History of Coal Mining in the Amman Valley


By Ifor Davies, published by the  author 2001
(I understand the author died in 2003 and the book is out of print)

The book is bi-lingual.

This is a listing by Gareth Hicks of the Contents page and Photographs



  • History of Coal Mining in the Amman Valley
  • Nicknames
  • Old Ammanford
  • Collieries of the Amman Valley
  • Death of the Coal Industry
  • Memoirs of Mining Days
  • Coal Miners and Bevin Boys
  • Notes on Anthracite Strike and Disturbances [ By Hywel Francis, UCS]
  • Trial of Ammanford Miners [including list of names 35 names]
  • Essay written by John Davies, MBE
  • Gelliceidrim Colliery Heroes
  • Abernant Colliery
  • Steer Pit, Gwauncaegurwen
  • Ammanford Colliery
  • Pantyfynnon Colliery
  • Saron Colliery
  • Poem by Brian William Rees called Welsh Coal


Photographs, with page numbers

  • Diagram of proposed layout of surface plant for Buckland Colliery, Cwmgors, 6
  • Poster re Foundation Stone Laying at Buckland Pit in 1927 [abandoned], 7
  • Preparation for sinking of Buckland Pit, Cwmgors [600 yds deep], 7
  • List of shareholders in the Carmarthenshire Anthracite Coal and Iron Company Ltd, 1874, 8
  • Bevin Boy having a sandwich and tea, 25
  • The Glamorgan Police billeted at the Brewery, Cwmgors, 29
  • Saron Colliery, 34
  • Emlyn Colliery, 34
  • Cross Hands Colliery, 35
  • Pantyfynnon tips, 35
  • Pantyfynnon Drift, 36
  • Ammanford, Quay St, c 1905, 36
  • Pantyfynnon loco, 37
  • Pantyfynnon manager, Mr W Thomas with shareholders, 1927, 37
  • Pantyfynnon engine house, 38
  • Pantyfynnon Spake, 38
  • Pantyfynnon aerial view, 39
  • Entrance to Drift [Pantyfynnon ?], 39
  • Gelliceidrim/Glanamman, 40 *2
  • Gelliceidrim Colliery Heroes , 1929, 41
    • Steph Jones, David Bevan, David Williams, William Lloyd, Gwyn Morgan, S S Cowley[Manager], David Llewelyn, Vincent Thomas
  • Abernant Colliery, Rhydyfro, 42
  • Abernant Collier, Trepanner Power Loader, 42
  • Field Marshall Montgomery's visit to Steer Pit, GCG in 1947, 44
  • Steer Pit, 1952, 45
  • Ammanford Colliery, journey of trams, 1975, 46
  • Drift mine just south of Ammanford, handcutting and filling in at Stanllyd Seam, c 1960s, 47
  • Saron Colliery, Ammanford, ceremonial sod cutting, 48
  • Raven Colliery, Jolly Rd, Garnant, 49
  • Pwllywrach Viaduct, GCG,  rail motor car crossing, 49
  • Tairgwaith, SW Miner's Fed Hall, 50
  • GCG, Welfare Hall, 50
  • Cwmllynfell Welfare Hall, 51
  • GCG, Viaduct from Graig Rd, 51
  • Graig Rd, GCG & Cawdor Colliery screens etc, 52
  • GCG, Band gets final instructions, 1924, 52
  • Steer Pit, pit head, 53
  • Steer Pit, cage, 53
  • Steer Pit, tipplers, 54
  • East Pit, electric winder, 55
  • Steer Pit, GCG, 55
  • Maerdy Pit, GCG, 56
  • East Pit, GCG, 56
  • Tirydail Colliery, 57
  • Tirydail Rescue team, 1920s, 57
  • East Pit, sinkers, 58
  • Ammanford Colliery No 2, 58, 59
  • Ammanford Colliery, checking air way, 59
  • Ammanford Colliery No 2, coal loaded into tubs, 60
  • Wernos Colliery, 60
  • Wernos, the Plough cutting coal, 61
  • Wernos, shotfirer, 61
  • Borers and conveyor[Wernos?], 62
  • Cwmgelli Colliery, Spake, 63
  • Wernos, deputy on phone, 63
  • Wernos, gate end, 64
  • Wernos, borer, 64
  • South Wales Miner's Federation badge, 64
  • GCG Colliery, Schedule of Prices, 65
  • Rt Hon James Griffiths, 65
  • Poster re Rowntrees Gums when non smoking rule , 65
  • Recruitment poster, 65
  • Plaque re visit by HRH Prince of Wales at betws Mine inaugeration, 1978, 66
  • Prince Charles with Don Roberts[Area Manager] at Betws Mine, 66, 67
  • Betws Mine, upper east drivage, 67
  • Betws Mine, drivage team, 68
  • Betws Mine, entrance, 68
  • Lord James Callaghan, with Phil Weeks, at Betws Mine, 69
  • Betws New Mine, erecting first arch, 69
  • Betws New Mine, 70
  • Save Betws Protest March, 1992, 70
  • Abernant Colliery, 71, 72
  • Redundant miner's lamp, 72 & outside cover
  • Bwlch a private mine, 94
  • Small Mine on Betws Mountain, 94
  • Bwlch, small private mine, 95*2, 96*2
  • Pwll Perkins, Garnant, 97
  • Memorial notice to the 7 miners who lost their lives at Rhosaman/Brynamman in 1924, 97
    • TT Jones, Rhosaman; Ioan Jones, Rhosaman; Glyn Thomas, Rhosaman ; James T Davies, Cwm Rhondda ; W H Davies, Rhosaman ; Geo Hughes, Abaty Castell Nedd ; W T Jones, Penygraig View, Rhosaman.
  • Bwlch, face worker at work , 98
  • Bodist, face worker, 98
  • Gwaith Bach, Bodist/Betws Mountain, face worker, 99
  • Llether Lan, two workers at a conveyor belt ?, 99
  • Bodist, face worker, 100
  • Cwmgors Works, 100
  • Brick Works, Cwmgors, 101
  • Bodist Gwaith Bach, Betws Mountain, 101
  • Morlais Mine/Llangennech, a war time aerial view, 102
  • Morlais Mine/Llangennech, 102
  • Protest Committee at Cross Inn, including Mabon, 1905, 103
  • Pencae/Llandybie Colliery, 103  



The disaster that took place at PWLL  Y  GARNANT or Perkins pit, Garnant on January 16th 1884.

The bard's name was David Aubrey Lewis, here are his verses which have been translated and contributed by Wyn Evans.

The original Welsh version can also be seen below.


Eighteen hundred and eighty four
A year which will be long remembered
On the sixteenth day
Of the month of January, a heavy time.

On the above very sad day
Ten men so warm and amiable
In Perkin's Pit in Cwmamman
Were thrown into eternal paradise.

John Evans that sweet singer
In this so terrible event
Ending in an instant
Life in mid stream.

John David James a pleasant boy
Who was much liked by all
I hope that today
He is in heaven without any pain.

Thomas Michael my colleague
And  my fit school pal
He also, I assume
Is in heavenly paradise too, with God

Dafydd Enoc a hard worker
Who was respected by all men
He also was hurled into eternity
Sadly and suddenly in this disaster.

Thomas Bevan another colleague
Who was so admired by me
Ready with his support
Always with a pleasant happy face.

William Lake I did not know
But I hope that he
Arrived smoothly
At the pure heavenly abode.

Edward Morgan the innocent lad
much loved by his father
A flood of tears will accompany
The memory of this good young man.

Evan Roberts and his brother Thomas
Went together at the same time
From this accident we hope
They reach a pleasant place in paradise.

Daniel Rees a likeable lad
Who did not have a father or mother
Yet in the wife of Thomas Williams
He found a sweet sincere mother.

This accident has caused
Great mourning in Cwmamman
When we saw ten of our fellow workers
Suddenly tragically cut down.


Welsh version

Also contributed by Wyn Evans



Deunaw cant wyth deg a phedwar
Blwyddyn fydd yn hir mewn cof
Ar yr unfed ddydd a'r bymtheg
O fis Ionawr trwm y tro

Ar y diwrnod pruddaidd uchod
Deg o ddynion hawddgar clyd
Ym " Mhwll y Perkins " yn Cwmamman
Hyrddwyd i dragwyddol fyd

John Evans y canwr melys
Yn y ddamwain erchys loes
Drengodd megis is amrhantiaeth
Pan ynghanol gyrfa oes

John David Jones y bachgen serchog
Ag oedd anwyl genyf fi
Ni obeithion ei fod heddiw
Yn y nef uwch poen a chri

Thomas Michael fy nghydymaeth
A fy nghyd-ysgolor gwiw
Y mae yntau mi hyderwn
Ym mhreswylfa nefoedd Duw

Dafydd Enoc, y gweithiwr campus
Oedd yn barchus gan bob dyn
Yntau hyrddwyd i'r bythol fyd
Drwy y ddamwain sydyn flin

Thomas Bevan fy nghydymaeth
Ac anwyl iawn i'm bron
Parod oedd  i'm gynorthwyo
Gyda gwyneb hawddgar llon

William Lake nid own ei adwaun
Ond gobeithiwn ei fod ef
Wedi cyrraedd yn ddiangol
I drigfanau pur y nef

Edward Morgan y llanc tirion
Oedd yn anwyl gan ei dad
Dagrau llu sydd yn einienid
Coffadwriaeth y llanc maad

Evan Roberts ai frawd Thomas
Cawsant fyned yr un pryd
Drwy y ddamwain mi obeithiwn
I ororau gwynfa glyd

Daniel Rees y crotyn anwyl
Nad oedd ganddo fam na thad
Eto'n  mhriod Thomas Williams
Gwelodd famaith fwyn difrad

Mae y ddamwain wedi peru
Yng  Nghwmamman alar mawr
Gweled deg o'n cyd-fforddolion
Wedi cael eu torri lawr