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There are many references to Ammanford in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online

Below are mainly English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

These are not in any date or subject order

  • From  The Welshman (Almanack) dated 31st December 1909

"AMMANFORD. GAS COMPANY.-The Ammanford Gas Cotnpany, which was incorporated last session, has deposited a Bill in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons for introduction into Parliament next session. The Bill proposes to extend the com- pany's area of supply so as to include the parish of Llanedy and part of Bettws. The main object, however, of applying to Parliament appears to be to assist the company to overcome any difficulties that may arise through purchasing the under taking of the Amman Valley Gaslight and Coke Company (Limited). The preamble states that the company have commenced to supply gas in pursuance of the powers of the Act of 1909, but it is alleged that the circumstances connected with the promotion and history of the limited company have brought the said undertaking into discredit in the locality of Ammanford, with the result that it is impossible for an immediate issue of the capital of the company to be made upon reasonable terms.The Bill, therefore, proposes to empower the company to create a special class of debenture stock, to be known as the purchase debenture stock, for a total amount equal to the amount of the price for the undertaking of the limited company. Provision is also made in the Bill for the verification of the amount of principal and interest duly owing for proper consideration in respect of debts of the company secured by the issue of debentures of the limited company."

  •  From The Amman Valley Chronicle and East Carmarthen News dated 10th December 1914

"AMMANFORD. 4TH WELSH.—The order detailing the 4th Welsh Regiment for service abroad has now been countermanded, and the regiment is still at Scoveston. There are over a hundred Ammanford boys with this regiment.

CHARITY FOOTBALL.—Local Rugby footballers, or as many as are left of them, will be pressed into service on Saturday, when a team from Ammanford and the district will make the journey to Llanelly to play the latter team in aid of a fund to provide "smokes" for the Tommies." The Llanelly team will reciprocate the compliment, and it is to play the match on the return of the footballers from Kildare on furlough.

PATRIOTIC CONCERT.—The patriotic concert given by the Male Voice Party (Mr. Gwilym Jones conductor) at the Palace Theatre to-night. (Thursday) in aid of the local relief fund has aroused high expectations, and those who have heard the party rehearsing the selected pieces state there is a musical treat in store. And not only will there be choruses given, but solos, duets, and recitations as well. Thus an excellent concert can be looked forward to, and the cause is a worthy one.

HOME CIRCLE.—One hears it often said, "All roads lead to Rome," but should one have the pleasure of being in Ammanford on Sunday evening about 8 o'clock he would say that "All roads lead to the Y.M.C.A." Last Sunday the 'building was taxed to its utmost capacity. It is fully time that seats should be provided to accommodate the crowd who are obliged to remain standing. The chair was taken by Mr. WL Popkins, who came to the secretary's aid., as he was disappointed, the original chairman failing to put in an appearance. The meeting opened with a duet by Miss Gladys Powell and Mr. Sam Jenkins, "He Knows," which was followed by a recitation, "Trouble in the Amen Corner," by Mr. D. J. Edwards. Solo, "Angels ever bright and fair," by Miss Louisa Davies, Bettws, after which item the hope was expressed that her sweet voice will be heard again in the Home Circle. Duet, Misses Mary Jenkins and Gladys Powell," In Jesus." The concluding item was an address by Mr. Sam Jenkins, "Why I am a Christian." Miss Gladys Davies Was the accompanist. o"

  • From  The Cambria Daily Leader dated 11th September 1915

"AMMANFORD. The half-yearly Ammanford fair was held on Friday, in favourable weather the morning was devoted to business, and the remainder of the day to pleasure, thousands of visitors flocking into the town from all parts. There was a very limited supply of cattle, and pigs were far from plentiful, with the  result that prices ruled high. Yearlings fetched from £ll to £l2. and those in good condition realised £14 to £15, while cows with calves exchanged hands for about £ 22 In the pig fair, storers were sold at from 30s, to  35s and porkers fetched £4."

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 26th March 1918

"AMMANFORD. An early closing experiment to be tried by the Ammanford tradesmen, commencing the second week in April. The shops will be opened at nine am in the morning, and will be closed at 6 p.m. the first three days of the week, at 1p.m. on Thursday, at 8 p.m. on Friday and 9 p.m. on Saturday. "

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 27th February 1918

"AMMANFORD. Mr. Sidney Palmer, Swansea, in a lecture to the Ammanford and District Master Bakers, emphasised the advantages of mixing a small percentage of potatoes to each sack of flour for making bread, as is being required by the Government. He pointed out the method which gave the best results, and urged the local bakers to adopt it. At the close the bakers affirmed their resolve to assist the Government in the way indicated. Councillor J. L. Williams (Maesquarre), was in the chair. "

  • From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 26th March 1917

"AMMANFORD. A hockey match was played on the County School grounds on Saturday between Ammanford School Team and the Llandilo County School Team. The home team won the victory by one goal—scored by Daisy Williams-to nil. "

  • From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 21st October 1916

"AMMANFORD. At the Palace Theatre on Thursday night, a well-supported benefit concert in aid of Mr. J. Cooke, who last year sustained a severe colliery accident, wae held. Mr. Rhys Thomas, Brooklands, Bettws, presided. Selections were given by the successful Bettws Juvenile Choir under the baton of Mr. A. Moses, A.L.C.M., and by the Bettws Orchestra, Mr. Geo. I. Thomas, L.L.C.M., conducting. Miss M. Louisa Davies, the National winner, sang several solos. Recitations were given by Miss Dilys Thomas and Miss Olwn Rees; a violin solo by Mr. T. Davies, Penygroes; and a clarinet solo  by Mr. Evans, Brynamman. Mr. Geo. I. Thomas and Miss Ceinwen Williams were the accompaniists. Prior to the concert Ithe Ammanford Silver Band paraded the streets playing classical selections. "

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 30th May 1916

"AMMANFORD. During the past fortnight eggs have been collected by the children of the Ammanford and Amman Valley schools towards the Red Cross Hospital, Carmarthen. The following quantities have been received by Miss Florence Jones, hon. secretary to the Amman Valley Division of the Carmarthenshire Red Cross branch: Brynamman 332 eggs, Glanamman 610, Ammanford (mixed) 409, Ammanford (infants) 131, Parcyrhaun 281, and Llandebie 264. "

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 28th January 1918

"AMMANFORD. Many additional street lamps were lighted in Ammanford on Saturday night. "

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 24th May 1917

"AMMANFORD. There is a diversity of opinion amonst the churches as to the advisability or otherwise of holding the usual Sunday school treats during Whitsun and uniformity is not to be expected. One of the biggest churches has decided not to provide the customary teaparty, but others adhere to the old-time practice. "

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 8th February 1916

"AMMANFORD. Home Office intimation has just been received constituting the Ammanford Police Station a place where prisoners may be detained up to four days. Expense of conveyance to and from Carmarthen Jail will thus be obviated. Ammanford is the first police station to be thus constituted in the Division."

  • From  The Cambria Daily Leader dated 20th January 1917

"AMMANFORD. The Ammanford Council have decided to invest £5,000 new money in the War Loan. The holding of £1,000 in the 4½ per cent.loan will probably be converted as well.

The Ammanford Council, still in search of a public cemetery site, toured the district on Thursday. A possible site on Glynradar Farm, Bettws, was inspected, amongst others, and the Council decided to ask for permission to sink trial holes on this spot. If the soil should prove suitable, it is probable that an entrance to the ground could be constructed from Rice-street. "

  •  From The Cambria Daily Leader dated 22nd February 1917

"AMMANFORD. In order that the elevation of the first Welsh-speaking Welshman to the Premiership may be duly commemorated, the Executive Council of the Ammanford Chamber of Trade have resolved to close all shops in the town on St. David's Day. It is also intended to hold on that day a Welsh fair for the benefit of Mrs, Lloyd George' Fund for the Welsh Troops. "