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Help and advice for Llanbadarn Fawr chapels

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Llanbadarn Fawr chapels


For further details of this project see Cardiganshire Chapels Database

Compiled by Gareth Hicks (Feb 2007)


NB.  Not all available data was necessarily used from sources - and sources 1 & 4 have been combined as similar

  • 1.  The Chapels Recording Project in Wales (RCAHMW)
  • 2.   The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales., byJones, I.G. & Williams, D.      UWP,   Cardiff, 1976
  • 3.   Nonconformist Registers of Wales published by the National Library of Wales in 1994.
  • 4.   The Parish Churches and Nonconformist Chapels of Wales: Their Records and where to Find them, Vol. One, Cardigan - Carmarthen - Pembroke, by Rawlins, B.J. (1987).
  • 5.  Kelly's Directory, South Wales 1910 -  the Archive Cd Books Cd
  • 6.  Kelly's Directory, South Wales 1895 -  the Archive Cd Books Cd
  • 7.  My Ancestors were Congregationalists in England and Wales, by D J H Clifford, SOG, 1992.
  • 8.  Independent Chapels of Wales: History Books and Pamphlets by Huw Walters.
  • 9.  Death and Burial indexes available for purchase from Cardiganshire Family History Society
  • 10. Online Commercial & Residential Directories as appropriate to a particular parish - apart from what may already be on Genuki, see also the Historical Directories site

 Other sources

 All denominations

Cardiganshire Family History Society - Index to deaths and burials in Cardiganshire from non-conformist records is available on fiche. Check details on their site, for this parish includes ;

Bethlehem (Cal.Meth., 1934-58); Beulah (Ind., 1953-56); Capel Madog (Cal.Meth., 1874-1999); Capel Seion (Cal.Meth., 1846-65, 1891-1962); Dyffryn (Cal.Meth., 1849-56); Ebenezer (Wes.Meth., 1882-1925); Gosen (Cal.Meth., 1873-93,1907-33,1895-1974,1962-76); Hephsibah (Ind., 1870-1876); Jezreel (Baptist, 1852-70); Penllwyn (Cal.Meth., 1840-1905, 1874-1999); Pisgah (Cal.Meth., 1921-30); Ponterwyd (Cal.Meth., 1856-1926, 1939, 1950); Salem (Ind., 1857-1999); Siloa (Ind., 1911-61); Soar (Ind., 1829-48, 1849-89, 1899-1999).


Penybont Baptist chapel, Pen-bont  (-rhyd-y-beddau)

  • Penbont Baptist Sunday school,  Pen-bont-rhyd-y-beddau              SN67938352              Built 1868               Not still in use 1998       (1)
  • Baptist chapel, Abercwmsymlog, Pen-bont, Trefeurig   -  Photograph on Dyfed FHS 

Horeb Welsh Baptist chapel, Penrhyn-coch   (Trefeurig township)

  • Horeb Baptist chapel, Penrhyn-coch         SN65058415        Chapel built 1786 (1788-9), enlarged 1815; rebuilt 1826, enlarged 1856.       Members; 82 in 1840       Records; see Bethel, Aberystwyth        Still open 1998     (1) & (4)
  • Horeb, Penrhyncoch              Baptist            Erected before 1800                William Jones, Deacon, Tynllechwedd, Penrhyncoch     (2)  listed under Upper Llanbadarn-y-Croyddin township  but actually in Trefeurig
  • Horeb Baptist, Penrhyn-coch, Trefeurig         Marrs 1925-62  Cer RO      (3)
  • Baptist, Penrhyncoch       Founded 1778   Seats 500            1910  (5)
  • Rev Hy Evans,  Baptist, Penrhyncoch      1910    (5)

Jezreel Baptist chapel, Goginan

  • Jezreel Baptist chapel, Goginan       SN69028131      Started 1821, chapel built 1829; rebuilt 1841/2 with burial ground.     Members; 150 in 1860s     Records;  1.  register of members 1841-71, Sunday school registers 1860-93   NLW      2.   papers  1849-50 relating to this chapel and  Cwmsymlog NLW           Not still open 1998            (1) & (4)
  • Jezreel, Goginan    Baptist                  Erected in 1842               David Jenkins, Baptist Minister    (2)  in Melindwr township
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Capel Bangor)
  • Derelict chapel

Moriah Baptist chapel, Moriah  (between Aberystwyth and Devil's Bridge)

  • Moriah Baptist chapel, Moriah      SN61957946      Started c.1820, chapel built 1829; rebuilt 1888.   Members; 20 in 1840     Records; see Bethel, Aberystwyth        Still open 1998      (1) & (4)
  • Moriah Baptist      Erected in 1828     Lewis Lewis, Deacon, Tanyfron    (2) listed under Aberystwyth parish
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn)

Tabernacle Baptist chapel, Cwmsymlog

  • Tabernacl Welsh Baptist church, Cwmsymlog            SN69758385        Chapel built 1843; rebuilt 1860 with burial ground.       Sunday School founded 1805.       Members; 80 in 1851     Records;  account book 1900-28 NLW         Still open 1998             (1) & (4)
  • Cwmsymlog  Baptist          Erected in 1843          David Jenkins, Baptist Minister    (2)  in Trefeirig township



Beulah Ind chapel, Dyffryn Poeth / Paith

  • Beulah Ind chapel, Dyffryn Paith            SN6061778445            Started 1805, chapel built 1842; renewed 1907.       Records;    1. pew rent book 1842-66   NLW        2. bapts register 1815-50 in connection with Soar, village and parish of LL/Fawr   NLW         3. accounts 1879-85    NLW                Derelict by 1998           (1) & (4)
  • Beulah, Dyffryn Poeth  Ind        Erected in 1842      Benjamin Rees, Minister, Llanbadarnfawr    (2) in Lower Llanbadarn-y-Croyddin township
  • Beulah Cong, Dyffryn Paith            Bapts 1815-1971  NLW          (3)
  • Beulah,  LL/Fawr            Opened 1832              Bapts 1815-50  NLW    (7)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here below is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh) copied from the Cd published by Archive CD Books - with translation
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn)

Ebenezer Welsh Ind chapel, Comins coch

  • Ebenezer Welsh Ind chapel, Comins Coch               SN61348209             Sunday School 1830; rebuilt 1889 as a chapel        Records; see Soar chapel        Still open 1998         (1) & (4)
  • Cwmynscoch Ind       Benjamin Rees, Minister, Llanbadarnfawr    (2)  in Lower Vainor township

Hepsibah Ind chapel, Ty'n-y-pwll, Clarach

  • Hepsibah Ind chapel, Ty'n-y-pwll, Clarach        SN60508438          Started 1815, chapel built 1836, with graveyard         Records;  1. account book and register of members 1845-58 & 1867-83   NLW      2.   bapts register 1815-50 in connection with Soar, village and parish of LL/Fawr   NLW     3. see Salem, Coedgriffith                   Derelict by 1998          (1) & (4)
  • Hephzebah (?) Ind                Erected in 1837              R W Roberts, Minister, Clarach, Aberystwyth       (2) in Clarach township
  • Hephsibah / Ty'n-y-pwll  Cong, Clarach       Bapts 1815-50 NLW   (3)
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS   (under Llangorwen)

Noddfa Welsh Ind chapel, Bow St

  • Noddfa Welsh Ind chapel, Bow St                SN62108455           Chapel built 1903             Still open 1998   (1)
  • Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Nov 2006)

Salem Ind chapel, Coedgriffith     (Trefeurig township)

  • Salem Welsh Ind chapel, Salem        SN66898440        Started 1810 & chapel built 1824/5, rebuilt 1850, enlarged 1864.        Ministry of RW Roberts 1849-64       Records    1.  account book 1897-1903 & pew rent book 1880-1903     NLW          2.  see records of Bethel, Talybont, Llanfihangel Genau'r-glyn                Still open 1998     (1) & (4)
  • Salem Ind       Erected in 1826     R W Roberts, Minister, Clarach      (2)  listed under Aberystwyth parish
  • Salem Cong, Coedgruffudd, Trefeurig        Bapts 1834   PRO       (3)
  • Salem,  Coed Gruffydd   Welsh Ind     Opened 1824      Bapts 1824        (7)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg (shown on there as CM but no such place)
  • Jenkins, David. 'Salem, Coedgruffydd, a Siloa, Cwmerfyn' . Ceredigion : Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol II , No 2, 1994.
  • Llewelyn Morgan: Hanes eglwys Salem, Coedgruffydd am 1824-1924, (Merthyr Tydfil, 1925), 23tt.    (8)
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS
  • Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)

Seion Ind chapel, Cwm Ceulan

  • Seion Ind chapel (Hen Gapel), Ceulan     SN69809012                  Built 1835, rebuilt 1872.                Not still open 1998           (1)

Siloa Welsh Ind chapel, Cwmerfyn (Trefeirig township)

  • Siloa Welsh Ind chapel, Cwmerfyn          SN70148279     Preaching for years before chapel built 1868        Records;   1. accounts 1868-1908, 1909-43 NLW ?          2. minute book 1916-50 NLW ?        3. misc papers and brief history 1866-93   NLW                 Still open 1998     (1) & (4)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Jenkins, David. Salem, Coedgruffydd, a Siloa, Cwmerfyn. Ceredigion : Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society,  new paper back form Vol II ,No 2, 1994.
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS
  • Siloa [Ind.c 1868 at Cwmerfin].  Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)

Soar Welsh Ind chapel, Llanbadarn Fawr village

  • Soar Welsh Ind chapel, Llanbadarn Fawr           SN60068104           Started 1801, chapel built 1803, enlarged 1830, rebuilt/modified 1892.         Records;   1. births and bapts 1815-37 PRO & in IGI       2, bapts register 1815-50  NLW               Still open 1998    (1) & (4)
  • Soar Ind, Llanbadarn Fawr village    Erected in 1803    "Great many persons were absent of reason of the small pox and other complaints, and others of reason of poverty wanting clothes fit to attend"     Benjamin Rees, Minister         (2)  in Uchayndre township   (not clearly marked as such in the book)
  • Soar Cong. Llanbadarn fawr (Parsel isaf-yn-dre)          Bapts 1813-37  PRO;   Bapts 1815-1971, 1973-8   NLW          (3)
  • Zoar & Clarach, Llanbadarn Fawr      Opened 1802          Bapts 1813-16, births and bapts 1815-37 copies at Cer. RO      Bapts 1850-1971  NLW     (7)
  • Cong chapel, Issayndre            Erected in 1802       Seats 360      1910  (5)
  • Rev Griffith Parry (Welsh Cong)  Soar House    1910   (5)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Soar Independent chapel, Llanbadarn Fawr: list of subscribers and facts relating to the history of the cause in the place, (Aberystwyth, c.1892), 20pp. [Y testun yn Gymraeg].   (8)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here below is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh) copied from the Cd published by Archive CD Books - with translation
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS
  • Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)



Aberffrwd CM chapel, Aberffrwd

  • Aberffrwd CM Sunday school, Aberffrwd         SN68617884        Started 1756, chapel built 1802, rebuilt 1835, schoolroom built 1770.     Members; 200 in 1851      Records; births and bapts 1814-37  PRO & in IGI            Not still open 1996     (1) & (4)
  • Aberffrwd  CM           Erected in 1835                Evan Evans, Minister, Abernant, Cwmrheidol    (2)  in Upper Llanbadarn-y-Croyddin township
  • Aber-ffrwd CM, Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn         Bapts 1816-37  PRO      (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn)

Bethel Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Troedrhiw Sebon, Cwmrheidol

  • Bethel Wesleyan Methodist chapel, (Troedrhiw Sebon), Cwmrheidol           SN72137824        Started before 1859; chapel built 1872           Records; see Circuit records under Soar, Aberystwyth & Ystumtuen Circuit records under Salem this parish         Still open 1998       (1) & (4)
  • Bethel Wesleyan, Troedrhiwsebon, Cwmrheidol       Bapts 1872-1936 NLW   (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS    (under Cwmrheidol)

Bethlehem CM chapel, Cwmerfyn, Penrhyncoch   (Trefeurig township)

  • Bethlehem CM chapel, Cwmerfyn            SN69768289            Chapel built 1866                Still open 1998    (1)
  • Bethlehem CM, Cwmerfyn, Trefeurig           Bapts 1872-1966  NLW;  Marrs 1939-55  NLW;   Burials 1873-1958  NLW       (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS
  • Bethlehem, Cwmerfyn, Penrhyncoch - See  Capeli (2004 list of chapels under threat)

Bow St  CM Sunday School, Broncastellan

  •  Photograph on Dyfed FHS (under Llanfihangel Genau'r-glyn)

Capel Dewi CM chapel, Capel Dewi

  • Capel Dewi CM chapel, Capel Dewi          SN62998239     Started 1790, chapel built 1812-3; rebuilt 1842-3.      Sunday School founded 1801.     Records;  1. births and bapts 1824-36 PRO & in IGI      2.  register of bapts 1857-92  NLW           Demolished by 1998            (1) & (4)
  • Dewi chapel CM    Erected c 1810           John Davies, Deacon, Cefn y Vainor      (2) in Upper Vainor township
  • Capel Dewi, Faenor Uchaf  CM       Bapts 1817-36 PRO      Bapts 1857-92  NLW   (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Jones, R Gwmryn. Hanes Cychwyniad a chynydd Methodistiaeth yn Capel Dewi [ A History of the Rise and Progress of Methodism at Capel Dewi]. Aberystwyth, 1895

Capel Marian CM chapel, Llanfarian, Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn

  • Capel Marian CM Sunday School (Ysgoldy Pentre'rbont)         SN58997775           School Chapel built 1879            Still open 1998       (1)
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn)

Cwmergyr Primitive Methodist chapel, Cwmrheidol

  • Cwmergyr Primitive Methodist chapel, Cwmrheidol           SN79508266     Built before 1891                Not still open 1998          (1)

Dyffryn CM chapel, Goginan

  • Dyffryn Welsh CM chapel, Goginan        SN69088127      Weekly preaching in 1780, school with Penllwyn in 1804       Chapel built 1842/3; rebuilt 1864      Records;  1. register of bapts 1843-93, burials 1849-55  NLW           2. Sunday school minute book 1882-91 &  register 1915-24  NLW        3. see Penllwyn chapel               Still open 1998       (1) & (4)
  • Dyffryn   CM              Erected in 1842        John Edwards, Deacon, Blaendyffryn, Goginan       (2)  in Melindwr township
  • Dyffryn CM, Goginan, Melindwr      Bapts 1843-93  NLW;   Burials 1849-55   NLW       (3)
  • Eglwys y Methodistiaeth Calfinaidd Capel y Dyffryn, Goginan, 1844-1964, Cyfarfodydd Dathlu Canmlwyddiant y Capel [ The Calvinistic Methodists Church, Dyffryn, Goginan, meetings to celebrate the Chapel's Centenary. Llandysul, 1964. [ LDS GS 994004]  
  • Evans, E. Capel y Dyffryn Goginan 1844-1964
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Capel Bangor)
  • Dyffryn Goginan CM chapel - still open in 2006

Ebenezer Wesleyan

See under Salem

Gosen Welsh CM chapel, Rhydyfelin

  • Gosen Welsh CM chapel, Rhydyfelin        SN59067893     Started 1741; chapel built c.1760 (1741?), rebuilt/modified 1796, 1824, 1844, enlarged 1864 (1867).            Records;   1. births and bapts 1817-37  PRO & in IGI      2.     register of bapts 1813-1926   NLW     3. register of members 1873-1943  NLW    4. register of members 1878-1908  NLW         5.  pew rent book 1884-1920  NLW       6. list of those received into full membership, those baptised and those that died  1907-33         7.  account book 1904-49  NLW           Still open 1998    (1) & (4)
  • Gosen CM       Erected before 1800, rebuilt 1824              Isaac Rowlands, Elder, Abermaide       (2)  under Aberystwyth parish
  • Gosen CM, Rhydyfelin, Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn         Bapts 1813-1926  NLW;     Bapts 1817-37 PRO    (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS   (under Llanbadarn-y-creuddyn)
  • Gosen Rhydyfelin CM chapel - still open in 2006

Horeb Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Cwmbrwyno(g)         (Melindwr township)

  • Horeb Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Cwmbrwynog               SN70858069         Sunday school for years before chapel built 1859.       Members; 46 in 1910        Records 1. see Aberystwyth circuit under Soar, Aberystwyth    2.  see Ystumtuen circuit under Salem this parish             Demolished by 1998       (1) & (4)
  •  Horeb Wesleyan, Cwmbrwyno, Melindwr       Bapts 1859-1936   NLW     (3)

Horeb CM chapel, Gors          ( Lower Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn township)

  • Horeb CM chapel, Gors             SN62897738             Chapel built 1866-7, renewed 1924, schoolroom built 1853.              Still open 1998      (1)
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn)

Llwyn-y-groes Welsh CM chapel, Cwmrheidol

  • Llwyn-y-groes Welsh CM chapel, Cwmrheidol            SN70947903           Built  1905                 Still open 1998    (1)
  • Llwyn-y-groes CM chapel Sunday school                     SN70637935           Sunday School chapel, built 1858 (1843); rebuilt 1902.         Restored by 1998    (1)
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS    (under Cwmrheidol)
  • Llwyn y Groes CM chapel Cwmrheidol  - still open in 2006

Llywernog CM Sunday school,  Llywernog, Cwmrheidol

  • Llywernog CM Sunday school               SN73158078            Sunday School chapel built 1867              Not still open 1998    (1)

Madog CM chapel, Cefn-Llwyd,  Capel Bangor  (Parsel Canol township)

  • Capel Madog Welsh CM chapel, Cefn-Llwyd               SN65828228           Chapel built 1854               Still open 1998          (1)
  • Capel Madog CM, Parsel Canol       Bapts 1857-1957  NLW;  Burials 1874-1987  NLW   (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS
  • Madog  CM Capel Bangor - still open in 2006

Mynach Welsh CM chapel, Pontarfynach, near Devil's Bridge

  • Mynach Welsh CM chapel, Pontarfynach, near Devil's Bridge        SN73667684            Preaching many years before chapel built 1858/60.             Still in use 1998                (1) & (4)
  • Mynach Pontarfynach CM chapel - still open in 2006

Penllwyn Welsh CM chapel, Pen-llwyn, Capel Bangor

  • Penllwyn Welsh CM chapel, Penllwyn, Capel Bangor       SN65318034       Started 1779, chapel built c.1790; rebuilt 1821, 1850, 1877 & 1899.        Records; 1. births and bapts 1811-37 PRO & in IGI       2.  membership lists etc mainly 1850-1900   NLW                Still open 1998      (1) & (4)
  • Penllwyn  CM         Erected in 1790       "This chapel is now being rebuilt the third time, It is yet only completed the outside"        Thomas Edwards, Minister, Trering    (2) in Melindwr township
  •  Pen-llwyn CN, Melindwr     Bapts 1811-37  PRO;  Bapts 1815-57  NLW;  Burials 1895-1914  NLW      (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Edwards, Huw. Penllwyn Chapel. South Wales Daily News, 13 February 1923.
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Capel Bangor)
  • Penllwyn, Capel Bangor CM chapel - still open in 2006

Pisgah CM chapel, Ceunant

  •  Pisgah CM chapel, Ceunant               SN68517776     School Chapel built 1860-1, rebuilt 1870-3, rebuilt/modified 1908.        Records;   1. see Seion chapel      2. account book 1887-1916 NLW         Demolished pre 1998             (1) & (4)
  • Pisgah CM, Ceunant, Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn     Bapts 1880-1988  NLW     (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn)

Ponterwyd CM chapel, Ponterwyd, Cwmrheidol

  • Ponterwyd Welsh CM chapel, Ponterwyd           SN74888090        Started 1765; chapel built 1800 (1797), rebuilt/modified 1821 & 1854.         Records;   1. births and bapts 1813-37 PRO & in IGI        2. register of members 1816-88  NLW     3. account books 1846-1930 NLW    4.  register of members 1864-1926  NLW                 Still open 1998     (1) & (4)
  • Ponterwyd  CM           Erected before 1800           John Stephens, Deacon, Grocer, Ponterwyd      (2)  in Cwmrheidol township  
  • Ponterwyd CM, Cwmrheidol          Bapts 1813-37 PRO;     Burials 1934  NLW   (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS    (under Cwmrheidol)
  • Ponterwyd, Blaenrheidiol CM chapel - still open in 2006

Salem / Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Ystumtuen, Cwmrheidol

  • Salem (Ebenezer) Methodist chapel, Ystumtuen      SN73537857         Started 1811, chapel built 1821/2, enlarged 1839/40, 1859; rebuilt 1871.      Members; 200 in 1862          Records;  1. register of bapts Ystumtuen circuit 1861-1936  NLW         2. account books 1875-1940 & membership roll 1880  NLW    3.  accounts/minutes 1898-1924  NLW      4. Sunday school account books 1917-34  NLW    5. see Aberystwyth circuit records under Soar, Aberystwyth before 1861                Still open 1998     (1) & (4)
  • Ebeneser / Salem Wesleyan, Ystumtuen    Bapts 1835-1936  NLW   (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Ystumtien WM            Erected in 1821, enlarged in 1839        John Jones, Leader, Joiner, Ystymtien    (2)   in Cwmrheidol township
  • Salem        Decenters (sic)              Erected "near the year 1840"        Remarks "Small School Upper Salem is included in Salem School"    No Informant's name    (2)  in Upper Llanbadarn-y-Croyddin township                                                          Is this a duplicate entry for the same place by different informant - and listed in wrong township  in census ??
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS   (Ebenezer / Salem Wesleyan M, Ystumtuen, Cwmrheidol )  

Saron Welsh CM chapel, Llanbadarn Fawr village

  • Saron Welsh CM chapel, Llanbadarn Fawr      SN59918078    Chapel built 1842, enlarged 1877/8.        Sunday School founded c.1815.        Records;  register of bapts 1832-1973 & marriages 1948-65 at Presbyterian Archives  & NLW           Still open 1998         (1) & (4)
  • Saron Welsh CM      Erected in 1842      John Davies, Superintendent, Cefnllau    (2)  in Issayndre township
  • Saron CM, Llanbadarn fawr (Parsel isaf-yn-dre)     Bapts 1832-1973  NLW;  Marrs 1848-65, & 1971    NLW      (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS
  • Saron Llanbadarn Fawr CM chapel - still open in 2006

Seion CM chapel, Bryn Seion      (Upper Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn township)

  • Seion Welsh CM chapel, Capel Seion     SN63167932           Started 1804, chapel built 1825/6, enlarged 1845, rebuilt 1875, renewed 1908.          Records;   1.  births and bapts 1821-37 PRO & in IGI        2.  register of members 1859-79  NLW       3. account books 1834-1907, burials 1834-51   NLW       4. collection books 1865-97  NLW         5. Sunday school registers 1867-77   NLW         6. register of bapts 1823-37  NLW         7.  register of bapts 1891-1916, burials 1891-1917  Presbyterian Archives         8. register of bapts 1916-39,  burials 1915-39, marrs 1916-39  Presbyterian Archives        9.  register of bapts 1940-62, burials 1940-62, Marrs 1941-62   Presbyterian Archives                     Still open 1998      (1) & (4)
  • Sion   CM       Erected in 1826      John Davies, Elder, Bryn (....?)     (2)    in Melindwr  [??] township  
  • Capel Seion CM, Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn      Bapts 1823-37 PRO;    Bapts 1823-1962  NLW ;    Marrs 1916-62  NLW;    Burials 1847-51, 1891-1962 NLW      (3)
  • See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg
  • Evans, D.J. Hanes Capel Seion (A History of Sion Chapel), Aberystwyth, Cambrian News (1935).
  • Photograph on Dyfed FHS  (under Llanbadarn-y-Creuddyn)


Soar Welsh Ind chapel, Llanbadarn Fawr village

Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+).
Here is the entry from this book for this chapel - with translation by Maureen Saycell

(Vol 4, p118-119)


" Mae y lle hwn o fewn milldir i Aberystwyth. Yma y corpholwyd yr eglwys Annibynol gyntaf yn y rhanbarth yma o'r sir. Dechreuwyd pregethu yma mewn ty anedd yn nghanol y dreflan, gan Dr. Phillips, Neuaddlwyd, yn 1801. Cynorthwywyd ef gan eraill o weinidogion a phregethwyr yr enwad, a chyn hir cymerwyd ty bychan yn mhen gogleddol y pentref ar ardreth, a threfnwyd ef oreu gellid at gynal gwasanaeth crefyddol ynddo. Corpholwyd yma eglwys yn 1802, cynwysedig o un-ar-ddeg o aelodau. Yr oedd Dr. Phillips a Mr. J. Roberts, Llanbrynmair, yn bresenol ar yr achlysur, a gweinyddwyd yma yr ordinhad o swper yr Arglwydd am y waith gyntaf.   Er mai ar  Dr. Phillips yr oedd y gofal yn benaf, etto cynorthwyid ef gan eraill, ac yn enwedig, ni ddylid esgeuluso crybwyll enwau yr efengylwyr ffyddlon Rhys Daries a John Thomas, Glynarthen, y rhai nid yn unig yma, ond hefyd mewn rhanau eraill o'r wlad, a fuont o help mawr i gychwyn a sefydlu achesion.

Arferid cynal Gwylmabsant yn Llanbadarn ar ddydd Llun y Pasg bob amser, i'r hwn y cyrchai yr holl wlad oddiamgylch, a rnawr yr annuwioldeb a'i dilynui, ac er mwyn gwrthweithio dylanwad niweidiol y cynulliadau llygredig hyny, dechreuodd Dr. Phillips, ac eraill, bregethu yn y lle ar y diwrnod hwnw, a llwyddodd yr efengyl yn raddol i roddi uchel-wyliau annuwioldeb yn yr ardal i lawr. Dyna a fu yn gychwyniad i gyfarfod y Pasg, yr hwn sydd wedi ei gynal o'i pryd hwnw hyd yn awr, ond ei fod er's blynyddau wedi ei symud o ddydd Llun yn nes i ganol yr wythnos

Yn 1804, cafwyd darn o dir at adeiladu capel arno, yr hwn a alwyd yn Zoar.

Yn 1806, symudodd Mr. Azariah Shadrach yma o Lanrwst, i fod yn weinidog yma ac yn Nhalybont, a bu yn llafurio yma gyda llwyddiant mawr am yn agos i ddeunaw mlynedd, a phan y rhoddodd yr achos i fyny, gwnaeth hyny fel y gallai ymgyflwyno yn llwyrach i wasanaethu yr achos newydd a gychwynwyd ganddo yn nhref Aberystwyth. Bu cychwyniad yr achos yno yn dipyn o wanychdod i'r achos yma, ond daliodd ei dir er hyny, a chyn hir adnewyddodd ei nerth. Rhoddwyd galwad i Mr. Benjamin Rees, myfyriwr yn athrofa Neuaddlwyd, ac urddwyd ef Medi 22ain, 1825. Ar yr achlysur gweinyddwyd gan Meistri T. Phillips, Neuaddlwyd ; H. George, Brynberian ; Ll Rees, Trewyddel, (tad yr urddedig); W. Jones, Rhydybont ; D. Davies, Aberteifi; T. Griffiths, Hawen ; D. Thomas, Penrhiwgaled ; M. Rees, Pencadair, ac eraill. Yr oedd cangenau cyn hyn wedi eu sefydlu yn Dyffrynpaith a Clarach, i'r rhai hefyd yr oedd Mr. Rees i weinyddu.

Yn 1827, rhoddwyd eisteddleoedd cyfleus yn y capel, ac yn mhen tair blynedd wedi hyny helaethwyd ef, a rhoddwyd oriel ynddo. Daeth yma gynnulleidfa lled luosog, ac er na chyfrifid yr eglwys yn gyfoethog yn ei hamgylchiadau bydol, etto yr oedd yma lawer o bobl ffyddlawn a gweithgar gyda chrefydd. Llafuriodd Mr. Rees yma yn ddiwyd a chyson am saith-mlynedd-a-deugain, ond yn y ddwy flynedd ddiweddaf y mae ei iechyd wedi gwaelu yn fawr, fel nad ydyw yn gallu cyflawni ei weinidogaeth fel cynt, ond y mae etto yn aros mewn cysylltiad a'r eglwys. Nid ydym wedi cael enwau neb o hynodrwydd a fu yn nglyn a'r eglwys hon, ac nid anfonwyd i ni enw neb a godwyd yma i bregethu. "

Translation by Maureen Saycell (Jan 2008)

"This place is within a mile of Aberystwyth. Here was established the first Independent Church in this part of the county. The first sermon was given, in a dwelling house in the centre of the village, the preacher being Dr Phillips, Neuaddlwyd, in 1801. He was supported by other Ministers and  Preachers of the denomination, and before long a small house was rented at the north end of the village, it was adapted as best possible to hold religious services there .The church was established here in 1802, consisting of eleven members. Dr Phillips and Mr J. Roberts, Llanbrynmair, were present at the event and Holy Communion was celebrated for the first time. Although Dr Phillips was in charge he was supported by others, and mention especially, the names of the faithful evangelists Rhys Davies and John Thomas, Glynarthen, who were very helpful not only here but in other parts of the country to establish the cause.

On Easter Monday there used to be held a celebration in honour of the Patron Saint of Llanbadarn, this occasion drew large numbers of people from the surrounding countryside, and great was the ungodliness that followed, in order to counter the harmful influence of these degraded gatherings Dr Phillips and other began to preach on that day and gradually the gospel won the day and stopped these ungodly celebrations in the area. This was the beginning of the Easter Meetings which continue to be held to this day, although they are now held mid week not on the Monday.

In 1804 a piece of land was found to build a Chapel, this was named Zoar.

In 1806, Mr Azariah Shadrach moved here from Llanrwst to be the Minister here and Talybont, he worked here with considerable success for nearly eighteen years, and when he gave up it was to concentrate on the new cause that he had established in Aberystwyth town. The establishment of this new Chapel weakened the cause here, but it held on and strengthened with time. The call was issued to Mr Benjamin Rees, a student in the college at Neuaddlwyd, and he was ordained on September 22nd, 1825. Messrs T. Phillips, Neuaddlwyd; H. George, Brynberian; Ll. Rees, Trewyddel,(father of the ordained);W. Jones, Rhydybont; D. Davies, Aberteifi (Cardigan); T. Griffiths, Hawen; D. Thomas, Penrhiwgaled; M. Rees, Pencadair and others officiated on this occasion. Two other branches had already been established at Dyffryn Paith and Clarach which Mr Rees would also minister to.

In 1827, suitable seating was added in the Chapel and in three years the chapel was extended and a gallery added. There was a good congregation, although it was not counted as a rich Church in a wordly way it had many who were faithful and supportive in a religious way. Mr Rees worked hard and faithfully here for forty seven years, in the last two years his health has deteriorated considerably, this renders him unable to continue his ministry as before but he is still in close contact with the church. We have not had  any notable names  interested in this church nor any names of Preachers."


Beulah Ind chapel, Dyffryn Paith

Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+).
Here is the entry from this book for this chapel -  with translation by Maureen Saycell

(Vol 4, 119-120)


" Mae y lle yma o fewn tair milldir i Aberystwyth, yr ochr ddeheuol i'r dref. Dechreuwyd pregethu yma yn foreu yn y ganrif bresennol, yn fuan fel y tybiwn ar ol dechreu yn Llanbadarn. Dywed Mr. Morgan, Llanfyllin, yn Hanes Ymneillduaeth, yr arferai ef ddyfod yma yn lled gyson dros ysbaid saith mlynedd o Dalybont, i bregethu mewn ty bychan a elwid Penybont, lle yr oedd Richard a Betti, a'u merch yn byw, y rhai oeddynt ffyddlawn a gwresog gyda chrefydd. Os ceid deg-ar-hugain yn nghyd, cyfrifid hi yn gynnulleidfa dda, ond byddai raid yn aml foddloni ar cyn lleied a chwech. Ond daliwyd yn mlaen er pob digalondid. Cyfaddaswyd hen dy yn lle at addoli, ac ynddo y buwyd yn ymgynnull am lawer o flynyddoedd. Yn 1842, penderfynwyd cael capel newydd yma, ac agorwyd ef Chwefror 1af a'r 2il, 1843. Mae yr eglwys yma wedi sirioli yn fawr y blynyddau diweddaf, er nad yw etto yn lluosog, ac nis gelli disgwyl iddi fod, oblegid nid yw ei chylch ond cyfyng, etto mae yma amryw bersonau a theuluoedd wedi bod yn ffyddlon at Dduw a'i dy. Mae y lle o'r dechreuad mewn cysylltiad gweinidogaethol a Llanbadarn, ac felly y mae yn parhau.

Nid ydym yn gwybod am neb a godwyd yma i bregethu. Yma y derbyniwyd Mr. Darid Williams, Beulah, Bangor, yn aelod, a thueddir ni i feddwl mai yma y dechreuodd bregethu, er na chawsom, sicrwydd o hyny. "

Translation by Maureen Saycell (Jan 2008)

"This place is within three miles of Aberystwyth on the Southerly side, Preaching began here early  this century, soon after Llanbadarn began. Mr Morgan, Llanfyllin in Hanes Ymneilltuaeth (History of Nonconformism) stated that he used to come here on a regular basis during a sojourn of seven years in Talybont, to preach in a small house called Penybont where Richard and Betty lived with their daughter. They were faithful and keen on religion. If thirty came together it was a good congregation but very often one had to be satisfied with six. They persevered despite their disapointment . An old house was adapted as a place of worship and there the congregation met for many years. In 1842 it was decided to have a new Chapel which opened on the February 1st and 2nd, 1843. This church has been much happier in the last few years although the congregation is not numerous, as one would expect in a small area but many people and families have been faithful to God and to his House. This has been associated with the Ministry of Llanbadarn and so it remains.

We do not know of anyone who became preachers from here but it was here that Mr David Williams, Beulah, Bangor became a member and we feel that this is where he began to preach although there is no evidence for this"


[Gareth Hicks: 9 Dec 2011]