Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. Any general data such as referred to in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary1833 extract, see Description of the parish of Lampeter, is not repeated here.


.......is a market town, borough and parish.

.......the lord of the manor is J S Harford Esq of Blaize Castle, near Bristol...

.......there is a local lead mine at Llanfair-Clydog, the property of Lord Carrington, and wrought by Dr Quinn, which is one of the richest in silver of any in Wales.

.......the Black Lion Hotel here is an excellent establishment, either for the accomodation of families or commercial gentlemen; and there are a few neat lodging houses.

.......there is also a grammar school, not endowed; and one upon the national plan, in which one hundred poor children are instructed.

The parish (including the hamlet of Tref y Coed) contained, in 1831, 1,312 inhabitants; and in 1841, 1,507.

Post Office, Evan Evans, Post master. --- Letters from London and all the parts of the North of England and part of North Wales arrive every evening at a quarter before six, and are despatched every morning at six. --- Letters from Aberystwith and other parts of North Wales arrive every afternoon at a quarter before two, and are despatched every morning at a quarter past ten. --- Letters from Carmarthen and the West of England arrive every morning at a quarter before ten, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past two.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Bowen, Rev Daniel MA; Waynifor
  • Browne, Rev Edward Harrold
  • Davies, Capt Alban; Tyglyn
  • Davies, David Bowen Esq; Maesycrugie
  • Davies, Rev Josiah; Llanybyther
  • Davies, Rev Thomas M; Bwlch
  • Evans, Rev Daniel BD; Maesnecoyd
  • Evans, David Esq; Falcondale
  • Evans, John Esq; Caeiglas
  • Evans, John Esq; Cilblaid
  • Evans, Mr Thomas; Lampeter
  • Hughes, Thomas Esq; Castell du
  • Jenkins, Mr David Joel; Lampeter
  • Jenkins, Henry Esq; Llwynygroes
  • Jones, Rev John; Lampeter
  • Jones, Rev Thomas; Pencarrig
  • Jones, Thos Hugh Esq; Noyaddfawr
  • Lewes, Capt John; Llenller
  • Llewellin, Rev Llewellyn; Lampeter
  • Lloyd, Rev Charles; Bettws Bledrws
  • Lloyd, Davies John Esq; Attyrodin
  • Lloyd, Rev Thomas; Gilfachwen
  • Morgan, Rev Evan; Doldrement
  • Price, William O Esq; Glanantcoy
  • Rogers, --- Esq; Gelly
  • Saunders, Capt ---; Tymawr
  • Whitworth, Mr James; Lampeter
  • Williams, Rev Morgan; Llanfair
  • Winnood, Mrs Thomas; Tyglynayron

College and Schools

  • College of St David --- The Lord Bishop of the Diocese, visiter; Rev Llewellyn Llewellin, dean, principal and professor of Greek; Rev Edward Harrold Browne, vice-principal, and professor of Hebrew; Rev William North, third master ; Davies Morgan, day school
  • Grammar School, Hugh Felix, master; Lewis Evan, day school
  • National School, Morgan Meredith, master


  • Jones, Evan & Co (draw on Jones, Loyd & Co, London)

Professional Persons

  • Davies, Richard, surgeon
  • Evans, Benjamin, attorney
  • Lloyd, John, attorney, clerk to the magistrates, and to the manor of Llandewey Brevi, commissioner in all the English courts, and for taking the acknowledgments of deeds by married women
  • Lloyd, William, surgeon
  • Morgan, David, clerk to the board of guardians, and to the commissioners of land, assessed, and property tax, and stamp distributer and superintendent registrar
  • Rogers, John, physician; Abermeurig
  • Saunders, John, land surveyor; Undergrove
  • Thomas, John Howell, surgeon

Fire, &c Office Agents

  • Clerical, Medical &c, William Williams
  • Farmers' and General, William Rees
  • Star (life), Samuel Davies

Inns & Public Houses

  • Black Lion Hotel (commercial, and family, and posting house and excise office), Thomas Arthur
  • Crown, Wm Jenkins
  • Dery Arms, David Jenkins; Bettws Bledrws
  • Globe, Jane Jones
  • Ivy Bush, John Price
  • Queen's Arms, Thomas Price
  • Red Lion, Thomas Williams
  • Ship, David Thomas
  • White Hart, David Lewis

Retailers of Beer

  • Benjamin, David; Gilfachwen
  • Davies, Jenkin
  • Davies, John; Tynrhoel
  • Evans, Thomas
  • Jones, John
  • Parry, John; Pound
  • Price, William
  • Rees, David
  • Thomas, David; Llanfair

Shopkeepers and Traders

  • Arthur, Thomas, maltster
  • Daniel, Evan, gardener and seedsman
  • Davies, Benjamin, carpenter & joiner
  • Davies, David, tailor
  • Davies, David, shopkeeper &c; Llanfair
  • Davies, Jenkin, blacksmith
  • Davies, Jenkin, butcher
  • Davies, Jenkin jun, butcher
  • Davies, John, glazier
  • Davies, Joseph, blacksmith
  • Davies, Morgan, cattle dealer; Reillycoch
  • Davies, Samuel, grocer, draper and ironmonger
  • Davies, Samuel, grocer and draper
  • Davies, Thomas, shoemaker
  • Davies, William Thomas, porter, provision and coal dealer &c
  • Edmunds, John, saddler
  • Edmunds, Mary, tea dealer
  • Edwards, David, baker
  • Edwards, David, porter; St David's College
  • Edwards, Richard, stone mason
  • Edwards, Thomas, miller
  • Edwards, Thomas, boot & shoe maker
  • Evans, David, auctioneer; Cilgell
  • Evans, Isaac, earthenware dealer
  • Evans, James, chymist and druggist, and dealer in seeds & British wines
  • Evans, John, joiner & timber merchant; Tanrallt
  • Evans, Roderick, cooper; near Lampeter
  • Francis, Henry, agent for the Llanfair Lead Mines; Llanfair
  • French, Mrs, milliner &c
  • Griffiths, John, stone mason
  • James, James, shoe maker
  • James, Margaret, milliner &c
  • Jenkins, David, carpenter & joiner
  • Jenkins, John, joiner
  • Jenkins, John, saddler
  • Jones, Daniel, joiner & wheelwright
  • Jones, Daniel, tailor
  • Jones, David, blacksmith
  • Jones, David, tailor
  • Jones, Ebenezer, blacksmith
  • Jones, Enoch, carpenter & joiner
  • Jones, Jenkin, blacksmith; Cwmanne
  • Jones, John, tailor
  • Jones, John, bookbinder
  • Jones, John, carpenter
  • Jones, John, blacksmith
  • Jones, John, currier
  • Jones, John, shoe maker
  • Jones, John Havard, law writer
  • Jones, Joseph, butcher
  • Jones, Thomas, tailor
  • Llanfair Lead Mines, Llanfair --- Henry Francis, agent
  • Marsden, Henry, cattle dealr; Talfedw
  • Morgan, Mary, grocer and draper
  • Price, John, painter
  • Price, Thomas, letter carrier
  • Price, William, auctioneer ; Peterwell
  • Rees, David, blacksmith; Llanfair
  • Rees, John, blacksmith; Brynmaer
  • Rees, William, chymist and druggist, bookseller and stationer
  • Roberts, William, tinman
  • Theodore, David, tin-plate worker
  • Thomas, David, butcher
  • Thomas, Evan, grocer and draper
  • Thomas, Evan, butcher
  • Thomas, John, grocer, draper, ironmonger and general dealer
  • Thomas, Mary, grocer and draper
  • Thomas, Thomas, tallow chandler and cooper
  • Williams, John, currier and leather sellar
  • Williams, Thomas, stone mason
  • Williams, William, watch maker


During the Summer

  • To Aberystwith, the Collegian (from Brecon) calls at the Black Lion Hotel, daily, except Sunday
  • To Brecon, the Collegian (from Aberystwith) calls at the Black Lion Hotel, daily, except Sunday


  • To Carmarthen & Aberayron, David Owens, once a week

(Gareth Hicks)