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Help and advice for Estates of Sir John Lewes and James Lewes settled 1650

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Estates of Sir John Lewes and James Lewes settled 1650

Based on the article The Lewes Family of Abernantbychan by Daniel Huws; in Ceredigion,Vol V1/2 1969

Compiled by Gareth Hicks, the index of data in two deeds has been produced in table format showing properties, parishes, occupants and annual value. The original spelling has been maintained.

The estates concerned are Abernantbychan, Aber-Mad and Coedmor, the parishes named are Penbryn; Llangrannog; Troedroyr/Tredroyr; Llangunllo; Llandevriogg ; Llanbadarne ; Llanychayarne ; Llanilar ; Llanbadarne Vawre; Rhosdie ; Bettus Ifan ; Aberporth & Kidplwy Tremaine ; Blaenporth ; Llangoidmore ; Llechryd ; Cardigan ; Tremain.

Abernantbychan Estate

Settlement made 20 Nov 1650

Indexed in alphabetical order of place name.

Abbreviations used;  m=messuage. cm=capital messuage. pl=parcel of land. b=burbage.

Type Properties Parishes Occupants Annual Value
cm & demesne lands Abernantbychan   Penbryn Sir John Lewis 40-0-0
m Blaen keri Penbryn Nicholas ap Rees 1-10-0
m Blaensaith, Pen y garreg & Tir yr hengap [hengae] Penbryn Thomas John 12-0-0
meadow bordering on the river Keri Penbryn said Sir John Lewis 2-0-0
m Brenhinlley Penbryn Howell John 10-0-0
m Carne Rees & Gwerne y gelly Penbryn William John 2-10-0
m Castell Nadolig & Tir Bulch y Clawdd Penbryn James Jenkin 4-0-0
m Croyes yr hendy & Pen y groes Troedroyr & Llangunllo John David Phillipp 3-6-8
m Cum bedw, Tir y ty hen,
Tir pwll yr iskaw & Tir llan wen
Penbryn James Thomas 6-0-0
m Ffynnon berw Penbryn Hugh Beynon 3-0-0
m Ffynnon wenn Penbryn Griffith Evans, clerk 2-10-0
m Gallt y gwin Troedroyr John Giles 1-0-0
m Gwarr y lloyn Troedroyr Evan ap Rees Moris 4-0-0
m Gwern gamlo & pl's heretofore belonging to Tir y werne Troedroyr Evan Howell 6-0-0
m & pl in Brithdir Penbryn David John 0-4-0
2 pl's in Tredroyr Troedroyr Rees ap Jenkin 0-2-0
pl's in Tredroyr Troedroyr Thomas Parry Howell 0-3-4
m Keven llaythere & Pant argere [ar gore] Penbryn Jenkin Parry 4-0-0
m Kill llech Llandevriogg David ap Evan Llewelin 3-10-0
m Lloyn squire Troedroyr David John Rees 1-10-0
m Nant Coch Penbryn Griffith Thomas 2-0-0
m Nant y brenin Penbryn said Sir John Lewis & David Thomas Howell 10-0-0
m Pant y bara &

Pant y menin

Penbryn Rees David 4-0-0
m Pant y hallied, Glaskoed & Sarn vaen Penbryn Griffith Bevan David 6-0-0
m Pen y lann Penbryn John ap Evan Griffith 1-10-0
m Penn gallt y gwin Troedroyr Richard Lewis esq. 1-0-0
m Rhippin ddy & Pen y groes Troedroyr John ap John 3-0-0
m & tucking mill Tir Aberdowe Penbryn Thomas David 1-10-0
m Tir blaen keri Penbryn Griffith David 3-0-0
m Tir blaen keri Penbryn Thomas David 2-13-4
m Tir blaen keri Llangrannog Rowland Morgan 1-10-0
m Tir pant gronowe Penbryn said Rowland Morgan 3-0-0
m's Tir Tredroyr Troedroyr James David 20-0-0
m Tir y Cappell & Tir lloyn ysquier Penbryn Griffith Jenkin 1-4-0
m Tre bidew, Trerpibe [Tre r pike] & Tir gwenkidnaw Penbryn John Hughes 2-13-4
m Tre y velin bann Penbryn Peregrinn Thomas 1-6-8
m Trevuttiall Penbryn Evan David ap Rees 2-10-0
m Ty yn y lone Penbryn said David Thomas Howell 4-0-0
m Werdhan vach Penbryn Evan Howell 2-10-0

Aber-Mad Estate

Settlement made 20 Nov 1650

Indexed in alphabetical order of place name.

Abbreviations used;  m=messuage. cm=capital messuage. pl=parcel of land. b=burbage.

Type Properties Parishes Occupants Annual Value
m [blank] Llanyhchayarne Moris Thomas Lloyd 6-0-0
m [blank] Blaenporth Thomas Watkin 4-10-0
m [Y Tay bach] Bettus [Ifan] Lleikie Howell, widow 1-10-0
  3 grist mills & suit of mill Penbryn said Sir John Lewis & undertenants 60-0-0
grist mill Abermade mill Llanyhchayarne John David ap Robert 15-13-4
cm       Abermade Llanbadarne Llanyhchayarne &


Evan Thomas 60-0-0
m Abertreenant Rhosdie Moris Lewis, clerk 2-2-6
m Berth llwyd Blaenporth David James 3-15-0
m Bryn dy Bettus [Ifan] James Meredith 2-0-0
m's Coed y perthie, Glandulas & Pant y bara Bettus & Tredroyr Lleikie Thomas &

Thomas David

m Gallt Mary Llanyhchayarne Evan Thomas 10-10-0
m Helig vach Blaenporth John David 7-0-0
m Helig vaure Blaenporth David John 4-0-0
  lands and tenements Nant dye Tredroyr Thomas Griffith 10-0-0
m Pant y bara Bettus [Ifan] Evan David John 1-0-0
m Pant y boole [booth] Bettus [Ifan] James Parry 5-0-0
m Parke gwynn Blaenporth Thomas Griffith 4-0-0
m Pen y sarne ddy Bettus [Ifan] John Thomas David 2-3-4
m Pen y vackun Llanilar Phillip Richard 4-0-0
  storehouse 'neere the Sea' Blaenporth said Sir John Lewis 0-13-4
  the impropriate rectory of Penbryn     120-0-0
  the impropriate tithe called Blaenannerch Aberporth &

Kidplwy Tremaine

said Sir John Lewis 22-0-0
  the lordship of Pencraig, Llechweth, Llwyren and Rhydonnen     2-4-0
m Tir penn y pompren Llanilar William Morgan 2-6-8
m Tir y werne Bettus [Ifan] John ap Richard Morgan 7-0-0
m Tythin y pontbren Llanilar Jenkin David ap Rees 3-10-0
m Tythin y Rhose goch Llanilar [blank] 4-0-0
m Tythyn yr helig Llanbadarne Vawre Richard Morgan 10-10-0
  water grist mill and suit of mill Blaenporth Griffith Thomas 10-0-0

Coedmor Estate

Settlement Made 23 Nov 1650

Abbreviations used;  m=messuage. cm=capital messuage. pl=parcel of land. b=burbage.

Type Properties Parishes Occupants  
b [blank] Cardigan Ellinor Howell, widow  
b [blank] Cardigan Ralph Massie  
b's [blank] Cardigan Ralphe Massie  
b [blank] Cardigan Hugh David Lloyd  
m [blank] Llechryd Thomas ap Rees  
b [blank] Cardigan Thomas William  
m [blank] Llangoidmore Evan Jenkin  
m [blank] Llangoidmore Thomas David  
m [blank] Llangoidmore Rees ap Evan  
2 m's [blank] Llangoidmore Rhudderch ap David ap Rhudderch & John Rhudderch  
b [blank] Cardigan Lewis David Thomas  
b [blank] Cardigan Mary Gambon & William Gambon  
b [blank] Cardigan Ellen late wife of David John  
b's [blank] Cardigan Ann Phillipps, widow  
b [blank] Cardigan John Owen  
b [blank] Cardigan Owen Lloyd  
b [blank] Cardigan Daniel Scurlocke  
b [blank] Cardigan said James Lewis, esq  
b [blank] Cardigan Edward Vince  
b late in the tenure of Edmond Bradshaw being the newe house wherein the said James Lewis dwelleth      
  m's, b',s, pl's, sites of houses, old walls, meadows & yearly chief rents lately purchased by the said James Lewis, esq., from Henry Vaughan, esq., Mary, his wife, William Harbert the elder, gent., Morgan Harbert, esq., & Maude, his wife. Cardigan said James Lewis, esq., Ellinor Howell, [widow], David Morgan, John David, [tailor senior], Rees David, Evan Rees [cooper], Thomas Jenkin, John David [tailor, junior], John Lewis, George Massie.  
  other decayed houses & gardens m's in the township of Geralston alias Trevereth Tremain David Rees, Thomas Rees, Owen Rhudderch, Griffith Thomas, Eynon Griffith, James Morgan, Morgan ap Owen , Gwenlian Nicholas, Jenkin ap Jenkin, Phillipp Thomas  
m Parke Maire Llangoidmore said James Lewis, esq  
m Parke Sydan Llangoidmore George Lewis  
m Parke yr Arglwydd Llangoidmore said James Lewis, esq  
2 m's purchased by the said Sir Joihn Lewis from Owen David ap Richard & Morgan ap Rees Llandoidmore &


said James Lewis,esq., Hugh James, Griffith David ap John, David ap Hugh, Owen Thomas  
b purchased from Sir Walter Lloyd, kt., & John Lloyd, esq Cardigan Phillipa David Lewis  
  the lordship of Iskoed Ishirewen      
  the lordship of Koydmore alias Iskoed Koydmore      
  the manor house and demesne lands called Koedmore purchased by the said Sir John Lewis from Rowland Mortimer, gent Llandoidmore &


James Lewis, esq  
  water corn grist mill & suit of mill Llechryd David Bowen