The Llanboidy connection


The  Lewis /Howell family .

Contributed by Jeni Molyneux (October 2019)


David Lewis of Kilhernin / Cilherning , Llanboidy married Jane Protheroe on 13th December 1712

David and Jane Lewis had two daughters Margaret Lewis and Hannah Lewis

David and Jane Lewis owned Pantybenne Estate: 12 properties,  Jane herself was heir to 6 properties
These estates remained in the families until 1827 when Harriet Howell and her brother sold them off and ended up in penury having spent the money on high living in Bath.
( Harriett Howell daughter of James Howell of Clutton, Somerset and granddaughter of the above David Lewis is the Harriet referred to in Rev David Lewis’s letter (#see below) - the relatives that ended in poverty and Bankruptcy-)

Margaret Lewis ( 1742- 1784) married Howell Howell (1707-1793), Welsh Writer and Vicar of Llanboidy (his will 1793)

This Howell Howell (1707-1793) was the son of *Jeremiah Howell witnessed in his will 1752

(*This Jeremiah Howell is  my direct ancestor, and we can trace back to Thomas Howell Bishop of Bristol and James Howell writer and historiographer of King Charles II.)

The Howells of Penycaerau 'tree' was found in a copy of James Howells Familiar Letters and in paperwork from NLW

Margaret and Howell Howell had a son Rev. James Howell ( 1773- 1814) who was vicar of Clutton, Somerset until his death on 21st January 1813 aged 65 his burial there overseen by clergyman Rees Mogg.

Rev. Howell Howell will 31st January 1793 SO/1792/71 NLW

Howell Howell was the Vicar of Llanboidy.

Howell Howell’s eldest son was James Howell.
In the Gentleman’s magazine Vol 83 part 1 Volume 113 it states that this Rev. James Howell was  firstly a curate of St Mary’s Warwick and then Vicar of Clutton in Somerset.

In his will dated 1793 Howell Howell leaves all his properties to this son James Howell - the property Cluny- Garther currently occupied by David Lewis,
Llainshire Gate currently occupied by John Evan of Tre’lech, and Trecagal, Bangor, Cardiganshire now occupied by David Thomas.

Howell Howell leaves ‘to my youngest son Benjamin Howell’ Vicar of Boebrood, Radnor £100.
And to his grandson James Thomas son of David Thomas, mercer in Carmarthen by my daughter Jane £100

And to his granddaughter Margaret Thomas for her education £100 and if she dies this to pass to my younger granddaughter Harriet Thomas.

And to my son in law Thomas Morris of Vachendie Chappelry of Cappell Colman, Pembrokeshire the bond.

Howell Howell continues leaving  ‘my writing desk and bookcase ‘to my grandson James Thomas and ‘my books’ unto my sons James Howell and
Benjamin Howell equally, except my school books  which go to my grandson James Thomas.’

And to Mary Howell my daughter to be my executor of this will - the fields above the road leading to Pantybenne farm, two fields and one field above Peny back house.

#On the June 21st 1823  Rev David Lewis,Vicar of Abernant and Convil Elvet is writing from Convil to the Rev Thomas Thomas curate of Farndon, Leicestershire re subscriptions for St David’s College, Lampeter which they are funding.

Rev. David Lewis opens his letter ( © NLW) thus

"My Dear Sir,

I thank you for noticing so respectfully every part of my two last letters to you ; and I can’t but co-lament with you the unavoidable consequences of your late friend, Rev James Howell’s progeny exceeding as I suppose,    their known resources: ruin of the worst kind, must be the issue."

Howell Howell’s grandchildren and James Howell's surviving children Harriet, Jane and Thomas have sold all their hereditaments, farms, properties etc. (during the years of agricultural slump) and spent the money.



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  • Maesgwynne estate records 17th c owned by the Howell family.
  • Mann, Rodway and Green solicitors collection of Llanboidy papers