Kelly's Directory - South Wales 1895


The data below has been extracted by Gareth Hicks (November 2003) with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)
Place names are as written unless clearly misleading.


Is a small town and parish in Cardiganshire, bounded on the east and south by the river Teifi, which, here divides the county from Carmarthenshire, and has a station on the branch line from Carmarthen junction of the Great Western railway, which now terminates at Newcastle Emlyn. The town is 248 miles from London, 14 south from Aberystwith, 18 east from Cardigan, 18 north from, Carmarthen and 42 north-west from Swansea; in the hundreds of Troedyraur and Moyddyn, petty sessional division of Llandyssil, Newcastle Emlyn union and county court district, rural deanery of Sub Ayron, archdeaconry of Cardigan, and diocese of St. David's;  it is lighted with oil lamps, and is supplied with water from wells.

The church of St.Tyssul is an edifice of stone, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles and an embattled western tower containing 4 bells: the church was restored in 1874, at a cost of £2330, and affords 450 sittings: on a stone, forming part of the entrance to the churchyard, is an inscription of the 6th century. The register dates from the year 1722. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £270, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of St. David's, and held since 1868 by the Rev. William George Jenkins, of St. Bees.

St. David's chapel of ease, erected in 1886, at a cost of £1,050, stands on the banks of the river Clettwr, about 3 miles from Llandyssil; St. John's, on the same river, about 5 miles from Llandyssil; St. Ffraids is in the vale of Cerdin and about 3 miles from Llandyssil.

In the parish are several small woollen factories and yarn spinners ; a market is held every Tuesday for the sale of farm produce and stock.

The " Porth," " King's Head" and the " Wilks Head" are the principal hotels, and each has private fishing rights.

The principal seats are Waunifor, the property of Charles Lloyd esq. M.A., D.L., J.P.; Llysnewydd, the seat of Lieut.-Col. William Price Llewellyn Lewes D.L., J.P.; Mount Gernos, the seat of Gwinnett George Tyler esq. J.P. ; & Bronwydd, of Sir Marteine Owen Mowbray Lloyd bart. D.L., J.P.  

Sir Marteine Owen Mowbray Lloyd bart. is lord of the manor, the principal landowners being Mrs. Lewes, Charles Home Lloyd Fitzwilliams esq., Lieut.-Col. William Price Llewellyn Lewes, James John Lloyd esq., Capt. James Stewart and Mrs. Jones, of Gellifaharen.

The soil is loamy; subsoil, clay. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and potatoes. The area is 17,556 acres; rateable value, £7,939; the population of the entire civil parish in 1891 was 3,034, and of the ecclesiastical, 600.

Parish Clerk, Edward Thomas

Sexton, Evan Davies.

Post, M. O. & T. O., S. B., Express Delivery & Annuity & Insurance Office.---Richard Morgan Davies, postmaster. Letters arrive from London & all parts at 7.10 a.m.; dispatched: at 10.30 a.m. & 4.15 & 8.20 p.m. North mail, arrives at 12.50 p.m.; dispatched at 10.30 a.m. & 4.15 p.m. On sundays letters arrive by mail cart from Carmarthen at 8.7 a.m. & are dispatched at 4.30 p.m. Office hours, 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Wall Box, Pontwelly, cleared at 10 a.m. 4 & 8 p.m.; sunday, 2.15 p.m

Mail Cart leaves for New Quay at 7 a.m. & returns at 4.30 p.m

Post Office, Penbontshan.--- David Evans, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Llandyssil at 9.20 a.m. & are dispatched at 2.10 p.m

Cardiganshire Magistrates for the Petty Sessional Division of Llandyssil

  • Vaughan-Pryse, John Pugh esq. D.L.; Bwlchbychan, Llanybyther,Carmarthen (chairman)
  • Davies, Enoch esq.; Brynteify, Bangor, Llandyssil
  • Davies, Thomas esq. ; Verdrefach, Llandyssil
  • Evans, Colonel Herbert Davies; Highmead, Llanybyther, Carmarthen
  • Evans, E. W. J. esq.; Camnaut hall, Llandyssil
  • James, William esq. ; Brynhyfryd, near Llandyssil
  • Jones, Arthur Howell esq. ; Penyrallt, Llangeler, Llandyssil
  • Lewis, Lieut-Col. William Price Llewellyn D.L.; Llysnewydd, Llandyssil
  • Lloyd, Charles esq. M.A., D.L; Waunifor  Maesycregiau R.S.O
  • Lloyd, David Jones esq. ; Gilfachurn, Llandyssil
  • Stewart, Captain James D.L.; Alltyrodyn, Llandyssil
  • Thomas, Rev. Thomas; Criborfaur hall, Llandyssil

Clerk to the Magistrates, John H. Evans, Newcastle-Emlyn

Petty Sessions are held at the Porth Hotel, Llandyssil and Eagle inn, Llanfihangelararth, alternately on the last Wednesday in every month. The places included in the Petty Sessional Division are Llandyssil & Bangorteify

Carmarthenshire Magistrates for Llanfihangelararth Petty Sessional Division.

  • Vaughan-Pryse, John Pugh esq. D.L. ; Bwlchbychan, Llanybyther R.S.O. chairman
  • Bowen, William Charles esq. ; Wornmackwydd castle, Llanfihangelararth, Carmarthen
  • Evans, Col. Herbert Davies, ; Highmead, Llanybyther, Carmarthen
  • Jones, Arthur Howell esq.; Penyrallt, Llangeler, Llandyssil
  • Lewes, Lieut.-Col. William Price Llewellyn, D.L.; Llysnewydd, Llandyssil
  • Lloyd, Charles esq. M.A., D.L.; Waunifor, Maesycrugiau R.S.O
  • Lloyd, David Jones esq. ; Gillfachwen, Llandyssil
  • Stewart, Captain James D.L. ; Alltyrodyn, Llandyssil

Clerk to the Magistrates, John Henry Evans, Newcastle Emlyn

Petty Sessions are held at the Porth hotel, Llandyssil, & at the Eagle inn, Llanfihangelararth alternately on last Wednesday in each month at noon. The following places are included in the division: Llanfihangelararth, Llanllwni, Llanfihangel-rhos-y-corn, Llanybyther & Brechfa

Rural District Council.

  • Clerk, W. Evans George, Newcastle Emlyn
  • Surveyor, Thomas Evans, Cefncurt, Llangranog

Public Officers.

  • Certifying Factory Surgeon, Henry H. Davies, Rock house
  • Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Llandyssil Dist. Newcastle Emlyn Union, E. Richard Evans L.R.C.P. Edin
  • Inland Revenue Officer, Joseph Eaton Richards
  • Deputy Chief Constable of Cardiganshire, David Williams, Tonn house

Places of Worship, with times of services.

  • St. Tyssul Church, Rev. Wm. George Jenkins, vicar; Rev. Evan Philip Jones, curate; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; week days, once a week at 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
  • St. David's (English & Welsh) & St. John's (Welsh); morning & afternoon services are held alternately at these churches at 10.30 a.m. & 2 p.m
  • St. Ffraid's (Welsh), afternoon service at 2 p.m.; week-day services are held in the evening at St. Davids & St. Ffraid's; once a month & on chief festival, days at 7 p.m
  • Baptist, 10 a.m. & 2 & 6 p.m
  • Unitarian, Rev. George Thomas; 6 pm
  • Wesleyan, 10 a.m. & 2 & 6 p.m
  • Calvinistic Methodist, Rev. Thomas James M.A.; 10 a.m. & 6 p.m
  • Congregational, Rev. Thomas Pennant Philips; 10 a.m. & 6 p.m.; tues. at 7 p.m


A School Board of 5 members was formed in the parish 1st Mar. 1876; the British School was taken over by this board; there are also three other schools under the same authority; E. Jones, clerk to the board; Thomas Rees, Llandyssil & Thomas Lloyd, Blaencathal, attendance officers.

  • Board, built for 100 children; average attendance 108; Thomas Evans, master.
  • National, built in 1854, for 120 children; average attendance, 63; James R. Phillips, master.

Railway Station, James John Jones, station master

Omnibus to Newcastle Emlyn & Cardigan, 7 a.m. & 4.15 p.m.; returning from Cardigan, 7.30 a.m. & 1.10 p.m

Carrier's to:---

  • Newcastle Emlyn, John Jones, daily
  • New Quay, William Thomas, tues. thurs. & sat
  • New Quay, Benjamin Davies, mon. wed. & fri
  • New Quay, Abraham Davies, mon. wed. & fri

Private Residents

  • Amplett, Mrs.; Clifton terrace
  • Bowen, George Bevan J.P.; Stradmore
  • Brown, Miss; Satr cottage
  • Daniels, Benjamin; Plas-geler
  • Davies, Rev.Wm. Jenkin B.A.(Unitarn)
  • Davies, Henry Harries; Rock house
  • Davies, Mrs.; London house
  • Davies, Rev. John H. (curate)
  • Davies, Thomas J.P. ; Vairdre-Fach
  • Elliott, Gilbert Lloyd J.P.; Dolhaidd
  • Evans, Ebenezer Richard, ;Tyssur lodge
  • Evans, Evan
  • Francis, David Wm.; Laura ho.Pontwelly
  • Francis, John; Tivy view
  • George, Mrs. ; Enos
  • Griffith, Charles Marshall Q.C., M.A.,J.P. ; Llwyndyris
  • Hall, Mrs. ; Marble villa
  • James, Rev. Thomas M.A. (Calvinistic Methodist)
  • James, William; Brynhyoryd
  • Jenkins, Rev. Wm. Geo.; The Vicarage
  • Jones, Rev. Evan Philip (curate)
  • Jones, Arth. Howell J.P. ; Pen-y-rallt
  • Jones, Evan; Tyssul castle
  • Jones, John W.; Vedwen villa
  • Jones, Misses; Richmond villa
  • Jones, Mrs.; Gellifaharen
  • Lewes, Lieut.-Col.Wm Price Llewellyn D.L., J.P.; Llysnewydd
  • Lloyd, Sir Marteine Owen Mowbray bart. D.L.,J.P; Bronwydd
  • Lloyd, Chas., M.A., D.L., J.P.; Waunifor (postal addrss.Maesycrugiau R.S.O. Carmarthenshire)
  • Lloyd, David Jones J.P. ; Gillfachwen
  • Lloyd, Mrs. ; Cerdin villa
  • Nicholas, Thos/Richd.; Richmond villa
  • Philips, Rev. Thomas Pennant (Cong)
  • Phillips, James R. ; 1 Lincoln street
  • Prothero, Mrs. ; Cambrian place
  • Rees, Thomas A. W.; Castle green
  • Thomas, Rev. Thomas (Unitarian); Pantydfaid
  • Tyler, Gwinnett Gep. J.P.;  Mnt. Gernos


  • Assembly Rooms, (J. S. Jones, propr)
  • Buckley Bros, (Llanelly), beer stores; Pontwelly
  • Davies, Annie (Mrs.), coffee rooms
  • Davies, Daniel, carpenter
  • Davies, Dvd. bldr. & Farmers'Arms P.H
  • Davies, David, dairy farm; Tyrdra
  • Davies, David, draper; Alma house
  • Davies, David, farmer; Cwmtwyll
  • Davies, David, grocer; Marble terrace
  • Davies, David, haulier
  • Davies, David Beynon, builder; Pontwelly
  • Davies, Eleanor (Mrs.), shopkeeper ; Cambrian place
  • Davies, Evan, farmer; Fairdre-Fawr.
  • Davies, Griffith, grocer
  • Davies, Gwynne, manager of National Bank of Wales Limited
  • Davies, Henry, saddler
  • Davies, Henry Harries, surgeon & certifying factory surgeon; Rock house
  • Davies, John, shopkeeper; Lincoln st
  • Davies, John; Half Moon P.H
  • Davies, Jn. draper,grocer &c. ; Bridge ho
  • Davies, John, shopkeeper; Pontwelly
  • Davies, Michael; Crown inn
  • Davies, Richd. Morgan, post master
  • Davies, Sarah (Mrs.), baker
  • Davies, Thomas, chemist &c
  • Davies, Thomas Henry, solicitor
  • Davies, Wm. Lewis, woollen manufr. Carding & spinning mills; Henfryn
  • Edis, Robert; Wilks Head hotel
  • Edwards, John, confectioner
  • Enoch, Mary (Miss), shopkeeper
  • Evans, Evan & Cath. grocers; Tregroes
  • Evans, Martha & Son, yarn spinners; Abercerdin
  • Evans & Thomas, solicitors
  • Evans, Benjamin, farmer
  • Evans, Daniel; Porth hotel
  • Evans, Daniel Michael, mason
  • Evans, David, auctioneer; Gorrig
  • Evans, David,boot & shoe mkr.; Pontwelly
  • Evans, David, currier
  • Evans, David, general merchant, Post office; Penbontshan
  • Evans, David; King's Arms P.H
  • Evans, Davie; Alltyrodyn Arms P.H
  • Evans, Ebenezer Richard L.R.C.P. Edin. physician & surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator to Llandyssil district of Newcastle Emlyn union
  • Evans, Evan, farmer; Gorrig
  • Evans, John, haulier
  • Evans, John, painter
  • Evans, John, shoe maker; Barley mow
  • Evans, John, solicitor & commissioner, see Evans & Thomas
  • Evans, Joshua, chemist & druggist, stationer & oil & color & seed mers
  • Evans, Mary (Mrs.),milliner ; Pontwelly
  • Evans, Thomas, blacksmith
  • Evans, Thomas, painter
  • Harries, Albt. mngr. of Lloyds Bank Lim
  • Hopkins, Peter, timber mer.; Pontwelly
  • Hughes, David, tailor
  • Hutton, Anne (Mrs.), tea & coffee rooms; Pontwelly
  • James, John, cattle dealer
  • James, Jn. dairy farm; Troedrhiwfawr
  • Jenkins, Wm. draper; Kingshead fach,
  • Jones, Phoabe & Son,butchers; Church. st
  • Jones, Thomas E. & Co. wholesale grocers & corn mers. & millers
  • Jones Andrew, blacksmith
  • Jones, Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper
  • Jones, Benjamin, draper, grocer &c
  • Jones, Benoni, blacksmith; Pontwelly
  • Jones, Daniel, clothier; Pentrecourt
  • Jones, Daniel Evans, woollen manufr ; Teifi mills
  • Jones, David, egg merchant; Pentrecrt
  • Jones, David, Cilgwyn Arms; Pontwelly
  • Jones, David, miller &c, (water); Pentrecourt
  • Jones, David, watch maker
  • Jones, David, jun. butcher
  • Jones, Eliza (Mrs.), apartments
  • Jones, Evan, butcher; Tymaen
  • Jones, Evan, coal mer.; Pontwelly statn
  • Jones, Evan, farmer; Abercerdin
  • Jones, Evan, mason
  • Jones, Evan, shoe maker & shopkeeper
  • Jones, Henry, blacksmith
  • Jones, Hill (Mrs.), girls' schl.; Marble ter
  • Jones, Jas. ; Black Horse P.H. Pentre crt
  • Jones Jenkins, hand loom weaver
  • Jones, John, butcher; Thornbush
  • Jones, John, butcher; 3 Lincoln street
  • Jones, John, tailor
  • Jones, John, weaver; Pentrecourt
  • Jones, John D, insurance agent
  • Jones, John Sylvanus; King's Head hotel & propr. of Assembly rooms
  • Jones, Jonathan, builder
  • Jones, Mary (Miss), dress maker
  • Jones, Samuel, shopkeeper; Pentrecrt
  • Jones, William,butcher, Bridge street
  • Jones, William, farmer; Pengraig-wen
  • Jones, William, tailor; Angel house
  • King's Head hotel, fishing free to visitors staying at this hotel ; posting ; proprietor, John S. Jones
  • Lewis Jn. grocer & corn dlr.; Pontwelly
  • Lewis, John David, machine printer, stationer, bookseller & news agent, Gomerian Press
  • Lewis, Thos., game dealer; Cambrian pl
  • Lewis, William, shoe mkr. ; Cambrian pl
  • Lloyd, Rhys, saddler
  • Lloyds Bank Lim. (sub-branch), (Albt. Harries mngr.), draw on Lloyds Bank Lim. 72 Lombard st. Lndn. EC
  • Mathias, Thos. carpenter; Pentrecourt
  • Metropolitan Bank of England & Wales Lim. (branch), (Gwynne Davies, manager) ; draw on head office
  • Morris, Bridget (Miss), milliner
  • National Provincial Bank of England Limited (agency), (open tues. thurs. & fair days) ; draw on head office, 12 Bishopsgate st. within Londn. EC
  • Parry, David, wheelwright; Penbonshan
  • Phillips, Ellen (Mrs.);  Blue Bell P.H
  • Phillips, Mary Margaretta(Mis5),millinr
  • Pierce, Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper
  • Porth Hotel, two & a half miles of private fishing to visitors ; billiards; proprietor, Daniel Evans
  • Rees, Daniel, tailor
  • Rees, David, tailor ;
  • Rees, David, weaver
  • Rees ,Emily (Miss), confctnr; Pontwelly
  • Rees, Evans, blacksmith; Station road
  • Rees, John, builder; Cambrian place
  • Rees, John, coal merchant
  • Rees John, Union inn & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine & spirit mers
  • Richards, Joseph Eaton, inland rev.officr
  • Thomas, Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper
  • Thomas, Benj. plasterer; Church street
  • Thomas, David, hosier
  • Thomas, Evan Isaac & Son, cabinet makers, furniture dealers, french polishers , & undertakers; Gwalia ho
  • Thomas, John Daniel & Son, drapers, grocers & ironmongers ,& agents to the Sun Fire & Life offices; Richmond house
  • Thomas, W. & E., tailors & dress mkrs
  • Thomas, John Daniel, registrar of births & deaths for Llandyssil district & Newcastle Emlyn union
  • Thomas, Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
  • Thomas, Thomas, solicitor, see Evans & Thomas
  • Thomas, Thos., yarn spinner; Pontwelly
  • Thomas, William, tailor; Clifton terrace
  • Titus, David, carpenter; Quarry bank
  • Tyler Bros., woollen mnfrs.; Maesllyn mls
  • Tyssul School, (Rev. Thomas James M.A. master)
  • Watkins, David;  Plas Parke PH Pentrecourt
  • Williams, Margaret (Mrs.), coal & lime merchant
  • Williams, David, deputy chief constable of Cardiganshire; Tonn house
  • Young, Alex., refrshmnt. rms.; Railwy stn

[Gareth Hicks: 21  November 2003]