Members of Parliament for Cardiganshire, and Cardigan


With the kind permission of the publisher, this extract is taken  from "The History of Cardiganshire" by S R Meyrick, 1810, specifically the reprint of the 1907 imprint published by Stephen Collard in July 2000. (Gareth Hicks May 2003)

There are two separate lists below


1536  June.        ) Returns 
1539  April.      )  lost.

1541    Dec. Rice ap Philip M.P. 1541 until his death in 1543.

1543    April 18. Thomas Gynns, vice Rice ap Philip dec. He was secretary to the young Prince, after-
            wards Edw. 6, and sat for Co. Card. 1543-4.

1545    Jan. 24. David ap Llewellin Lloid of Elan Dissill (Quaere the same as David Llwyd otherwise Dafydd
            ap Llwyd of Castell Howel who m. (I) Leiky (Lucy) dau. of Jenkin Llwyd of Llwyd Dafydd, and (2)
            Gwenllian dau. of Howel John of Llansawel; or David Lloyd of Castell Howell, son of Llewelyn Lloyd,
            and m. Margaret dau. of Thomas ap Watkyn of Llanarth, Co. Card.). The latter most probably ac-
            cording to Dwnn's Visitation. Quaere the same as David Lloyd LL.D., perhaps a Master in Chancery
            temp. Edw. 6, and Q. Mary.

1547    Sep. 28. William Devereux. He seems to have died before the dissolution of parliament 15 April
            1552, and was probably a scion of the house of which the Earl of Essex was the head. (Quaere 3rd
            son of Walter 1st Viscount Hereford).

1553    Feb. 15. James Williams. Probably the same as Sir James Williams Knt. of Pant-howell, H.S. co.
            Carmarthen 1543 and 1569, and Knighted in 1553.

1553    Sept. 27. John ap Richard ap Rees David Lloid, otherwise John Pryse of Gogerddan. Son and heir
            of Richard ap Rhys or Pryse of Gogerddan, m. (1) Elizabeth dau. of Sir Thomas Perrott Knt. of
            Haroldstone, co. Pemb. and (2) Bridget dau. of James Pryse of Mynachdy, co. Radnor, was admitted
             a student of the Inner Temple Feb. 1550, called to the Bar 155-, and called to the Bench of that
            Society 1568, H.S. co. Card. 1570, and of Co. Merioneth 1580, one of the Council of the Marches of
            Wales, and M.P. co. Card. Sept.-Dec. 1553, March 1554, (probably 1554-5), 1563-7, 1571, and 1572-83.

1554    March. The same as John ap Rice.

1554    Nov. Return lost, but probably the same.

1555    Sept. 24. Sir Henry Johnes Knt. of Abermarles, co. Carm.

1558    Jan. The same, re-el. 11 Jan. 1559.

1563    Jan. John Pryse of Gogerddan, again, re-el. April 1571 and April 1572.

1584    Nov. 11. Richard Pryse of Gogerddan. Eldest son of the last member, became a student of the
            Inner Temple Nov. 1583, m. Gwenllian dau. and heir of Thomas Pryse ap Morris ap Owain ap Evan
            Blaney or Blaen of Aberbychan, co. Montgomery, was Knighted July 1603, M.P. co. Card. 1584-5,
            1588-9, Feb. to April 1593, Sept. to Oct. 1601, March to June 1614, 1621-2, H.S. 1585, 1604, and d.
            7 Feb. 1623, bur. in Llanbadarnfawr Ch. He was app. a member of the Council of Marches 7 July
            1602. The House of Commons ordered him 17 April 1604 to be sent for by their Serjeant to answer
            his proceedings as Sheriff of the county at the Cardigan election 1604.

1586    Oct. 12. Griffith Lloyd. Second son of Hugh Llewellin Llwyd of Llanllyr, Co. Card. (H.S. 1567),
            and nephew to David Lloyd (see 1545), was Chaplain of New Coll. Oxford, before and in 1564 as
            Floyd, grad. B.C.L. 20 April 1572, D.C.L. 3 July 1576, and D.D., adm. a member of the College of
            Laws 12 Nov. 1576, second Principal of Jes. Coll. Oxon 1572-86, fellow of All Souls Coll., Regius Pro
            fessor of Civil Law Oxford 1577-86, Chancellor to the Bishop of Oxford, M.P. Co. Card. 1586-7, also
            el. for Abingdon 1586 but preferred to represent co. Card., died in Doctors Commons 26 Nov. 1586,
            bur. in St. Bennet's, Paul's wharf, London. Will proved at Oxford 14 July 1587. He m. Anne dau.
            and co-heir of John Rastall, Chief Justice of the Brecknock circuit. He had two brothers, Morgan
            Lloyd of Llanllyr, and Thomas Lloyd M.A. of Maesyfelin, treasurer of St. Davids (grandfather of Sir
            Francis Lloyd.

1588    Oct. Richard Pryse, again, re-el. Feb. 1593.

1597    Oct. 5. Thomas Pryse of Glanvraed. Second son of John P. of Gogerddan (see 1553), and brother
            to the last member, was admitted a student of the Inner Temple Nov. 1588, m. 1597 Bridget dau. and
            heir of John Gruffydd of Glanvraed, and was H.S. Co. Card. 1609. (This according to Nicholas, but
           1656 respectively for an abatement of the assessment of Co. Cardigan, and in each case half the assess
           ment was respited. Quaere the same as Jenkin Lloyd employed as a messenger by the Council of
           Browne Willis gives Thomas Jones, who might be the son of Sir Henry Johns of Abermarles, while
           the Blue Book renders the name thus, "Thomas - --.")

1601    Sept.30. Richard Pryse again.

1604    March. Sir John Lewis Knt. of Abernant-bychan. Son of James ap Lewis of that place, (H.S. 1571,
            1589, by Ann dau. of John Wogan H.S. 1562), b. 1580, ent. at Jes. Coll. Oxford 22 April 1598, aged
            17, ent. the Inner Temple Nov. 1598, m. Bridget eldest dau. of above Sir Richard Pryse of Gogerddan
            (see 1584), was knighted 20 June 1604 H.S. Co. Card. 1608, 1633, M.P. 1604-11, became possessed of
            Coedmawr, by exchange, and d. 1643 or about 1656.

1614    March. Sir Richard Pryse Knt. again. Re-el. 3 Jan. 1621.

1624    Jan.28. James Lewis of Abernant-bychan. Son of above Sir John L. (see 1604), b. 1601, matric.
            at Jes., Coll. Oxford 14 March 1617, aged 15, was M.P. Co. Card. 1624, April to Aug. 1625, Feb. to
            June 1626, 1628-9, April to May 1640, and Nov. 1656-8 Jan., was a Royalist at the beginning of the
            Civil War, but was app. one of the Sequestration Committee for cos. Cardigan, Pembroke, and Car
            marthen 14 Jan. 1645, and Col. of a regiment, and captured Newcastle Emlyn for Parl. Dec. 1645;
            his regiment was ordered to be disbanded 1 March 1648, on the reduction of the army, though, owing
            to Col. Poyer's rising it was retained for some time afterwards. Information was laid before the
            Committee for the Advance of Money against him 12 Feb. 1649 (then styled of Kilkiffe, co. Pemb.)
            "that he was High Sheriff co. Pemb., fought first for the King until taken prisoner by Gen. Laugharne
            and kept in Pembroke 6 or 7 months, that he then accepted a commission from Laugharne, but
            still favoured the King's party and protected them, and though he had only 30 men and 30 horse, he
            cost the State £50,000, and being made a Sequestration Commr. used his power to shield the royalists."
            An order was however made for his discharge 15 March 1649, under the general act of pardon for S.
            Wales 26 Feb. 1649. He was High Sheriff of co. Cardigan 1664, and described as "a person of in
            "offensive, facile constitution, forced from a Royalist, to act as a Col. for King and Parliament;
            "seldom out of publique offices, tho' averse to undertake any; loved more for doing no wrong, then
            "for doing of any good. Sola socordia innocens." (M.S. 1661, printed in Cambrian Register.)
            Probably the same as James Lewis nominated a Knight of the Royal Oak 1660, having then an estate
            of £700 a year.

1625    April 20. The same. Re-el. Feb. 1626, Feb. 1628, 1 April 1640.

1640    Nov. The Sheriff returned that the writ was delivered to him too late for members to be elected
            before the meeting of Parliament 3 Nov. 1640, and a new writ was issued.

1640    Dec. Walter Lloyd of Llanfair Clydogau and Llanney. Son of John L. (H.S. 1602), b. 1580,
            matric. at Lincoln Coll. Oxford 7 Nov. 1595, aged 15, adm. a student of the Inner Temple Nov. 1615,
            was H.S. Co. Card. 1621, M.P. 1640 until disabled for "deserting the service of the House, being in
            the King's quarters, and adhering to that party," 5 Feb. 1644, (new writ issued 5 June 1646), was a
            Commr. of Array for Charles 1. 1642, Knighted 24 March 1643. He was fined £1003 9s. 0d. on 15
            July 1647, and £261 10s.6d. on 9 July 1650 as there was difficulty identifying him, (see Cal. State
            Papers), was excepted out of the general pardon for S. Wales 26 Feb. 1651, and his estates ordered to
            be sequestered 13 May 1651, and lived to over 80 years of age. He was "a gent. and a scholar, elegant
            "in his tongue and pen, nobly just in his deportment, naturally fit to manage the affayres of his
           "country, which he did before these times (1661) with much honour and integrity, was Commr. of
            "Array, paid a deep composition in Goldsmith's Hall, contents himself within the walls of his house."

1646   Aug. 19. Sir Richard Pryse Knt. and Bt. of Gogerddan, vice Sir Walter Lloyd disabled to sit 1644.
           Eldest son of Sir John P. Knt. of Aberbychan, co. Montgomery, and grandson of Sir Richard P. Knt.
           (see 1584), was H.S. co. Card. 1639, M.P. 1646-8 Dec. when secluded by Col. Pride, Knighted by
           Charles I., cr. a Bart. 9 Aug. 1641, m. (I) Hester dau. of Sir Hugh Middleton Bt. of Ruthin,
           County Denbigh, and (2) Mary dau. of Lord Ruthin, and relict of Sir Anthony Vandycke, and was
           bur. 21 Oct. 1651 in Westminster Abbey. He was assessed at £3,000 on 28 Aug. 1646, but no pro
           ceedings thereon were taken.

1653   July. Six members app. for Wales, viz., Bussey Mansel, James Phillips, John Williams, Hugh A
           Courtenay, Richard Price, and John Brown.

1654   July 12. (2 members). Col. James Phillips of Terragibby and Cardigan Priory, and Rev. Jenkin Lloyd
           of Fairdref Fawr. The latter was the son of John L. of Fairdref (by Margaret only dau. of Morgan
           Herbert of Dol-y-cors, in Cwmystwith, co. Card.) b. 1624, matric. at Jes. Coll. Oxon., 4 Dec. 1640,
           aged 16, M.A. 1648, D.D. 1661, was chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, M.P. co. Cardigan 1654-5, rector of
           Llandyssul and vicar of Llanfihangel Ystrad 1661. His petition on behalf of himself and the other
           Commissioners for the ejection of Scandalous Ministers and Schoolmasters in Wales, was referred to
           the Treasury Commrs. to report 17 Aug. 1655. He had official lodgings assigned him 1654 (see Cal.
           State Papers 11 May 1655), and was ordered with others, 27 Nov. 1655, to examine the petition of the
           well-affected of Haverfordwest, concerning the election to office of a malignant, and other similar
           matters. He and Col. James Phillips petitioned Parliament on 2 Sept. 1654, 23 May 1655, and 1 Feb.
           State 1650 and 1651, to whom £20 was ordered to be given 2 April 1650 for the charges of his journey
           to Youghall with letters to the Lord Lieut. of Ireland; who was app. by the Council 17 March 1651
           to go specially to "Scotland to see the Lord General Cromwell, and inform himself as to his health,"
           and who was given £10 more 28 March upon his return "in consideration of his expedition in that

           Col. Phillipps was the eldest son of George P. of Tregibby (H.S. 1605), born 1594, matric.
           at Jes. Coll. Oxford 16 June 1610 at the age of 16, m. (1) Frances dau. of Sir Richard Phillips Bt.
           of Picton, co. Pemb., (2) 1647 Katherine (who d. June 1664) dau. of John Fowler a wealthy merchant
           of London, and (3) Anne dau. of Sir Richard Rudd Bt. of Aberglasney, co. Carm., was H.S. co. Card.
           1649, M.P. co. Card. 1654-5, and Jan. to April 1659, co. Card. and co. Pemb. 1656, but preferred to
           represent co. Pemb. till Jan. 1658, Cardigan April to Dec. 1660, and April 1661-2 when his election
           was declared void. He and his brother Hector are said to have acquired unenviable notoriety
           as very active Commrs. of Sequestration in S. Wales, and were both Commrs. for securing
           the peace in cos. Card., Carm., and Pemb. in 1655. James Phillips was added to the High Court of
           Justice 25 June, 1651, served for years as a member of the Committee for the Army, being ordered
           a salary of £300 a year 15 May 1656, (to date from 24 June 1654 when he must have first been so
           appointed), and was re-ap. to the Committee 20 Aug. 1657 and 3 June 1658, and seemed to have been
           one of its most active members. He was assigned the official lodgings lately occupied by Sir Henry
           Vane 27 June 1653, and app. 27 Nov. 1655 one of the committee to examine the petition of the
           "well affected of Haverfordwest," concerning municipal offices. "He was one that had the fortune
           "to be in with all tymes, yet thrived by none; hath done much good, and is ill rewarded by those
           "he deserved most of." (MS. 1661 Camb. Reg.) His wife was styled "the Matchless Orinda"
           in the literary world, and her poems were several times published.

1656   Aug.  Col. James Phillips again, and Col. John Clark of Kensington, Middlesex. The latter was
           an active officer of the Commonwealth, was a Captain in 1651, app. M.P. for Suffolk and also one of
           the six members for Ireland July 1653, was returned to the English Parliament Aug. 1654 as one of
           the two members for the three cos. of Derry, Donegal, and Tyrone, being then Gov. of Londonderry,
           and sat till Jan. 1655, was el. for cos. Pemb. and Card. 1656, and preferred to represent the latter till
           10 Dec. 1657, when cr. one of Cromwell's House of Lords, chosen for Weymouth and Dartmouth (in
           a double return) Jan. and made his election to sit for Weymouth, till April 1659, was seat as Lieut.
           Col. Clerke, with Adm. Blake to reduce the Scilly Isles May 1651, was on the Fleet Committee in
           Dec. 1653, a Commr. for Irish affairs in Jan. 1654, app. 9 Nov. 1655 an Auditor to call to account
           all treasurers and receivers of State money since 1642, app. a Commr. for the army 24 June 1654, 20
           Aug. 1657, and 3 June 1658, at a salary of £300 a year, and acted as Chairman thereof, sat upon various
           other committees, was a Commr. of the Admiralty in Feb. 1654 and Feb. 1660, was granted a Foot
           regiment 16 June 1659 by the Committee of Safety, but was cashiered with Lambert and the other
           Generals by the Council of State July 1659, mentioned as app. to the command of Dunkirk Aug. 1659,
           but did not proceed there, was ordered by the Council of State to depart from London 13 Jan. 1660,
           and ordered "not to stay in town" 2 Feb. 1660. He was a prisoner in the Gatehouse on 17 Dec. 1660,
           at which date he petitioned the King for his release, stating that he "was imprisoned on suspicion
           of treason, of which he knew nothing, nor had he in the least misdemeaned himself."

1656    Nov. 12. James Lewes again, vice Phillips who elected to serve for co. Pemb.

1659    Jan. 6. Col. James Phillips again.

1660    July 11. Sir Richard Pryse Bt. of Gogerddan. Eldest son of above Sir Richard Pryse Knt. and Bt.
           (see 1646,) whom he succ. as 2nd Bart. Oct.1651, was H.S. co. Card. 1655, M.P. July to Dec. 1660,
           m. Elizabeth dau. of Sir Bulstrode Whitlocke Knt. and d.s.p. "Sir Rd. Pryse, a young gent. not of
           full age in the tyme that the discovery of principles was most dangerous; and it is conceived he hath
           not as yet any that he is too much obliged unto. He ran through several publique offices under all
           Governments that have been from 1652 to this time, but probably more by the direction of his father
           in-law Mr. Bulstrode Whitlocke, than by his own desires." (M.S. 1661.)

1661   April 17. John Vaughan of Trawscoed. Eldest son of Edward V. of that place, (H.S. 1618, who d.
           1635,) b. at Trawscoed 13 Sept. 1603, "matric. at Chr. Ch. Oxford 1623 aged 15," entered the Inner
           Temple Nov. 1620, where he was called to the Bar 1630, and made a Bencher 1660, obtained a large
           practise before the Star Chamber. m. Janet eldest dau. and co-heir of John Stedman of Cilcommyn,
           was M.P. Cardigan 1628-29, Mch. to May 1640 and Dec. 1640 until disabled to sit for his loyalty 1
           Sept. 1645, co. Card. and Newton (Lancashire) 1661 when he el. to serve for co. Card, until 22 May
           1668 when he was raised to the bench as Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, was knighted in
           May 1668, cr. a Serjeant at law 20 May 1668, and presided over the Court of Common Pleas with great
           dignity and legal acumen until his death 10 Dec. 1674, when he was bur. in the Temple Church, London.
           Chief Justice Vaughan who refused to take office under the Commonwealth, was a great friend of the
           learned lawyer John Selden, who made him one of his executors. He was the author of the Reports
           of Cases decided in the Common Pleas 1665-74, and his portrait was painted in Guildhall, London.
          "To great abilities this respectable Judge united a strong attachment to the English constitution,
          "which prevented his being too great an advocate for the prerogatives of the Crown." On his peti
          tion to the King July 1660 complaining that during the Commonwealth he "was plundered, obliged
          to compound and restrained in his profession as a lawyer, for his loyalty," he was app. Steward of
          Mevenith and 4 other royal manors in co. Card. (Cal. State Papers.) In the above mentioned MS.
          1661, he is however severely handled :--"John Vaughan,--- One that will upon fits, talke loud for
          Monarchy, but scrupulous to wet his finger to advance it. He was named by H.M. one of the Commrs.
          to attend the treaty in the Isle of Wight, but refused it; personally advised Cromwell to put the
          crown on his owne head, personally assisted the taking of Aberystwith, a garrison then kept for his
          late Majesty. These services kept him from sequestration; bore offices in the late several Govern
          ments. He is of good parts, but puts too high a value on them; insolently proud and matchlessly
          pernicious; by lending £800 to Col. Philip Jones and other favourites of the late tymes, procured
          the command of the county he liveth in, to continue in his friends and descendants of this day."
          Information was laid against him as a delinquent 29 June 1648.

1669  Aug. 25. Edward Vaughan of Trawscoed. Son of the last member, Chief Justice Vaughan, became
          a student of the Inner Temple Nov. 1653, where he was called to the Bar 1660, published his father's
          Reports in 1677, m. Letitia dau. of Sir Wm. Hooker, Knt., was M.P. co. Card. 1669-81, held the office
          of a Lord Commr. of the Admiralty 14 Feb. 1679 to 19 Feb. 1680, and d. 1688. Bishop Burnet said he
          was a man of great integrity, had much pride, but did great service, and was "one of those who
          preserved the nation from a very deceitful and practising Court, and a corrupt House of Commons."
          He was nominated a Knight of the Royal Oak 1660, having an estate of £ 1000 a year.

1679   Feb. 26. The same. Re-el. 10 Sept. 1679.

1685   April 1. John Lewis of Coedmore. Son of James L. of Coedmawr, (see 1656), m. the dau. of Ludovick
           Lewis of Llangorse, co. Brecon, and becoming possessed of estates there, was H.S. co. Brecon 1684,
           M.P. co. Card. 1685-7, 1689-90, and 1698-1700, Cardigan 1693-8 and Jan. to Dec. 1701. His dau.
           Jane m. Capt. Thomas Lloyd of Cilgwyn, and transferred Coedmore to the Lloyds (see 1874).

1689   Jan.17. The same, defeating John Vaughan, who petitioned 4 Feb. 1689.

1690   March 19. Sir Carbery Pryse Bt. of Gogerddan, who defeated John Vaughan by 185 to 91, whereupon
           the latter petitioned, and it was resolved by a majority of 3 that the adjournment of the poll from
           Aberystwith to Cardigan was a legal adjournment, and further resolved by a majority of 1, that Sir
           Carbery Pryse was elected duly, "it being enacted by an Act of 1 Queen Mary that the sheriffs turn
           shall be held alternis vicibus at Aberystwith and Cardigan, and this time it was kept at the former."
           Sir Carbery was the eldest son of Carbery Pryse of Gogerddan, by Hester dau. of Sir Bulstrode Whit
           locke, and nephew of Sir Richard P. (see 1646,) succ. his uncle Sir Thomas as 4th Bt. May 1682, and
           was M.P. co. Card. 1690 until his death unm. May 1694, when the title became extinct. In 1690 lead
           mines were discovered on his Gogerddan Estate of such immense value as to obtain the name of the
           Welsh Potosi. Sir Carbery thereupon procured an Act of Parliament to enable him to form a company
           which commenced working the mines, but was opposed by the old Society of Miners Royal, and a
           lawsuit ensued, pending which Sir Carbery and his partners, among whom were several noblemen,
           obtained another Act of Parliament, empowering all the subjects of the Crown of England to enjoy
           and work their own mines in England and Wales, notwithstanding they might obtain gold and silver,
           provided the King and those who might claim under him might have the ore, paying the proprietors
           for it upon the bank within 30 days after raising, and before its separation from the lead. Sir Carbery
           himself is said to have conveyed the news of the passing of this Act, from London to Escairhir within
           48 hours, by means of relays of horses, and bonfires were lit on the hills, amid other signs of great
           rejoicings in the county.

1694   Dec. 19. John Vaughan of Trawscoed, vice Sir G. Pryse dec. Eldest son of above Edward V. (see
           1669), m. Lady Malet Wilmot 3rd dau. of John Earl of Rochester, and co-heir of her bro. Charles
           Earl of Rochester, was an unsuccessful candidate and petitioner for co. Card., 1689 and 1690, M.P.
           1694-8, raised to the peerage of Ireland as Viscount Lisburne 29 June 1695, app. Lord Lieut. and Cus.
           Rot. of co. Card. 1715, and d. 20 March 1721.

1695   Nov. 20. The same as John Viscount Lisburne.

1698   July 27. John Lewis again.

1701   Feb. 5. Sir Humphrey Mackworth Knt. of Gnoll, Glam. Second son of Thomas M. of Betton, co.
           Derby, b. Jan. 1657, mattic. at Univ. Coll. Oxon. 11 Dec. 1674, aged 17, m. (settlement dated 16
           June) 1686 Mary dau. and heir of Sir Herbert Evans Knt. of Gnoll, Neath, and settled in Glamorgan
           shire, was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1682, Knighted by Charles II. at Whitehall 15 Jan.
           1683, M.P. co. Card. Feb. to Dec. 1701, 1702-5, 1710-13, Totnes (Devon) 1705-8, unsucc. cont. and
           petitioned at Cardigan Feb. 1710, and d. 25 and bur. 27 Aug. 1727, aged 70. Sir Humphrey who was
           greatly interested in mining, and is said to have given Edward Pryse of Gogerddan £15,000 for his
           mining rights, was Dep. Gov. of the Company of Mine Adventurers of England, incorporated 1704,
           but, with the Secretary and Treasurer thereof, was voted "guilty of many notorious and scandalous
           frauds and indirect practices" by the House of Commons 31 March 1710, and it was ordered "that
           a Bill be brought in to prevent their leaving the kingdom and alienating their estates until the end
           of the next session," but before this could become law, parliament was dissolved. He gave £5 7s 6d.
           towards erecting a Church at Cardigan 1702-3 (Meyrick).

1701   Dec. 10. Lewis Pryse of Gogerddan. Only son of Thomas P. of Glanfraed, (by Maud dau. of Lewis
           Owen of Peniarth and Meirion, see Merioneth 1659,) b. 1683, matric. at Jes. Coll. Oxon, 1 April 1699
           aged 15, el. for co. Card. at the age of 18, m. Anne dau. and heir of John Lloyd of Aberllynfy, inherited
           Gogerddan after the death in 1694 of his kinsman Sir Carbery Pryse, (see 1690) was M.P. Card. 1705-8,
           and co. Card. 1701-2, 1708-10 and March 1715 until he was expelled the House for non-attendance 23
           March 1716, and d. 11 Aug. 1720. He gave £3 towards erecting a Church at Cardigan 1702-3.

1702   Aug. 5. Sir Humphrey Mackworth, Knt.

1705   June 6. John Pugh of Mathafarn, co. Montgomery.

1708   June 2. Lewis Pryse of Gogerddan 583, Thomas Johnes 347. The latter presented a petition which
           the House dismissed.

1710   Oct. 13. Sir Humphrey Mackworth, Knt.

1713   Sept. 16. Thomas Johnes of Llanfair Clydogan. Son and heir of Thomas J. of Llanfair, (H.S. 1673),
           m. (r) Jane dau. and heir of Wm. Herbert of Hafodychtryd, (H.S. 1689, 1704), and (2) Blanche dau.
           of David Van, of Llanwern, co. Mon., was M.P. co. Card. 1713-15, and an unsuccessful candidate and
           petitioner 1708 and 1715, H.S. 1705, and d.s.p. 1733, leaving his estates to his cousin Thomas Johnes
          of Dolaucothi, co. Carm. and Penybont, co. Radnor.

1715   March 2. Lewis Pryse of Gogerddan, defeating Thomas Johnes who petitioned. "Upon a call of
           "the House being made 10 Aug. 1715, the name of Lewis Pryse, esq. being called over, and he not
           "appearing, the House ordered the said Lewis Pryse to be sent for in custody of the Serjeant-at
           "Arms, but the said Lewis Pryse not appearing, nor apparently wishing to appear nor having taken
           "the oath, he was disqualified to sit," and having absconded was ordered to be expelled the House
           23 March 1716, but a new writ was not ordered to be issued until 6 Dec. 1717. Mr. Pryse had sent
           a letter from Aberllynfi 18 Feb. 1716, saying he was laid up with a severe attack of gout.

1718   Jan. 29. Owen Brigstocke of Llechdwny co. Carm. vice Lewis Pryse expelled the House. Eldest
           son of Ald. Wm. B. of Llechdwny and Kidwelly, who d. 1706, b. 1680, matric. at Jes. Coll. Oxford
           29 Oct. 1695 aged 15, called to the bar at the Middle Temple 1705, was M.P. Cardigan 1712-13, and
           co. Card. 1718-22, and d.s.p.

1722   April 12. Francis Cornwallis of Abermarles. Eldest son of Sir Francis C. Knt. of that place, by
           Elizabeth only dau. of Sir Henry Johnes St. of Abermarles, b. 1693, matric. at Univ. Coll. Oxon 19
           April 1710, aged 18, was M.P. co. Card. 1722-7, and Cardigan 1727 until his death s.p., from a fall from
           his horse occasioned by an apoplectic fit, in Abermarles Park 19 Aug. 1728, aged 35, and was bur. at
           Laugharne, co. Carm. 4 Sept. His name appears as a member of the Society of Sea Serjeants at their
           annual meeting at Tenby in 1726, being then styled of Westmead, and the Post Boy newspaper of 4
           Sept. 1728, gave him an excellent character. His was a younger branch of the same family as that
           of the Lords and Marquis Cornwallis (extinct).

1727   Sept.27. John (Vaughan) Viscount Lisburne of Crosswood, defeating Thomas Powell of Nanteos, who
           petitioned. Eldest son of John 1st Viscount of Lisburne (see 1694), whom he succ. in the Irish peerage
           20 March 1721, and also as Cus. Rot. of co. Card., was M.P. co. Card. 1727-34, voted for the Hessian
           troops 1730, and the Excise Bill 1733, and d. 15 Jan. 1741. He claimed a seat in the Irish House of
           Lords but was refused admission in consequence of his father having omitted the enrolment of his
           patent, according to Act of Parliament, whereupon he presented a petition to the House stating the
           reasons of the omission and praying that his case might be taken into consideration; but parliament
           being soon after prorogued, no proceedings ensued.

1734   May 29. Walter Lloyd of Voelallt and Peterwell. Son of ---  L. of Voelallt, m. Elizabeth dau.
           and heir of Daniel Evans of Peterwell, was called to the bar., app Attorney General for South Wales,
           that is for cos. Card., Carm. and Pemb. (salary £300 a year), "app. a Judge of Equity in North and
           South Wales" May 1735 (Gent. Mag., voted for the Convention 1739, M.P. 1734-42 Feb. when uns.),
           and d. 1747. His name appears as Mayor of Cardigan 1710, 1711, 1714, 1718, 1721, and as Deputy
           Mayor 1720. (A Walter Lloyd son of David L. of Llanbadarn, matric. at Bras. Coll. Oxford 6 July
           1697, aged 19.)

1741   June 9. Walter Lloyd 344, Thomas Powell of Nanteos 340. On petition the seat was awarded to
           the latter 8 Feb. 1742. He was the eldest son of Wm. P. of Nanteos, and grandson of Sir Thomas Powell
           Knt. successively a Baron of the Exchequer, and Justice of the King's Bench, and Common Pleas,
           temp. James II., was M.P. Cardigan 1725-7, and 1729-30 when uns., unsucc. cont. and petitioned for
           co. Card. 1727, again defeated 1741, but seated on petition 1742 and sat tin 1747, m. Mary grand
           daughter of Sir John Frederick Knt. M.P., Lord Mayor of London 1662, and sister to Jane Duchess
           of Athol, gave £50 towards restoring Cardigan Church 1748, and d. suddenly of a apoplectic fit in the
           street 16 Nov. 1752, when his estate developed upon his only surviving bro. Rev. Wm. Powell LL.D.

1747   July 23. John Lloyd of Peterwell. Eldest son of above Walter L. (see 1734), was a barrister-at-law,
           Att. Gen. for cos. Carm., Card. and Pemb., J.P. co. Card., H.S. Jan. 1731, m. (1) a dau. of Isaac le
           Heup M.P., who brought him a large fortune, and (2) 6 April 1736 Miss Savage "worth £15,000,"
           and was M.P. co. Card. 1747 until his death 27 June 1755. He gave in 1748, £100 towards recasting
           and setting up the bells of Cardigan Church as well as giving £25 to restore the Church, and acquired
           the Maesyfelin estate in 1750, on the death of his brother-in-law Sir Lucius Christianus Lloyd 3rd and
           last Bt. of Maesyfelin (nephew to above Francis Cornwallis, see 1722), owing to the curious circum
           stance that both gentlemen had agreed that the survivor should be heir to the other. Mr. Lloyd
           together with his neighbour Mr. Thomas Johnes of Llanfair, enjoyed the intimate friendship of the
           celebrated Henry Fox, afterwards Lord Holland, Sir Chas. Hanbury Williams and Richard Rigly M.P.,
           many years Paymaster General, who were often their guests, and whose extreme partiality for the
           card tables resulted eventually in the two Cardiganshire gentlemen being considerable losers, "but
           both retrieved their fortunes by marrying heiresses."

1754   May 9. The same.

1755   Dec. 3. Hon. Wilmot Vaughan of Crosswood, vice Lloyd dec. Eldest son of Wilmot 3rd Viscount
           Lisburne, b. 1728, m. (1) 10 July 1754 Elizabeth only dau. of Joseph Gascoyne Nightingale of Mam
           head, Devon; she d. 19 May 1755, and he m. (2) April 1763 Dorothy eldest dau. of John Shafto M.P.
           of Whitworth, Durham, was M.P. Berwick-upon-Tweed Dec. 1765-8, co. Card. 1755-61 and 1768-96,
           cr. D.C.L. Oxford 5 July 1759, succ. his father in the Irish Peerage as 4th Viscount Lisburne 19 Jan.
           1766, and the same year inherited the estates of his maternal uncle Thomas Watson of Berwick, was
           Cus. Rot. of co. Merioneth until 1769, succ. his father as Lord Lieut. co. Card. 10 Jan. 1763, and held
           office as Sec. to the Chancellor of the Exchequer April 1761, a Lord Commr. of Trade (£1000 a year)
           Dec. 1768-70, a Lord of the Admiralty Feb. 1770-82 March, cr. Earl of Lisburne in the Peerage of Ire
           land 18 July 1766, and d. at his seat at Mamhead, Devon, which he had greatly improved and
           beautified, 6 Jan. 1800. "It is no flattery to his memory to say that his understanding was superior
           "to most, equal to the best. His classical attainments were extensive, possessing all the elegance
           "without the pedantry of the professed scholar, benevolent, charitable, and sincere, he discharged
           "the several relations of life with tenderness, affection, and faithfulness. Beloved by his neigh
           hourhood, and united to his family by the closest endearments, his death is most severely lamented"
           (Gent. Mag.)

1761   April 20. John Pugh Pryse of Gogerddan. Only son of Thomas Pryse, of that place, upon whose
           death May 1745, he succeeded to an estate of £3000 per annum, b. 1739, matric. at Oriel Coll.
           Oxon. 16 June, 1756, aged 17, cr. M.A. 21 May 1760, was Mayor of Cardigan 1763, voted for Wilkes
           1679, M.P. co. Card. 1761-8. and Cardigan 1768 until his death unm. 13 or 30 Jan. 1774, aged 34.
           (M.I. Llanbadarn Vawr Church.) The Gogerddan estates devolved upon his kinsman Lewis Pryse of
           Woodstock, co. Oxon. (son of Lewis P. who died at Woodstock 12 March 1769 aged 62, bro. to Thomas
            P. of Gogerddan.

1768   March 30. Wilmot Viscount Lisburne again, re-el. 4 Jan. 1769 (office), 7 March 1770 (office), 26 Oct.
           1774, as Earl of Lisburne 28 Sept. 1780, 28 April 1784, 26 June 1790.

1796   June 8. Thomas Johnes of Hafod. Eldest son of Thomas J. of Llanfair (see Hist. Radnorshire), b.
           at Ludlow 20 Aug. 1748, educ. at Shrewsbury Grammar School, Eton, (1760-7,) and Edinburgh Univ.,
           cr. M.A. Oxford July 1783, set out in 1768 on the grand tour of Europe in company with Rt. Hon.
           Robert Liston, (Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain 1783,) unsucc. cont. Cardigan 1774, but was seated
           on petition Dec. 1775, accepted the Chiltern Hundreds and was returned for co. Radnor June 1780,
           in succession to his father, sat till 1796, and was M.P. co. Card. 1796 until his death at his villa by
           the seaside Langstone Cliff, near Exeter 23 April 1816, having sat in Parliament for 40 years. He was
           Col. of the Carmarthenshire Militia 1778-98, Lord Lieut. and Cus. Rot. of co. Card. 4 July 1800 when
           he took the oaths of office to 1816, app. for life Auditor of the King's Land Revenues in Wales (salary
           nearly £1,000 a year), May 1781, app. Secretary to the Embassy at Madrid June 1783, but res. the next
           month before entering on the duties, was Steward of the Crown Manors in co. Card., m. (1) 1778 Maria
           (who d. at Bath 1782), only surviving child and heir of Rev. Henry Burgh of Monmouth, and (2)
           1782 his cousin Jane Johnes of Dolaucothi, co. Carm., was el. F.R.S., published at his private printing
           press at Hafod excellent editions of "Froissart's Chronicles," and "Monstrelet's Chronicles," and
           other translations, and three times obtained the gold medal of the Society for the encouragement of
           Arts and Manufactures. Col. Johnes who planted over two million trees, was an, excellent landlord, and
           constructed at his own expense miles of excellent roads, built excellent dwellings, and erected and
           endowed schools for the benefit of his tenants and neighbours. In 1783 he commenced building his
           noble mansion at Hafod, which he stored with collections of books, pictures and works of art at great
           expense, and although in 1807 this noble edifice was destroyed by fire, causing damage estimated at
           £70,000, in a short time a new Hafod rose from the ruins, erected on the same site, and after the
            same design.

1802   July 12. Thomas Johnes. Re-el. 11 Nov. 1806, 8 June 1807, 16 Oct. 1812.

1816    May 27. William Edward Powell of Nanteos, vice Johnes dec. Eldest son of Thomas P. of Nanteos,
            and grandson of Rev. Wm. P. (see 1741,) b. 16 Feb. 1788, succ. his father in the estates 1797, matric.
            at Chr. Ch. Oxon. 20 Oct. 1804, m. (1) 4 Oct. 1810 Laura Edwyna, who d. 1822, eldest dau. of James
            Sackville Tufton Phelps of Coston House, co. Leic., and (2) April 1841 Harriett Dell widow of George
            Akers of Moreton Hall, Cheshire, and yst. dau. of Henry Hutton of Cherry Willingham, co. Line., was
            J.P. co. Card., H.S. 1810, M.P. 1816-54 when he retired, Lord Lieut. and Cus. Rot. and Col. of Militia
             for co. Card. 26 Oct. 1816-54 Feb. when he res., and d. 10 April 1854.

1818    June 25. The same. Re-el. 16 March 1820, 19 June 1826, 9 Aug. 1830, 11 May 1831, 19 Dec. 1832.
            12 Jan. 1835, 2 Aug. 1837, 8 July 1841, 11 Aug. 1847, 15 July 1852.

1854    Feb.22. Ernest Augustus (Vaughan) Earl of Lisburne, vice Powell who accepted the Stewardship
             of the Manor of Northstead. Eldest son of John 3rd Earl of Lisburne (see Cardigan 1796,) b. 30 Oct.
             1800, m. (1) 27 Aug. 1835 his cousin Mary (who d. 23 July 1851,) 2nd dau. of Sir Lawrence Palk 2nd
             Bt., M.P., of Haldon House, Exeter, and (2) 5 April 1853 Elizabeth Augusta Harriet dau. of Col.
             Henry Hugh Mitchell and grand-dau. of Henry 5th Duke of Beaufort, succ. his father in the Irish
             Peerage 18 May 1831, was J.P. co. Card., H.S. 1851, M.P. 1854-9, patron of 7 livings, and d. 6 Nov,

1857    March 31. The same.

1859    May 7. William Thomas Rowland Powell of Nanteos 1070; Arthur Henry Saunders Davies of Pentre,
             co. Carm. (son of the member for co. Carm. 1842), 928. Eldest son of Col. W. E. Powell (see 1816),
             b. 3 Aug. 1815, educ. at Westminster, m. 1 May 1839 Rosa Edwyna dau. of George Cherry of Buck
             land, co. Hereford, was some time Capt. 37th Regt. and afterwards Lieut. Col. Cardiganshire Militia,
             J.P, Co. Montgomery, J.P. and D.L. co. Card., M.P. 1859-65, and d. 13 May 1878.

1865     July 20. Sir Thomas Davies Lloyd Bt. of Bronwydd, 1510; David Davies, 1149. Eldest son of
             Thomas L. of Bronwydd (H.S. 1814), b. 23 May 1820, matric. at Chr. Ch. Oxon, 5 Dec. 1838, m. 22
             Dec. 1846 Henrietta Mary dau. of George Reid of Jamaica and Watlington, Oxon., joined in 1840 the
             13th Light Dragoons, served in Canada with the 82nd Foot, and commanded a detachment at Ottawa,
             was app. D.L. cos. Cardigan and Carmarthen 1847, U.S. Co. Cardigan 1851, was patron of 6 livings,
             created a Baronet 21 Jan. 1863, M.P. Co. Card. 1865-8, and Cardigan 1868-74, and d. 21 July 1877,
             aged 57.

1868.    Nov. 28. Evan Matthew Richards of Brooklands, Swansea, 2074; Edward Mallett Vaughan of
             Lapley, Co. Stafford, (grandson of John 3rd Earl of Lisburne, see Card. 1796), 1918. The former was
             the son of Richard Richards of Swansea, where he was born 1821, m. 1844 Maria dau. of James Sloane,
             was a J.P. of Swansea, Mayor 1855 and 1862, J.P. and D.L. Glamorgan, J.P. Co. Card., unsucc. cont.
             Honiton 1865, was M.P. co. Cardigan 1868-74, when he was defeated, and d. 21 Aug. 1880.

1874      Feb. 13. Thomas Edward Lloyd of Coedmore 1850; E. M. Richards 1605. Eldest son of Thomas
              Lloyd of Coedmore, Lord Lieut. co. Card. (who d. 1857), b. 1820, educ. at Rugby, a student of the
              Middle Temple 19 Jan. 1839, called to the bar 8 Nov. 1844, m. (1) 1850 Colemena Frances Phillot (who
              d. 1882), 2nd dau. of Rev. David Daniel, and (2) 1886 Eliza Mary dau. of Rev. George Bennett, rector
              of Rede, Suffolk, was J.P. cos. Card. and Carm., patron of one living, and M.P. co. Card. 1874-80, when
              he was defeated.

 1888     April 8. Lewis Pugh Pugh of Abermaed 2406, T. E. Lloyd 1605. Second son of John Evans of
              Lovesgrove, co. Card., by the dau. of Lewis Pugh, b. 3 Aug. 1837, educ. at Winchester Coll., ent. at
              Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford 7 Dec. 1855, B.A. 1859, M.A. 1862, a student of Lincoln's Inn 23 Jan.
              called to the bar 17 Nov. 1862, practised for some time before the High Court of Calcutta, m. 28
              March 1864 Veronica Harriet dau. of James Hills of Neechindepore, Bengal, assumed by royal license
              in 1868 the surname of Pugh in lieu of his patronymic under the will of his uncle Lewis Pugh, was
              J.P. and D.L. co. Card., and M.P. 1880-5.

1885      Dec. David Davies of Broneirion, Llandinam, 5967, Matthew Lewis Vaughan Davies of Tanybwlch,
              3644. Son of David D. b. 18 Dec. 1818, attended a day school at Llandinam, but was principally
              self-educated, began life as a sawyer, then followed the pursuit of agriculture, and afterwards became
              a highly successful railway contractor, and an extensive colliery proprietor, a Director of the Brecon
              and Merthyr, Pembroke and Tenby, Manchester and Milford, and Cambrian Railways Companies,
              Vice-Ch. of the Barry Dock and Ry. Co., Ch. Llandinam School Board, J.P. Co. Montgomery, J.P.
              and D.L. co. Card., unsucc. cont. co. Card. 1865, M.P. Cardigan 1874-85, and Co. Card. 1885-6, where
              his defeat at the poll was one of the great surprises of that general election. Mr. Davies who m. 1851
              Margaret dau. of Edward Jones of Llanfair, and d. 20 July 1890, was a most generous philanthropist.

1886     July 9. William Bowen Rowlands, Q.C. of Glenmare, Broad Haven co. Pemb. 4252, David Davies
             4243. Eldest son of Thomas Rowlands, J.P. of Glenover co. Pemb., b. 1836, ent. at Jes. Coll. Oxon
             22 March 1854, scholar 1855-8, B.A. 1859, M.A. 1865, m. 1864 Adeline Wogan only dau. of J. D.
             Brown of Kensington House, Haverfordwest, was headmaster of Haverfordwest grammar school 1864,
             took Deacon's order and became Curate of Narberth 1864, but availed himself of the provisions of the
            Clerical Disabilities Relief Act 1870 on 7 April 1873, became a student of Gray's Inn 27 Oct. 1868, cer
            tificate of honour, first-class, Michaelmas 1870, called to the bar 26 Jan. 1871, went to the South
            Wales circuit, was a revising barrister for co. Card. until 1882, Q.C. 18 Jan. 1882, Bencher 5 April 1882,
            Treasurer of Gray's Inn 1889, a member of the Council of Legal Education, and of the Bar Library
            Committee, J.P. co. Pemb. and Haverfordwest, J.P. and D.14. co. Card., M.P. from 1886, Recorder
            of Swansea (salary £100 a year) from June 1893.

1892    July 15. W. B. Rowlands Q.C. 5249, William Jones of Birmingham 3278.

1893    July    W. B. Rowlands Q.C. Re-el. after appointment as Recorder of Swansea.

1895      --      M. Vaughan Davies, J.P., 4927; J. C. Harford, J.P., 3478.

1900    Oct. 12.   M. Vaughan Davies, J.P.; 4568; J. C. Harford, J.P., 3781.

1906    Jan. 19. M. Vaughan Davies, J P., 5829; Morgan-Richardson, Solicitor, 2962. (See notes on County


1536 June.    ) Returns
1539 April.  )   lost.

1545 Jan. 21. Jenkyn ap Rhees.

1547 Sept. 24. John Cotton. He seems to have died before the dissolution of Parliament 15 April 1552.

1553 Feb. 15. Edward ap Howell.

1553 Sept. 27. John Gwynne. (Perhaps the same as John or Jevan Gwynn ap Siankyn of Mod Ifor,) was M.P. Cardigan Sept. to Dec. 1553 and 1563-7, and probably the same as John Gwynne of London, adm. to Inner Temple Nov. 1561, adm. a member of the College of Laws at Doctors Commons 4 Nov. 1560, and M.P. Co. Carnarvon 1572-83. He was granted a lease for 21 years of the office of Raglar of co. Card. at a rent of 20 nobles a year, by Q. Eliz. 3 July 1563.

1554 March. John Powell.

1554 Nov. The same.

1555 Sept. 24. Thomas Phaer of Forest, near Cilgerran. Son of Thomas P. of Norwich, (by Clara dau. of Sir William Goodyear Knt. of London,) became a member of Lincoln's Inn, and was probably called to the Bar, took the degree of M.B. at Oxford Univ., and adm. to practise 6 Feb. 1559, M.D. 21 March 1559, was also Solicitor to the Council of the Marches of Wales, and Solicitor to Queen Mary, J.P. and Custos Rotulorum of co. Pemb., Constable of Cilgerran, M.P. Carmarthen 1547-52, Cardigan 1555, 1558, and Jan. to May 1559, mar. Anne dau. of Ald. Thomas Walter of Carmarthen, made his will 12 Aug., 1560, d. at Forest the same year, and was bur. in Cilgerran Ch. (monumental inscription.) Dr. Phaer was a great classical scholar, and translated several books of Virgil's AEneid. His neighbour George Owen said of him, "Thomas Phaer, doctor of physic, a man honoured for his learninge, commended for his govemmente, and beloved for his pleasant natural conceiptes." He left two daughters and co-heirs, and his widow re-m. to John Revell of Forest.

1558 Jan.The same. Re-el. 11 Jan. 1559.

1563 Jan John Gwynn again, (see 1553.)

1571 April. Edward Davies. He was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, and sat for Cardigan 1571 and 1572-83.

1572 April. The same.

1584 Nov. 9.Francis Cheyne.Second son of John C. of Cogenho, and Cheshambois, Bucks, whom he succ. in the estates on his death 1585, (his elder bro. John being disinherited,) ent. the Inner Temple Nov. 1568, was knighted July 1603, M.P. Cardigan 1584-5, 1586-7 and d.s.p. 1619. His great nephew was cr. Viscount Newhaven 1681, which title became extinct 1738. Francis Cheyne's sister m. Sir John Perrott (see Hist. Pembrokeshire).

1588 Oct. Alban Stepney of Pendergast, Co. Pemb. (see Hist. Pemb. 1572.)

1593 Feb. Sir Ferdinando Gorges Knt. of Langford. Second son of Edward Gorges, (by Cecily dau. of Wm. Lygon M.P. Co. Worc.), b. 1564, was a gallant soldier and adventurer temp. Q. Eliz. and James I., knighted at Cadiz 1596, M.P. Cardigan Feb. to April 1593, was Captain of Plymouth Castle, and founder of the State of Maine in America, was Captain of a man of war in the English Fleet at Dieppe 1625, was four times married, and d. at the age of 82, being bur. at Long Ashton, Somerset, 14 May 1647. He was one of the Earl of Essex's Council who supported him in his rash rebellion 1600, and was suspected of betraying the plot to Sir Walter Raleigh. (Hume.) He probably sat for Cardigan owing to his friendship with Sir Gelly Meyrick, executed for the same plot.

1597 Oct. 1. Thomas Rawlins. He was (quaere of a Herefordshire family,) of Clare Hall, Camb. graduated M.D. 1599, Licentiate of the College of Physicians 17 March 1600, but interdicted practising 31 Jan. 1602, for refusing to pay the annual fees due to the College, but having made his submission was adm. 1604, and a Fellow 22 Dec. 1605.

1601 Sept. 30. Double Return of William Awbrey LL.D., and Richard Delabere. The former who was returned by the Bailiff of Aberystwith, presented a petition, which however was never determined, as the parliament was dissolved 19 Dec. 1601. The latter however was "chosen by the Bailiffs, "&c. of Cardigan, and himself delivering the return to the Clerk of the Crown, and paying the fees, "was sworn, and adm. into the House." He was (probably a younger son of Kinard Delabere of Southam, Co. Glouc.) b. about 1559, matric. at St. Mary Hall, Oxford 1575, aged 16, called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1589, and chosen a Bencher 1603, was M.P. Cricklade (Wilts) 1586-9, Cardigan 1601, again March to April 1604 when uns. and is styled by Nicholas "an adventurous barrister." He had a grant of the office of Attorney General of the cos. of Card., Carm., Pemb. Rad. and Brecon, which he was holding in 1613, and was living in 1623. William Awbrey was the younger son of Richard A. (who sold his estate of Abercynrig, Co. Brecon, to his celebrated cousin Dr. Wm. Awbrey, see History of Breconshire) by his wife the dau. of Thomas Gunter of Gilestone, co. Brecon, b. 1561, ent. at Chr. Ch. Oxon. 20 Nov. 1580, aged 19, B.A. 22 Jan. 1583, M.A. 20 May 1586, proctor 26 April 1593, B.C.L. and D.C.L. 9 July 1597, adm. an advocate of the College of Laws at Doctor's Commons 24 Nov. 1611, and was Chancellor of the diocese of St. David's, M.P. Cardigan 1601, seated at Broscbourne, Herts. and was married twice, (2) to Anne Bayley, widow, license dated 11 Dec. 1611.

1604 March. Double return of Richard Delaber for Aberystwith Borough, and William Bradshaw of Cardigan, 4 March, for Cardigan Borough. On petition the latter was seated 13 April 1604, and sat till 1611. He seems to. have been the eldest or only son of John Bradshaw of Presteign, Co. Rad. (see that co. 1554), and was at the time of his election an Alderman of Cardigan. (Quaere whether Capt. John Brawshaw, a royalist officer captured by Col. Laugharne in Co. Pemb. 1643, was his son.)

1614 March. Robert Wolverstone. Probably father or bro. of Capt. Charles Wolverstone, Governor of Barbadoes 1625-9, and perhaps a friend of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, see 1593. (Probably of the same family as Philip Wolverston of Wolverston Hall, Suffolk, temp. Hen. 8.)

1620 Dec. 23. Walter Overbury. Third son of Sir Nicholas O. of Bourton-on-Hill, co. Glouc. (Chief Justice of the Great Sessions for cos. Carmarthen, Cardigan, and Pembroke 1610, and Recorder of Gloucester 1603-26, b. about 1592, matric. at Magd. Coll. Oxford 16 June 1610, aged 18, demy 1610-12, B.A. 21 Feb. 1612, called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1617, was twice married, (1) licensed 6 Nov, 1621 to marry Mary dau. of Sir Edw. Pinchion Knt. of Writtle, Essex, and (2) licensed 21 June 1627 to marry Magdalen Grimston, widow, sat for Cardigan 1620-2, and Feb. to June 1626, was (with Christopher Heybourne and his bro. Giles Overbury) Registrar of Assurances in the City of London in 1628, and was bur. at Bourton-on-Hill 6 April 1637. He was bro. to the unfortunate Sir Thomas Overbury, poisoned in the Tower 19 Oct. 1615.

1624 Jan. 26. Rowland Pugh of Mathafarn, co. Montgomery. Eldest son of Richard ap John ap Hugh, b 1579, matric. at Jes. Coll. Oxford 14 Oct. 1597, aged 18, became a student of the Inner Temple Nov. 1598, sat for Cardigan 1624 and May to Aug. 1625, was Steward of Cyperley near Machynlleth, H.S. co. Montgomery 1626, co. Merioneth 1631, and co. Card. 1631, and m. (1) Elizabeth second dau. of Sir Richard Pryse Knt. of Gogerddan (see co. Card. 1584,) and (2) Mary dau. of James Lewes of Coedmawr.

1626 Feb. Walter Overbury again.

1628 Feb. 18. John Vaughan of Trawscoed (see co. Card. 1661.) Re-el. I April 1640.

1640 Nov. No return to the writ (see co. Card. 1640)

1640 Dec. 14. John Vaughan again; disabled 1 Sept. 1645, new writ ordered 5 June 1646.

1646 Aug. 24. Thomas Wogan "the regicide," vice Vaughan disabled to sit. Although not mentioned in Dwnn's Visitation 1609, he was undoubtedly one of the Wogans of co. Pemb., and was a Lieut. in the Parl. Army in co. Pemb. in 1644. On 17 April 1648, the Committee of both Houses issued "instructions to Capt. Thomas Wogan to repair to South Wales and endeavour to appease the distempers and settle the peace of those counties," and at the Battle of St. Fagans, in Glamorgan, 13 May following, he "carried himself from the first to the last with great resolution, encouraging the soldiers and engaging himself in the head of the service," (Col. Horton's letter,) and having with Col. Bethel and Capt. Mercer brought the news of this victory to Parl., he received an order to have his arrears audited. He was soon afterwards made Col., app. Governor of Duncannon 1649, and taken prisoner by Col. Zanchy, but soon released, was actively engaged at Preston and Liverpool in March 1651, added to the High Court of Justice 25 June 1651, app. Lieut.-Col. of Col. Robt. Overton's Horse Regt. 23 July 1659, and ordered (with Col. Overton) to raise a Foot Regt. at Hull 5 Aug. 1659. He was M.P. Cardigan 1646-53, and sat as one of the members of the High Court of Justice who condemned Charles I. to death, and signed the death warrant Jan. 1649, for which he was excepted from the Act of Indemnity 29 Aug. 1660, and attainted, when he fled to the continent, and is said to have died of grief under an assumed name, near Walwyn Castle, co. Pemb.

1653 July. Six members app. for Wales, (see co. Card. 1653.)

1654 July, and 1656 Aug. No member summoned for Cardigan, but two for the county.

1659 Jan. 3. Col. Rowland Dawkins of Kilrough.

1660 April. James Phillips of Cardigan Priory, (see co. Card. 1654.)

1661 April 22. James Phillips. A petition was presented against his return by Sir Francis Lloyd Knt. of Maesyfelin who had contested the seat, and the election was declared void 30 April 1662, for want of proper notice given to the out-corporations.

1663 April 6. Sir Charles Cotterell Knt. vice Phillips, whose election was declared void. Son of Sir Clement C. Knt. of Wylsford, co. Linc. (Groom Porter for 20 years to James I., and who. d 1631, having been granted the reversion of the office of Master of the Ceremonies to the King,) b. 1615, m. a dau. of Edward West of Marsworth, Bucks, was knighted 21 March 1645 at Oxford, (after Edgehill,) Master of the Ceremonies 1641-86 Dec., when he res. in favour of his son, Steward to the Queen of Bohemia 1650-61, Ambassador to Brussels 1663, a master of the Court of Requests 1669, M.P. Cardigan 1663-79, which seat he owed to his great personal friendship with the last member James Phillips, and his accomplished wife, "the Matchless Orinda." Sir Charles, who was cr. D.C.L. Oxford 20 Dec. 1670, and LL.D. Camb. 1682, was a man of considerable literary taste, and translated the famed romance "Cassandra," and was chiefly concerned in the translations of "Davila's History of the Civil Wars" from the Italian, and several pieces of note from the Spanish. He went into exile with Charles II., who rewarded him for his constant loyalty by a grant in 1661 of certain lands called the Old Spring Gardens, in the county of Middlesex. He d. at the advanced age of 83 or 85 in 1701. His descendants held the office of Master of the Ceremonies till about 1820.

1679 Feb. 24. Hector Phillips of The Priory, Cardigan. Younger son of George P. of Tregibby, (H.S. 1605,) m. (1) Mary dau. of Col. Philip Scippon M.P. Gov. of London, and (2) Margaret dau. of Richard Owen of Rhiwsaeson in Montgomery, and widow of James Stedman of Glandwar and Strata Florida, was adm. a student of the Inner Temple Nov. 1654, H.S. co. Card. (quaere 1634, as of Tregibby, and) 1688, Mayor of Cardigan 1657, 1666, and 1678, M.P. 1679-83, 1685-7, and 1689 until his death March 1693. During the Civil War he and his bro. Col. James P. (see co. Card.) are said to have gained unenviable notoriety by the vigour they displayed in sequestrating the estates of the royalists, and were in 1655 Commrs. for securing the peace of cos. Card., Carm. and Pemb. He was app. a J.P. co. Pemb. 5 Feb. 1680.

1679 Sept. 22. The same, re-el. 7 March 1681, 13 April 1685, 14 Jan. 1689, 7 March 1690.

1693 Dec. 13. John Lewis of Coedmore, (see co. Card. 1695.) Re-el. 11 Nov. 1695.

1698 Aug. 3. Sir Charles Lloyd Knt of Maesyfelin. Second but only surviving son of Sir Francis L. Knt. and grandson of Sir Marmaduke Lloyd Knt., Chief Justice of the Brecknock circuit, b. 1662, matric. from Jes. Coll. Oxford 28 Nov. 1679 aged 37, m. (1) Jane dau. and heir of Morgan Lloyd of Greengrove, and (2) Frances dau. of Sir Francis Cornwallis Knt. of Abermarles, co. Carm., and sister to Francis C. (see co. Card. 1722,) was Knighted 24 Nov. 1693, cr. a Baronet I April 1708, H.S. Co. Card. 1690, Co. Montgomery 1707, and Co. Carm. 1716, M.P. Cardigan 1698-3700, and d. 28 Dec. 1723, aged 61, (M.I. Lampeter Church.) The title became extinct on the death of his 2nd son Sir Lucius Christianus Lloyd 3rd Bart. in 1750.

1703 Jan. 23. John Lewis of Coedmore again.

1701 Dec. 15. Henry Lloyd of the Inner Temple, London. (Quaere the Henry Lloyd who matric at Jes. Coll. Oxford 22 March 1684, B.A. 1684, M.A. 1690.) He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, cr. a Serjeant at law 8 June 1705, sat for Cardigan 1701-5, and d.s.p. 1721, and was bur. in St. Peter's Church Carmarthen. He was bro. to John Lloyd of Glangwilly, and 2nd son of Thomas Lloyd of Llanttawddog, co, Carm.

1702 Aug. 12. The same.

1795 May 22. Lewis Pryse of Gogerddan (see co. Card. 1701.) Re-el. 20 May 1708 when chosen for both co. and borough.

1710 Feb. 22. Sir Simon Harcourt Knt. vice Pryse who made his election to represent the co. (He defeated Sir Humphrey Mackworth who presented a petition which he afterwards withdrew.) This is the only instance in which a Welsh constituency has returned a future Lord Chancellor. He was the eldest son of Sir Phillip Harcourt Knt. M.P. of Stanton Harcourt, co. Oxford (by the dau. of Sir Wm. Waller,) b. 1661, educ. at Shilton School, co. Oxford, matric. at Pembroke Coll. Oxon., 30 March 1677, aged 15, B.A. 21 Jan. 1679, called to the bar at the Inner Temple 1683, Bencher 1702, Knighted I June 1702, Recorder of Abingdon 1688, Solicitor General June 1702-7, a Commr. for the Union with Scotland April 1706-7, Attorney General April 1707-8, Feb. and Sept to Oct. 1710, M.P. Abingdon 1690-1705, when he was defeated and petitioned, Bossiney (Cornwall) 1705-8, Abingdon 1708.9 Jan. when uns. on petition, but found a seat at Cardigan Feb.10 to Sept 1710, again returned for Abingdon 4 Oct. but vacated it 9 Oct. 1510 on being app. Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, which dignified position he filled until 7 April 1712 when he was cr. Lord High Chancellor, and occupied the woolsack until Sept. 1714. Sir Simon was cr. D.C.L. Oxford 27 Aug. 1702, a member of the Privy Council Sept. 1710-14 and Aug. 1722-7, raised to the peerage as Lord Harcourt 3 Sept. 1711, further more cr. Viscount Harcourt 24 July 1721, and was a Lord Justice of the Kingdom during the absence of the King abroad, Aug. to Sept. 1714, July to Dec. 1725, June to Dec. 1725, and May to June 1727. He was married three times, (1) to Rebecca dau. of Rev. Thomas Clark, M.A., and widow of Sir Thomas Astry Knt., (2) to Elizabeth dau. of Richard Spencer of London, and relict of Richard Anderson, and (3) to Elizabeth dau. of Sir Thomas Vernon Knt. of Twickenham, and widow of Sir John Walter Bt. of Saresden, Oxon. He d. 28 July 1727, aged 67. His eldest dau. Anne m. John Barlow of Slebech (see Hist. Pemb. 1710,) which accounts for his being member for Cardigan; and his grandson who was Cr. Earl Harcourt 1749, and was Lord. Lieut. of Ireland, lost his life by falling into a well in his own park at Nnmeham, Oxon. All the titles became extinct on the death of the 3rd Earl in 1830.

1710 Oct. 23. John Meyrick of the Middle Temple, and Bush, Co. Pemb. (see Hist, Pembroke 1702).

1712 March 17. Owen Brigstocke of the Middle Temple, vice Meyrick app. to an office of profit under the Crown, (see co. Card. 1718.)

1713 Sept. 9. Sir George Barlow Bt. of Slebech, Co. Pemb. (see Hist. Pemb. 1715).

1715 Feb. 15. Stephen Parry of Noyadd and Rhydymendi. Only son of David P. of Noyadd-trefawr, (H.S. 1685,) b. 1675, m. his cousin Ann dau. of David Parry, was H.S. co. Card. 1720, Mayor of Card. and M.P. 1715 until his death s.p. 15 Dec. 1724, aged 49, being bur. in Llandygwydd Church.

1722 April 3. The same.

1725 April 1. Thomas Powell of Nanteos, vice Parry dec., (see co. Card. 1741.)

1727 Sept. 7. Francis Cornwallis of Abermarles, (see Co. Card. 1722.)

1729 May 1. Double return of Richard Lloyd of Mabws and Ystradteilo 918, and Thomas Powell of Nanteos 465, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Cornwallis. On petition it was "resolved 7 May 1730 that the burgesses of Tregaron have not a right to vote in elections for Cardigan;" and further "resolved that the right of election is in the burgesses at large of the boroughs of Cardigan, Aberystwith, Lampeter, and Atpar only," and accordingly the House ordered that the Indenture returning Thomas Powell be taken off the file. Richard Lloyd thus found duly el., was the son of Richard Lloyd of Mabws (H.S. 1691,) m. the dau. and heir of Edward Games of Tregaer, Co. Brecon, sat for Cardigan 1729 to 1741, when he was defeated, and presented a petition, which was dismissed 23 Jan. 1746, voted for the Excise Bill 1733 and the Convention 1739, but against the Septennial Act 1734, and d. 16 July 1757. His only child and heir Anna Maria m. 4 June 1750 James Lloyd of Foes-y-bleiddiad, co. Card.

1734 May 16. Richard Lloyd of Mabws.

1741 May 29. Thomas Pryse of Gogerddan, defeating Richard Lloyd, who petitioned. Only son of John Pryse of Glanmeryn, b. 1716, became a scholar of Westminster School 1728, matric at Oriel Coll. Oxon. 9 June 1732, aged 15, succ. to the Gogerddan Estates, and m. Maria Charlotte dau. and heir of Rowland Pugh of Mathavarn, co. Montgomery, was M.P. Cardigan 1741 until his death at his seat at Gogerddan 21 May 1745, aged 30, and was bur. in Llanbadarn Vawr Church (M.I.), the resting place of his family. "He was of a free hospitable temper, and a great promoter of agriculture, a "strenuous asserter of the liberties of his country, and zealous for suppressing the barbarous practice "of his countrymen in rifling and plundering shipwrecks. His estate of upwards of £3,000 per annum "goes to his only son, an infant of seven years old." (Gent. Mag.)

1746 March 20. John Symmons of Llanstinnan, co. Pemb., vice Pryse dec. He was the son of John S. of Llanstinnan, H.S. 1713, by the dau.heir of --- Barlow of Slebech. co. Pemb., was H.S. co. Pemb. 1734, unsuccessfully contested and petitioned for co. Pemb. 1741, sat for Cardigan 1746-61, gave £25 towards restoring Cardigan Church, and also £20 towards re-casting and setting up the bells 1748. He was Joint Secretary of the Society of Sea Serjeants at their meeting at Swansea 13 June 1752.

1747 July 10. The same. Re-el. 6 May 1754.

1761 April 20. Herbert Lloyd of Peterwell. Younger son of Walter Lloyd of Voelallt and Peterwell, (see Card. 1734,) b. 1719, matric. at Jes. Coll. Oxford 15 March 1738, aged 18, called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1742, m. (1) 20 May 1742 Miss Brag of Essex, with £15,000, (2) Anne yst. dau. of Wm. Powell of Nanteos, and widow of Richard Stedman of Strata Florida, and sister to Thomas P. (see co. Card. 1741,) and (3)14 Aug. 1769, five days before his death, the relict of --- Bacon. He succ. his bro. John (see co. Card. 1747), in his large estates on his death 27 June 1755, and was cr. a Bart. 26 Jan. 1763, sat for Cardigan 1761-8, was an unsuccessful candidate and petitioner Jan. 1769, and d.s.p. 19 Aug. following, when the title became extinct. "He was buried at night with great pomp, the road from the mansion to the parish church being lighted with torches" (Edmunds.) "He was "a man of great force of character, imperious and tyrannical in disposition, and not incapable of commendable deeds. Notwithstanding his great territorial possessions, he got into debt and difficulties, and was obliged to raise a mortgage on his estates. In his dealings with his creditors his "wit was often brought into requisition, and woe to the bailiff that was entrusted to carry a writ "to Peterwell, for the poor fellow might have to swallow it at once on the spot without any ado." Sir Herbert bequeathed his estates to his nephew John Adams of Whitland.

1768 March 24. Pryse Campbell of Llanvraed and Stackpool Court, co. Pemb., and Cawdor Castle, co. Nairn. Eldest son of John C. of those places, (see inst. Pemb. 1727,) b. 1727, m. 20 Sept. 1752 Sarah 3rd dau. and co-heir of Sir Edmund Bacon 4th Bt. of Garboldisham, Norfolk, was M.P. co. Inverness 1754-61, cos. Cromarty and Nairn 1761-8, el. for Cardigan March 1768, and app. a Lord of the Treasury Aug. 1768, but d. 4 Dec. 1768, aged 41.

1769 Jan. 13. Ralph Congreve of Aldermaston House, Berks, (vice Campbell dec.,) defeating Sir Herbert Lloyd, who petitioned. Only son of Col. Ralph C., of London, Lieut. Gov. of Gibraltar, b. 1721, "matric. at Worc. Coll. Oxon. 3 April 1738, aged 16," cr. DCL. 8 July 1773, m. (1) 29 June 1752 "Miss Hassel of St. James' street, £1500 a year " (Gent. Mag.), and (2) Charlotte only child of Wm. Lord Stawell, who brought him Aldermaston, was app. for life a Gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber Dec. 1761, and was for many years an officer of the Yeomen of the Guard, M.P. Cardigan 1769-74, and d.s.p.

1774 Oct. 31. Sir Robert Smyth Bt. of Upton, Essex, 1488, Thomas Johnes jun. of Hafod, 980. On petition the latter was seated 7 Dec. 1775 (see co. Card. 1796). Sir Robert was the son of Rev. Robert S. Vicar of Woollavington and East Dean, Sussex, by Dorothy dau. of Thomas Lloyd of Doleglunnen. Merioneth, b. 174-, succ. his cousin Sir Trafford Smyth as 5th Bt. 8 Dec. 1765, B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. 1766, m. Miss Blake, was M.P. Cardigan 1774-5 when uns., Colchester 1780-4 when defeated, but uns, his rival on petition, and again sat July 1784-90, and d. 12 April 1802.

1780 June 12. John Campbell of Glanfraed and Stackpole Court, co. Pemb., vice Johnes who accepted the Stewardship of the Manor of East Hendred, Berks, in order to be el. for co. Radnor. Eldest son of above Pryse C. (see 1768,) b. 175-, m. 27 July 1789 Lady Isabella Caroline Howard eldest dau. of Frederick 5th Earl of Carlisle, was M.P. co. Nairn 1777-80, and Cardigan 1780-96, raised to the peerage as Lord Cawdor 21 June 1796, served as Mayor of Carmarthen 1808, was el. D.C.L. Oxford 3 July 1810, and d. 1 June 1821. His Lordship will best be remembered for his spirited conduct in command of the small detachment of Yeomanry which captured the French Army that had landed at Fish guard in Pembrokeshire, under Gen. Tate, in 1797.

1780 Sept. 14. The same. Re-el. 22 April 1784, 18 June 1790.  

1796 June 4. Hon. John Vaughan of Crosswood. Second son of Wilmot 1st Earl of Lisburne, (see co. Card. 1755,) b. 3 March 1769, m. 2 Aug. 1798 Hon. Lucy Courtenay 5th dau. of Wm. 2nd Viscount Courtenay, was app. Lieut. Col. of the Loyal Sheffield Regiment 27 Aug. 1794, and attained the rank of Col. in the Army 1 Jan. 1800, was M.P. Cardigan, 1796-1818, succ. his half-bro. Wilmot as 3rd Earl of Lisburne 6 May 1820, and d. 18 May 1831, aged 62.

1802 July 10. The same. Re-el. 6 Nov. 1806, (when Sir Edw. Hamilton made a canvas but did not proceed to a poll,) 2 June 1807, and 29 Oct. 1812 (when he defeated Major Herbert Evans of Highmead, by 588 to 508, and 4 electors presented a petition, whereupon the House declared the sitting member duly elected 2 April 1813).

1818 June 23. Pryse Pryse of Gogerddan. Only son of Edward Loveden Loveden of Buscot, Berks, M.P. (by Margaret only dau. and heir to Lewis Pryse of Gogerddan), b. 1773, matric. at Chr. Ch. Oxford 16 Feb. 1792, aged 18, assumed the surname of Pryse in lieu of Loveden 1798, m. (1) 20 July 1798 Hon. Harriet (who d.s.p. 22 Jan. 1813), dau. of William 2nd Viscount Ashbrook, and widow of Hon. and Rev. John Ellis-Agar, and (2) 29 April 1815 Jane dau. of Peter Cavallier of Gisborough, Yorks, was J.P. co. Card., H.S. 1799, and M.P. Cardigan 30 years 1818 until his death 4 Jan. 1849.

1820 March 10. The same. Re-el. 13 June 1826, 2 Aug. 1830, 2 May 1831, 14 Dec. 1832, 7 Jan. 1835, 26 July 1837.

1841 July 6. Pryse Pryse 305, John Standrett Harford 285. There was a double return of both candidates owing to the loss of a poll book, but on petition Pryse Pryse was declared duly returned 18 April 1842. Mr. Harford of Blaise Castle, co. Glouc., and Falcondale, co. Card., was the son of John Scandrett H. of Blaise Castle, b. 8 Oct. 1786, m. Louisa dau. of Richard Hart Davis M.P. Bristol, was cr. D.C.L. Oxford 19 June 1822, el. F.R.S., was J.P. co. Card., H.S. 1824, J.P. co. Glouc., and d. 16 April 1866.

1847 July 31. Pryse Pryse.

1849 Feb. 12. Pryse Pryse of Gogerddan (vice his father Pryse P. dec.,) 299, J.S. Harford, 291. Eldest son of the last member (see 1818), born 1 June 1815, m. 14 Sept. 1836 Margaretta Jane 2nd dau. of Major Walter Rice of Llwynybrain, co, Carm., assumed the name of Loveden 1849, and sat for Cardigan 1849 until his death 1 Feb. 1855. His only son was cr. a Bart. as Sir Pryse Pryse 28 July 1866, (having assumed the name of Pryse in lieu of Loveden 1863.)

1852 July 12. The same as Pryse Loveden 367, John Inglis Jones of Derry Ormond, Lampeter, (son-in law of 4th Earl of Lisburne,) 350.

1855 Feb. 24. John Lloyd Davies of Blaendyffyn and Alltyrodin, (vice Pryce Loveden dec.) 298, John Evans, Q.C. 286 (see Haverfordwest 1847). Son of Thomas Davies, born at Aberystwith 1801, m. (1) 30 June 1825 Anne only surviving child of John Lloyd of Alltyrodin, whereby he acquired that estate and (2) m. the only child of T. B. Hardwicke of Tytherington Grange, co. Glouc., was J.P. and D.L. Co. Card., H.S. 1845, J.P. and D.L. Co. Carmarthen, patron of two livings, M.P. Cardigan 1855-7, and d. 1860. His eldest son Arthur, who d. 1852 was tenth in descent from David Llwyd M.P. co. Card. 1545, and the and son Hardwicke Lloyd assumed the name of Hardwicke 1881.

1857 March 27. Edward Lewis Pryse of Gogerddan and Peithyll. Second son of above Pryse P. (see 1818), b. 27 June 1817, educ. at Eton, entered the army 1836, retired as Capt. 6th Dragoons (Carabineers) 1846, was M.P. Cardigan 1857-68, Lord Lieut. and Cus. Rot., and Hon. Col. of the Militia of co. Cardigan 27 Aug. 1857-88, and d. 29 May 1888.

1859 April 29. The same. Re-el. 11 July 1865.

1868 Nov. 16. Sir Thomas Davies Lloyd Bt. of Bronwydd (see co. Card. 1865).

1874 Feb. 4. David Davies of Broneiron, Llandinam, co. Montgomery (see co. Card. 1885). Re-el. April 1880, and was the last member for Cardigan.

1885 Nov. The borough of Cardigan ceased to return a separate member, and became merged in the county. The District formerly comprised the Boroughs of Cardigan, Aberystwith, Lampeter, Adpar, and Tregaron, but Tregaron was deprived of the franchise in 1730, and Adpar in 1742, though the Reform Act 1832 restored the privilege to Adpar.

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