Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. Any general data such as referred to in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary1833 extracts, Description of the parish of Tregaron  and Descriptions of Townships in Tregaron parish , is not repeated here.


The parish (which comprises six townships and one chapelry), contained, in 1831, 2,282 inhabitants, and in 1841, 2445; of which last number about 800 belonged to the town.

Post Office, Mary Jones, Post Mistress --- Letters from London and all parts arrive (by mail cart from Lampeter) every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday night at eight and are despatched in the forenoon of the same day at eleven.

Gentry and Clergy

  • Davies, David Esq; Mynydd brith
  • Davies, Thomas Esq; Pant y fedwen
  • Hughes, Rev John; Vicarage
  • Jaggers, William Esq; Ivy Cottage
  • Jones, Mr John; Camer fawr
  • Jones, John Esq; Llanio fawr
  • Jones, Mr William; Maes llyn
  • Lewis, Mr David; Ysgerhandy
  • Lewis, Captain John; Llanllear
  • Lloyd, John Esq; Trekefel
  • Lott, Mr William (surgeon)
  • Morris, Rev James; Ystradmairig
  • Powell, William Edward Esq; Nanteos
  • Richards, Mrs Mary; Prospect place
  • Rowlands, Mrs Margaret; Sunny hill
  • Rowlands, Mr William; Pen y bont

Inns & Public Houses

  • Crown and Anchor, Evans Jones
  • Fountain, John Evans
  • Talbot Inn (and posting house, and horses and gigs for hire, and excise office); Tregaron
  • Wennallt Arms, William Jones

Shopkeepers & Traders

  • Davies, Daniel, blacksmith
  • Davies, David, blacksmith
  • Davies, David, egg dealer
  • Davies, David, stone mason
  • Davies, James, excise officer --- office at the Talbot Inn
  • Davies, Timothy, joiner
  • Edwards, Edward, hosier
  • Edwards, Nathaniel, hosier
  • Evans, Edward, beer retailer
  • Evans, Evan, tailor
  • Evans, John, horse dealer
  • Evans, John, pig dealer
  • Evans, John, tailor
  • Evans, William, tea dealer
  • George, Charles, tailor
  • George, David, hosier
  • George, John, shopkeeper
  • George, Peter, tailor
  • Hughes, David, hosier
  • Hughes, Ebenezer, schoolmaster
  • Hughes, William, hosier
  • James, Thomas, egg dealer
  • Jones, Daniel, cattle dealer
  • Jones, David, egg dealer
  • Jones, David, shopkeeper & egg dealer
  • Jones, Evan, shopkeeper
  • Jones, James, clerk to the magistrates and board of guardians
  • Jones, John, butcher
  • Jones, John, earthenware dealer
  • Jones, John, egg dealer
  • Jones, John, shoe maker
  • Jones, John, shopkeeper
  • Jones, Morgan, beer retailer
  • Jones, Morgan, egg dealer
  • Jones, Morgan, registrar of births and deaths; Glanbrenig
  • Jones, Rees, tailor
  • Jones, William, blacksmith
  • Jones, William, egg dealer
  • Lewis, John, farrier
  • Lewis, John, grocer, draper, ironmonger and general dealer; Rhydyronen House, Tregaron
  • Lewis, Thomas, saddler & shopkeeper
  • Lloyd, David, joiner
  • Lloyd, Hugh Davies, maltster
  • Morgan, Sarah & Son, grocers, drapers & ironmongers
  • Morgans, David, cooper
  • Morgans, David, corn miller
  • Morgans, Morgan, schoolmaster
  • Owens, David, butcher
  • Owens, Owen, butcher
  • Owens, Owen, wheelwright & buildr
  • Phillips, Esther, retailer of beer
  • Rees, John, joiner, builder & painter
  • Rees, Walter, registrar of marriages
  • Rice, Thomas, tailor
  • Rowlands, Sarah, beer retailer
  • Simmons, William, bookbinder
  • Thomas, Ellis, owner of horses and gigs for hire; Talbot Inn
  • Thomas, John, glover
  • Thomas, Samuel, joiner
  • Thomas, Stephen, shopkeeper
  • Williams, Catherine, beer retailer
  • Williams, David, shoe maker
  • Williams, John, joiner
  • Williams, John, cattle dealer


  • To Birmingham, William Jones, from his warehouse, every alternate Monday
  • To Kington, David Jones, from his house, every Monday
  • To Revel, David Davies, from his house, every Monday
  • To Shrewsbury, Morgan Jones, David Jones, Thomas James, and John Jones, every Monday

(Gareth Hicks)