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Old Characters of Bettws

By D Trumor Thomas , Glanamman, 1894

Translated into English from the original Welsh  by Ivor Griffiths, Gorseinon.

Index by Gareth Hicks  1999

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Farms/Houses etc  

This list doesn't necessarily include places detailed in the personal name index

Bethel chapel,9/20/21 Bethesda chapel,21
Bryngorthech,1 Brynlloi,7/8/20
Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,11/12 Craig Ddu,1
Cross Inn[Ammanford],2 Cwmelen,1
Cwmgrenig,1 Farmers Arms[Glynmoch],2
Glyncywarch,8 Gwndwngwyn,11
Hendryd,1 Nantmain,1
Neuadd Mill,8 Penllereglwys,1
Plas y Bettws,8 Plough & Harrow,5
Tir Eleanor Morgan,1 Tirbach,8
Trumyroch,1 Twllgwyn,Bettws Mnt,7
Twyn Nicholas,1 Ty Dai Shon Dafydd [Gelliceidrym],2
Ty Shon Dafydd Harri[Nantyricet],2 Ty Wat Harri[Cwmgarnant],2




surname, given name, place, date range, page number[s]

---,Catti,Cwmgrenig,21 ---,Hwliwn,Cwmamman,7
---,Maliwn,Cwmamman,7 ---,Modryb Gwen[Auntie Gwen],---,5
---,Shoni Twm o'r Bryn,Cwmgrenig,21 ---,Thomas of Argoed,Argoed ?,19
Alec,Twm[Twm Alec],Glangrenig,4 Alexander,D,Ty'nywern,21
Alexander,Rees,Ty'nywern,21 Alexander,Thomas,---,5/9
Bowcott,R'd[Rev], Bettws Church,20 Dafydd,Owen,Cwmgrenig,10/13/14//15/16
Davies,J[Rev],Cwmamman,9 Davies,J[Rev],Alltwen,20/21
Davies,John[Rev],Cwmamman,20/21 Edmund,D ap,---,10
Edwards,T W,---,19 Edwards,T[Rev],Cincinatti,16/17/18
Edwards,Thomas William,---,16/21 Edwards,Thomas[Iorwerth Grenig],Pantyffynon[Blaengrenig],18/19
Edwards,W,---,21 Einon,Shon,Ty'nydomen,6
Evans,J C[Rev],Patagonia,21 Evans,Phillip,Cwmgrenig,21
Evans,Rhys,Brynhynydd,8 Evans,William,---21
Evans,William[Will Shon Crydd],19 George,David,Llethrlanfawr,19
Griffiths,Jenkin,Gwndwngwyn,10 Griffiths,John,Brynhynydd,10
Gruffies,Jonathan[Rev],Bettws Church,20 Gruffydd,Leah,Brynhynydd,8
Gruffydd,Shon,Brynhynydd,8/10 Harries,John,Nantricet,6
Harris,David[Dai Watt Hari],2/3/6/9/17 Harris,Rees,Pant y Bettws,6
Harris,Watkin,Cwmgarnant,19 Herbert,Watkin[Rev], Bettws Church,20
Hopkin,Rowland,Penca'newydd Ysradamman,6/9 Hopkin,W,Bodist ucha,21
Hopkins,---,Cwmcathan,21 Hugh,Evan,Abergrenig,20
Hughes,Morgan[Rev], Bettws Church,20 Hughes,Thomas,Ysguborwen,16
Jones,Daniel Medi,Hendy,19 Jones,Griffith,---,8
Jones, J[Shon Nantmain],Nantmain,5/9 Jones,JonathanTynywern,2
Jones,Thomas,---,20 Jones,Twm[Barna],Twyn Nicholas Nantmain,8
Jones,W,Ynysyfrwynen,20 Jones,W[Will Jonath],Butchers Arms],5
Lewis,[shoemaker],Cwmgrenig,9 Lewis,Evan,---,20
Lewis,George,Blaengarnant/Aberdare,17 Lewis,Lewis[y Gof],Gorsgarnant,9
Lewis,Thomas,Nantygath,6 Lewis,William[Cawr Dar],Godrewaen[Gwndwngwyn],16
Lloyd,E[Rev],---,20 Lloyd,William[Rev],Penllech,19/20
Morgan,D,Brynhynydd,4 Morgan,David,Brynlloi,6/7/8/10/21
Morgan,Gwenllian,Ynysceffyl,21 Morgan,J[Rev],Cwmbach,21
Morgan,John,Tycoch,21 Morgan,Jonah[Rev],Cwmbach,7
Morgan,Jonathan,Bodist ucha,7 Morgan,Jonathan,Brynlloi,7/9/21
Morgan,Lewis[Rev], Bettws Church,20 Morgan,T,Maeslech,4
Morgan,Thomas,Brynlloi,7/16/21 Morgan,W,Bodist ucha,21
Morgan,William,Ynysceffyl,21 Morris,David,Penllech,21
Morris,Isaac,---,22 Morris,John,Abercathan,21
Morris,W J[Rev],Pontypridd,22 Morris,William,Bridgend,8
Morris,William,Penllech,21 Phillip,William,Brunant,19
Powell,William Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13 Price,Dafydd, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13
Price,Siarls, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13 Rees,Dai Shon Dafydd,---,8
Rees,David William,Gwauncaegurwen[Llangiwc],17 Rees,H[Dr],Tirbach,10
Rees,M[Dr],Maerdy,6 Rees,Morgan,Maerdy,6
Rees,Rees,Tynycwm,21 Rees,Roger,Gorslydan,8/19
Rees,T,Gorslydan,19 Rees,Thomas, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13
Rees,William,---,20 Rees,Wm[Rev], Bettws Church,20
Richards,Henry,Brynamman,7 Richards,J[Rev], Bettws Church,20
Rowlands,J[Rev], Bettws Church,20 Rowlands,J[Rev],Llanybri,20
Shon,Dafydd,Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13 Thomas,Catherine,Trumyrych,10/19
Thomas,D,Trumyrych,18/21 Thomas,Daniel, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13
Thomas,John,Trumyrch,21 Thomas,T,Penybwnsiwn[Penygwnwn],4
Thomas,William[Rev],Lamp Shop,22 Walters,William,---,8
Watkin,Shoned, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,15 William,Joseph, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,14
William,Shon, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13 Williams,---,Maescware,6/8
Williams,J[Rev],---19/20 Williams,Rowland,---,20
Williams,Thomas, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13 Williams,Watkin,Brynamman,7
Williams,William, Craig Brynmorgan Colliery,13