Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


The information  below relating to Llandovery and Neighbourhood was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

Llandovery and Neighbourhood

See the 1830 Directory extract for a full general description.

The parish of Llandingat comprises the hamlets of Forest, Telych, and Ystrad, and the borough of Llandovery: these contained, collectively, in 1831, 2,465 inhabitants, and at the census taken in 1841, the diminished number of 2,345.

Post Office, Market-street, David Rice Rees, Post Master. --- Letters from London, and also from Bristol (by way of Gloucester) arrive afternoon at ten minutes past one, and are despatched every morning at twenty minutes before eleven. --- Letters from Bristol, Carmarthen, Milford Haven and Ireland arrive every morning at twenty minutes before eleven, and are despatched every afternoon at ten minutes past one. --- Letters from Lampeter, Aberayron, Aberystwyth and part of North Wales arrive every morning, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past one.

* The Post Office opens at eight in the morning and closes at ten at night.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

  • Bishop, Charles Esq; Dolgarrey
  • Bishop, Miss E; Penrock
  • Davies, D Esq; Llwynriccet
  • Davies, Miss ---; High st
  • Douglas, Rev H; Llwyn wormwood
  • Enoch, Rev George; Cayo
  • Eyres,Captain H RN; Kilgwyn Park
  • Gilbert, Madame ---; Sackville place
  • Goodier, Mrs ---; High st
  • Harries, John Esq; Nant y mwyn
  • Harries, Mrs ---; Newadd fawr
  • Harries, W Davys Esq; Newadd fawr
  • Johnes, John Esq; Dolaucothy
  • Jones, Daniel Esq; Pen y bont
  • Jones, David Esq; Glanbran Park
  • Jones, Edward Esq; Velindre
  • Jones, John Esq; St Mary's Cottage
  • Jones, the Misses; Stone st
  • Jones, Lewis Price Esq; Glanrunnell
  • Jones, Stephen Esq; Ystrad
  • Jones, William Esq; Glanbran Park
  • Jones, William Esq; Nantyrhogfan
  • Jones, William Esq; Henllys
  • Lewis, Rev D Price; Gilvach
  • Lewis, David Jones Esq; Gilvach
  • Lewis, Frederick Esq; Llwyncelyn
  • Lewis, L Esq; Llethywandde
  • Lloyd, George Esq; Brunant
  • Morgan, Rev John; Talyrhyn
  • Morgan, Mrs ---; High st
  • Morgan, Rev William BD; Vicarage
  • Morgans, Morgan Esq; Llwyn
  • Price, Capt D RN; Erryd House
  • Price, Mrs ---; Stone st
  • Price, Rice Wm Esq; William's field
  • Thomas, Rev Thomas; Myddfai
  • Whiteshed, St Vincent Esq; Llwynybrain
  • Williams, Sir James Hamlyn Bart; Rhyd odin
  • Williams, Rev John; Cefatrenva
  • Williams, Morgan Esq; Dolaugwynon

Academies & Schools

  • Davies, William; High st
  • Humphreys, Mary Ann (boardg); Lower st
  • Lewis, Rachael; Orchard st
  • National School, Depot --- Elizbth. Jones, mistress
  • Price, Thomas; High st
  • Rees, Owen; Queen st


  • Bishop, Charles; Market st
  • Harries, David Lloyd; Llandingad
  • Harries, Henry Lloyd; Market st
  • Hopkins, John; Stone st
  • Jones, Edward; Velindre House
  • Morgan & Evans; Market st

Auctioneers & Appraisrs

  • Jones, David; Castle st
  • Williams, Thomas; Castle st

Bakers & Flour Dealers

  • Davies, Daniel ( and confectioner); Stone street
  • Davies, David; High st
  • James, David; High st
  • Jones, Mary; Stone st
  • Lewis, David; Stone st
  • Rees, Lewis; Stone st
  • Williams, Ann; High st
  • Williams, John; Stone st


  • Jones, David & Co, Stone st --- (draw on Jones, Lloyd & Co London)


  • Davies, Rees & John; High st
  • Jenkins, Benjamin; Stone st
  • Jones, William; King's road
  • Williams, John; Lower st

Bookseller, Publisher, Stationer & Printer

(See also Printers)

  • Rees, William; Market st

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Davies, Evan; High st
  • Davies, Lewis; High st
  • Davies, Rees; Orchard st
  • Havard, William Henry; Orchard st
  • Jones, David; Stone st
  • Jones, Richard; Water st
  • Jones, William; Cross lane
  • Morgan, Jane; Lower st
  • Phillips, James; Orchard st
  • Phillips, Jonah; Water st
  • Phillips, William; High st
  • Price, John; High st
  • Protheroe, David; Queen st
  • Richards, John; Orchard st
  • Williams, David; High st
  • Williams, John; Stone st


  • Havard, James; Stone st
  • Morgan, David, Royal Oak Brewery; Orchard st


  • Davies, John; Market
  • Jenkins, John; Market
  • Prytherch, Thomas; Market
  • Rees, Thomas; Market
  • Richards, John; Market
  • Simon, Morgan; Market
  • Thomas, Ebenezer; Market
  • Williams, Rees; Market
  • Williams, William; Market st

Carpenters & Cabinet Makers

  • Edwards, David; Stone st
  • Evans & Williams; Stone st
  • Evans, Thomas; Orchard st
  • Lewis, John; Market st
  • Matthias, David; Stone st
  • Rowlands, Rowland; Stone st
  • Thomas, Thomas(and builder)
  • Thomas, William; King's road

China, Glass &c. Dealers

  • Edwards, David; Market st
  • Williams, William; Stone st

Chymists & Druggists

  • Gouldstone, William; Market st
  • Harries, James; King's road


  • Jones, David; Queen st
  • Jones, John; High st

Curriers & Leather Cutters

  • Jones, Thomas ( and tanner); High st
  • Richards, Daniel; High st

Fire, &c. Office Agents

  • Atlas, Watkin Walters; High st
  • Law (Life), Chas Bishop; Market st
  • Palladium, Henry Lloyd Harries; Market street
  • Protestant Dissenters', James Morris; King's road
  • Sun, David Rice Rees; Market st
  • Universal (life), David Lloyd Harries; Llandingad House

Grocers and Drapers

Marked thus * are also ironmongers

( See also Shopkeepers &c)

  • *Davies, W & T; Stone st
  • Evans, Thomas; Market st
  • Griffith, John Evan; Stone st
  • Jones, David E; Market st
  • *Jones, Rees; High st
  • *Lewis, Elizabeth; Market st
  • Lloyd, Evan; King's road
  • *Protheroe, David Morgan; Stone st
  • *Thomas, David; High st
  • Thomas, Thomas; High st
  • *Walters, Watkin; High st

Hair Dressers

  • Clark, Thomas; Market st
  • Jones, John; King's road


  • Davies, Isaac; Stone st
  • Evans, William; Market st


(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Castle (and posting house), John Powell; King's road
  • Lamb, Samuel Jones; Market st


See under the head Grocers & Draprs


  • Havard, James; Stone st
  • Jeremy, David; High st
  • Morgan, David; Orchard st
  • Thomas, David; High st
  • Williams, William; Stone st


  • Hughes, William; Velindre
  • Jones, John; Abercrichan
  • Matthias, Evan; Llanwordu
  • Morgans, William; Vellingytta

Milliners and Dress Makers

  • Fulford, Elizabeth; Orchard st
  • Hopkins, Margaret; Lower st
  • Jenkins, Elizabeth; High st
  • Jones, Mary; Stone st
  • Lewis, Jane; Castle st
  • Matthias, Mary Ann; Stone st
  • Morgan, Mary; Lower st
  • Thomas, Ann; High st


  • Evans, Thomas; Stone st
  • Lewis, John; Stone st
  • Price, Rees; High st
  • Williams, Daniel; Water st

Painters & Glaziers

  • Broadhead & Gunter; King's road
  • Goulstone, William; Market st
  • Harries, William; Queen st

Plasterers & Tilers

  • Evans, James; Market st
  • Lewis, David; Stone st
  • Lewis, Thomas; Castle st
  • Rees, John; Stone st
  • Roderick, David; Orchard st

Printers - Letter - Press

  • Morris, James; King's road
  • Rees, William; Market st

Saddlers, &c

  • Jones, John; High st
  • Lewis, Henry; Stone st
  • Williams, John; King's road

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries

  • Bell, William; High st
  • Davies, David; High st
  • Davies, Evan; Lower st
  • Davies, John; High st
  • James, David; High st
  • Jones, John; Stone st
  • Jones, Mary; Stone st
  • Lewis, David; Stone st
  • Thomas, Ann; High st
  • Thomas, Daniel; Stone st
  • Thomas, David; Stone st
  • Thomas, William; High st
  • Williams, Ann; High st
  • Williams, William; Stone st

Stone Masons

  • Davies, David; High st
  • Edwards, William; Garden lane
  • Evans, David; Stone st
  • Jones, John; Coalbrook
  • Jones, Rees; Coalbrook
  • Lewis, David; Stone st
  • Thomas, Thomas; High st


  • Harries, James; King's road
  • Thomas, David; Lower st
  • Williams, William; High st


  • Davies, Daniel; High st
  • Harries, Thomas; Queen st
  • Jones, John; Old Turnpike
  • Jones, William; Queen st
  • Morgan, James; Queen st
  • Rees, David ( & draper); Market st
  • Thomas, David; Stone st
  • Thomas, William; Stone st
  • Walters, David; Lower st
  • Walters, John; Stone st

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Barley Mow, John Davies; High st
  • Bear, James Evans; Market st
  • Belle Vue, William Williams; Lower st
  • Black Lion, Richard James; Market st
  • Black Ox, Edward Manuel; Lower st
  • Black Swan, Hannah Williams; Stone st
  • Blue Boar, Edward Hopkins; Lower st
  • Butchers' Arms, David Evans; Stone st
  • Clarence Inn, John Williams; Lower st
  • Dolecothy Arms, Wm Allen; Pumpsaint
  • Drovers' Arms, Thomas Morgan; Stone st
  • Crown, William Phillips; High st
  • Curriers' Arms, David Jones; Castle st
  • Farmers' Arms, Ths Prytherch; Orchard st
  • Fountain, Thomas Williams; Castle st
  • George IV, Llewellyn Williams
  • Golden Lion, John Budge; Stone st
  • Half Moon, John Bennett; Stone st
  • King's Arms, Thomas Griffiths; High st
  • King's Head, John Durrance; Mothvey
  • King's Head, Jane & Hanh Jones; Market st
  • Miners' Arms, John Lewis; Stone st
  • Nag's Head, Wm Williams; Market st
  • Neuadd Arms, Richard James; High st
  • New White Lion, John Rees; Stone st
  • Old Star, Thomas Rees; High st
  • Plough, Thomas Jones; Stone st
  • Red Lion, John Lewis; Market st
  • Rock and Castle, Eliz Evans; Castle st
  • Royal Oak, David Morgan; Orchard st
  • Six Bells, Isaac Price; Stone st
  • Square & Compasses, David Lewis; Mothvey
  • Star, Roderick Rees; High st
  • Sun, Daniel James; High st
  • Three Horse Shoes, Thos Thomas; High st
  • Towy Bridge, William Harries; High st
  • Wheat Sheaf, David Wilkins; High st
  • White Hall, Thomas Beynon; High st
  • White Hart, David Williams; Stone st
  • White Lion, David Edwards; Stone st
  • White Swan, Morgan Price; High st


  • Hopkins, Edwd ( & glover); Lower st
  • Price, John; High st

Timber Merchants

  • Llanelly Timber Co; Market st
  • Morgans, David; Orchard st

Watch & Clock Makers

  • James, Daniel; High st
  • Jones, Evan; High st


  • Lewis, Owen; Orchard st
  • Pugh, Owen; Garden lane
  • Williams, Timothy; Castle st

Wine and Spirit Merchant

  • Morris, James; King's road


  • Davies, Josiah, weaver; High st
  • Evans, David, registrar of births and deaths; Market st
  • Evans, John, butter dealer; Orchard st
  • Harries, Thomas, tin-plate worker and brazier; Stone st
  • Harries, William, beer retailer; High st
  • Howell, James, beer retailer; High st
  • Lewis, John, beer retailer; Stone st
  • Lewis, Thomas, turner; Castle st
  • Matthias, David, corn & flour dealer; Stone st
  • Matthias, John, beer retailer; Stone st
  • Prosser, David; Towy Mill
  • Smith, James, tea dealer; High st
  • Thomas, David, sub-distributer of stamps; High st
  • Thomas, Thomas, beer retailer; High st
  • Thomas, William, rope maker; High st
  • Williams, Rowland, clerk to the union and superintendent registrar; Stone st
  • Union Workhouse, St Mary's Hill --- Rees Beynon, governor; Lettice Beynon, matron


All call at the Castle Inn

  • To Aberystwith, the Collegian (from Brecon) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday forenoon at eleven, during summer; goes thro' Lampeter & Aberayron
  • To Brecon, the Collegian (from Aberystwith) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at seven, during the summer
  • To Carmarthen, the Paul Pry (from Cheltenham} every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at half-past five.
  • To Cheltenham, the Paul Pry (from Carmarthen) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at half-past nine; goes same route as the Glos'ter Mail.
  • To Gloucester, the Royal Mail (from Pembroke) every morning at 20 minutes before one; goes thro' Brecon, Abergavenny, and Monmouth
  • To Pembroke, the Royal Mail (from Gloucester) every afternoon at ten minutes past and ; goes thro' Llangadock, Llandilo and Carmarthen.


  • To London, Worcester, Gloucester, Brecon, Llandilo, Carmarthen, &c William North Rees, twice a week
  • To Bristol, by Railway, from Cross Inn, to Llanelly, and thence by Steam Packet, Nathanial Rees jun, weekly
  • To Lampeter, Aberayron, and Aberystwith, David Jones, every Tuesday
  • To Llanelly & Llandilo, Nathaniel Rees jun, twice a week
  • To Merthyr Tydvil, David Jones, every Friday