Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830


The information  below relating to Llandovery and Neighbourhood was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

Llandovery and Neighbourhood

Llandovery is a respectable market and borough town, in the hundred of Perfedd and county of Carmarthen; 191 miles from London, 79 from Bristol, 20 from Brecon, 18 from Lampeter, 9 from Trecastle, and 6 from Llangadock; finely situated on the river Towy, and in a fertile flat or valley, surrounded by woody hills, and intersected by numerous crystal streams: from the latter circumstances it is said to derive its name, in Welch it is spelled Llanymaddyfri.

The town consists of nine streets --- the leading or central one being wide and spacious, containing a number of well-furnished shops, and two very good inns, the 'Castle' and the 'Lamb'.

The dwellings occupied by the gentry and professional gentlemen are large and handsome, and the appearance of the place altogether is indicative of comfort and respectability. There are no manufactures carried out here; the trade of the town being sustained chiefly by the reciprocal dealings of its own inhabitants, aided by a respectable wealthy neighbourhood, and well-attended market and fairs.

The hills in the neighbourhood contain an abundance of lead ore, and some copper; but the nearest lead-mines now in work are eight miles distance, the property of the Earl of Cawdor, who is the lord of the manor of Herfryn and Perfedd. Courts leet are held occasionally, and petty sessions by the magistrates, in their room here, every Saturday. The principal municipal officer is the bailiff, elected annually from amongst the burgesses.

Here are two churches, viz. that of Llandingad, situated in the town, and Llanfairarybryn church, beautifully placed on an eminence at a short distance from it, within the liberties of the borough; the other places of worship are, a handsome chapel for the independents (which will accommodate a congregation of 1,000 persons) and one each for the Calvinists, methodists and baptists.

Here are national, Sunday, and infant schools, for the instruction of the children of the poor, chiefly supported by subscription.

Within the circuit of a few miles are several beautiful seats, some of which are most romantically situated; and about a quarter of a mile from the town, where four Roman roads centre, are the remains of a Roman station of considerable magnitude: the ruins of a castle also (evidently once of considerable strength) standing between the town and the river, adds to the picturesque character of the interesting scenery.

The market-day is Saturday; and there are seven annual fairs, viz. the Wednesday after the 17th of January, the 19th March, the Wednesday after Low-Easter, Tuesday in Whitsun week, the 31st of July, the Wednesday after the 10th of October, and the 26th of November.

Llandovery is in the parish of Llandingad, which includes many hamlets, some being in the hundred of Cayo; the entire parish contained, by the census for 1821, 1,917 inhabitants, --- of which number, 1,292 were returned for the town.

Post Office, David Rice Rees, Post Master. --- Letters from London arrive every evening at eight, and are despatched every morning at five. --- Letters from Milford Haven and Ireland arrive every morning at five, and are despatched every evening at eight. --- Letters from Bristol and Carmarthen are despatched every evening at eight. --- Letters from Lampeter, Aberayron and Aberystwith arrive by horse post every evening at half-past seven, and are despatched every morning at half-past five. --- Office opens every morning at eight, and closes every night at ten.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Bishop, John Rees, esq; Dollgarreg
  • Bishop, Mrs; Penrock
  • Davies, Capt Richard; Neuadd-fawr
  • Davies, Rev William; Llandovery
  • Ellis, John, esq; Nantymwyn
  • Evans, Mrs Wythen; Sackville place
  • Francis, Rev Thomas; Llandovery
  • Goodere, John Michl, esq; Llandvry
  • Gwynne, Colonel; Glanbran park
  • Hopkins, John, gent; Llandovery
  • Jenkins, Miss Ann; Llandovery
  • Johnes, John, esq; Dole cothy
  • Jones, David, esq; Blanenos
  • Jones, David jun, gent; Llandovery
  • Jones, Stephen, esq; Ystrad
  • Jones, the Misses Charlotte and Sarah; Llandovery
  • Jones, William, esq; Henllys
  • Lloyd, George, esq; Brunant
  • Lord, Eyre Coote, esq (receiver general of taxes); St Mary's cottage
  • Morgan, Rev William; Vicarage
  • Powell, Mrs Ann; Sackville terrace
  • Price, Rice Wm, esq; William's field
  • Rees, Mrs Mary; Sackville terrace
  • Rice, Capt Walter; Llwynybrain
  • Williams, J G H G; Llwyn y wormwood
  • Williams, John, esq; Trefolied

Academies & Schools

  • George, Letitia (boarding & day)
  • Howell, John
  • Lens, Lucy (boarding & day)
  • National Scool (girls'), Rachael Davies, Mistress


  • Bishop, Thomas
  • Bishop, Thomas jun
  • Harries, David Lloyd
  • Harries, Henry Lloyd
  • Jones, Edward
  • Morgan, John


  • Jones, Richard
  • Thomas, Joseph
  • Williams, Thomas

Bakers and Flour Dealers

  • Davies, Daniel (and confectioner)
  • Griffiths, Jane ( and confectioner)
  • Jones, Richard (and confectioner)
  • Mathias, David
  • Thomas, Thomas


  • Jones, David & Co.---(draw on Jones Loyd & Co. London)


  • Davies, William
  • Jenkins, Benjamin
  • Jones, David & William
  • Jones, Samuel

Booksellers, Stationers & Binders

  • Rees, David Rice and William (and stamp distributers)

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Edwards, John
  • Evans, John & Son
  • Jones, David
  • Jones, Richard
  • Morgan, Jane
  • Phillips, James
  • Phillips, William
  • Williams, David
  • Williams, William


  • Evans, John
  • Hopkins, Edward
  • Lewis, William
  • Richards, John
  • Rowlands, John
  • Thomas, Daniel

Braziers and Tin-Men

  • Edwards, Thomas
  • Harries, Thomas

Carpenters (marked thus * are also Cabinet makers)

  • Davies, Thomas
  • Evans, David
  • *Evans, William
  • *Mathias, David
  • Morgan, John
  • Thomas, Thomas
  • *Thomas, William

China, Glass etc Dealers

  • Davies, John
  • Davies, William
  • Powell, Hugh


  • Jones, David
  • Lewis, William
  • Phillip, Philip

Corn & Flour Dealers

  • Evans, John
  • Jones, Morgan
  • Jones, Richard
  • Mathias, David


  • Williams, Daniel
  • Williams, Llewelyn

Fire etc Office Agents

  • ATLAS; John Jones
  • SUN; David Rice & William Rees

Grocers & Drapers (marked thus* are also Ironmongers)

  • Davies, David
  • *Davies, Samuel
  • *Davies, William
  • Evans, Thomas
  • Jones, John
  • *Thomas, Daniel
  • Thomas, William
  • *Williams, Llewelyn Price


  • Hopkins, Charlotte
  • Williams, Ann

Hair Dressers etc

  • Hilliar, James
  • Hopkins, David

Inns (see also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Castle; John Jenkins
  • Lamb; Howell Howells


  • Havard, William
  • Thomas, David
  • Williams, William


  • Beynon, Thomas
  • Mathias, Evan
  • Thomas, David

Milliners & Dress Makers

  • Hopkins, Ann
  • Jones, Mary
  • Lens, Ann B
  • Williams, Margaretta

Painters & Glaziers

  • Thomas, John
  • Williams, David

Platerers & Tilers

  • Griffiths, David
  • Griffiths, John
  • Rees, John
  • Thomas, Thomas

Printers --- Letter-Press

  • Jones, Jeffrey
  • Rees, David Rice & William


  • Lewis, John & Thomas
  • Williams, Evan
  • Williams, William

Stone Masons

  • Beynon, Rees
  • Edwards, William
  • Griffiths, William
  • Phillips, Thomas
  • Thomas, David


  • Morgans, Morgan
  • Williams, William


  • Davies, Daniel
  • Morgan, James
  • Walters, David

Tallow Chandlers

  • Edwards, David
  • Lewis, Elizabeth

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Black Lion; Mary Howells
  • Black Swan; William Allen
  • Butchers' Arms; John Richards
  • Crown; William Phillips
  • Curriers' Arms; Benjamin Lewis
  • Drovers' Arms; Edward Williams
  • Farmers' Arms; Owen Rees
  • George IV; Leoline Williams
  • Golden Lion; Henry Timothy
  • Half Moon; John Rowlands
  • King's Arms; Samuel Jones
  • King's Head; Richard Jones
  • Miners' Arms; Isaac Williams
  • Nag's Head; Ann Jones
  • Old Lamb; Thomas Harries
  • Plume of Feathers; Thomas Thomas
  • Red Lion; David Williams
  • Six bells; Llewelyn Williams
  • Star and Garter; Mary Jones
  • Sun, Rees Rees
  • Talbot; William Lewis
  • Three Horse Shoes; Ann Williams
  • Wheat Sheaf, William Morgan
  • White Hart; Richard Price
  • White Lion; John Rees
  • White Swan; Thomas Beynon

Tawers & Glovers

  • Hopkins, Edward
  • Hopkins, William
  • Price, John
  • Thomas, Henry

Timber Merchants

  • Morgan, Thomas
  • Thomas, Thomas

Watch Makers

  • Hopkins, John
  • Jones, David


  • Evans, Evan; hatter
  • Evans, Samuel; tanner
  • Goulstone, William; chymist & druggist
  • Jones, Richard; land surveyor
  • Thomas, Elizabeth; straw hat maker


  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Milford) calls at the Castle, every morning at a quarter before five; goes thro' Brecon, Abergavenny, Ross, Burford, Witney & Oxford --- the Regulator (from Carmarthen) calls as above, every Monday, Wednesday and Frday morning at half-past eight; goes thro' Brecon, Monmouth, Northleach, Oxford and Uxbridge --- and the Cambrian (from Carmarthen) calls at the Lamb, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning at nine; goes thro' Brecon, Hay, Hereford, Ledbury and Worcester.
  • To Haverfordwest, the Cambrian (from London) calls at the Lamb, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday night at seven --- and the Regulator, calls at the Castle, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday evening at six; both go through Llandilo and Carmarthen
  • To Milford, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Castle, every night at a quarter before eight; goes thro' Carmarthen & Haverfordwest.


  • To Brecon, Rees & Son, from the Red Lion, and Prosser & Co from the Three Horse Shoes, every Thursday.
  • To Carmarthen, Rees & Son, from the Red Lion, every Saturday --- and Prosser & Co, every Monday.