Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


The information  below relating to Kidwelly and Neighbourhood is extracted by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

Kidwelly and Neighbourhood

(See the 1830 extract for a general description)

The parish contained, in 1831, 1,681 inhabitants; and in 1841, 1,563.

Post Office, Ann Davids, Post Mistress. --- Letters  from London and various parts arrive (from Carmarthen) every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at four. --- Letters from Llanelly, &c arrive every afternoon at four, and are despatched every morning at eight.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Andrews, Mr William; Arlais
  • Armstrong, Captain ---; Penket hill
  • Birks, Mr John (surgeon); Lady st
  • Davies, Mr William; Penallt
  • Downman, Henry R; Kidwelly
  • Evans, Mr Lewis; Water st
  • Griffiths, Rev Thomas (vicar); Water st
  • Humphrey, Rev David; Glanmorlais
  • Jones, Rev David; Water st
  • MacDougal, Mr F T; Trimsaren
  • Maliphant, Richard Esq; Lady st
  • Morris, Mrs Elizabeth; Pen y bedd
  • Rees, Edward Esq; Glen morva
  • Roberts, Mrs Ann; Lady st
  • Roberts, John Esq; Broadley
  • Stephens, Evan Esq; Burton
  • Stephens, Mr George; Monksford st
  • Williams, Mr David; Arlais
  • Williams, William; the Abbey

Academies and Schools

  • Evans, John; Causeway st
  • Fenteman, William; Penket hill
  • James, John; Causeway st
  • National School, Thos Griffiths,


  • Griffiths, William (and nail maker); Monksford st
  • Hugh, William; Water st
  • Hugh, William; Llanelly road
  • Nash, Isaac; Bartlett
  • Wilde, Joseph; Morris cross
  • Williams, John; Bridge st

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Evans, John; Water st
  • Johns, David; Lady st
  • Morris, William; Water st
  • Prickett, James; Bower st
  • Williams, Evan; Water st
  • Williams, John; Lady st

Carpenters and Joiners

  • Evans, John; Bridge st
  • Gower, John; Bridge st
  • Gravell, Evan; Water st
  • Harry, David; Water st
  • Morgan, Richard; Lady st
  • Randall, James (& glazier); Lady st
  • Williams, Anthony; Lady st

Grocers, Drapers & Dealers in Sundries

  • Chapple, Henry; Bridge st
  • Cole, Elizabeth; Penket hill
  • Gower, John; Lady st
  • Gravell, David; Lady st
  • Hughes, Edward William; Bridge st
  • Jenkins, John (and currier); Water st
  • Shankland, John; Bridge st
  • Thomas, Jane; Bridge st
  • Williams, Walter; Bridge st

Inns and Public Houses

  • Bell, Ann Mansell; Bridge st
  • Britannia, Richd Griffiths; Bridge st
  • Cobourg, Mary Morris; Bridge st
  • Dolphin, Philip Pugh; Lady st
  • Hope & Anchor, Mary Randall; Bridge st
  • Lord Nelson, Ann Gravell; Lady st
  • Masons' Arms, Thomas Thomas
  • New Inn, Margt Thomas; Bridge st
  • New Inn, Sarah Williams; Lady st
  • Pelican Inn (& excise office), Edmund Blathwayt; Bridge st
  • Plough and Harrow, John Phillips; Lady st
  • Red Cow, John Stevens; Water st
  • Ship & Castle, John Evans; Bridge st
  • Three Crowns, Jno Charles; Bridge st


  • Edwards, Evan; Gelly
  • Humphrey, Thomas; Dan-y-lan
  • Mansell, Ann; Bridge st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Westhill Cottage

Stone Masons

  • Chapple, Henry; Bridge st
  • Maliphant, Charles; Water st
  • Maliphant, John; Water st
  • Maliphant, William; Pen y morva
  • Roynold, David; Castle Bayley st
  • Roynold, John; Water st


  • Birks, John; Lady st


  • Ball, Samuel; Bridge st
  • Blathwayt, Edmund; Bridge st


  • Griffiths, William; Causeway st
  • Hughes, Thomas; Lady st
  • Hughes, Thomas jun; Water st
  • Lloyd, Thomas; Water st
  • Lloyd, William; New road

Tin-Plate Manufacturer

  • Downman, Henry R; Kidwelly Tin Works


  • Bowen, Thomas, superintendent to the Kidwelly and Llanelly Canal and Tram Road Company; Aqueduct Cottage
  • Bowen, William, saddler; Bridge st
  • Bunyan, R J, iron master; Trimsaren works
  • Collins, James; wheelwright
  • Davies, Evan, watch maker; Causeway st
  • Gower, William, butcher; Monksford st
  • Jones, Thomas, excise officer; Lady st
  • Jones, Wm, guide to the castle; Park y box
  • Kidwelly & Llanelly Canal and Tram Road Co., Thomas Bowen, clerk and superintendent; Aqueduct Cottage
  • Morgan, Richard, wheelwright; Lady st
  • Thomas, David, flannel manufacturer; Castle Bayley st


  • To Carmarthen, the Picton, from Swansea, calls at the Pelican every forenoon (Sunday excepted), at eleven
  • To Swansea, the Picton (from Carmarthen), calls at the Pelican Inn, every afternoon (Sunday excepted), at four


  • To Carmarthen, Sarah Norris, every Wednesday and Saturday

Conveyance by Water

  • To Bristol, the Union, Captain Jones, every fortnight