Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


The information  below relating to Carmarthen  [with the village of Abergwilly and neighbourhoods] was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

Carmarthen  [with the village of Abergwilly and neighbourhoods]

Carmarthen, styled the 'County of the Borough of Carmarthen', is 217 miles w. from London (by Brecon), 106 w. from Bristol (by Brecon), and 112 (by Neath and Swansea), 83 w. by s. from Hereford, 116 s.w. from Worcester, and between 8 and 9 from the sea.

This ancient town is situated nearly in the centre of its county, and on the northern bank of the Towy--- a river long celebrated for its salmon, and other fisheries. It was formerly surrounded by a high wall, with fortified gates; and the castle, still an interesting ruin, rises in baronial pomp above the town; it surrendered in the civil wars to the parliamentary forces, under General Langhorne, and has subsequently been suffered to go to decay.

When Wales was first erected into a principality by the Crown of England, the Chancery and Exchequer for South Wales were kept at this place; and here, in ancient times, the Britons held their parliaments, or assemblies of wise men. This town gave birth to the British sage, Merlin, who flourished about the year 480. The buildings of the town are partly erected on a considerable elevation, from which extensive prospects are commanded. The principal streets contain a large proportion of good houses, and though not perfectly regular, they possess an aspect of comfort and respectability. Within a few years, spirited improvements have taken place; many dwellings have been modernised, the streets well paved, and the introduction of gas has superseded the ineffectual oil lamp. The buildings which will receive more particular notice are the county gaol, the market-cross, the church, and the guildhall. In the last-named structure is a fine full-length portrait of the late gallant General Sir Thomas Picton; and there is also a very handsome public monument, erected to his memory, at the entrance of the town from Pembroke. There are two well selected libraries, one of which, with a reading room, at Messrs White and Sons, in King-street, has been established upwards of twenty-eight years. Two newspapers are published here, viz the 'Carmarthen Journal' and the 'Welchman'; both appear every Friday, and have an extensive circulation; as does a Welsh magazine of considerable repute, entitled 'Seren Gomer', which is published on the first of each month.

Carmarthen is governed by a mayor, recorder, town clerk, six peers (who act as justices), and two sheriffs, all of whom are elected annually by the burgesses. The great sessions for the county are held twice in the year, the quarter sessions alternately here and at Llandilo,  and a mayor's court for the town and borough once a fortnight. The mayor for the time being is lord of the manor of the town. In conjunction with Llanelly, the borough returns one member to parliament, which privilege was conferred in the reign of Henry VIII.

Carmarthen-bay, on the north side, and near the entrance of the Bristol Channel, is formed by 'Caldy Island' on the west, and the Worm's Head' on the east, distant from each other about thirteen miles. In the bay lies 'Burry-bar, within which, on both sides of the river, there is a district rich in bituminous coal, stone-coal, culm, iron ore, and limestone, extending six leagues eastward into the country, and separating the county of Carmarthen from that of Glamorgan; from these mineral advantages, Carmarthen derives substantial benefit. In the vicinity of the town, an extensive tin mill is worked by Messrs Wayne and Dunn, and in the town, two iron foundries; the whole forming valuable commodities for an export trade, which is also extensively assisted by the produce of the land; while its intercourse with Bristol and other towns, in the importation of goods of various descriptions for the supply of the neighbouring country, adds another important feature to its commerce. Vessels of three hundred tons burden can float up to the town, where there is a large and convenient quay. Flannel is manufactured here to some extent; the trade in corn and malt is respectable, and the tanning and currying of leather, and rope-making, form the occupation of several individuals.

The parish church of St Peter is a large plain edifice, with a lofty square tower at the western end; the interior, which is very neat, contains a fine-toned organ, a beautiful alter-piece, and some handsome monuments; the most remarkable of the latter is that to the memory of Rhys-ap-Thomas and his lady, said to be the largest alter-tomb in Great Britain. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Lord Bishop of St David's. The other places of worship are a chapel of ease, called Llanllwch church, and others of various denominations of dissenters.

The principal charities are excellent schools for the education of poor children, conducted upon the national and Lancasterian plans; also two others, endowed; a Dorcus society, for clothing the poor, supported by ladies; a philanthropic society &c. A presbyterian college was founded here in 1720, for the education of young gentlemen for the ministry.

There are several mineral springs, of powerful medicinal qualities, in the immediate vicinity of the town; and about two miles from it is 'Merlin's-hill' on which is his cave. A beautiful public walk at the upper end of the town, called 'the Parade', commands an extensive view of the vale, and the picturesque scenery in the neighbourhood, including Abergwilly, the palace of the Bishop of St David's, and the beautiful meanderings of the Towy, through a fine cultivated country.

The market-days are Wednesday and Saturday , both of which are abundantly supplied with every necessary of life; the fairs, which are for cattle, are held in almost every month in the year.

The 'County of the Borough of Carmarthen' is divided into five wards, respectively named Gell-street, King-street, Lower Franchise, St Mary-street, and Priory-street and Upper Franchise; these collectively contained, in 1831, 9,995 inhabitants; and in 1841, 9,526.

Abergwili is a village and parish, in the hundred of Elvit, not quite two miles from Carmarthen. Adjoining the south side of the village is the Bishop's Palace, the chief episcopal residence belonging to the See of St David. There are two cattle fairs held here annually, viz on the 2nd and 27th of October. By the returns for 1831, this parish contained 2,675 persons; and in 1841, 2,366.

Post Office, Spilman-street, John Matthews, Post Master.

  • Letters from London , Gloucester, Brecon, Crickhowell, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Llandilo and Llandovery arrive every afternoon at twenty minutes past four, and are despatched every morning at eight. --- Letters from Bristol and Swansea arrive every evening at twenty-five minutes past seven, and are despatched every morning at eighteen minutes before five.
  • Letters from Aberystwyth, Lampeter and Kidwelly arrive every evening at a quarter past six, and are despatched every morning at a quarter before six. --- Letters from Cardigan and Newcastle-in-Emlyn arrive every evening at nine, and are despatched every morning at a quarter past five.
  • Letters from Pembroke, Milford Haven Haverfordwest and Ireland arrive every morning at twent-eight minutes before five, and are despatched every evening at twent-five minutes before eight.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

  • Adams, Edward Esq; Middleton Hall
  • Alcock, J T Esq; Mount hill Cottage
  • Berry, Mrs ---; Spilman st
  • Bevan, Rev Archdeacon; Vicarage
  • Bonvill, William Esq (and coroner); Pen y Morfa
  • Bowen, Major ---; Picton terrace
  • Carver, William Esq; Wenallt
  • Clarke, Mrs Joanna; Priory st
  • Clarke, W T Esq; Picton place
  • Davidson, Mrs ---; Llanstephan
  • Davies, Captain ---; Green Hall
  • Davies, Mrs D P; Lammas st
  • Davies, Miss Jane; Guildhall square
  • Davies, John Esq; Lime grove
  • Davies, John Bankes Esq; Myrtle hill
  • Davies, John Lloyd Esq; King st
  • Davies, Mrs ---; Abergwilly
  • Edwards, Capt David; Rhydygorsd
  • Evans, Mr David; John's town
  • Evans, Mrs G; John's town
  • Evans, J Esq; Coedline
  • Evans, Capt Lewis; Pant y kenddy
  • Evans, Mrs ---; Guildhall square
  • Evans, R R Esq; Fernhill
  • Evans, Rev Thomas; Maesgwynne
  • Fenton, J F Esq; Roberts rest
  • Francis, Rev Thomas; St Peter st
  • Gilbert, Captain ---; Lletyrgog
  • Griffiths, Rev James; Llangunnor
  • Griffiths, John Esq; John st
  • Griffiths, Miss ---; John's town
  • Gwynne, Captain ---; Pontearreg
  • Gwynne, Mrs Sackville; Quay st
  • Harries, Mrs ---; John's town
  • Harvey, Miss Sarah; Lwr Market st
  • Hughes, Mrs ---; King st
  • Hughes, Mrs ---; Quay st
  • Hughes, Rev Joshua; Abergwilly
  • Hughes, W G Esq; Abercothy
  • Johns, Miss Eliza; Spilman st
  • Jones, Rev D; Upland
  • Jones, Miss M A ; Ystrad
  • Jones, Mrs ---; Lammas st
  • Jones, Mrs Thomas; Bailey st
  • Jones, Rev Thomas; Priory st
  • Lewis, Miss Hannah; King st
  • Lewis, Mrs Sarah; Abergwilly
  • Lloyd, William Esq; Laques
  • Malin, Henry Esq; Abergwilly
  • Mansel, Sir John Bart; Llanstephan
  • Meares, John Esq; Llanstephan place
  • Morgan, Mrs Charles; Quay st
  • Morris, David Esq MP; King st
  • Morris, Mrs ---; Parade
  • Morris, Samuel Esq; Parade
  • Morris, Mrs T; Spilman st
  • Morris, Thos Chas Esq; Spilman st
  • Morris, William Esq; Spilman st
  • Nichol, Rev D; Ystradurallt
  • Nott, George Esq; Picton terrace
  • Owen, Rev Jeremiah; Picton terrace
  • Phillips, Capt John Geo RN; Parade
  • Phillips, Mrs Mary Ann; Spilman st
  • Phillips, Grismond Esq; Cwmgwilly
  • Phillips, Mrs ---; King st
  • Price, J Lloyd Esq; Glangwilly
  • Price, Mrs ---; Priory st
  • Price, W O Esq; Castellpegin
  • Prytherch, Daniel Esq; Priory st
  • Pullin, Miss Hannah; Spilman st
  • Puxley, J L Esq; Lletherllistry
  • Reed, Mrs Elizabeth; Quay st
  • Rees, Mr David; Picton terrace
  • Rees, Mrs Evan; Priory st
  • Rees, Mrs Jane; John's town
  • Rees, Mrs ---; Church st
  • Ricketts, Capt Henry; Llanstephan
  • Rorison, Mrs Major; Picton terrace
  • Saunders, Miss Frances; Picton terrace
  • Saunders, Jno Edw Esq; Glanrhydw
  • Stephenson, Mrs ---; Stirling Park
  • Thirlwall, Right Rev Connop, Lord Bishop of St Davids Palace; Abergwilly
  • Thomas, Mrs Ann; Priory st
  • Thomas, George Esq; Quay st
  • Thomas, John Esq; Cwmmaur
  • Thomas, Mrs Major; Barn's row
  • Thornton, Captain ---; Spilman st
  • Vigor, Mrs H Stonehouse; Carmarthen
  • Waters, Mrs ---; Picton terrace
  • White, Mrs ---; King st
  • Williams, Rev David Archard, Picton terrace
  • Williams, Mr Edmund; John's town
  • Williams, Capt Hamlyn; Ferry House
  • Williams, the Misses; Quay st
  • Williams, Mrs---; Spring gardens
  • Williams, Rev Robert; Priory st

Academies and Schools

Not otherwise described are Day Schools

  • Barfield, Misses (boarding & day); Lammas st
  • Brodribb, Joseph Park (boarding & day); Picton terrace
  • Brown, James; Church st
  • Fowke, P (boarding & day); Quay st
  • Free School, Priory st ---Rev David Archard Williams, master
  • Humphreys, Misses (boarding & day); Spilman st
  • Jones, Misses (boarding & day); Spilman st
  • Lancasterian School, Cambrian place --- James Brown, master
  • Llewellyn, Ann (ladies' boarding day); King st
  • Lloyd, Rev David (boarding & day); Parade
  • National School, Abergwilly --- Jacob Lloyd, master
  • National School, Parade --- Cornelius Bland, master; Ann Adams, mistress
  • Presbyterian College, Lammas street
  • Thomas, John; Pentrepoth


  • Gardner, Richard; Queen st
  • Griffiths, Griffith; King st
  • Howell, John; Lower Market st
  • Hughes, Charles Henry; Quay st
  • Jeffries, John Budden; Spilman st
  • Jones, Philip Griffith (and clerk to the magistrates and treasurer of the borough); St Mary st
  • Lewis, Henry; Upper Market st
  • Lloyd, Walter; Queen st
  • Morris & Jones; Quay st
  • Rees, Richard; King st
  • Rogers, William; Spilman st
  • Simons, William; Spilman st
  • Thomas, George jun (and coroner for the county); Lammas st
  • Williams, Charles Diggle; Quay st
  • Williams, Hugh; Quay st
  • Williams, John; Quay st
  • Williams, Thomas; Queen's place


  • Davies, William; Quay
  • Goode, George (& land agent); Upper Market st
  • Rees, Wm; Upper Market st
  • Rodway, John ( & land agent); Millbrook
  • Thomas, J D; Peter st

Bakers and Flour Dealers

  • Davies, Henry; Bridge st
  • Jones, Eliza; St Peter st
  • Llewellyn, Temperance; King st
  • Powell, John; King st
  • Thomas, David; Water st
  • Thomas, Thomas; King st


  • Morris, David & Sons (Carmarthen Bank), Spilman street --- (draw on Sir J W Lubbock & Co, London)
  • Wilkins & Co, King st --- (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co, London) --- Thomas Richards, manager


  • Bonnor, Evan; Abergwilly
  • Davies, David; John's town
  • Davies, James; Cambrian place
  • Evans, John; Lammas st
  • Evans, Thomas; Magazine row
  • Evans, Thomas; Wood's row
  • Jones, Henry; Friar's court
  • Jones, John; John st
  • Jones, rees; Priory st
  • Jones, Thomas; Castle green
  • Lewis, William; Water st
  • Morgan, Thomas; Quay
  • Morris, John; Abergwilly
  • Owen, William; John's town
  • Rees, David; Priory st
  • Rees, John; Priory st
  • Rees, John; Lammas st
  • Thomas, John; St Catherine st


(See also Booksellers & Stationers)

  • Edwards, Isaac; St Mary st
  • Evans, John; King st
  • Evans, William; Guildhall square
  • Lawrence, John; Chapel st

Booksellers & Stationrs

  • Brigstocke, John Lewis; Lammas st
  • Davies, John Powell; King st
  • Evans, Richard; Upper market st
  • Evans, William (and wholesale, and patent medicine vender and perfumer); Guildhall square
  • Jones, Josiah Thomas; Blue st
  • Jones, Mary; Priory st
  • Shackell, E W; Guildhall square
  • Spurrell, William; King st
  • Thomas, John; Priory st
  • White, Hannah & Sons (& wholesale ,and library and reading room, and perfumers and toy warehouse); King st

Boot and Shoe Makers

  • Crodin, Robert; Lower Market st
  • Daniell, Howell; Lammas st
  • Davies, Abel; Water st
  • Davies, Benjamin; John's town
  • Davies, David & Son; King st
  • Evans, David; Lammas st
  • Evans, James; King st
  • Evans, Thomas Vaughan; King st
  • Evans, William; Queen st
  • Jones, John; Spilman st
  • Lewis, David; Little Water st
  • Lewis, Thomas; John's town
  • Morgan, David; King st
  • Morgan, John; Bridge st
  • Morgan, John; Upper market st
  • Thomas, David; Church lane
  • Thomas, Richard; Cambrian place

Braziers & Tin-Plate Workers

  • Baldwin, William; King st
  • Davies, Thomas; Lammas st
  • James, Abraham; John st
  • Jones, Edward & Sons; King st
  • Jones, John; Jackson's court
  • Jones, William; Red st
  • Morris, David; Bridge st
  • Morris, John; Darkgate
  • Morris, John; John's town
  • Thomas, David; Lammas st

Brick Makers

  • Brigstocke, David; King st
  • Mason, Edward; near the Parade


  • Daniel, John; Blue st
  • Davies, Thomas; Primrose cottage
  • Edwards, William; Cambrian place
  • Edwards, Wm Thomas; Cambrian pl
  • Fountain, Thomas; Water st
  • Griffiths, Walter; Red st
  • Griffiths, Thomas; Lammas st
  • Lewis, David; Water st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Cambrian place
  • Williams, David; Cambrian place
  • Williams, Thomas; Cambrian place

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers

  • Davies, Isaac; King st
  • Edwards, Edward; Priory st
  • Instance, Richard; Blue st
  • Thomas, Jones & Co; Lammas st
  • Williams, John; Lammas st

China, Glass &c Dealers

  • Griffiths, Mary; King st
  • Jones, Job; Darkgate
  • Morris, William; Upper Market st

Chymists & Druggists

  • Davies, Richard Morgan; King st
  • Jones, Ben; Guildhall square
  • Jones, Edward Bowen; Lammas st
  • Mortimer, Daniel Lloyd; Upper Market street
  • Tardrew, Samuel ( and seedsman); King st
  • Thomas, Rees; Lammas st
  • Warren, Thomas & Son; King st
  • White, John White; Guildhall square

Coach Makers

  • Lewis, William; Spilman st
  • Williams, Henry; Spilman st

Coal Dealers

  • Cottrell, George; Blue st
  • Evans, David; Quay st
  • Griffiths, Benjamin; Quay
  • Harry, William; Magazine row
  • Howell, Thomas; Blue st
  • Humphreys, David; Quay
  • Jones, Thomas; Spilman st
  • Jones, Thomas; Conduit lane
  • Thomas, William; Quay


  • Chase, Richard; Darkgate
  • Evans, Anne; Lammas st
  • Evans, Mary; Lower Market st
  • Eynon, Mary; Lower Market st
  • Jones, Thomas; Queen st


  • Daniel, John; Blue st
  • David, Daniel; Quay st
  • Davies, Thomas; Lammas st
  • Edwards, David; Blue st

Corn & Butter Merchants

  • Adams, John; Lammas st
  • Carver, William; Bridge st
  • Harris, Griffith; Water st
  • Howell, John; Priory st
  • Hughes, David Walter; Quay st
  • Jones, John (and cheese); Lammas st
  • Lewis & Thomas; Blue st
  • Lewis, Thomas; Priory st
  • Llewellyn, John; King st
  • M'Cormick, Andrew; Quay st
  • Morgan, James; Priory st
  • Phillips, John; Priory st
  • Thomas, William George; Lammas st
  • Waters, William; Little Bridge st

Curriers & Leather Sellers

  • Children, George; Castle hill
  • Jones, Charles; Lammas st
  • Morgan, William; Chapel st
  • Mortimer, James; Upper Market st
  • Rogers, John; Lammas st
  • Thomas, William (leatherseller); Red st
  • Williams, John; King st

Fire &c Office Agents

  • Argus (life), George White White; King street
  • Clerical, Medical and General (life), Thomas Richards; King st
  • Commercial and General (life), Jos Spawforth; Guildhall square
  • Norwich Union, George Bagnall; Guildhall square
  • Pelican (life), Stephen Awbery; Spilman st
  • Phoenix (fire), Robt Stacey; Guildhall street
  • Royal Exchange, David E Lewis; Spilman st
  • United Kingdom (life), Wm Evans; Guildhall square
  • West of England, Richd Spurrell; King st

Fishmongers & Dealers in Game

  • Cottrell, George; Blue st
  • Perriman, John; Queen st
  • Thomas, David; King st
  • Thomas, William; Red st

Flannel Manufacturers

  • Davies, Owen; John st
  • Davies, William; John's town
  • Evans, Evan; Water st
  • Evans, John; Lammas st
  • Howell, William; Trevaun hill
  • James, William; John's town
  • Jones, Isaac; Union buildings
  • Jones, Isaac; Friar's park
  • Jones, John; Priory st
  • Jones, Thomas; Water st
  • Lewis, Josiah; Priory st
  • Lewis, Lewis; John's town
  • Lewis, Thomas; Cwmareant
  • Lewis, William; John's town
  • Thomas, Lewis; Tabernacle row

Grocers and Tea Dealers

Marked thus * are also Drapers

(See also Linen Drapers; also Shopkeepers , and also Tea Dealers)

  • Adams, John; Lammas st
  • Adams John jun; Darkgate
  • *Bagnall, George; Guildhall square
  • Beynon & Davies; Lower Market st
  • Davies, David; Queen st
  • *Davies, William; Priory st
  • *Evans, David; Lower Water st
  • *Evans, Mary; Lammas st
  • Evans, Thomas; Upper Market st
  • *Harris, Griffith; Water st
  • Howells, Howell; Upper Market st
  • *Jones, Edward; Red st
  • *Jones, Evan; Lammas st
  • *Jones, John; King st
  • *Jones, John Williams; Lammas st
  • Lewis, John; Red st
  • *Lewis, Thomas; Priory st
  • Lewis, Thos Griffith; Upper market st
  • *Llewellyn, John; King st
  • Lloyd, James; St Mary st
  • *Morgan, John; Bridge st and King st
  • Needle, James jun; Queen st
  • Puddicombe, Eliza & Maria; Upper Market st
  • *Thomas, David; Water st
  • Thomas, David; Darkgate
  • *Thomas, David Richard; Lammas st
  • Thomas, Evan; King st
  • *Thomas, John; Lammas st
  • Thomas, Thomas; King st
  • *Timmins and Sons (and general warehousemen); King st
  • Weatherhead, Wm; Magazine row


  • Evans, David; Lammas st
  • Evans, James; King st
  • Lewis, Thomas jun; Lammas st

Hair Dressers

  • Bonville, Thomas; Conduit lane
  • Jones, Charles; Lammas st
  • Jones, William; Blue st
  • Symonds, John; Queen st
  • Thomas, Isaac; King st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Lammas st
  • Williams, James; King st

Hat Manufacturers and Hatters

  • Davies, John; Lower Water st
  • Evans, David; Lower Water st
  • Evans, John David; John's town
  • Griffiths, William; Water st
  • Harris, John; Little Water st
  • Jenkins, David; Lower Water st
  • Jones, David; Magazine row
  • Jones, John; Little Water st
  • Jones, William; Little Water st
  • Lewis, John; Water st
  • Lynch, William; Water st
  • Phillips, John; St Catherine st
  • Rees, James; St Catherine st
  • Thomas, Joseph; Priory st

Hop and Seed Dealers

(See also Maltsters)

  • Nicholls, David; Quay st
  • Thomas, William George; Lammas st

Horses & Gigs --- Owners of

For Hire

  • Cottrell, George; Blue st
  • Davies, Ann & Eliza; King st
  • Davies, Philip; St Peter st
  • Joseph, William; St Catherine st
  • Lewis, Margaret; St Catherine st
  • Olive, Jeremiah; Lammas st
  • Williams, William; Water st

Inns and Hotels

(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Boar's Head (and posting house), George Phillips; Lammas st
  • Ivy Bush (and posting house), George Davies; Spilman st
  • Lion Royal Hotel (and posting), John Williams; Spilman st & Queen st
  • Old Ivy Bush, Ann & Eliza Davies; King st
  • Three Compasses (commercial), William Mason; Lammas st

Iron Founders

  • Jones & Phillips; Blue st
  • Moss, William & Son; Blue st

Ironmongers & Plumbers

  • Baldwin, William; King st
  • David & Co; Lammas st
  • Jones, Edward & Son; King st
  • Moss, William; Guildhall square
  • Roberts, John Nathan; Darkgate
  • Williams, Jno David; Lwr Market st

Joiners & Carpenters

  • Davies, James; John's town
  • Howell, John; Pentre poth
  • Howell, William; Priory st
  • Hughes, Charles; Abergwilly
  • James, Benjamin; Blue st
  • Jones, George; Lammas st
  • Jones, Samuel; St Peter st
  • Lloyd, Thomas; John's town
  • Morgan, David; Lammas st
  • Morris, John; Abergwilly
  • Phillips, Thomas; John's town
  • Rowland, John; Priory st

Libraries --- Circulating

  • Evans, Richard; Upper Market st
  • Shackell, E W; Guildhall square
  • White, Hannah & Sons (and reading room); King st

Linen & Woollen Drapers

(See also Grocers &c)

  • Davies Brothers; Upper Market st
  • Davies, John; Guildhall Hall
  • Davies, William & Thomas; Upper Market st
  • Jones, William Griffith; Guildhall square
  • Shankland, Geo & Rees; St Mary st
  • Stacey, Ann; Guildhall square
  • Thomas, Herbert; King st
  • Thomas, Sarah; Guildhall square
  • Thomas, William; Guildhall square


  • Adams, John jun; Darkgate
  • Jones, Thomas; Parade
  • Llewellyn, Lloyd; St Mary st
  • Morgan, James; Priory st
  • Norton Brothers; Spring side
  • Spurrell, Richard; King st
  • Thomas & Davies; King st
  • Thomas, David; Lammas st
  • Thomas, Esther; Little Bridge st
  • Thomas, William George; Lammas st


  • Davies, John; St Catherine st
  • Evans, David; White Mill
  • Jones, Francis; Spilman st
  • Thomas, William; John's town
  • Williams, David; Pontcarreg Mill

Milliners & Dress Makers

  • Evans, Sarah & Mary; King st
  • Harris, Sarah & Elizabeth; King st
  • Lewis, Eliza; Blue st
  • Lloyd, Sophia; St Mary st
  • Phillips, Ann; Spilman st
  • Rees, Louisa; Bridge st
  • Thomas & Pridham; Queen st
  • Thomas, Ann & Catherine; Chapel st


  • Carmarthen Journal (Friday), William Evans, sole proprietor; Guildhall square
  • Welchman (Friday), Wisbey and Spawforth, proprietors; Guildhall sq

Painters & Glaziers

  • Awbery, William; Bridge st
  • Brigstocke, David; King st
  • Davies, George; Priory st
  • Davies, Thomas; Spilman st
  • Davies, William; Priory st
  • Davies, William Richard; Lammas st
  • Lewis & Son; Wood's row
  • Lewis, Thomas; King st


  • Bowen John; King st
  • Jones, Thomas; John's town
  • Lawrence, Henry; Picton terrace
  • Picton, John; Iscoed
  • Roberts, John; Ferry side


See Ironmongers & Plumbers

Porter Dealers

(See also Spirit Dealers)

  • Hughes, David Walter; Quay st
  • Jones, Ben; Guildhall square
  • Morgan, John; King st
  • Nicholls, David; Quay st
  • Spurrell, Richard; King st

Printers --- Letter-Press

  • Brigstocke, John Lewis; Lammas st
  • Davies, John Powell; King st
  • Evans, William (and copper-plate, and proprietor of the 'Carmarthen Journal'); Guildhall square
  • Jones, Josiah Thomas; Blue st
  • Jones, Mary; Priory st
  • Spurrell, William; King st
  • Thomas, John; St Peter st
  • Williams, David; King st

Rope Makers and Twine Spinners

  • Charles, David; King st
  • Davies, James; Lammas st
  • Davies, John; Lammas st
  • Parcell, David; Priory st

Saddlers & Harness Makers

  • Davies, John; Guildhall square
  • Isaac, Thomas; King st
  • James, David; Bridge st
  • Morgan, David; Lammas st
  • Pugh, Samuel; Lammas st
  • Thomas, Griffith; Bridge st
  • Williams, John; King st
  • Williams, John; Lammas st

Salt Merchants

  • Hughes, David Walter; Quay st
  • Jones, John; Lammas st
  • Thomas, Evan; King st

Shopkeepers & Dealrs in Groceries & Sundries

  • Clarke, David; Magazine row
  • Evans, Eleanor; Lammas st
  • Evans, Evan; Spilman st
  • Evans, James; Bridge st
  • Evans, John; John st
  • Harris, John; Abergwilly
  • Howell, Daniel; Lammas st
  • Humphreys, Thomas; Quay st
  • James, David; Bridge st
  • Jones, Frances; Spilman st
  • Jones, George; Lammas st
  • Jones, Isaac; King st
  • Jones, Isaiah; Priory st
  • Jones, John; Water st
  • Jones, Mary; Lammas st
  • Jones, Olivia; Lammas st
  • Jones, Samuel; Peter st
  • Jones, Thomas; Priory st
  • Lewis, Ann; Priory st
  • Lewis, David; Lower Water st
  • Lewis, David; Cambrian place
  • Lewis, Elizabeth; Priory st
  • Lewis, Esther; Priory st
  • Lewis, John; Water st
  • Lewis, Mary; Abergwilly
  • Lewis, William; Priory st
  • Llewellyn, John; Priory st
  • Morgan, David; Lammas st
  • Morgan, John; Blue st
  • Morgan, John; Upper Market st
  • Morris, Ann; Priory st
  • Rees, David; Chapel st
  • Rees, John; Lammas st
  • Rees, Richard; Victoria place
  • Richards, Richard; Priory st
  • Richards, Thomas; Priory st
  • Thomas, Joseph; Red st
  • Thomas, Joseph; King st
  • Thomas, Phoebe; Upper Market st
  • Thomas, Susannah; Priory st
  • Thomas, William; Quay
  • Williams, John; Abergwilly
  • Williams, Samuel; Priory st
  • Williams, Thomas; Lammas st

Sieve Makers

  • Daniel, William; John's town
  • Davies, Benjamin; John's town

Slate Merchants

  • Phillips & Lewis; Blue st

Spirit Dealers

(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants)

  • Davies, David; Queen st
  • Howells, Howell; Lammas st
  • Jones, Mary; Priory st
  • Lewis & Thomas; Lower Market st
  • Morgan, David; Darkgate
  • Morgan, William; King st
  • Pugh, John; St Mary st
  • Stewart, George; Upper Market st
  • Thomas, Mary Ann; Queen st
  • White, John White; Guildhall square
  • Williams, David; King st

Stone Masons

  • Davies, William; John's town
  • Jones, Thomas; Priory st
  • Jones, William; Quay
  • Lewis, John; Water st
  • Lewis, Thomas; Bridge st
  • Mainwaring, John ( and marble); Lammas st
  • Thomas, John; John's town
  • Thomas, Thomas; Shaw lane

Straw Hat Makers

  • Dodd, Eliza; Chapel st
  • Evans, Anne; Queen st
  • Harris, Sarah & Elizabeth; King st
  • Instance, Ann; Blue st
  • Jeremy, --- Miss; Picton terrace
  • Richards, Elizabeth; Guildhall square
  • Thomas & Pridham; King st


  • Hughes, John; King st
  • Jenkins, John; Lammas st
  • Powell, John Brookman; Guildhall square
  • Rowlands, James; St Peter st
  • Stacey, Edmund Hall; Spilman st
  • Watkins, Joshua Philip; Lammas st
  • Williams, Eleazer; Lammas st
  • Young, William; Nant

Surveyors -- Land &c

  • Evans, David (road); John st
  • Owen, Thomas; Parkygroes
  • Thomas, Alfred (and civil engineer); Wellfield
  • Thomas, J D (and land agent); St Peter st
  • Thomas, John (bridges); St Peter st


  • Davies, Charles; Church lane
  • Davies, Henry; Bridge st
  • Davies, John; King st
  • Davies, Thomas; Church lane
  • Davies, William; John's town
  • Evans, David; Abergwilly
  • George, Thomas; Jackson's court
  • Griffiths, David; Cambrian place
  • Jones, David; Lammas st
  • Jones, Evan; Priory st
  • Jones, John; John st
  • Jones, William; Abergwilly
  • Joseph, Thomas; Red st
  • Morgan, Ann ( & draper); Upper Market st
  • Needle, Alfred; Queen st
  • Phillips, Benjamin; Lammas st
  • Rees, John; Lower Market st
  • Thomas, John; Quay st
  • Williams, Thomas; Lammas st

Tallow Chandlers

  • Hughes, John; Bridge st
  • James, Mary; Upper Market st
  • Williams, Henry; Lammas st
  • Wilton, Thos; Lammas st & King st


  • Children, George; Castle hill
  • Davies, John; John's town
  • Jones, Charles; Lammas st
  • Phillips & Lewis; Blue st

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Albion, Richard Instance; Dame st
  • Angel, David Evans; Lammas st
  • Angel, Richard Jones; Bridge st
  • Bear, John Williams; Water st
  • Black Horse, John Jones; Lower Water st
  • Black Horse, Mary Anne Maddox; Lammas st
  • Black Lion, Richard Thomas; Abergwilly
  • Black Lions, James Collard; King st
  • Black Ox, Mary Davies; Spilman st
  • Black Swan, William Howell; Water st
  • Blue Boar, David Lewis; Water st
  • Boat and Anchor, Ann Williams; Priory st
  • Buffalo, William Rees; Upper market st
  • Butchers' Arms, Richard Rees; John st
  • Cardigan Arms, David Jones; Lwr Water st
  • Cart & Horses, David Evans; Priory st
  • Clayton Arms, Margaret Thomas; King st
  • Coach and Horses, Rees Rees; Spilman st
  • Cobourg, Richard Edwards; John st
  • Cock, Thomas Jones; King st
  • Cock, John Mainwaring; Lammas st
  • Coopers' Arms, David Evans; Lammas st
  • Cornish Arms, William Watts; John st
  • Cresselly Arms, Rees Protheroe; King st
  • Cross Hands, Benjamin James; Blue st
  • Cross Road, Evan Richards; Abergwilly rd
  • Drovers' Arms, Mary Davies; Lammas st
  • Duke of Buckingham, Jas Jenkins; Quay
  • Elephant, David Davies; Queen st
  • Falcon, James Phillips; Lammas st
  • Farmers' Arms, John Bowen; Water st
  • Farmers' Arms, Wm Lewis; Abergwilly
  • Fountain, Walter Griffiths; Red st
  • Fox & Terrier, John Thomas; Water st
  • Friends' Arms, Wm Owen; John's town
  • Globe, William Howell; Priory st
  • Golden Lion, Jeremiah Olive; Lammas st
  • Green Dragon, Eliz. Jenkins; Victoria place
  • Grey Cow, William Williams; John st
  • Half Moon, Jane Morris; Darkgate
  • Hare, David Lake Jones; Bridge st
  • Harp, Ben Evans; Lammas st
  • Hope and Anchor, Esther Richards; Quay
  • Horse & Jockey, Thomas Lewis; Bridge st
  • Jolly Tar, Thomas Humphreys; Quay
  • King George, William Williams; Priory st
  • King's Arms, Thomas Lamb; Priory st
  • King's Head, John Lewis; Bridge st
  • Lamb, Esther Jones; Red st
  • Lamb & Flag, Isaac Youngevans; Queen st
  • Lark, John Phillips; Blue st
  • Lord Nelson, Alice Phillips; Dame st
  • Masons' Arms, Henry Jones; Lammas st
  • Mermaid, David Collins; Lammas st
  • Monument Lodge, Hy Bona; Magazine row
  • Morgan Arms, Wm Williams; Lwr Water st
  • Nag's Head, David Morris; Darkgate
  • New Inn, Edward Morris; Lammas st
  • New Market House, Elizbth Parry; Red st
  • Old Bear, Thomas Lewis; Water st
  • Old Bull, Elizb. Lewis; Guildhall square
  • Old Saracen's Head, Evan Rees; Spilman st
  • Pelican, Lewis David; Bridge st
  • Pelican, John Rees; Lammas st
  • Printers' Arms, Robt. Phillips; Lammas st
  • Red Cow, Thomas Evans; Bridge st
  • Red Lion, Benjamin Jenkins; Priory st
  • Rope Makers' Arms, David Parcell; Priory st
  • Rose & Crown Inn, David Evans; Lammas st
  • Royal Exchange, Thos Jones; St Peter st
  • Royal Oak, John Thomas; John's town
  • Salutation, Thomas Beaynon; Spilman st
  • Saracen's Head, John Jones; Spilman st
  • Ship-a-Ground, Thomas Richards; Quay st
  • Ship and Castle, William Jones; Quay
  • Six Bells, Philip Davies; St Peter st
  • Sloop, Elizabeth Davies; Quay
  • Smiths' Arms, Thomas Evans; Lammas st
  • Square & Compass, John Evans; Water st
  • Square & Compass, David Hopkins; Pensrn
  • Stag & Pheasant, Ann Apsey; Spilman st
  • Swansea Castle, John Morse; Water st
  • Talbot, John Davies; Guildhall square
  • Three Crowns, John Evans; John st
  • Three Crowns, William Davies; Quay
  • Three Crowns, David Griffiths; Upper Market st
  • Three Horse Shoes, Thomas Evans; Magazine row
  • Three Salmons, Mary Hancock; Water st
  • Unicorn, Mary Kelly; Bridge st
  • Union Hall, Margaret Morris; Quay st
  • Wheat Sheaf, Richard Lewis; Abergwilly
  • Wheat Sheaf, James Morgan; Bridge st
  • White Horse, John Lawrence; Chapel st
  • White Horse, William Woozley; Priory st
  • White Lion, Hannah Williams; Queen st
  • White Swan, Henry James; Upper Market st

Tea Dealers

(See also Grocers and Tea Dealers)

  • Glencross, Roger Kirkpatrick (and draper); Cambrian place
  • Hill, James; Lammas st
  • Powell, Mary Ann; King st
  • Webb, Thomas Taylor; Upper Market st

Timber, Deal & Bark Merchants

  • Jones & Phillips; Blue st
  • Phillips & Lewis; Blue st
  • Timmins Aaron & Sons; King st

Tin-Plate Manufactrers

  • Wayne & Dunn, Carmarthen Tin-plate Works

Umbrella Makers

  • Davies, Benjamin; Lower Water st
  • Jones, Jonah; Magazine row

Watch & Clock Makers

  • Davies, Benjamin (& silversmith and jeweller); Lower Market st
  • Evans, Methusalem; John st
  • Jones, John; Lammas st
  • Levy, Daniel (and working jeweller and silversmith); Lammas st
  • Thomas, David; Lammas st
  • Williams, William; Upper Market st


  • Lewis, John; Red st
  • Pritchard, Thomas; Steam Packet Office


  • Hopkins, David; Pensarn
  • Jones, Daniel; Priory st
  • Williams, Henry; Spilman st
  • Williams, William; Newcombe last


  • Evans, Jas ( & wire worker); King st
  • James, Hugh; Bridge st
  • Lewis, Thomas; Temple gardens
  • Rees, John; Priory st

Wine & Spirit Merchants

(See also Spirit Dealers)

  • Jones, Ben; Guildhall st
  • Lewis & Thomas; Lower Market st
  • Morgan, William; King st
  • Tardrew, Samuel; King st
  • Timmins & Brigstocke; St Peter st
  • Webb, Thos. Tailor; Upper Market st


  • Bush, Jas, tobacco-pipe maker; Priory st
  • Charles, David, paper manufcturer; King st
  • Davies, Thos, glove & gaiter mkr; Wood's rw
  • Jenkins, James; ship builder; Quay
  • Jones, Edwd, clerk of the peace; Guildhall
  • Jones, John, engraver; Dame st
  • Joseph, John; clog maker; Cambrian place
  • Llewellin, William, hair cloth manufacturer; Lammas st
  • Llewellyn, Wm, inspector of weights and measures for the borough; Priory st
  • Lewis, Jane, stay maker; Lower Market st
  • M'Cormick, Andw, armycontractor; Quay st
  • Mills, William, furniture broker; Queen st
  • Morse, Jas, stamp distributer; Spilman st
  • Norton Brothers, brewers; Spring side
  • Phillips, William, clerk to the board of guardians; Spilman st
  • Richards, Hy, organist; Guildhall square
  • Spurrell, George, clerk to the magistrates and to the commissioners of property tax; King st
  • Spurrell, Richard, clerk to the magistrates, to the commissioners of taxes, and to the lieutenancy; King st
  • Thomas, John, law stationer; Blue st
  • Wigley, Wm, machine maker; Bridge st

Public Buildings, Offices, &c

Ecclesiastical Court

  • Bishop --- The Right Rev Connop Thirlwall
  • Chancellor --- Rev Edmund Melville MA
  • Registrar --- John Burder Esq
  • Deputy Registrar (and secretary to the bishop), Mr Valentine Davis
  • Surrogates --- Rev David Archard Williams (principal), Hon and Rev Archdeacon Bevan MA, and the Rev Jas Griffith
  • Proctors --- Lewis Morris, Richard Rees, Philip Griffith Jones, John Williams, Charles Diggle Williams, & Frederick Lews Brown Esqs
  • Apparitor --- Richard Lewis

Union Poor-House

  • Auditor --- Thomas Bowen
  • Clerk --- William Davies Phillips
  • Master --- John Rae Evans
  • Matron --- Eliza Evans
  • Schoolmistress --- Sarah Thomas
  • Relieving Officers --- Thomas Furlong, for No 1 district; John John, for No 2 district; Edward Pugh, for No 3 district; David Lloyd, for No 4 district
  • Porter --- William Williams

Registrars of Births, Marriages and Deaths

  • Superintendent --- William Davies Phillips; Spilman st

Registrars of Marriages

  • John White White; Guildhall square
  • For Pillmaur and Llanwino Districts ---William Howells
  • For Lettyeary & Llandefeilog Districts --- John White

Registrars of Births and Deaths

  • George White White; King st
  • John White White; Guildhall square
  • For Llangendeirne District --- Thos Lewis
  • For Conwil District --- Joseph Lewis
  • For Saint Clears District, Llandowror --- David Lloyd

  • Borough Gaol, Cambrian place --- David Morris, governor
  • County Gaol, John Burnill, governor
  • Custom House, Quay --- Samuel Ogle, collector; Thomas Rogers, comptroller
  • Excise Office, Lammas st --- George A Evans, collector
  • Gas Works, Lone & Morfa --- Thomas Lewis, sen. manager
  • Guildhall, Guildhall square --- Edward Jones, clerk of the peace
  • Police Offices --- Borough, Hny Westlake, superintendent, Guildhall; County, Captain Scott, chief constable, Chapel st
  • Stamp Office, Spilman st --- James Morse, distributer


  • To London, the Paul Pry, from the Ivy Bush, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at six ; goes thro' Llandilo, Llandovery, Brecon, Crickhowell, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Ross, Gloucester and Cheltenham, to Cirencester Station, thence by the Great Western Railway
  • To Bristol, the Royal Mail (from Pembroke) calls at the Ivy Bush Inn, every morning at half-past four; goes through Swansea, Neath, Bridgend, Cowbridge, Cardiff, Newport, and Chepstow
  • To Cardigan, the Royal Mail, from the Lion Royal Hotel, every morning at five; goes thro' Newcastle-in-Emlyn
  • To Gloucester, the Royal Mail, from the Ivy Bush, every morning at eight; goes the same route as the Paul Pry to London
  • To Haverfordwest, by the mail to Pembroke
  • To Laugharne, an Omnibus, from the Coopers' Arms, every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons
  • To Pembroke, the Royal Mail (from Bristol) calls at the Ivy Bush, every evening at half-past seven; goes thro' St Clears, Narberth, & Haverfordwest
  • To Swansea, the Picton, from the Ivy Bush, every afternoon (Sun excepted) at half-past two; goes through Kidwelly and Llanelly


  • To London, William North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • To Aberystwith & Aberayron, Thos Bowen, from the Six Bells, once a fortnight
  • To Birmingham, Wm North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and thence by Rail to Manchester and Liverpool
  • To Brecon, Abergavenny, and Monmouth, William North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • To Cardigan, William North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and Margt Francis, from the Six Bells, every Wednesday
  • To Gloucester, Cheltenham, Worcester, and Birmingham, William North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from whence goods are despatched to all parts of the kingdom every week
  • To Haverfordwest, Narberth and St Clears, Wm North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Wm James from Lammas st, every Wednesday and Saturday; & David Evans, from his house, Lower Water st, Wed.
  • To Lampeter, David Owen, from the Six bells, twice a week, and the Mail Cart, from the Old Ivy Bush, every morning at five.
  • To Laugharne, Thomas, from the Black Horse, every Saturday
  • To Llandilo, --- Morgan & Rachael Davies, from the Old Ivy Bush, every Wednesday and Saturday
  • To Llandovery & Llandilo, Wm North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay street, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • To Llangelor, James Davies, from the Rose and Crown, every Saturday
  • To Manchester & Liverpool, by Rail from Birmingham, which see
  • To Merthyr Tydvil, John Price, from his house, Priory st., and Thomas Evans, from the White Swan, every Thursday, and James Harris, from his house, St Catherine st, every Tuesday
  • To Pembroke, William North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday
  • To St Clears,  William North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday; David Evans, from his house, Lower water st, every Wednesday; and Thos Davies, from the Three Compasses, Sat.
  • To Swansea, William North Rees' Waggons, from his warehouse, Quay st, every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, and David Jones, from his house, Lower Water st, every Wednesday

Conveyance by Water

  • To London, Vessels about once a month
  • To Bristol, the Old Shipping Company's Vessels, once a week
  • To Gloucester, once a week
  • To Llanstephan, Elizabeth Evans' Boat, daily (Sunday excepted)

Steam Packet

  • To Bristol, the Phoenix, every Tuesday --- Thomas Pritchard, agent