Records of various properties in Llanboidy parish 1712-1827


1712 December 13th
David Lewis of Llanboidy
Jane Protheroe of Llangludwen
John Protheroe of Llangundwen and James Protheroe of Killymanllwyd

A prenuptial. Her portion £180. David Lewis grants for uses of the marriage, the following properties to John and James Protheroe.-
Blaen y Gwynydd, Tythin y Gaer,Llech y Vylast Plas y Garn, Clyn y Velyn, Pen yr Allt,alias Plas y Deri, Kirion, Lletty Rhydaerch, Havod y Cwm, a cottage and land, Tie Bach all in llanboidy parish. Seal of David Lewis.

1752 March 24
Jane Lewis of Pant y benneu Llanboidy widow David Lewis
Howell Howell, Vicar of Llanboidy and Margaret his wife and Hannah Lewis of Panty Benneu spinster ( the said Margaret and Hannah being the sole heirs of Jane and David Lewis)
Evan Protheroe of Dole Willim, Llanglwydwen parish , gentleman and Benjamin Evans rector of Kilrhedin

Partition Deed of the estate of the late David Lewis between his daughters Margaret Howell and Hannah  Lewis and securing an annuity for life of £21 to Jane Lewis widow.

The  properties now partitioned being :
Blaen y Gwynnydd, Tythin y Gaer, Tiebach - all now all known by the name of Kilhernin
Please y Garn; 2 acres adjoining the lands of Havod y Cwm or Pant y Benneu on the north of the way leading from Llanglwydwen bridge to Coedllys; Clynyvelin otherwise Plaesbach; 3 cottages and gardens called Tie plas Bach or Tie Cwm Bach; a water grist mill with two closes and gardens thereto belonging; Penybont alias Pantybenneu, Llech y Vilast otherwise Cwm Llech Havod y Cwm, a cottage called Llwyn y pied, all of which are now called Pant y Benneu;
Penyrallt otherwise Plays y Deri Hirion and Lletty Rhyherch; all of which lie in Llanboidy parish.

1764 March 17
1.John Thomas of Pembrey ( husband of Hannah Lewis now dead with no issue)
2. Rev Howell Howell of Llanboidy

Lease of Pantybenneu, Llech y Vyllast otherwise Cwm Llech, Havod Y Cwm a cottage called Llwyn y Piod, Pen yr Allt, and Lletty  Rhyddherch a moiety of a water corn grist mill and two closes and gardens adjoining it all of which lie in Llanboidy parish for 99 years if leasee live so long; rent £42 a year to be paid at the house of the leasee called Kilhernin in llanboidy parish.
Witnesses:  Evan Protheroe of Dolewillin and John Davies of Lan.

1814 April 27 and 28
Mary Anne Howell,  Harriett Howell, Jane Howell all of St Peters parish, Carmarthen, spinsters named in the will of James Howell late rector of Clutton in Somerset and Thomas Howell their brother.

Conveyance of Pantybenne in Llanboidy parish, subject to the interest of Anne Howell widow of Reverend James Howell
to Rees Edwards of Llanboidy,gentleman.

1819 Abstract of Title of Thomas Howell to Kilhernin, Llanboidy parish 1698-181 with councils opinion thereon.

1819 February 27
1.Thomas Howell of Norfolk Buildings
2. Benjamin Phillip and John Philipps of Llanboidy parish farmers.

LEASE of Kilhernin for 21 years: rent £70 year and two couple of fat pullets at Shrovetide yearly or 10shillings in lieu.

1819 June 12

Conditions of sale of KILHERNIN  to be sold at The Boar’s Head Inn, Carmarthen.
Sold to William Garrick Protheroe esq. a Captain in HM 46th Regiment of Foot for £1,580

1819 December 24 and 25
1.Thomas Howell late of Norfolk Buildings, Gloucester ( Bath ) now of Harley Lodge, Clifton.
2. William Garrick Protheroe of Dolwilin esq. Captain in HM 46th regiment of foot.
3. John Jenkins, surgeon and William Philipps of the same place, timber merchant
4. Thomas Lewis of Llandilofawr parish

Lease and Release of Kilhernin, Llanboidy parish to make a tenant to the precise for suffering a recovery to the use of William Garrick Protheroe, the purchaser from Thomas Howell in fee.

1819 December 25
1.Thomas Howell of Harley Lodge, Clifton
2. William Garrick Protheroe, of Dolewilin

Covenant to produce deeds (enumerated) of Kilhernin, Llanboidy.

1819 December 25
1.Thomas Howell of Harley Lodge, Clifton
2. William Garrick Protheroe, of Dolewilin

Covenant to produce deeds (enumerated) of Kilhernin, Llanboidy.

BOND in £3000 for performance of covenants in connection with the release of Kilhernin.

1825 April 19th  
Thomas Howell of Lyme Regis esq.
2. Mary Ann Howell, Harriet Howell, Jane Howell spinsters of the same place, sisters of the said Thomas Howell.
Thomas Jones of the county of the borough of Carmarthen, gentleman

Mortgage of Pantybenne and LLwynpiod  in Llanboidy parish for securing £340 and interest.

Abstract of title of the above to Pantybenne -in the occupation of Anne Selby and Esther Selby - sold to Captain Protheroe 1712- 1826

Thomas/ Howell Family letters/ Documents
The Protheroe/ Beynon collection  deposited at Carmarthenshire Record Office.

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