Kelly's Directory - South Wales 1910


The general data below has been extracted by Gareth Hicks (October 2003) with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)
The general description extracted is a partly  edited version --- the private & commercial resident name lists were extracted by John Ball.


Is a small town and seaport at the mouth of the river Aeron, on the shore of Cardigan bay; it is the head of a union and county court district........ 225 miles from London, 13 north-west from Lampeter railway station, which is the nearest station, 16 south-by-west from Aberystwyth, 22 north-west from Cardigan, 36 north from Carmarthen, 76 north-west from Pembroke and 66 north from Swansea, hundred of Lower Ilar, petty sessional division of Lower Ilar and Aberayron, rural deanery of Glyn-Aeron, archdeaconry of Cardigan and diocese of St David's.

A branch line of the Great Western railway from Lampeter to this town will be opened in 1910. In 1894, under the 'Local Government Act 1894', an Urban District Council was established, the district comprising the civil parishes of Henfynyw Lower and Llanddewi Aberarth Lower.

Holy Trinity, a chapel of ease to St David's, Henfynyw, is a building of stone in the Florid Gothic style.............there are 400 sittings; the chapel is served by the Rev Evan Evans BA of St David's College, Lampeter, vicar of Henfynyw, and rural dean of Glynaeron.

The town hall, in Market street, is a rectangular building of stone and is the property of Alban Gwynne esq; it comprises a court house and council chamber, and a market is held on the ground floor every Wednesday.

A Public Library was established in 1883 and contains 1600 volumes. There is also a Reading Room in Market street.

The principal hotel is the Feathers Royal Hotel, connected with which is a posting business.

Fairs are held on the 14th March, 10th April, 4th May, last Wednesday in July, Last Wednesday in October, 13th November and 20th December.

The chief imports are coal, limestone, manure and timber; there are no exports of any consequence; a pier 396 feet in length was erected in 1809, which has several times since been altered and improved.

Alban Lewes Gwynne esq of Ciliau Aeron, is lord of the manor and owner of the land. The soil is loamy; subsoil gravel. The chief crops are barley, wheat, oats, potatoes and pasturage.

The area of the Urban District is 387 acres; rateable value £2764; the population in 1901 was 1331.

Henfynyw Lower; is a civil parish, formed in 1894, under the provisions of the 'Local Government Act 1894' out of Henfynyw civil parish. The area is 179 acres of land, 2 of inland water, 4 of tidal water and 43 of foreshore; rateable value £1409; population in 1901 was 564.

Llanddewi Aberarth Lower; is a civil parish, formed in 1894................from Llanddewi Aberarth civil parish. The area is 202 acres of land, 4 of inland water and 10 of foreshore; rateable value £1356; population in 1901 was 767 including 5 officials and 22 inmates of the Aberayron workhouse.

Aberayron Union,  comprises the following parishes;- Aberayron, Cilcennin, Ciliau Aeron, Cydplwyf, Dihewid, Henfynyw Lower, Henfynyw Upper, Llanarth, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, Llanddewi-Aberarth Lower, Llanddewi-Aberarth Upper, Llandysilio Gogo, Llanerchaeron, Llanfihangel Ystrad, Llanina, Llanllwchaiarn, Llansaintffraid and New Quay. The population of the union in 1901 was 10,375; area 65,710 acres; rateable value at Michaelmas 1909 £34,795.

Post Office; Miss Maggie Davies, postmistress

County Police Station, Alban Square; David Jones, sergeant & 1 constable

Places of Worship

  • Holy Trinity Chapel. Rev Evan Evans, minister
  • Calvinistic Methodist (Welsh)
  • Congregational (Welsh). Rev Thomas Gwilym Evans
  • Baptist (Welsh)(Siloam)
  • Wesleyan (Welsh)(Lampeter Circuit). Rev William Thomas Roberts


  • Aberayron County Intermediate School, established under the 'Welsh Intermediate Act 1889', for boys and girls, erected in 1897 at a cost of £2098. Charles Jones Hughes BA, headmaster..........
  • Council (mixed and infants), built in 1873 for 240 children; ...... ; Daniel Jenkins, master
  • National (mixed and infants), for 100 children. George H Lloyd, master


  • Aberayron Steam Packet Company Lim. steam ship to & from Bristol every fortnight
  • Liverpool & Cardigan Bay Steam Packet Co Ltd. steam ship to & from Liverpool every fortnight
  • Motor Omnibuses;--- to and from Aberystwyth, and Lampeter


  • Aberystwith --- Isaac Jones, every day
  • Lampeter --- Owen J Jones daily
  • New Quay --- David Williams, mon, wed & fri

Mail Van

  • David Richards --- for Lampeter
  • William Rees --- for Aberystwith


  • Ashworth, Richard; 5 Pan-Teg
  • Davies, David; 4 Wellington street
  • Davies, John; Tanyfron villa
  • Davies, Morgan; 10 North road
  • Davies, Mrs.; Cartref, Wellington street
  • Davies, Mrs.; 21 North road
  • Davies, Richard; Aaerondale
  • Davies, William James; Alban square
  • Edwards, Miss; Tegfan
  • Edwards, Mrs.; 7 Alban square
  • Evans, Rev. Evan B.A. (vicar of Henfynyw & rural dean of Glyn Aeron); The Vicarage
  • Evans, Rev. Thomas Gwilym (Congregational); Awelfa
  • Evans, Charles Denham; Alban square
  • Evans, John; Milford ho. Cadwgan pl
  • Evans, Mrs.; 3 Portland place
  • Evans, W. H. E.; Llyswen cottage
  • Howell, Jn. Morgan J.P.; Portland ho
  • Hughes, Chas. Jones B.A.; 15 Alban sq
  • Hughes, Dryhurst Geo. Munro; Bank ho
  • Jackson, Mrs.; Llysaeron
  • James, D. Pennant; 26 Alban square
  • Jones, Rev. David B.A. (curate of Llandewi Aberarth); 12 Albert st
  • Jones, Benjamin Cledan; 16 Alban sq
  • Jones, E. Lloyd; Bank house, Alban sq
  • Jones, John; 33 Alban square
  • Jones, Miss; 4 Portland place
  • Jones, Miss; 6 Portland place
  • Jones, Mrs.; 18 Alban square
  • Jones, Mrs.; 1 Greenland terrace
  • Jones, Mrs. Bennet; Aeron view
  • Jones, William John B.Sc.; 11 Albert st
  • Lampshire, Miss; 25 North road
  • Lewis, Mrs.; 17 Alban square
  • Lloyd, Col. Thos. C.B., J.P.; Glyndwr
  • Lloyd, Miss; 6 Pant-teg
  • Morgan, Mrs; 2 Portland place
  • Morris, Evan J.P.; 2 Wellington street
  • Phillips, Thomas; 8 North road
  • Phillips, William J.; Manor hall
  • Powell, Henry G.; Dalaeron
  • Roberts, Rev. William Thomas (Wesleyan); 14 Alban square
  • Williams, Rev. Rees; Caron
  • Williams, Edward; 1 North road


  • Aberayron Public Library (John M. Howell, hon sec.); Assembly rooms
  • Aberayron Steam Packet Co. Limited (D. Cilforch Evans, sec.); office, The Quay
  • Childs, Frederick W., surveyor; Bridge street
  • County Intermediate School (Charles Jones Hughes B.A. headmaster; William John Jones B.Sc. science master; Evan Owen James B.A. latin master; Miss Maggie Owen B.A. & Miss Ethel Thomas B.A. mistresses
  • Davies, David & Sons, boot makers; 22 North road
  • Davies, John & Son, drapers; 36 Alban square
  • Davies, Ben Lewis, hair dresser; 24 Alban square
  • Davies, Bessie (Miss), milliner; Alma house, Alban square
  • Davies, Charlotte (Mrs.), apartments; 5 Greenland terrace
  • Davies, Daniel, grocer; Market hall
  • Davies, Daniel Richard, draper & grocer; Albion house, Bridge street
  • Davies, David, edge tool manufacturer; Water street
  • Davies, Ellen (Miss); Prince of Wales P.H., Queen street
  • Davies, Evan, butcher; 3 Victoria street
  • Davies, George, apartments; 3 Belle Vue terrace
  • Davies, Henry, chemist; 2 Bridge street
  • Davies, Isaac, butcher; 18 Victoria street
  • Davies, James; Victoria P.H., 19 Victoria street
  • Davies, Jane (Miss), apartments; 9 Alban square
  • Davies, Jane (Miss); The Swan P.H., 10 Quay parade
  • Davies, John, builder; Ynys house
  • Davies, John, collector to the Urban District Council; 4 Albert street
  • Davies, John; Feathers Royal family & commercial hotel & livery stables
  • Davies, john L.R.C.P. & L.M.Edin., M.R.C.S.Eng., physician & surgeon, & medical officer & public vaccinator for Llansaintffraid district, Aberayron union & medical officer to workhouse; Tanyfron villa
  • Davies, John James, painter; 15 Market street
  • Davies, Lewis, builder; Nutshell
  • Davies, Mary (Miss), baker; 6 North road
  • Davies, Mary (Mrs.),china dealer; 4 Alban square
  • Davies, Rachael (Miss), dress maker; Oxford street
  • Davies, Samuel, apartments; 2 Queen street
  • Davies, Thomas; Royal Oak P.H., North street
  • Davies, Thomas Powell, coal merchant; Cadwgan place
  • Davies, Timothy, master mariner; 1 Wellington street
  • Davies, Timothy Hughes, tailor & deputy-registrar of marriages; 11 Water street
  • Davies, William James M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon & medical officer of health to the Rural District Council; Alban square
  • Dierks & Brooks, photographic artists; Alban square
  • Edwards, Mary (Miss), confectioner, 21 Market street
  • Edwards, William, grocer; Lampeter road
  • Evans & Son, shoemakers; Anchor house
  • Evans, Ann Maria (Miss), apartments; 10 Greenland ter
  • Evans, Charles Denham, solicitor & commissioner to administer oaths, & registrar & high bailiff of the County Court & clerk to the Aeron Fishery Board (firm, Smith, Davies & Evans); Alban square
  • Evans, David; Red Lion inn, Quay parade
  • Evans, Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker; 3 Oxford street
  • Evans, Francis, grocer; Tabernacle street
  • Evans, James William, master mariner; Hazeldene
  • Evans, John, baker; 5 Market street
  • Evans, John, corn & flour merchant; North rd. & Queen st
  • Evans, John, master mariner; 14 Albert street
  • Evans, John, watch maker; 1 Alban square
  • Evans, Letitia (Mrs.), baker; 10 Mason's row
  • Evans, Rachel (Mrs.), apartments; 2 Belle Vue terrace
  • Evans, Timothy, farmer; Trenewydd
  • Gandy, Edward, excise officer; West side
  • Grace Brothers, milliners (of Bristol) (John Roberts, agent); Manchester house, Market street
  • Griffiths, David, tailor; 8 Regent street
  • Griffiths, John, master mariner; Riversdale
  • Griffiths, Thomas, master mariner; 6 Belle Vue terrace
  • Harries, John Griffith, grocer; Water street
  • Herbert, Evan, tailor; 28 Alban square
  • Herbert, John, tailor; North road
  • Howell & Son, ironmongers; 3 Market street
  • Howell, John M., deputy registrar of marriages & agent for the Star Life Insurance Co.; Portland house
  • Hughes, Arthur Johnson, solicitor, commissioner for oaths, perpetual commissioner, & clerk to the magistrates; Alban square & at 16 Portland st. Aberystwith
  • Hughes, Dryhurst George Munro, branch manager of National Provincial Bank Limited & treasurer to the Union & Rural & Urban District Councils
  • James, Watkin & Son, furniture dealers; 7 North road
  • James, D. Pennant, solicitor & agent for the Commercial Union Insurance Co.; 26 Alban square
  • James, Mary (Mrs.), apartments; 4 Market street
  • Jenkins, Lewis, hand loom weaver; 23 North road
  • Jenkins, Martha (Miss), Cadwgan wine vaults; Cadwgan place
  • Jones, Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper; 10 Alban square
  • Jones, Benjamin Cledan, clerk to the guardians & assessment committee of Aberayron union & supt. registrar of Aberayron district, & clerk to the Rural & Urban District Councils, & to the Governors of the County School; 16 Alban square
  • Jones, Daniel, master mariner; 3 North road
  • Jones, Daniel, master mariner; 3 Queen street
  • Jones, David, grocer; Cadwgan place
  • Jones, David, master mariner; 5 Belle Vue terrace
  • Jones, David Evans, master mariner; 4 Queen street
  • Jones, E. Lloyd, manager of London & Provincial Bank Limited; Alban square
  • Jones, Evan, builder; 5 Portland place
  • Jones, Evan Lima, chemist; 5 Bridge street
  • Jones, Griffith, master mariner; 4 North road
  • Jones, Hannah (Mrs.); White Lion P.H., Alban square
  • Jones, Isaac, carrier; Cadwgan place
  • Jones, Jenkin, master mariner; 19 Alban square
  • Jones, John, news agent, & agent to Prudential Assurance Co. Limited; 32 Alban square
  • Jones, John, master mariner; 9 North road
  • Jones, John, master mariner; 5 North road
  • Jones, John, surveyor & sanitary inspector to the Urban District Council & sanitary inspector to the Rural District Council; Albert street
  • Jones, John Hugh, draper, grocer & deputy supt. registrar of Aberayron union; Castle house, Bridge street
  • Jones, Margaret (Mrs.), apartments; Dolphin house
  • Jones, Mary (Miss); Star of Wales P.H., 10 Market street
  • Jones, Martha (Mrs.), shopkeeper; 5 Quay parade
  • Jones, Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments; 6 Cadwgan place
  • Jones, Owen J., carrier; 27 Alban square
  • Jones, Rachael (Mrs.), baker; 1 Harbour lane
  • Jones, Rees, grocer; 3 Alban square
  • Jones, Thomas, apartments; 29 Alban square
  • Jones, Thomas, master mariner; 6 Greenland terrace
  • Jones, Thos, Richd., bill poster & town crier; Darkgate street
  • Jones, William, master mariner; Ceinfan
  • Jones, William Morris, grocer; 2 Alban square
  • Jones, Winifred (Mrs.), apartments; 9 Belle Vue terrace
  • Leonard, Evan; Black Lion P.H., Alban square
  • Leonard, Thomas, assistant supt. to the Prudential Assurance Co. Limited; 8 Cadwgan place
  • Leonard, Thomas; Cambrian P.H., 23 Tabernacle street
  • Lewis, L. J. & Son, coach builders; 34 Alban square
  • Lewis, Evan, cabinet maker; Castle lane
  • Lewis, Jane (Mrs.), baker; 21 Tabernacle street
  • Lewis, Lewis Jones, baker; 34 Alban square
  • Lewis, Mary (Mrs.), apartments; 8 Belle Vue terrace
  • Lewis, Owen, master mariner; 4 Belle Vue terrace
  • Lewis, Thomas, master mariner; 5 Wellington street
  • Liverpool & Cardigan Bay Steam Packet Co. Lim. (David Jones, agent); Quay parade
  • Llewellyn, John, grocer; 29 North road
  • Lloyd, J. D. & Sons, monumental masons; Market street & Pant-teg
  • Lloyd, Arthur (Mrs.), apartments; 3 Greenland terrace
  • Lloyd, Evan, farmer; Doleuwartheg
  • London & Provincial Bank Limited (branch) (E. Lloyd Jones, manager); Alban square
  • Loyn, George, tinplate worker; 14 Tabernacle street
  • Loyn, Hannah (Mrs.), fancy goods dealer; 8 Market street
  • Monachty Estate Office (Roger Lloyd, agent); Market street
  • Morgan, Daniel James, grocer; 20 Market street
  • Morgan, Evan, master mariner; 9 Greenland terrace
  • Murphy & Rowley, dentists; 15 Market street
  • National Provincial Bank of England Limited (branch) (Dryhurst George Munro Hughes, manager)
  • Newman, William; Beach P.H., West side
  • Owen, David, master mariner; 26 North road
  • Parry, John, hand loom weaver; 3 Albert street
  • Parry, Morgan; New Black Lion P.H., Market street
  • Phillips, William, coal merchant; West side
  • Powell, Henry G., timber importer; West side
  • Pugh, Mary (Mrs.), apartments; 28 North road
  • Pugh, Thomas, draper; 8 Alban square
  • Rank, Joseph Limited, milliners; Cadwgan place
  • Reading Room (Daniel Jenkins, hon. sec.); 14 Market street
  • Rees, Elizabeth (Mrs.), china dealer; 3 Bridge street
  • Rees, Evan Thomas, attendance officer; 8 Mason's row
  • Rees, Griffith, insurance agent; Albert street
  • Rees, James, artificial teeth maker; North road
  • Rees, John, blacksmith; Darkgate street
  • Rees, John, draper; 6 Bridge street
  • Rees, John, grocer; 7 Bridge street
  • Rees, Joseph, master mariner & harbour master; 16 Market street
  • Roberts, John, draper; Manchester ho., 19 Market street
  • Smith, Davies & Evans, solicitors; Alban square
  • Smith, Robert Geddes (firm, Smith, Davies & Evans), solicitor, commissioner for oaths, perpetual commissioner
  • Thomas, Abraham, master mariner; Arrfor
  • Thomas, George, builder; 2 North road
  • Thomas, James, master mariner; 2 Greenland terrace
  • Thomas, Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments; 7 Belle Vue terrace
  • Thomas, Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments; 8 Greenland terrace
  • Thomas, William; Monachty Arms P.H., 7 Market street
  • Town Hall (Mrs. Mary Jones, caretaker); Market street
  • Williams, Daniel, hair dresser; 10 Regent street
  • Williams, David, shoe maker & caretaker of reading room; 14 Market street
  • Williams, Edward M.R.C.S.Eng., L.S.A.Lond., surgeon & medical officer to Aberayron Urban District Council; 1 North road
  • Williams, Evan Aeron. tailor; 12 Alban square
  • Williams, John, coal merchant; 1 Market street
  • Williams, John; Ship-on-Launch P.H., Cadwgan place
  • Williams, Owen, butcher; 7a Quay parade
  • Williams, Samuel, boot maker; 9 Regent street
  • Williams, William, draper; 9 Market street
  • Williams, William Lewis, master mariner; Closeburn

[Gareth Hicks: 21 October 2003]