Cyfrol o Bregethau


Parch. W. Evans 1st Edition. Aberayron 1893.

D.D.Williams, Bookbinder, Merthyr Tydfil

This is the list of subscribers from the book - extracted by Timothy Davies (Dec 2004)

The lists are in approximate place name alphabetical order as far as Cardiganshire is concerned although  some sections cover more than one place.
Then there are sections for Liverpool, London, Barry and Other Places.

RHESTR O'R TANYSGRIFWYR (List of Subscribers)

(pp 416-436 (although there appears to have been a page numbering error as there are no pages 422-425)


SIR  ABETERTEIFI (Cardiganshire)



DAVIES, A., Lon, Neuaddlwyd

DAVIES, Anne, Feather's Hotel

DAVIES, Anne, Penlanogle

DAVIES, Captain Daniel, 5, Oxford Street

DAVIES, Captain, The Thomas

DAVIES, D. M., Wigwen

DAVIES, D., Peniel Lane

DAVIES, D., Penpark

DAVIES, David, New Inn

DAVIES, David, Tabernacle Street

DAVIES, E., Smith, Aberarth

DAVIES, Eleanor, Dolheulog

DAVIES, Evan Elias, Victoria Street

DAVIES, Evan, 5, Oxford Street

DAVIES, Evan, Ship-on-Launch

DAVIES, Isaac, 9, Alban Square

DAVIES, J., Albert Street.

DAVIES, James Owen, New Inn

DAVIES, James, Ddolwen

DAVIES, John, Albert Street

DAVIES, John, Lon Tyglyn

DAVIES, John, Tyglyn

DAVIES, Lewis, 6, Cadwgan Place

DAVIES, Lewis, Cwmbach

DAVIES, M. J., Manor Hall

DAVIES, Margaret, Water Street

DAVIES, Mary, Cwm Uchaf

DAVIES, Mary, Feather's Hotel

DAVIES, Mary, Ffosyffin Cross

DAVIES, Mary, Wine Vaults

DAVIES, Sarah, Cefnwig

DAVIES, Thomas, Castell

DAVIES, W.J.,Ciliau P.O.

DAVIES. John, Cwmbach

EDWARDS, Elizabeth, Peniel Lane

ENOCH, Job, Pistyll Gwyn

ENOCH, Thomas, Wern Mill

EVANS, Captain D., Vanguard

EVANS, Captain E., Water Street  

EVANS, Captain J., Clifton House

EVANS, D., Quay Parade

EVANS, E., 2, Regent Street

EVANS, Elizabeth, Tanywinllan

EVANS, Ellen, Bridge Street

EVANS, Evan, Oxford Street

EVANS, Francis, Merchant

EVANS, G., Grocer, Alma House

EVANS, J. T., Bristol House

EVANS, John, Cefnwig

EVANS, John, Neuadd Ddu

EVANS, Margaret, Mason's Row

EVANS, Mary, Wigddu

EVANS, W. Lanayron Cottage

GRIFFITHS, David. Victoria Street

GRIFFITHS, Josiah, Morriston

GRIFFITHS, Thomas, Wigwen

HARRIES, D., Llyswen Mill

HERBERT, E., Alban Square

JAMES, Daniel, Cwm

JAMES, Elizabeth, Quay Parade

JAMES, Evan, Pendrynbach

JAMES, Hannah, Tabernacle Street (2 gopi)

JAMES, M. A., Regent Street

JAMES, Morgan, Neuaddlwyd

JAMES, Rice, Water Street

JAMES, Watkin, Peniel Lane

JENKINS, Hannah, Neuaddlwyd

JENKINS, Mary, Ty'nycoed

JENKINS, Rees, Blaenpant

JONES, Anne, Princess Street

JONES, Barbara, Alltygraig

JONES, Captain D., Mason's Row

JONES, Captain D., Penybont

JONES, Captain Evan, Victoria Street

JONES, Captain G., North Road

JONES, Captain L., 29, Alban Square

JONES, Captain L., Belle Vue Terrace

JONES, Captain R., Belle Vue Terrace

JONES, Captain, 17, Alban Square

JONES, Captain, 5, North Road

JONES, D. E., Oronza

JONES, D., 4, Darkgate Street

JONES, D., College

JONES, D., Mason's Row

JONES, D., Parklluest

JONES, David (Junior), Bryn Farm

JONES, David, Dolheulog

JONES, David, Troedyrhiw

JONES, Dr. J. A., Bridge Street (4 copi)

JONES, E. T., 33, Alban Square

JONES, E., Water Street

JONES, Elias, Carrier

JONES, Evan, Feathers' Hotel (4 copi)

JONES, Evan, Troedyrhiw

JONES, G. G., B.A., The Grammar School

JONES, Gwen, Portland Place (2 gopi)

JONES, Hannah, Pontbrenmydyr

JONES, Hugh, Lonlwyd

JONES, J. G., 33, Alban Square

JONES, J., 33, Alban Square

JONES, J., 6, Mason's Row

JONES, James, Alltygraig

JONES, John Humphrey, Rock Terrace

JONES, John, Hendreforant

JONES, M. C., Glynaeron

JONES, M. J, Victoria Street


JONES, Mary, Dolphin Place

JONES, Owen J., Mason's Row

JONES, R., 5, Mason's Row

JONES, T., 6, Northampton Place, Abertawe

JONES, T., Pendrynbach

JONES, Thomas R., 29, Alban Square

JONES, W. J., Oronza

JONES, William, Penyryrfa

JONES, William, Victoria Street

LEWIS, D., Park View

LEWIS, D., Troedyrhiw

LEWIS, David, Clogfryn

LEWIS, E. J, Frondeg

LEWIS, Evan, Tabernacle Street

LEWIS, J. Lloyd, Chemist, Bridge Street

LEWIS, John, 34, Alban Square

LEWIS, John, Lonlwyd

LEWIS, Lewis, Wellington Street

LEWIS, Mary, Carnbrian House

LEWIS, Timothy, Lon

LLEWELLYN, John, Grocer, North Road

LLOYD, Ellen, N. F. Terrace

LLOYD, J, H., Huntington School

LLOYD, J. D., Stonecutter, Panteg

LLOYD, J., Newfoundland Terrace

LLOYD, John, Neuaddlwyd

LLOYD, Margaret, Newfoundland Terrace

LOYN, Evan, Star of Wales

MORGAN, Captain, Vulcan Place

MORGANS, Captain D., Penlan House

MORGANS, Hannah, Tabernacle Street

OWEN, Captain, Alban Square

PARRY, John, Albert Street

PHILLIPS, Anne, Llysaeron

PRICE, D., Lluest

PRICE, Morgan, Brown's Well

PUGH, Mary, North Road

REES, E., Mason's Row

REES, Elizabeth, Albert Street

REES, Evan, Albert Street

REES, John, Glasgow House.

REES, John, Smith, 15, Albert Street

REES, Joseph, 7, Paddock Street, Llanelli

REES, Thomas, 15, Albert Street

THOMAS, Captain Abraham, Penlan House

THOMAS, Captain D., Vulcan Place

THOMAS, D. Royal Oak

THOMAS, D., Water Street

THOMAS, Elizabeth, Penbanc

THOMAS, Grace, Penlan House

THOMAS, John, Pendryn

THOMAS, John, Penlan House

THOMAS, Mary A., Belle Vue Terrace

THOMAS, Mary, Manhatan Villa

THOMAS, T., Clydach Vale

THOMAS, Thomas, Penlan House

THOMAS. M., London House

WATKINS, J., Oxford Street

WILLIAMS, Captain J., North Road

WILLIAMS, D., Pontbrenmydyr

WILLIAMS, James (C.M.), -British School

WILLIAMS, John, Alban Square

WILLIAMS, Kate, Queen Street

WILLIAMS, Sarah, Tabernacle Street

WILLIAMS, W. P., 2, North Victoria Street

WILLIAMS, W., Penalltlwyd




DAVIES, Captain D., 3, Queen Street

DAVIES, Captain, D., North Road

EVANS, Captain, Milford House

EVANS, Griffith, The Union


HOWELL, J. M., Market Street

JENKINS, Lewis, North Road

JONES J. S., N. P. Bank

JONES, Captain D., 20, Tabernacle Street

JONES, Captain D., 3, North Road

JONES, Captain D., s.s. Hamboro'

JONES, Captain W., 4, Regent Street

JONES, E., Ripon House

JONES, Evan, 5 Regent Street

JONES, H., Pengarreg

JONES, J. H., Castle House

JONES, J., 5, Regent Street

JONES, Peter, Portland Place

LLOYD, Captain W. Jones, Jack Arms

MORRIS, E., Wellington Street

REES, M., Monachty Villa

WILLIAMS, Captain J., Bridge End House

WILLIAMS, Captain T., 3, Wellington Street

WILLIAMS, D., 14, Market Street


  • MORGANS, D. (W.)


  • EVANS, Jane, 8, Tabernacle Street
  • JONES, Mary Ann, Prince of Wales




DAVIES, J., London House

DAVIES, John, Ynys House

DAVIES, Thomas, Compton House

EDWARDS, W. O. E., B.D., Vicar

HUGHES, D. G.M., N. P. Bank

JAMES, John, Angel House

JONES, B. C., Alban Square

JONES, John, Bookseller

ROBERTS, L. J, B.A., North Road



  • DAVIES, D. W., Curate
  • DAVIES, Dr., Tanyfron Villa
  • EVANS, W., Vicar
  • JONES, Mary, 10, Mason's Row
  • PUGH, Thomas, Paris House



DAVIES, Henry, High Street

DAVIES, John, Chalybeate Terrace

DAVIES, William, Vaynor Street

EVANS, -, Railway Terrace

EVANS, John, Laura Place (2 gopi)

EVANS, John, Solicitor, Alfred Place

HUGHES, Anne, Bridge Street

JONES, D., Church Street

JONES, E Penllyn, M.A., B.D., (M.C.), U.C.W.

JONES, James, Tyllwyd

LEWIS, Margaret, Portland Street

LEWIS, Prof D. M., M.A., U.C.W.



PENRY, T. A., The Manse

THOMAS, M., Llysteg




CHARLES, D., Capel Mair Cottage

DANIEL, -, Bingham House

DAVIES, D., Saddler, Pendref

EVANS, L., J.P., Chemist

EVANS, O. Beynon, Pendref

JAMES, J., Gwalia House

JAMES, J., Strand

JAMES, Levi, J.P, Ironmonger

JENKINS, T. 27, St. Mary Street

MORRIS, D., Priory Terrace


OWEN, S., St. Mary Street

REES, W., Grocer, High Street

THOMAS, John, Napier Street




DAVIES, Captain J., James' Place

DAVIES, S. E, (C.M.) British School

EVANS, Captain J, Dewi Villa

JENKINS, Captain D., Alicia House

JENKINS, Captain D., James' Place

JONES, Captain D., Ddol House

JONES, Captain T., Clifton Place

JONES, M., Union Farm

PUGH, Rowland, Factory



DAVIES, D. Dalis

DAVIES, James, Fronlas

EVANS, John, Blaengwrog

EVANS, Owen, Penyfai

HARRIES, Captain, Cwmporthmon

JONES, -, Blaenffynon

JONES, Evan, Bryngwyn

MORRIS, -, Draper, Blaenllebi

MORRIS, -, Tresaeth

THOMAS, G.M.,Pantyrodyn


  • DAVIES, J., Tynant
  • JAMES, S. J., Ffosfudr
  • JENKINS, R., Winllan






GRIFFITHS, M. and S., Cnwcylili

GRIFFITHS, M., Margaret Street

JONES, Captain T., High Terrace

JONES, David, Hengell

JONES, E., Harbour View

JONES, John, Traethgwyn

OWEN, O Roger

THOMAS, James, Rock Street



DAVIES, D. Cadfwlch

EVANS, W. L., Gwrthwynt

JONES, D. (C.M.), Alma House

JONES, D. A., Ty'rbach

JONES, J., Ty'rbach

REES, E., Glanfaen

WILLIAMS, James, The Shop, Dihewyd (2 gopi)



  • DAVIES, E. Lloyd, Spring Bank
  • EMLYN.
  • EVANS, D.



  • EVANS, John, Erwau
  • JONES, Henry
  • JONES, T. F., Troedybryn
  • WILLIAMS, D., Llwynyfedwen



  • DAVIES, John



  • EVANS, H., Llwynderw
  • JONES, D.
  • JONES, T. Lloyd, Carmarthen College



  • DAVIES, D., Ffynonlas
  • DAVIES, D., Wernfach
  • JONES, J. J., B.A.
  • JONES, James, Nantgwylan
  • LLOYD, Dr.




DAVIES, Daniel, Blaenffin



JONES, -, Penar-uchaf

JONES, D. S., Llwyngrawys

JONES, Thomas, Cilfawyr


WILLIAMS, -, Trefere




  • DAVIES, William, Olmarch Cottage
  • EVANS, John, Post Office
  • THOMAS, Thomas



  • JONES, M., Parcyllyn
  • PARRY, Griffith



  • DAVIES, -, Drover's Road
  • EVANS, Alderman J. W., Medical Hall
  • EVANS, Evan
  • JONES, - Blaenplwyf
  • REES, George, Glandulas
  • RICHARDS, Timothy, Arfryn
  • THOMAS, E. Walter, Stafford House



DAVIES, Evan, Ceibach, Gilfachryda

EVANS, -, Cwmneuadd, Gilfachryda

EVANS, David, Ddoldeg, Gilfachryda

EVANS, Evan, Graigfylltig

EVANS, Thomas, Llanina

JONES, Captain, Onna Villa

JONES, J. C., Draper (4 copi)

LEWIS, W., Magellan House, Gilfachryda

OLIVER, Ebenezer, Factory


PUGH, John, Nantygwrdy

REES, Captain T., Beechwood

THOMAS, A., Draper, Brecon

THOMAS, Captain, Cambria

THOMAS, Captain, Garth Villa

THOMAS, E., Bwlchcefn

WILLIAMS, Captain D., Thomas and Sons, Gilfachryda

WILLIAMS, D., Hengell  





DAVIES, L., Portland Street

EVANS, E., Ty'nycoed

JENKINS, Captain, Millet Park

JONES, E. M. (Blaengarw)

LLOYD, A., Adsolwen

REES, Captain, Llain

REES, Evan (Borough, Llundain)

ROWLANDS, J. R., Pantanamlwg



DAVIES, B., Blaenythan

DAVIES, D., Tower Hill

DAVIES, Dr. Enoch, Brynteifi

DAVIES, Elias, Fforest Newydd

DAVIES, John, Maesllyn

DAVIES, Ll. S., Williamstown

EVANS, -, Siop


GRIFFITHS, J., Birdlip

JAMES, Thomas, M.A. (C.M.)

JONES, Ben., Draper

JONES, Daniel, Penrhiw

LEWIS, J., Pontwelly

PHILLIPS, T. Pennant

REES, -, Bercoed



DAVIES, Elias, Penybont

DAVIES, John, Office

DAVIES, Mary, Talbryn

EVANS, David, Cilfforch House

EVANS, David, View Point

EVANS, E., Albion House

EVANS, Griffith, Blaencilcert

EVANS, Isaac

EVANS, J. (Granellian)

EVANS, James, Esgerwenfawr

EVANS, John, Caeithin

EVANS, John, Cware

EVANS, Lewis, Castellygeifr

EVANS, Mary, Bont

EVANS, Morgan, J.P., Oakford

EVANS, Thomas, Ffosyffin

EVANS, Thomas, Melin Neuadd

GRIFFITHS, Mary Anne, Glanyrafon

HERBERT, D. R., Oakford

HERBERT, John, Oakford

JONES, Benjamin, Rhydfach


JONES, Evan, Rhosmount

JONES, Jenkin, Ffosdeicyn

JONES, Margaret, Ffyllonganol

JONES, Samuel, Ysgolfeistr

JONES, Thomas, Cwm-mawr

JONES, Thomas, Pentrefelin

LEWIS, -, Glendower

LEWIS, Daniel, Ty'rysgol

LEWIS, John James, Glendower

LLOYD, John, Ffosyffin

OLIVER, Elizabeth

STEPHENS, Thomas, Llwyncelyn

THOMAS, D., Arfryn Villa

THOMAS, Griffith, Tanydderwen

THOMAS, T., Penbanc

THOMAS, W. L., Panteryrod


  • DAVIES, Captain Lewis, Cross Castle
  • EVANS, D., Pant-teg
  • JONES, Jenkin, Penperthi
  • MORRIS, John, Drefach
  • THOMAS, S. J., Cross Inn



  • DAVIES, T. R., Brown Hill



  • WILLIAMS, D. (8 copi)



  • JONES, J. R.
  • THOMAS, J. Henner, Llanybyther



  • JONES, R. E.
  • JONES, Edward, Elgar



  • DAVIES, B. Carolan
  • JENKINS, D., (C.M.), Llanfair
  • JONES, -, Hendrelas
  • JONES, -, Temple Bar
  • JONES, Captain, Castle Green
  • JONES, Thomas, Cwmcafan
  • JONES, Thomas, Dolfridi
  • PHILLIPS, B., Temple Bar



  • DAVIES, D., Llety
  • EVANS, J. Hope
  • Evans, T., Cefncwrt
  • JONES, Captain, E., St. David's Villa





ASKIN, T., Oakfield (2 copi)

DAVIES, R., Claribel Street

DENMAN, H., 59, Cedar Grove

HUGHES, H. M., 127, Canning Street

JAMES, E., 7, Gannock Street

JAMES, J., 11, Gannock Street

JONES, D., Dunluce Street

JONES, Henry, Woodville Terrace

LLOYD, -, Overton Street

LLOYD, Silvanus, Breck Road

MORGAN, E., 189, Edge Lane

MORRIS, D., 34, Heyworth Street

MORRIS, J., Brownlow Hill

OWEN, T., Richmond Terrace

ROBERTS, D., Queen's Road

THOMAS, Daniel, Grey Rock Street

THOMAS, David, 1, Wrayburn Street

THOMAS, David, 34, Heyworth Street (2 copi)

THOMAS, J., 9, Gannock Street

THOMAS, J., Bradfield Street

THOMAS, John, Brickfield Road

THOMAS, W., Everton Road

WILLIAMS, L., Gannock Street

WILLIAMS, L., Whitfield Road

WILLIAMS, R., Queen's Road





DAVIES, D., Central Street

DAVIES, Hannah, 13, Percy Circus

DAVIES, Samuel, Roman Road, Barnsbury

DAVIES, T., 185, Marlborough Road

DAVIES, William, Union Square, Borough

EDWARDS, A. C., Buckingham Palace Road

EVANS, D., Camden Passage, Islington

EVANS, Owen, D.D., King's Cross

EVANS, Stephen, Lonsdale Chambers

JONES, -, New North Road

JONES, -, Upper Ashby Street

JONES, -.5, Leigh Street

JONES, D. C., Borough

JONES, Griffith, Bethnal Green

JONES, Robert, M.D., Earlswood Asylum, Red Hill, Surrey

LEWIS, -, New North Road

LEWIS, David, 18, Dunlace Road, Clapton

MATTHIAS, -, Cross Street, Hatton Garden

PIERCE, -, 13, Bury Street, Bloomsbury

PUGH, -, Gower Place

REES, B., 3, Carthusian Street

THOMAS, D., 11, Finsbury Street, Finsbury Square

THOMAS, Owen, M.A., Dalston

WILLIAMS, -, Allen Road

WILLIAMS, John, M.D., Physician to the Royal Family

WILLIAMS, W., 3, Devonshire Street




DAVIES, T., Grocer

EVANS, D., High Street

EVANS, E. O., Ironmonger

HAMER, D., Newland Street

HAMER, J. (junior), Newland Street

HAMER, J., Newland Street

JONES, D. lestyn, Grocer

WALTERS, T., High Street



ADAMS, D., B.A., Bethesda

BOWEN, W., Marton-in-Cherbury, Salop

CHARLES, J., Denbigh

CHARLES, W., Draper, Tredegar

DAVIES, D. Glanant, Castellnedd

DAVIES, D. M., Talgarth, Brycheiniog

DAVIES, D. S., Caerfyrddin

DAVIES, E. H., Llanon, Llanelli

DAVIES, H. A., Cwmaman

DAVIES, J. M., Ty'rhos, Cilgeran

DAVIES, J. Ossian, Bournemouth

DAVIES, P., Pant-teg, Caerfyrddin

DAVIES, T. Eynon, Glasgow

DAVIES, T., Claremont College, Bournemouth

DAVIES, T., D.D., Llanelli

DAVIES, W. C., Llantrisant

DAVIES, W. Jansen, Cleckheaton

DAVIES, W. S., Llwydcoed, Aberdare

DAVIES, W. V., Moelfro, Mon

DAVIES, W., Llandilo

DAWKINS, M. G., Birchgrove

EDWARDS, T. Cynonfardd, D.D., Caerdydd

EVANS, B, Lloyd Street, Llanelli

EVANS, D., Heol Awst, Caerfyrddin

EVANS, Dr., Pagefield House, Abertawe

EVANS, J, 9, Chapel Street, Tredegar

EVANS, J. (C M.), Abermeurig

EVANS, J., 13, John Street, Abercwmboy, Aberdare

EVANS, J., Draper, Ystrad, Rhondda

EVANS, J., Llansawel (2 gopi)

GRIFFITHS, G., Rock House, Llanrhaiadr, Oswestry

GRIFFITHS, W., Caergybi

HARRIES, H., M.A., Stockport

HOUGH, P. W., Ynysgau, Merthyr

HUGHES, D. B., Pontypool

HUGHES, R. O., Plasmarl

HUWS, W. Pari, B.D., Ffestiniog

ISAAC, D., 13, John Street, Abercwmboy, Aberdare

JAMES, J. LI., March, Cambs.

JAMES, J., 41, Adelaide Street, Caerdydd

JAMES, L., Brynbank, Narberth

JAMES, R., Llanwrtyd

JENKINS, H.P., Treorky

JENKINS, J., 28, George Street, Abertawe

JENKINS, R. C., 18, Colville Terrace, College Street, Nottingham

JENKINS, W. C., Cydweli

JOB, D., 3, North Loudon Place, Caerdydd

JOHN, D., Manchester

JOHNS, D., Beaumaris

JOHNS, T., Llanelli

JOHNSON Ezra, Caer

JONES, D, Scranton, America

JONES, D. Cadvan, Caerfyrddin

JONES, D. Meurig (C.M.), Blaenafon, Mynwy

JONES, D. S., Bethesda, Narberth (2 gopi)

JONES, D. S., Chwilog

JONES, D. W., Post Office, Llandilo

JONES, D., Station Street, Treherbert

JONES, E. Aeron, Manordeilo

JONES, Emlyn, Treforis

JONES, Evan, Canton, Caerdydd

JONES, H. S., Rhosymeirch, Llangefni

JONES, J. Deudraeth, Penrhyndeudraeth

JONES, J. Ll., Abersychan

JONES, J. Towyn, Cwmaman

JONES, J., Maesteg

JONES, James, 2, George Street, Abertawe

JONES, Jenkin, 17, George Street, Caerdydd

JONES, John, Llangiwc

JONES, Josiah, Machynlleth

JONES, Stephen, Treoes, Bridgend

JONES, T., Eisteddfa, Criccieth

JONES, T., James Street, Caerdydd

JONES, U., Rhesycae, Treffynon

JONES, W., Dowlais

JOSEPH, W., B.D., Westbourne, Bournemouth

LEWIS, D. Ff., Corris

LLEWELYN, D., 210, Cheltenham Road, Bristol

LLEWELYN, R. (Maelog), Ystrad, Rhondda

LLEWELYN, W., Grocer, Tredegar

LLOYD, D. C., Glasbury

LLOYD, D., Builder, Cymer

LLOYD, J. C., Aberafon

LLOYD, J. E., M.A., Bangor

LUMLEY, R., Trefor

MICHAEL, P., Caergwrle, Wrexham

MORGAN, D. Ll., Pontardulais

MORGAN, D., Penarth, Maldwyn

MORGAN, Rhys (C.M.), Llanddewibrefi

MORGAN, W. M., Ystradgynlais

MORRIS, J. G., Trefdraeth

MYFYRWYR Aberhonddu (3 copi)

OWEN, J. C, Melincrythan

OWEN, O R., Glandwr

PEREGRINE, R. E, B.D., Rhymney

PHILLIPS, E, 17, Walter Terrace, Abertawe

PHILLIPS, J. Tegfryn, Hebron

POWELL, E., Penygraig

PRICE, J. R., Beaufort

PRICE, T., Queen Street, Tredegar

PROBERT, L., D.D., Pentre

REES, D, Cefncoedycymer (2 gopi)

REES, D., Capelmawr, Mon

REES, D., Rock, Cwmafon

REES, E.G, Abergorlech

REES, Henry, Bryngwran

REES, T., Sirhowy, Tredegar

REES, Walter, Castle Street, Tredegar

RHYDDERCH, J., Llanfair, Maldwyn

RICHARDS, D., Crugybar

RICHARDS, D., Myddfai

ROBERTS, E. M., Llanelwy


ROBERTS, R., Solicitor, Pwllheli

ROWLANDS, R., Porthcawl

SAMUEL, F, Abertawe

SANDBROOK, W., Crane Street, Pontypool

STEPHENS, T., B A., Wellinborough

THOMAS T., Merchant, Ystrad, Rhondda

THOMAS, D., Llanstephan

THOMAS, Dr. Garrod, Casnewydd (2 gopi)

THOMAS, Dr., Ystalyfera

THOMAS, Evan, Board School, Libanus, Aberhonddu (2 gopi)

THOMAS, Henry, Aberdare House, Pontardulais

THOMAS, J. Aeron, Abertawe

THOMAS, Noah, Canton, Caerdydd

THOMAS, R., Glandwr

THOMAS, W. D., Brynaman

THOMAS, W., Gwynfe

WALTERS J., Brithdir, Dolgellau

WILLIAMS, B., Wern, Hirwain

WILLIAMS, D. H. (C.M.), Casnewydd

WILLIAMS, D. H., M.A, Caergybi

WILLIAMS, D. R. (C.M.), 12, Monger Street, Hafod, Abertawe

WILLIAMS, D., 19, Brooklands Terrace, Abertawe

WILLIAMS, Idris, Porth (4 copi)

WILLIAMS, J. D., Cwmrhos, Crickhowell

WILLIAMS, J. D., Fflint

WILLIAMS, R. S., Dowlais

WILLIAMS, R., Nazareth, Penygroes

WILLIAMS, Rhys, Maenclochog

WILLIAMS, Seth, Gladstone Place, Tredegar

WILLIAMS, T. P., Aberhavesp, Newtown

WILLIAMS, T., J. P., Gwaelodygarth



[Gareth Hicks: 9 Dec 2004]