Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830


The information  below relating to Newcastle-In-Emlyn [and Atpar] was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)


Is a market-hamlet, in the parish of Kennarth, hundred of Elvet, and county of Carmarthen; 234 miles from London, and 10 from Cardigan; delightfully situated on the river Tivie, which, in its abrupt yet beautiful meanderings round the town and its castle, singularly and perfectly forms the letter M.

The castle, which is seated on a promontory, is the property of the Earl of Cawdor, who derives the additional title of Viscount Emlyn therefrom; and since arriving at this dignity (in 1828), the ancient edifice has had more care bestowed, to effect its preservation. From the castle and hills in the neighbourhood, some truly beautiful views are obtained; the emininces are well planted with thriving trees, and form a rich and undulating border to the peaceful valley beneath, and which is reflected in the silver stream of the Tivie.

The trade of Newcastle is confined to the town; there are several respectable and well furnished shops, the number of which has much Increased lately, and the business attached to them appears to be thriving.

The government of the town is with the county magistrates, who have their meetings once a fortnight, at the 'Salutation', a very good Inn; the other Inn is the 'Emlyn Arms', no ways inferior in point of accommodation to its visiters; at the latter house are held the manorial courts, by W K Davies, Esquire, the steward of the Earl of Cawdor, who is the lord of the manor.

The places of worship are, a chapel of ease under Kennarth (of which the Rev John Griffiths is curate) and three meeting-houses for dissenters.

The market is held on Friday, and there are eight annual fairs, viz. the 23d of March, 22nd of June, 20th of July, 20th of August, 20th of September, the second Friday after Michaelmas-day, and the 22nd of November.

The parish of Kennarth contained, by the last parliamentary returns, 1635 inhabitants.

Post Office, Timothy Thomas, Post Master.--- Letters from London etc arrive every morning at seven, and are despatched every afternoon at three. --- Letters from Cardigan arrive every evening at ten minutes before three, and are despatched every morning at ten minutes past seven. --- Letters from Lampeter, Aberystwith, and North Wales arrive every Monday, Thursday and Saturday evening, and are despatched the same mornings at one.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Berrington, J D, esq; Llysnewydd
  • Beynon, John, esq; Atpar hill
  • Bowen, Rev Thomas; Troedyraur
  • Brigstocke, Rev Augsts; Llwynbedw
  • Brigstocke, William Owen, esq; Blaenpant
  • Brigstocke, William Owen jun, esq; Gellydywyll
  • Colby, Mrs; Ffynonau
  • Davies, David Saunders, esq; Pentref
  • Griffith, John, esq; Llwyndurus
  • Griffith, Mrs Ann; Newcastle
  • Howell, Thomas, esq; Glaspant
  • Hughes, Mrs Ruth; Newcastle
  • Jones, Mrs; Newcastle-in-Emlyn
  • Jones, Morgan, esq; Kilwendeg
  • Leach, Henry, esq; Ddol
  • Lewes, Capt John; Newcastle-in-Emlyn
  • Lewes, Thomas, esq; Clynfiew
  • Lewis, Rev Benjamin; Dyfryn
  • Lewis, Rev Thomas; Penygraig
  • Lloyd, Jas. Rd. Lewis, esq; Dolhaidd
  • Lloyd, John Vaughan, esq; Tyllwyd
  • Lodwick, Mrs; Newcastle-in-Emlyn
  • Mathias, John, gent; Emlyn cottage
  • Parry, Capt Wm. Henry Webley RN; Neyadd Trefawr
  • Parry, Capt Wm. Henry Webley jun; Park y Gors
  • Parry, Major Thomas; Gernos
  • Pringle, Capt RN; Newcastle
  • Rogers, Mrs Anna Louisa; Newcastle-in-Emlyn
  • Rogers, Mrs Lettice; Newcastle-in-Emlyn
  • Shireff, J L esq; Stradmore hill
  • Strickland, John  esq; Newcastle
  • Thomas, Mrs Margaret; Newcastle
  • Williams, John Lloyd, esq; Alderbrook hall
  • Williams, Mrs Anna Eliza; Newcastle-in-Emlyn

Professional Persons

  • Charles, David; schoolmaster
  • Evans, John M; attorney
  • Lewis, David; surgeon
  • Lloyd, John; attorney
  • Williams, David; attorney


Commercial & Posting

  • Emlyn Arms (late Black Lion); Joshua Hughes
  • Salutation Tavern; Daniel Oliver Rees, Atpar

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Angel; Thomas Morgan
  • Black Lion; Joseph Jones
  • Blue Bell; John Evans
  • Castle; Frances Owen
  • Cilgwyn Arms; Elizb Parry, Atpar
  • Drover's Arms; Hn'y Davies, Atpar
  • Emlyn Castle; Thos Griffith Davies
  • King's Head; Margaret Drew
  • Lamb; Daniel Thomas, Atpar
  • Mason's Arms; Thomas Williams
  • Nag's Head; David James, Atpar
  • New Inn; Elizabeth Esau
  • Pelican; Anna Rees
  • Red Cow; Thomas Jones, Atpar
  • Red Lion; Thomas Evans
  • Rose & Crown; William Rowlands
  • Square & Compass; Thos Phillips
  • Swan; David Owen
  • Three Horse Shoes; John Thomas, Kennarth
  • Three Salmons; David Evans
  • White Hart; Enoch Howell
  • White Hart; Evan James, Kennarth
  • White Horse; Richard Williams

Shopkeepers & Traders

  • Davies, Benjamin, tailor; Atpar
  • Davies, David, shopkeeper; Atpar
  • Davies, David, glover
  • Davies, Philip, corn & butter merchant and grocer and draper
  • Davies, William, grocer and draper
  • Esau, Owen, glazier
  • Evans, David, corn and butter merchant, grocer, draper & Ironmgr
  • Evans, Henry, supervisor of excise
  • Evans, James, hat manufacturer
  • Evans, Thos, boot and shoemaker
  • Evans, Thomas, watch maker
  • Griffiths, Howell, chymist & druggist
  • Griffiths, Theophilus, tanner
  • James, John, tanner
  • James, Jonathan, currier
  • James, Morris, currier
  • James, Theophilus, saddler and harness maker; Atpar
  • Jenkins, John, currier; Atpar
  • Jenkins, William, boot and shoe maker; Kennarth
  • Jones, Abel, tailor
  • Jones, Abraham Eldon, boot and shoemaker
  • Jones, Amos, blacksmith
  • Jones, John, carpenter
  • Jones, John, carpenter; Atpar
  • Jones, Joseph, grocer, draper and spirit merchant
  • Jones, Joseph, tailor
  • Jones, Joseph, auctioneer
  • Jones, Thomas, bookbinder
  • Jones, William, blacksmith; Atpar
  • Joseph, William, carpenter and wheelwright; Kennarth
  • Lewis, Daniel, boot and shoe maker
  • Owens, John, hat manufacturer
  • Powell, David, tailor; Atpar
  • Powell, David, tailor
  • Price, John, glazier and painter
  • Pridham, Edwd, chymist & druggist
  • Rees, Thomas, carpenter
  • Rees, Thomas, glazier
  • Samuel, Rachl, shopkeeper; Kennarth
  • Thomas, Anna, grocer and draper
  • Thomas, Griffith, tallow chandler
  • Thomas, Jno, blacksmith; Kennarth
  • Thomas, John, shoemaker; Kennarth
  • Thomas, Roger, tawer
  • Thomas, Timothy, maltster
  • Thomas, Titus, maltster
  • Williams, David, boot and shoemaker; Atpar
  • Williams, Isaac, shopkeeper; Kennarth


To Cardigan, David Williams, from the Emlyn Castle, every Thursday

To Carmarthen, John Rees, every Wednesday and Saturday; Daniel Thomas, every Wednesday--- and David Williams, from the Emlyn Castle, every Tuesday