Kelly's Directory for South Wales, 1923


The information  below relating to Ammanford  was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

I have only transcribed the entries for Private Residents and Commercial - for general data regarding the town see the 1910 transcription



Arthur John, Carregamman

Davies Rev. Benjamin (curate), Pentwyn, Bettws

Davies Albt. E. Bank ho. 1 Quay st

Davies Daniel, Tycoc

Davies David, 100 College street

Davies F. Tyssyl, 9 College street

Dunbar James M.B. Parcyryn

Elias Ivor Olum, Yfron

Emmanuel Miss, Arfryn, College st

Evans Owen Roland, 7 Tirydail lane

Evans Thos. M., M.A. 48 College st

Griffiths Rev. John B.A., B.D. (Baptist), College street

Harper Archibald, 81 College street

Harries Phillip John B.A. (curate),

Gwrda house, Tirydail lane

Herbert Mrs. Brynmarlais

Herbert William, Llwynon, High st

Hewlett Erne, Wernoleu, High. st

Hughes David Arthur, College st

Inman Ernest M.B. 52 College. street

Jones Rev. Daniel B.A. (curate)

Jones W. Tudor, 53 College street

Lewis John O.B.E., J.P. Brynrhug

Lewis Mrs. Mary, Brynaraul, College street

Lewis L. E. Lynn, Fair Lawn

Parry John Owen, 61 College street

Price David Rees M.P., C.M. The Laurels, Wind street

Rees Thomas Joseph, 12 Hall street

Richard Rev. W. (Calvinistic Metho' dist), Brynffin, Colonel road

Richards David J.P. Tirydail house

Robert Daniel A. Norman road

Roberts Rev. Richard Henry MA.(vicar), Vicarage, College street

Shaw Joseph C. Devonia, High street

Smith Walter Lock, 64 College street

Stewart Donald M.B. 2 Margaret st

Thomas Rev. Morgan (Baptist), Caerarba, Llandebie road

Thomas David, Bryngwyn

Thomas Rhys, Brooklands, Colonel rd

Thomas Thomas Henry, 72 College st

Williams Rev. W. Nantlais (Calvinistic Methodist), New road

Williams Geo: Owen BA. Gwynfryn

Williams William, Devonia, High st




Amman Valley Chronicle (Amman Valley Chronicle Ltd. proprietors; published thursday), Quay street

Amman Valley Chronicle Ltd, printers proprietors & publishers of the Amman Valley Chronicle, Quay st

Ammanford Colliery Co. Ltd. (The) (Erne Hewlett, managing director)

Ammanford Co-operative Society Ltd. (Edgar Bassett, manager ; J. W. Jones, sec.), Wind street & College street. T N 54

Ammanford Electric Supply (W. Herbert, proprietor; O. Davies, manager), Quay street. T N 11

Ammanford Pictorium Ltd. (John R Poole, managing director), Margaret street

Arthur John, registered lodging house, Park street

Barclays Bank Ltd. (David T. Davies, manager) (open daily ro a.m. to 3 p.m. ; sat. 9 a.m. to 12 noon), 9 College street ; draw on head office, 54 Lombard st. London E C 3

Bevan Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 74 College street

Bishop John Walton, solicitor, registrar of Llanelly County Court, Dynevor Estate office, College St. T N 66

Borrett William John, motor engineer, 36 Llandebie road

Boulton John, confectnr. 23 High st

Brack F. A. watch repr. The Arcade

British & Argentine Meat Co. Ltd. ; Quay street

Brook John Alan, draper, 41 Wind st

Brown Jn. shopkeeper, 23Wernoleu rd

Bryant Alfred, photographer, 8 College street

Bye William Luther John M.P.S. chemist & druggist, Quay street. T N 42

Callard Thos. bldr. Devonia, High st

Campbell William H. tailor, Pantyffynnon

Carruthers & Co. boot & shoe dealrs. 25 Quay street

Cash & Co. boot & shoe makers & dealers, 18 Quay street

Castle Hotel (Thos. George),High st

Central Temperance Commercial Hotel (John Higgs, propr)

Cleeves' Western Valleys Anthracite Collieries Limited (T. W. Lewis, manager), Tirydail colliery

Cohen Morris, outfitter, 35 Quay st Cox Fred, confectioner, 36 Quay st

Cresci & Sons, shopkeepers, Quay st.& The Arcade

Cross Inn Commercial Hotel (The) (O. D. Edwards, proprietor), electric lighting throughout ; motor garage, & motor cars for hire, The Square. TN 8

Davies John & Sons, hair dressers, 23 Wind street ,

Davies Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Pantyffynnon

Davies Albert Edward, manager Lloyds Bank Ltd. 1 Quay street

Davies Charlotte (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 25 Wind street

Davies David, boot ma. 21 Station rd

Davies David, saddler, 38 College st

Davies David T. manager Barclays Bank Ltd. 9 College street

Davies Ebenezer R. tailor, 35 Station road

Davies Evan Thos. tailor, 10 Wind st

Davies Geo. Wm. tobccnst. 16 Quay st

Davies Henry, tobaccnst. 15 College st

Davies Jacob, grocer, 1 Station road

Davies James, china dealer,Wedgwood house, Quay street

Davies John, draper, 12 High street

Davies Pritchard, confr. 29 College st

Davies Rachael (Mrs.), coffee rooms, 46 Quay street

Dayies Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 13 Bettws road

Davies Ted, boot repairer, 10 High st

Davies Thomas, carriage & motor car body builders, High street

Davies Thomas, shopkpr. 18 Union st

Day Francis Godfrey, dentist, 56 College street

Dunbar James M.B., Ch.B.Glas. medical supt. for Amman Valley collieries, Parcyryn

Dunn F. & Sons, boot dealers, 8 & 10 College street

Dynevor Tin Plate Co. Ltd. (W. E. Phillips, manager), Pantyffynnon

Edwards John & Sons, butchers, 46 Wind street

Edwards W. & Sons, nurserymen, Talbot road. T N 19

Edwards Bert, Telegraph htl. Quay st

Edwards Daniel John, boot dealer, 20a, College street

Edwards Martin L. monumental works & engraver, 28a, High st

Edwards Evan,insur.agt.1 Norman rd

Edwards O. D. motor car garages, Cross Inn hotel, The Square

Edwards Thomas, blacksmith, 11 Margaret street

Elias & Emanuel, drapers, Quay st

Emanuel Mary Miss), costumier, Quay street

Evans Daniel & Son, cycle & motor cycle agents & reprs. 178 High st

Evans Alfred, blacksmith, High st

Evans Alfred Ernest, collector to Urban District Council & assistan overseer, 48 College street

Evans David, draper, 90 Wind street

Evans David, greengrocer, 8 New rd

Evans David Thomas B.A. Pagefield college, High street

Evans David William, news agent, 4 Station road

Evans Evan, chemist, 1 College st T N 9

Evans Frederick Glasbryn, wheel wright, Florence road

Evans George, farmer, Pantybettws

Evans John, picture dealer, 1 The Arcade

Evans John Edgar, tobacconist, newsagent & confectioner, 12a, Quay st

Evans Owen Rowland, manager to London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd. & treasurer to Cwmamman Urban District Council, College st

Evans Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Pantyffynnon

Evans Thomas M., M.A. solicitor clerk to Urban District Council, Amman   Valley  Intermediate Schools & to Amman Valley Joint Service Board, 48 College street

Evans William, builder, 84 College s

Evans William, stocking knitter, 23 Pentwyn road

Evans William Herbert, outfitter, see James & Evans

Ewins Albert Edward, shopkeeper, 20 Margaret street

Farmers Ltd. co-operative society Quay street. T N 67

Ferrigi Lawrence, dentist, 20 College street

Fletcher Chas. painter, 80 College st

Fletcher John, boot maker,70 Wind st

Fletcher Robert, tinsmith, High st

Fletcher Thos. news agt.27 College st

Gabe David, stationer, Post office, College street

George Thomas,Castle garage, High st

Golden Crust Bakery Co. bakers. Margaret street

Griffith Samuel & Son, solicitors, 42 College street. T N 49

Griffiths David, haulier, 97 Wind st

Griffiths David John, builder, 29 Bettws road

Griffiths David John,fried fish dealer, 44 College street

Griffiths Geo. farmer, Pentwyn road

Griffiths Herbert, frmr. Maesybettws

Griffiths John, builder, Heol-las

Griffiths Wm. blcksmth. 1 Pentwyn rd

Grove Harold, .confectnr. The Arcade

Guest James, fruiterer, Quay street

Hall Chas. confectioner, 92 Wind st

Harper Archibald L.M.S.S.A.Lond.(firm, Stewart & Harper), physician & surgeon, 81 College street

Harpers' fruiterers, 73 Wind street

Harries Brothers, ironmongers, 6 College street. T N 10

Harries David, photographer, Hall st

Harries Hopkin, tailor, 1 Colonel rd

Harries Thos. Jn. 114 High st

Hatherine William, shopkeeper, 15 Maesyquarre road

Havard, Harry, welsh produce, 38 Quay street

Henson Walt.upholsterer,36 Colonel rd

Herbert H. & Co. mining engineer to Dynevor estate, College street

Herbert William, timber merchant, Quay street. TN 11

Hewlett Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Pantyffynnon

Hopkins Danl. insur.agt.23 Bettws rd

Howells Edgar, supt. Refuge Assurance Co. Limited, 66 High street

Hughes Abraham, hair dresser, 36 College street

 Hughes Ena (Miss), teacher of music, 79 College street

Inman Ernest M.B., B.S.Durh. surgeon, & certifying factory surgeon & public vaccinator for Llandebie district of Llandilo Fawr union, 52 College street

Isaac David, confr. 22 College street

James & Evans, outfitters,  6a College street

James John & Sons, Central garage, 25 College street. T N 35

James Daniel, saddler, 31 College st

James David, grocer, 4a, Colonel rd

James John, grocer, 7 Colonel road

James Mary (Mrs.),temperance hotel, 25 High street

Jenkins & Co. confectioners & hair dressers, welsh produce & fried fish dealers, 8, 6 &  10 Quay street

John William, plumber, 28 Bettws rd

John William Davies M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Trenowel, College street

Johns Mary (Mrs.), corset agent, 41 Quay street

Johnson Thos. fishmonger,55 Wind st

Jones Bowen & Co. ironmongers, furnishers & heating engineers, 9 & 10 Wind street

Jones Griffith & Sons, grocers, Station road

Jones J. E. & K. confrs. 33 High st

Jones &  Mainwaring, printers, Quay st

Jones W. & Co. general drapers, milliners, clothiers  &  gents' mercers, London house

Jones Anne (Mrs.), confectioner, fancy goods & china dealer, High st

Jones Benj. furniture dlr. 64 Wind st

Jones Benjamin, tailor,  Park street

Jones Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 3 Park street

Jones Catherine H. (Mrs.), confectioner, 8 Station road

Jones Danl. china dlr. 13 Penybank rd

Jones David, coach buildr. College st

Jones David, ironmonger, 28 Quay st

Jones Garfield, draper, 3 High street

Jones James, haulier, Heol-las

Jones John, shopkpr. 6 Margaret st

Jones John, farmer, Wernddu

Jones John, greengro. 1 Llandebie rd

Jones John, grocer, 1 Park street & 14 Quay street

Jones John Clement, New Inn hotel, 7 Quay street

Jones John Rees, draper, 76 Wind st

Jones Tn. Thos. outfitter, 13 Quay st

Jones Jonathan, butcher, Quay street

Jones Lily (Mrs.), fruitr. 128 College st

Jones Mary Ann (Mrs.), draper, 122 College street

Jones Rees, cabinet ma. 19 Quay st

Jones Rees, tailor, 102 High street

Jones Rhys Herbert, corn & flour merchant, Quay street

Jones Rhys Herbert, Bridge End inn, Pontamman

Jones Thos.Cross Keys P.H.Bettws rd

Jones Thomas, Plough & Harrow P.H. Bettws road

Jones Thomas, shopkpr. 1 Talbot rd

Jones Tom, boot maker, Penybank rd

Jones William Harold, registrar of births & deaths for Llandebie subdistrict, 9 Wind street

Joseph Joe, glazier, Penybank road

Joseph Joseph, glazier, 24 The Arcade

Joshua Jonah, grocer, 6 Colonel rd

Joshua Thomas, grocer, 8 Wind st

Kathenbach Richard, watch & clockmaker, 31 Quay street

Lethby Ashwin J. draper, 32 Quay st

Levenson Morris, draper, 16 & 18 High street. T 72

Lewis L. E. Lynn L.M.S.S.A.Lond.physician & surgeon, Fair lawn

Lewis Thos.Griffiths,grocer,7 Wind st

Lipton Ltd. grocers, 21 Quay street

Llewellyn Llewellyn, fried fish dealr. High street

Llewelyn William Eustace, solicitor, 44 Quay street

Lloyds Bank Ltd. (sub-branch) (Albt. Edward Davies, manager), 1 Quay street ; draw on London head office, 71 Lombard street E C 3

London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd. (Owen Roland Evans, mangr.) (open daily, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; sat. 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.), College street ; draw on head office, 5 Threadneedle street, London E C 2

Lovell Bros. who. confrs. College st

McMillan Jas. draper, 26 College st

Madden Owen, painter, 34 Quay st

Mainwaring David John, printer, see Jones & Mainwaring

Mansfield T. & Co. fruiterers, 12 College street. T N 61

Mason Edwd. coal dlr. Pantyffynnon

Mason Margaretta (Mrs.), shop keeper, Pantyffynnon

Masters & Co. Ltd. outfitters, 20 Quay street

Matthews Wm.photogrphr.The Arcade

Matthias John, dentist, Wedgwood house, Quay street

Morgan Hannah (Mrs.), ironmonger 41 High street

Morgan John, haulier, Quay street

Morgan Rachael (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 22 New road

Morgans Wm. draper, Margaret st

Morris Wm. Old Cross inn, High st

National Provincial & Union Bank of England Ltd. (John Bowen Davies,manager) (open daily, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; sat. 9 a.m. to 12 noon),Wind street ; draw on head office, Bishopsgate, London E C 2

Oehler Martha (Mrs.), watch maker, 5 College street

Owen David,blacksmith, 1 Penybank rd

Owen  Rees, Dyneyor Arms hotel, Pantyffynnon

Page, Harrington & Co. poultry meal stores, 29 Quay street

Palace, Theatre Co. Ltd. The Arcade

Parry John Owen, architect, surveyor & civil & milling engineer, Arcade chambers. T N 39

Paul Walt. H. shpkpr. 54 Margaret st

Peglers' Stores Ltd.grocers, 17 Quay st

Pendlebury Joseph, fried fish dealer, 6 Station road

Phillips Joseph, grocer, 9 Quay st

Popkins William, relieving & vaccination officer South district, Llandilo union, College street

Powell David, grocer, Penybank road

Price Dayid Daniel, shopkeeper, 74 Wind street

Price David Rees M.B. & C.M.Edin.surgeon,& medical officer of health to Urban District Council & medical officer No. 1 Llandilo South district, Llandilo-Fawr union, The Laurels, Wind street. T N 20

Probert David Nathal. grocr. 12 High st

Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. (A.H. Harris, supt.), 15 Quay street

Pugh D. & Co. coal mars. Florence rd

Pyle Tom H. confectioner, 16 & 18 College street. T N 12

Rees A. R. & Son, grocers,27 High st

Rees W. E. draper, 21 High street

Rees Arthur, grocer, Station road

Rees David, confectioner, 27 Quay st

Rees Esther (Miss), shopkeeper, 5 Colonel road

Rees Jn.Coopers' Arms P.H. Bettws rd

Rees John G. boot maker,  Park st

Rees Jonah, grocr.27 Maesyquarre rd

Rees Margt.(Mrs.),shpkpr.1 Bettws rd

Rees Oakley, boot maker, Penpound

Rees Thos. insur. agt. 92 College st

Rees Wm. Thos. draper, is College st

Richards Esther A. (Mrs.), confectioner, 7 College street

Richards David John, fried fish dealr. 21 Wind street

Richards William John, poultry food dealer, 17 Wind street

Sheen John, china dealer,109 High st

Shepherd Barnett, wall paper dealer, 24 College street

Smith Walter Lock, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, & clerk to the magistrates, 64 College st. T N 53

Star Tea Co. Ltd. grocers, 4 Quay street & College street

Stewart & Harper, physicians & surgeons, 2 Margaret street. T N  57

Stewart Donald. M. B., Ch B. Glas (firm, Stewart & Harper), 2 Margaret street

Sugar Wm. shopkpr. 42 Llandebie rd

Tarr Herbert, cabinet maker, upholsterer & dealer in pianofortes, 75 Wind street

Territorial Force Battalion (4th) Welsh Regiment (H Co. Capt. A. J. Nelson ; John Saker, 2nd Batt. Welsh Regt. sergt.-instructor), The Armoury, Margaret street

Thomas T. G. & Co. stationers, fancy goods & toy dealers, 53 College st

Tbomas Alan W., M.P.S. chemist & druggist), 4 Quay street. T N 62

Thomas Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper,Margaret street

Thomas David, shpkpr.Pantyffynnon

Thomas David M.Inst.M. & Cy.E. surveyor & inspector of nuisances to the Urban District Council, 33 Quay street. T N 52

Thomas David P. watch maker, 42 College street

Thomas Henry, Great Western hotel, Station road

 Thomas Hugh, Mount Pleasant P.H. Pontamman road

Thomas Ivor, boot repr. 150 High st

Thomas Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 85 Wind street

Thomas Job, boot ma. 3 College st

Thomas John, grocer, 156 High st

Thomas John, grocer, 53 High street

Thomas John L. flannel mfr. High st

Thomas John William, sewing machine agent, The Arcade

Thomas Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 43 Wind street

Thomas Joseph, butcher, 160 High st

Thomas Rev. Morgan, insur. agent, Caerarba, Llandebie road

Thomas Roger, collector of income tax, 24 Quay street

Thomas Thomas, confr. 86 High st

Thomas Wm. baker, 17 Station road

Waldron Arthur John, cycle dealer, The Arcade

Walters David, grocer,Pontamman rd

Walters James, clothier, John Bull stores, The Arcade

Walters William, tobacconist, hair dresser & contr. 1 & 7 High street

Williams Alfred,boot ma. 14 College st

Williams Arthur, ironmonger,  11 High street. T N 5

Williams Arthur Glyn, butcher, 34 High street

Williams David,boot ma. 32 College st

Williams David,butcher, 42 College st

Williams David, grocer, Station road

Williams David, shopkpr. 19 Wind st

Williams David Price, boot repairer, 16 The Arcade

Williams Florence (Miss), newsagent & vendor, The Arcade

Williams Fredk. tailor, 57 Wind st

Williams John, butcher, 8 High st

Williams John, grocer, 128 High st

Williams Jn. ironmonger, 39 Wind st

Williams Jr,- R. solicitor, 8a,College st

Williams Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 13 Wind street

Williams Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, 72 Wing street

Williams Thomas, grocer, 102 Wind st

Williams Thomas H. provision merchant, 45 Wind street

Williams Tom Dafen, welsh & english flannels & art silk merchant, 34 Wind street

Williams Thos.shopkeeper, 102 Wind st

Williams Wm. shopkpr. 30 College st

Young Helen (Miss),millnr.The Arcade

Young Men's Christian Association (Norman Tucker, sec.), Iscennen rd

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