Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


The information  below relating to Llandilo Fawr  was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

Llandilo Fawr

(Please see the 1830 extract for a general description)

The parish of Llandilo-Fawr contained, in 1831, 5,149 inhabitants, and by the last census (June, 1841), 5,520.

Post Office, Rhosmaen Street, Hugh Evans, Post Master. --- Letters from London and various parts arrive (from Brecon) every afternoon at three, and are despatched every morning at half-past nine. --- Letters from Milford Haven and Ireland arrive every morning at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at three.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

  • Adams, Edward Hanlyn Esq; Middleton Hall
  • Andrews, John Goldwyer Esq; Glanbrydan
  • Cawdor, the Right Hon Earl of; Golden Grove
  • Du Buisson, Mrs; Glynhir, Llandybie
  • Dynevor, the Right Hon Lord; Dynevor House
  • Green, Rev George Wade; Court Henry
  • Hughes, J W M G Esq; Tregib
  • Jones, David Esq; Pantglas
  • Jones, Griffith Bowen Esq; Gurry
  • Lawford, Thomas Wright Esq; Caregcenon
  • Lawford, Thomas Wright jun Esq; Tirydail
  • Lewis, John Esq; Rhosmaen st
  • Lewis, Mrs Mary; Rhosmaen st
  • Llewellyn, Rev John; Bird's hill
  • Nicholl, Rev William T; Glandulais
  • Peel, William Esq; Taliaris
  • Philipps, Mrs ---; Pentre Par
  • Philipps, John Walters Esq; Aberglasney
  • Price, Rev Daniel; Broad st
  • Pugh, David Esq; Green hill
  • Pugh, Rev John W; Green hill
  • Roberts, Mrs ---; Bank st
  • Thomas, Mr David; Belle Vue
  • Thomas, James Esq; Caeglas
  • Thomas, Mrs ---; Cefencethyn
  • Williams, Rev DHT Griffiths; Llwynholig
  • Williams, Rev Herbert; Ynyslais
  • Williams, Sir James H; Edwinsford
  • Williams, Rev John; Llandybie
  • Williams, Rev John; Taliaris
  • Williams, Richard Bowen Esq; Llandilo-Fawr
  • Williams, Richard Morgan Esq; Maesyddhirion
  • Wood, Edward Esq; Brynhafod

Academies and Schools

  • Charity School --- Thomas Rogers, master
  • Free School --- Margaret Parry, mistress
  • Griffiths, Rev David; Thallwm
  • Harris & Lewis; Rhosmaen st
  • Infants' School, Church st --- Ann Lockyer, mistress
  • Jones, John (bdg & day); Carmarthen st
  • Morgan, Caroline; Carmarthen st
  • Morgan, William; Carmarthen st
  • Peacock, Richard; Rhosmaen st


  • Pilditch, John; New road


  • Davies, Nathaniel; George st
  • Lewis, John Prothero (and superintendent registrar), Bank buildings
  • Lewis, Leyson Orton; Broad st
  • Lewis, Thomas (and steward for the hundreds of Gwinfe, Vabon, Mothvey & Perfedd); Bank street
  • Popkin, John Lucas; Carmarthen st
  • Price, Daniel (& coroner); Talley
  • Price, George Prytheich; King st
  • Thomas, James; Church st


  • Griffith, Evan J; Rhosmaen st
  • Parry, Thomas; Carmarthen st


  • Barlow, Mary; Rhosmaen st
  • Davies, David; Carmarthen st
  • Evans, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Harris, Ann; Rhosmaen st
  • Owen, William; George st
  • Williams, Henry; Bridge st


  • Jones, David & Co, Bank st ---(draw on Jones, Loyd & Co, London)
  • Savings Bank, Carmarthen st ---(open every Saturday, and also on Fair days, from 12 till 2) ---Thos Parry, actuary


  • George, Thomas; Pen y Coed
  • Rees, David; Bridge st
  • Richards, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Stephens, Stephen; Rhosmaen st
  • Thomas, John; Rhosmaen st

Booksellers, Stationers and Printers

  • James, Thomas; Broad st
  • Williams, Thomas & E; Rhosmaen st

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Bowen, William; Broad st
  • Boyne, Richard; Church st
  • Davies, Prosser; Carmarthen st
  • Gwilliam, David; Church st
  • Jones, David; Church st
  • Jones, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Lewis, Thomas; Bank buildings


  • Jones, John; Bank st
  • Thomas, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Thomas, Morgan; Bank buildings
  • Thomas, Thomas; Church st

Cabinet Makers

  • Beavan, William; Carmarthen st
  • Jenkins, Thomas; Rhosmaen st

Chymists and Druggists

  • Morgan, Benjamin; Rhosmaen st
  • Samuel, William; Broad st
  • Williams, John; Rhosmaen st


  • Chivers, Benjamin & Co; Pont Amman


  • Evans, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Lewis, John; Rhosmaen st

Curriers and Leather Cutters

  • Jones, Charles; Bridge st
  • Lloyd, John; Bridge st
  • Williams, John; Carmarthen st

Fire &c Office Agents

  • Atlas, Thomas Lewis; Bank st
  • Clerical, Medical and General (life), Wm Samuels, Broad st; and Thos & E Williams; Rhosmaen st
  • Family Endowment, Thos Lewis; Bank st
  • Law (life), Nathaniel Davies; George st
  • Universal (life), John Lucas Popkin; Carmarthen st
  • Yorkshire, James Thomas; Church street

Grocers & Dealers in Sundries

Marked thus * are also drapers

  • Davies, David; Market st
  • *Davies, John; Broad st
  • *Davies, Mary; Rhosmaen st
  • *Davies, Thomas; Carmarthen st
  • Davies, William; Rhosmaen st
  • Francis, John; Church st
  • Gravell, William; Rhosmaen st
  • Gwilliam, Samuel (and stamp office); Carmarthen st
  • *Harries, David; Broad st
  • Harris, David; Rhosmaen st
  • *James, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Jones, William; Carmarthen st
  • Rees, David; Market st
  • Rees, Mary; Rhosmaen st
  • Thomas, John; Bridge st
  • *Thomas, Thomas; Broad st
  • Williams, Evan; Bridge st


  • Castle, Mary Williams
  • Cawdor Arms Hotel (and posting, and excise office), George Tracey
  • King's Head, Margaret Evans


  • Francis, David; Broad st
  • Francis, John; Church st
  • Jones, William; Carmarthen st
  • Williams, Evan; Bridge st

Joiners & Carpenters

  • Charles, Thomas; Rhosmaen st
  • Morris, William; Church st
  • Newby, John; the Bank
  • Pilditch, John (& builder); New road
  • Thomas, David; Carmarthen st
  • Walters, Morgan; George st


  • Griffiths, Griffith, the Walk
  • Lewis, David; Bank House
  • Rees, Nathaniel jun (and porter dealer); Rhosmaen st
  • Williams, Thomas (and corn factor); Bridge st


  • Davies, Morgan; Love Lodge Mill
  • Evans, Daniel; Glancenen
  • Fisher, John; Cilsane
  • Lewis, Lewis; Brynhafod
  • Morgan, David; Rhosmaen Mill
  • Williams, James; Careg Cenen

Milliners and Dress Makrs

  • Davies, Betsy; Carmarthen st
  • Lewis, Ann; Carmarthen st
  • Lloyd, Mary; Bridge st
  • Owen, Rachael; New road

Painters & Glaziers

  • Cleaver, Fras.; Carmarthen st
  • Cleaver, Jno ( & bellhangr); Rhosmaen st
  • Lewis, Benjamin; Bridge st


  • Owen, Thomas; George st
  • Owen, William; George st
  • Pendry, John; Abbot st
  • Pendry, Morgan; Rhosmaen st

Saddlers & Harness Makers

  • Price, George; Carmarthen st
  • Rees, Harding; Rhosmaen st

Stone Masons

  • Bowen, David; Rhosmaen st
  • Thomas, Alfred; Carmarthen st
  • Williams, William; Rhosmaen st


  • Davies, Lewis; Myrtle hill
  • Jones, Walter; Rhosmaen st
  • Morgan, David; Capelhir
  • Prothero, David MD; Bank
  • Rees, Nathaniel; Bank st
  • Samuel, William; Broad st
  • Williams, John Griffith; Cefn Cothyn


  • Bowen, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Griffiths, Evan J (and land agent); Rhosmaen st
  • Pilditch, John; New road


  • Baker, William; Church st
  • Jones, Rees; Quay st
  • Thomas, John; Rhosmaen st
  • Thomas, William; Bank buildings
  • Williams, Thomas; George st

Tallow Chandlers

  • Davies, David; Market st
  • Harris, Mary; Carmarthen st


  • Evans, William; Kilsane
  • Morgan, David; Rhosmaen
  • Nicholas, William; Pen y coed

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Angel, Sarah Cleaver; Rhosmaen st
  • Butcher's Arms, Rbt Evans; Carmarthen st
  • Corner House, Wm Harries; Carmarthen st
  • Crown, Elizabeth James; Bridge st
  • Farmers' Arms, David White; Rhosmaen st
  • George, Ann Edwards; George st
  • George & Dragon, David Jones; Market st
  • Golden Lion, Thos Williams; Abbott st
  • Half Moon, Morgan Thomas; Bridge st
  • King's Arms, Elizabeth Griffiths; Ffairfach
  • Lamb, William Thomas; Bank st
  • Nag's Head, Richard Price; George st
  • New Inn, David Williams; Rhosmaen st
  • New Marketing House, Hy Richards; George st
  • Old White Lion, Ann Thomas; George st
  • Red Lion, Lewis Lewis; Llandybie
  • Rose & Crown, Thos Davies; Rhosmaen st
  • White Horse, John Rhydderch
  • White Lion, Ann Jones; Rhosmaen st

Timber Merchants

  • Pilditch, John; New road
  • Thomas, Thomas; Rhosmaen st

Tin-Plate Workers

  • Davies, David; Bridge st
  • Davies, Morgan, Love Lodge mill
  • Griffiths, John; Church st
  • Samuel, John; Bridge st

Watch & Clock Makers

  • Moser, Christian; Church st
  • Parry, Evan; Rhosmaen st
  • Parry, Thomas; Carmarthen st
  • Walters, Richard; Rhosmaen st


  • Beavan, William, wine & spirit merchant, Carmarthen st
  • Davies, John, supervisor of excise; Myrtle hill
  • Davies, Morgan, wheelwright; Rhosmaen st
  • Higgs, George, hatter; Rhosmaen st
  • Harries, David, glover & tawer; Church st
  • Harries, David, bookbinder; Rhosmaen st
  • Humphreys, Ann, straw hat makr; New road
  • Jenkins, Peter, millwright; Rhosmaen st
  • Lewis, David, beer retailer; Broad st
  • Marvelly, John, hairdresser; Rhosmaen st
  • Mechanics' Institution; George st
  • Rees, John, beer retailer; Church st
  • Reynish, Wm, millwright; Rhosmaen st
  • Thomas, George, beer retailer; New road
  • Thomas, Morgan, beer retailer; Bridge st
  • Union Workhouse --- William Roberts, governor; Ann Roberts, matron
  • Watkin, Jno, earthenw dealer; Rhosmaen st
  • White, David, Beer retailer; Rhoasmaen st
  • Williams, Thomas, registrar of births and deaths; Rhosmaen st
  • Williams, Thomas, clerk to the union; Abbott st


Calling at the Cawdor Arms

  • To Carmarthen, the Paul Pry (from Cheltenham) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening at seven
  • To Cheltenham, the Paul Pry (from Carmarthen) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at a quarter before eight; goes through Llangaddock, Llandovery, and Brecon
  • To Gloucester, the Royal Mail (from Pembroke & Pater) every morning at half-past nine; goes thro' Llandovery, Brecon, and Abergavenny
  • To Pembroke & Pater, The Royal Mail (from Gloucester) every afternoon at a quarter past three; goes through Carmarthen and St Clears.


  • To Brecon, Wm North Rees, twice a week; through Llangadock and Llandovery
  • To Bristol, Nathaniel Rees jun, from his warehouse, Rhosmaen street, by Railway from Cross Inn, to Llanelly, and thence by the Hercules steamer to Bristol, every Tuesday
  • To Carmarthen, William North Rees, twice a week
  • To Llandovery, Nathaniel Rees jun, every Thursday and Friday; goes through Llangaddock
  • To Llanelly, Nathaniel Rees jun, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Wm North Rees, once a week
  • To Swansea, Neath, and Aberavon, Wm Price, from the Castle, every Monday

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