Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844

Aberayron and Neighbourhood was extracted by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. Archive CD Books

This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. Any general data such as referred to in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary1833 extract, see Aberaeron, is not repeated here.

Aberayron and Neighbourhood

The market days are Wednesday and Saturday; they are tolerably well attended.

Fairs, January 12th, March 12th, May 10th, June 17th, September 22nd, October 27th, November 13th (a statute), and the first Wednesday in December.

The parish of Llan-ddewi-Aber-arth ( with which the population of Aberayron is returned) contained in 1831, 976 inhabitants, and at the last census (1841) 1,066.

Post Office, Market-street, Thomas Havard, Post Master. --- Letters from London and various other parts of England, also parts of South and North Wales, arrive every forenoon at a quarter past eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past one. --- Letters from Carmarthen, and parts south, arrive (from Lampeter) every day at a quarter before one, and are despatched at a quarter before twelve noon.

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy

  • Bonsall, Mr Charles Gray; Market st
  • Browne, Mrs Major; Market st
  • Capreol, Mrs Mary Ann; Alban sq
  • Davies, Alban Thomas, Esq; Tyglyn
  • Davies, Mr David Rice; Water st
  • Davies, Mr Wm Thos; Bwlch-ystrad
  • Evans, Rev Evan Davies; Market st
  • Evans, Mr John N; Pen-y-garreg
  • Evans, Rev William; Bridge st
  • Freeman, Capt---; Derw cottage
  • Gwynne, Capt Alban Lewis; Dolayron
  • Herbert, Rev William; Alban square
  • Hughes, John, Esq; Alltlywd
  • Jones, Mrs Mary A; Market st
  • Lewis, Capt. ---; Llanllear
  • Lewis, Major ---; Llanayron
  • Longcroft, C R, Esq; Lanina
  • Miller, Mr John; Morfa
  • Price, Rev David; Bridge st
  • Saunders, Capt ---RN; Ty Mawr
  • Wigley, George James, Esq; Pier st
  • Winwood, Mrs ---; Tyglynayron

Academies and Schools

  • Edwards, David (day); Chapel st
  • Jones, Mary Augusta (boarding and day); Market st
  • National School (for boys), Aberayron --- William Jones, master
  • National School (for girls), Water street --- Ann Evans, mistress

Bakers and Flour Dealers

  • Edwards, David; Chapel st
  • Ellis, Edward; Cadwgan st
  • Evans, Evan; Bridge st


  • Evins, Jenkin; Llanddwey
  • Jones, David, Factory lane
  • Jones, David; Rock st
  • Jones, Evan; Pen Bont
  • Jones, John; Aberayron

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • George, Daniel; Cadwgan st
  • Hughes, Thomas; Llanddwey
  • James, Daniel; Llanddewy
  • Jones, John; Alban square
  • Samuel, David; Alban square
  • Thomas, David; Chapel st

Chymist and Druggist

  • Green, Abel (and dealer in seeds); Bridge st

Coal Merchants

  • Evans, David; Market st
  • Evans, Evan; Bridge st
  • Jones, John; Pier st
  • Lewis, David; Pier st

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

  • Davies, David; Llanddwey
  • Davies, Richard; Bridge st
  • Evans, David; Llanddwey
  • Green, Elizabeth; Bridge st
  • Green, Wm (and ironmonger); Pier st
  • Green, William jun; Bridge st
  • Jones, David (& provision dealer); Bridge st, corner of Market st
  • Jones, John ( and ironmonger); Pier st and Market st

Hotel (see also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Feathers (and commercial inn and posting house), George Procter; Aberayron

Joiners ( Marked thus * are also builders)

  • *Davies, Jenkin; Aberayron Ucha
  • James, Daniel; Newfoundland
  • Jones, John; Monachty row
  • *Jones, Thomas; Cadwgan st
  • Morris, John; Walter st
  • *Pugh, Jenkin; Market st
  • *Williams, David; Bridge st

Lime Burners

  • Davies, Lewis; Pier st
  • Thomas, David; Aberayron

Linen & Woollen Drapers

  • Green, Elizabeth; Bridge st
  • Green, William jun; Bridge st
  • Jones, John; Pier st


  • Davies, Lewis; Pier st
  • Lloyd, Evan (and general merchant); Aberayron Ucha and Ystrad
  • Procter, George; Aberayron


  • Davies, Evan; Llanddwey
  • Jones, David; Llyswen Mill

Milliners & Dress Makers

  • Evans, Ann; Chapel st
  • Jones, Ann; Chapel st
  • Jones, Ann; Cadwgan st
  • Moss, Jane; Pier st
  • Williams, Mary; Bridge st

Painters & Glaziers

  • Edwards, William; Market st
  • Jones, Thomas; Water st


  • Parry, David; Chapel st
  • Williams, James; Bridge row

Ship Builders

  • Harris, John & Son; Aberayron
  • Jones, Evan; Llanddwey

Slate Merchants

  • Davies, Hannah; Cadwgan st
  • Evans, Benjamin; New quay
  • Evans, David; Market st

Stone Masons

  • Alban, Evan; Bridge row
  • Davies, Evan; Factory lane
  • Morris, David; Market st
  • Pugh, Evan; Rock st
  • Roderick, John; Market st


  • Davies, John; Alban square
  • James, James; Pier st


  • Evans, David; Rock st
  • Evans, David; Llanddwey
  • Jones, John; Llanddwey
  • Powell, Thos ( & draper); Market st
  • Rees, Jenkin; Chapel st
  • Williams, Rice; Llanddwey


  • Green & Pugh; Aberayron Tan-yard

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Castle, Ann Bone; Market st
  • Monachty Arms, John Edwards; Bridge st
  • Red Lion, Lewis Davies; Pier st

Retailers of Beer

  • Davies, David; Pier st
  • Edwards, William; Market st
  • Evans, John; Newfoundland
  • Havard, Thomas; Market st
  • Jenkins, Thomas; Cadwgan st
  • Jones, David; Aberayron
  • Jones, John; Llanddwey
  • Jones, Mary; Market st
  • Jones, Thomas; Chapel st
  • Morris, David; Market st
  • Phillips, David; Llanddwey

Timber Merchants

  • Evans, Benjamin & Co; Aberayron
  • Jones, John; Pier st
  • Jones, John; Aberayron

Watch Makers

  • Evans John; Rock st
  • Jones, Daniel; Rosemary lane


  • Custom House, the Quay --- John Morse, principal coast officer; Cadwgan st; William Williams, harbour master
  • Davies, Daniel, wheelwright; Market st
  • Davies, Eleanor, woollen dyer; Llanddwey
  • Davies, James, excise officer; Alban sq
  • Evans, David, china &c dealer; Market st
  • Evans, David, weaver; Rock st
  • Evans, Evan, registrar of marriages; Bridge st
  • Gubb, James, excise officer; Alban sq
  • Hughes, David, lathe render; Bridge row
  • Jones, David, corn &c mercht; Market st
  • Jones, John, clog & pattern mkr; Water st
  • Jones, John, registrar of births, &c; Llanon
  • Jones, Thomas, woollen spinner; Water st
  • Morgan, Richard, farm steward; Bridge st
  • Pugh, Evan, hat manufacturer; Water st
  • Thomas, David, superintendent of the lock-ups; Chapel st
  • Union Workhouse, Aberayron --- John Edwards, governor; Margaret Edwards, matron
  • Wigley, George James, clerk to the magistrates and the Aberayron Union; Pier st


Calls at the Feathers Inn

  • To Aberystwyth, the Collegian (from Brecon) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, during the summer months
  • To Brecon, the Collegian (from Aberystwyth) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, during the summer months; goes through Lampeter, Llandovery and Trecastle


  • To Aberystwyth, John Jones, from the Monachty Arms, every Monday and Saturday; and Thomas Bowen, once a fortnight
  • To Carmarthen, Thomas Bowen, once a fortnight

Conveyance by Water

  • To London, Bristol, and Liverpool, Traders, according to freight.
  • To the ports of England, Ireland, & Scotland, Coasters occasionally.

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