Extract from 'A Topographical Dictionary of Wales' by Samuel Lewis 1833


Llandyfriog townships

"ATPAR, a borough and township in the parish of LLANDYVRIOG, upper division of the hundred of TROEDYRAUR, county of CARDIGAN, SOUTH WALES, adjoining the town of Newcastle-Emlyn. The population is returned with the parish. This place was formerly one of the contributory boroughs within the county, which were united in returning one member to parliament ; but, according to Dr. Meyrick, it forfeited its franchise by misconduct, and was deprived of the privilege by a vote of the House of Commons, in 1742 : it has, however, by the bill for amending the representation of the people in England and Wales, been restored to the enjoyment of the elective franchise, and, in conjunction with Aberystwith and Lampeter, shares with Cardigan in the return of one member : the right of election is vested in every male person of full age occupying, as owner, or as tenant under the same landlord, a house or other premises of the clear yearly value of not less than ten pounds, provided he be capable of registering as the act directs : the number of these tenements within the limits of the borough, which are minutely described in the Appendix to this work, is sixty-eight : the mayor of Cardigan is the returning officer. The borough, which is said to have been a borough by prescription, was anciently governed by a portreeve, recorder, and two bailiffs : the burgesses were made upon the presentment of a jury, which consisted apparently of the proprietors of burgages, and were accustomed to vote, whether resident or not, for the election of a member : at present there are no burgesses alive. A belief prevails amongst the inhabitants that the charter was destroyed by a fire which occurred within the memory of some now living, in which, there can be no doubt, many of the documents of the borough perished. Atpar is situated on the northern bank of the river Teivy, and is connected, by means of a stone bridge across that river, with Newcastle - Emlyn of which town it is usually considered as forming part. It comprises within its limits an elegant villa, called Atpar Hill, the seat of John Beynon, Esq."

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