The History of Whitland


By the Rev William Thomas. Published 1868

Translated by Ivor Griffiths

Indexed by Gerry Lewis 1999

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surname-given name-place-page

----- ------ Glandwr (Church) 40,42------ ------ Forge, The 34
------ ------ Eglwys y Palmawr 37,38,39------ ------ Cefnfarchen Church 39,40
------ ------ Rhydyceisiaid (Church) 40,42------ ------ Henllan (Church/Chapel) 41,42
------ ------ Aberelwyn (Church) 42------ ------ Moore (Church) 42
Adams John 'Tynewydd'/Whitland 37Audley Sir Thomas Whitland Abbey Estate 36
Bludworth ------ Whitland Abbey Estate 36Cordell John Whitland Abbey Estate 36
Crow, Bt. Sir John ------ IntroductionDavies Rev. Owen Henllan/Palmawr 38
Evans William of Carmarthen 38Hughes Venerable Stephen Meidrim 37,38,39
Jones Rev. Samuel of Brynllywarch 39Lloyd Sir Herbert, Bt, ------ 37
Lloyd Rev. John Henllan 42Lloyd Rev. John b. Dolmaen, Pencader, Carms, 1777 42
Maurice Henry ------ 39Maurice Mathias ------ 40,41,42
Morgan John Furnace, Carmarthen 35,36Morgan Charles Whitland Abbey Estate 37
Morgan John (2) Whitland Abbey Estate 37Morgan Elizabeth Lucy Whitland Abbey Estate 37
Morgan Rev. Richard b. Gelliwarog, Llangiwc, Glam 42Owen James of Shrewsbury 38
Owens Rev. David Pwllhwyaid 39Owens Rev. David of Bryn, Abernant 39,40
Owens Rev. David Henllan (minister) 41,42Owens John of Bryn, Abernant 39
Owens Rev. James of Bryn, Abernant 39Owens Rev. Charles of Bryn, Abernant 39,40
Owens Rev. Jeremiah Pwllhwyaid 41Palmer Rev. Henry of Llwyndrysi and Henllan 40,41,42
Palmer Penelope buried at Henllan, 1722 42Palmer Rev. Henry buried at Henllan, 1742 42
Palmer Henry (junior) buried at Henllan, 1738 42Penry Rev. David of Llanedi 38
Phillips Daniel of Pwllheli 38Phillips David (teacher) Carmarthen 39
Picton Mr (a quaker) Carmarthen 39Pugh John Henllan (Church) 41
Sinclair Martin Forge, The 37 
Thomas Sir Rhys ap ------ 36Thomas Lewis of Bwlchysais 40,41,42
Vaughan Sir John Whitland Abbey Estate 36,37Vaughan Richard Whitland Abbey Estate 36,37
Wallis Albany ------ 37Wallis Bailey ------ 37
Yelverton Hon. W.H. Whitland Abbey Estate 35,37Yelverton Mrs Whitland Abbey Estate 37
Yelverton W.M. Whitland Abbey Estate 37Yelverton Mrs Longworth Whitland Abbey Estate 37
Young Owen (Agent) ------ 35