Jolly Sailor, Thomas Davies; St Mary st
  • King's Arms, Ann Thomas; High st
  • King's Head, George Lloyd; St Dogmells
  • Mason's Arms, Wm Jenkins; Catherine row
  • Pelican, John Matthews; Bridge end
  • Pelican, William Jenkins; High st
  • Plough, John Davies; Pendre
  • Prince of Wales, Joseph James; Pendre
  • Queen's Head, Catherine Howells; Pendre
  • Red Cow, Joseph Rees; High st
  • Red Lion, Thomas Thomas; St Mary st
  • Rose and Crown, Frances Morse; Quay st
  • Royal Oak, John Phillips; Quay st
  • Sailor's Arms, Richard Jones; St Dogmells
  • Sailor's Return, Eliz Evans; St Dogmells
  • Salutation, Diana Owen; Pendre
  • Ship, David Davies; Pendre
  • Ship, Ann Richards; St Dogmells
  • Ship & Castle, Esther Griffiths; St Mary st
  • Shipwright's Arms, Wm Jones; Bridge end
  • Three Mariners, Louisa Davies; High st
  • Tivy Side, Thomas Thomas; Bridge end
  • Towyn Arms, Hannah Jones; Mwldan
  • Victoria, Mary Davies; Catherine row
  • Webley Arms, David Davies; St Dogmells
  • White Hart, David Roberts; St Mary st
  • White Horse, James Jones; Lion lane
  • White Lion, Louisa Davies; High st

Timber Merchants

  • Brown, Patrick; Arthur's Quay
  • Davies, David; Bridge end
  • Evans, Samuel Jones; Mwldan

Watch & Clock Makers

  • Davies, John; St Mary st
  • Davies, William Ayeleway; High st
  • Evans, Thomas; High st
  • Jenkins, Daniel; High st
  • Matthews, John Turner; Pendre


  • Jenkins, James; Mwldan
  • Jones, David; Church st
  • Jones, Thomas; Bridge end


  • Barnashone, Peter, fancy bazaar; St Mary st
  • Clark, Jonas, whitesmith/clog maker, &c; Catherine row
  • Davies, John & Henry, butter merchants; Mwldan
  • Edwards, David, tanner; Mwldan
  • Edwards, James, ship chandler; Bridge st
  • Gaol (for the town and county); Pendre---Evan Evans, governor
  • George, David, wheelwright; Mwldan
  • Murphy, James, hardware dealer; Pendre
  • Partridge, John Gregory, coach maker; Bridge end
  • Roberts, David, auctioneer; St Mary st
  • Thomas, Thomas, clothes dealer; Mwldan
  • Williams, Thomas, tanner; Verwick

Custom House, St Mary st

  • Collector --- David Powell Lucas
  • Comptroller --- Thomas Lloyd
  • Tide Waiters --- Isaac Mathias and James Lloyd

Union Workhouse, Cardigan

  • Clerk to the Board of Guardians --- Caleb Lewis
  • Master --- Thomas Lundy; Matron --- Mary Lundy
  • Relieving Officers --- John Griffiths, Silvanus Jones and Jacob Hughes

Registrars of Births, Marriages and Deaths

  • Superintendent --- Caleb Lewis
  • Registrar of Marriages --- John Williams
  • Of Births and Deaths --- Rev Geo Devonald, Boreath and Thomas Langdon; St Mary st

Coaches &c

  • To London, the Royal Mail, from the Angel, every afternoon at four; goes through Newcastle, Carmarthen, Llandovery, Brecon, Crickhowell, Abergavenny, Ragland, Monmouth, Ross, Gloucester, &c
  • To Carmarthen, by the London Mail
  • To Haverfordwest, an Omnibus (for passengers and goods), from the Angel, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  • To Carmarthen, David Davies, from Pendre, every Wednesday
  • To Haverfordwest, John Thomas, from Pwllhey, and Henry Hampson, from the Red Lion, Tuesday and Friday.
  • To Newcastle-in-Emlyn, by the Carmarthen carriers
  • To Newport and Fishguard, James Thomas, from the King's Arms, every Saturday
  • To Merthyr Tydfil, D Thomas, from his house, once a fortnight

Conveyance by Water

  • To Bristol, the Sarah, David Timothy, master, and the Tivy Lass, Thomas Thomas, master, once a fortnight
  • To Liverpool, the Ruth, John Bowen, master, monthly ---William Humphreys, clerk, Quay

(Gareth Hicks)