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Chapels database for Llanelli parish




Adulam (Baptist, bef 1660), Felinfoel          Births and baptisms (1783-1819) PRO RG4/3821, LDS 828111; 12 vols records (1709-1954 NLW Manuscripts; statistics (1859-61) NLW    On Dyfed FHS

  • Adulam, Felinfoel     Baptist           Erected first in the year 1709, rebuilt in 1840     "There is a large Burying Ground attached to the Chapel, on a lease 999 years ...."            Daniel Jones, Minister, Felinfoel         (The Religious census of 1851)

George, J. Eglwys y Bedyddwyr yn y Felinfoel, ger Llanelli: Ei Hanes o'i dechreuad hyd y flwyddyn, 1887 (The Baptist Church at Felinfoel, near Llanelli: its History from its Beginning to 1887), Llanelli, South Wales Press Office (1887).

Humphreys, B. Hanes Bedyddwyr Felinfoel: Cyfrol Goffa Dau Can Mlwyddiant, 1709-1909 (History of the Baptists at Felinfoel: A Memorial Volume of the Bicentennial 1709-1909), Llanelli, Mercury Office (1909).Translated by Mr Ivor Griffiths. Here is an index to the English version by Joyce Newth/Stewart Leonard

Rhys, W.J. Hanes achos y Bedyddwyr yn y Felin-foel: erbyn dathlu pumed jiwbili codi'r capel cyntaf, 1709-1959, Llanelli, Eglwys y Felin-foel (1959) [7], 184 p., [9] leaves of pl., ill.


Bethania Baptist chapel, Cornish Place / Glandafen Rd, Morfa             SS5147198774    Built 1869/70, earlier church built 1850. Rebuilt/modified 1887.    Still open 1998     Coflein  

Bethania Llanelli: hanes y gangen hon o Eglwys yr Arglwydd Iesu Grist 1870-1970: Gorffennaf 1970. Llanelli: Capel Bethania, 1970. 62p: ill, ports; 22cm.


Bethel (Baptist, bef 1840), Marine St, Seaside, Llanelli                 On Dyfed FHS

  • Bethel   Particular Baptist      Erected in 1840              William Hughes, Minister           (The Religious census of 1851)


Bethesda (Baptist, c1837), Ponthenry               SN47810922         Built 1838, rebuilt/modified 1873/4, enlarged 1888, possibly rebuilt/altered again 1905.  Still open 1998   Coflein  


Caersalem Baptist chapel, Marsh St / Caersalem Terrace, Llanelli   [Ty isaf area]                         On Dyfed FHS


Calfaria Baptist chapel, Ann St / Bigyn Rd, Llanelli            SN5102700086      Sunday School built 1881, chapel built 1887-8             Still open 1998    Coflein  


Carmel Baptist chapel, Charles St, Llanelli                SN51570020     Demolished by 1998        Coflein  


Elim Welsh Baptist chapel, Island Place, Llanelli                       SN51020044     Congregation moved to Capel Calfaria in the C20.     Demolished by 1998         Coflein  


Emmanuel English Baptist chapel, New Dock Rd,Llanelli              On Dyfed FHS               SS5097399004   Built 1893/4   Still open 1998   Coflein  


Greenfield Baptist chapel, Murray St / Station Rd, Llanelli                 On Dyfed FHS  


Herman (Baptist, bef 1700 - moved to Llannon parish 1850): records with those of Adulam (Llanelly)


Horeb (Baptist, c1812), Five Roads               Records with those of Adulam (Llanelly)               SN49840564   Built 1832. Rebuilt 1868   Still open 1998     Coflein

  • Horeb     Particular Baptist    Erected in 1832, also used as a Day School            Jeremiah Griffiths, Deacon, Upper Lodge, Nr Horeb          (The Religious census of 1851)


Maescanner / Dafen (Baptist, 1863), Maescanner       Accounts (1864-94) NLW Ms 10690B                SN52940108         Built 1863; rebuilt/modified 1888.   Still open 1998           Coflein

Bowen, J. Hanes Eglwys Maescanner (History of Maescanner Baptist Church, Dafen, Llanelly), Aberystwyth, Nat. Library of Wales (1953). Mss 12196B [LDS 829068]


Moriah Baptist chapel, Station Rd,  Llanelli             On Dyfed FHS  


Peniel Baptist chapel, Llanelli             SN512009        Not open 1998       Coflein  


Salem Baptist chapel, Bynea                  SS5599    Demolished by 1998         Coflein

  •  Mount Selen   Baptist              Erected before 1800          "School in the weekdays...."     Daniel Jones, Minister   (The Religious census of 1851)             [right chapel?]


Saron Baptist chapel, Bynea, Llanelli                       SS54599944     Built 1812, rebuilt/modified 1905.     Not still open 1998      Coflein


Sion (Baptist, 1776), Upper Park St, Llanelli                 Records with those of Adulam (Llanelly)              On Dyfed FHS

  •  Sion    Baptists               Erected in 1821                   James Spencer, Baptist Minister            (The Religious census of 1851)

Jones, E.T. Hanes Eglwys Capel Sion Llanelli, Llanelli, Argraffwyd yn Swyddfa'r "Mercury" (1931) 288 p., [11] leaves of plates: p., ill., ports., plates. [LDS GS 942.98/L1 K2j]

Jones, T.R. Hanes Sion, Llanelli, Eglwys y Bedyddwyr (A History of Sion Baptist Church, Llanelli), Llanelli, Mercury Office (1947). [LDS GS 942.98/L1 K2j].


Soar (Baptist, bef 1790), Llwynhendy              Records with those of Adulam (Llanelly)                On Dyfed FHS

  • Soar, Llwynhendy    Baptist        Erected in1850       "We have an old chapel but it was to small for the congregation and we Built a New Chapel on another piece of Ground close by the other and the new cost us £800. And we intend to make the old Chapel a school house for dayly school"    Morgan Jones, Minister, Llwynhendy             (The Religious census of 1851)


Tabernacl Welsh Baptist chapel, Llwynhendy Rd, Llwynhendy             SS53579990      Built (?) 1895/6.   Still open 1998    Coflein


Tabernacl Welsh Baptist chapel, Pontyates              SN47070815       Coflein


Calvinistic Methodist


Capel Newydd (Calvinistic Methodist, c1786), Felinfoel Rd / Capel Newydd Lane, Llanelli                 Births and baptisms (1819-37) PRO RG4/3831, LDS 828108, IGI; members and accounts (1871-87) NLW Ms 17273A             On Dyfed FHS           See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg                  Capel Newydd Felinfoel Road, Llanelli  CM chapel - still open in 2006 

  •  Capel Newydd   CM              Erected in 1809, re-erected in 1840              "The Congregation being less the Sunday March 30th 1851 in consequence of not having a popular Minister.   The Congregation being less morning than evening owing to servants not being at liberty to attend...."                 John Bowen, Minister         (The Religious census of 1851)


English Presbyterian / CM chapel, Cefncaeau   (Llwynhendy , Bethel Forward Movement)            SN53510036          Chapel dated 1955   Still open 1998 as Forward Movement Church  Coflein  


Gelli Onn Welsh CM chapel, Hall St, Llanelli                        SN50570059      Built in the late C18.    Demolished by 1998    Coflein  


Glenalla CM chapel, Glenalla Rd / Alba Rd, Llanelli         On Dyfed FHS                 SN5143500551   Built 1909    Not still open 1998    Coflein    

Eglwys Glenalla [M.C.] Llanelli 1909-1987: gwasanaeth datgorffori'r Eglwys. Llanelli: Glenalla (Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru), Llanelli, 1987. [4]p: ill, port; 22cm.


Joppa CM Sunday school, Burry Terrace, Mach-ynys                 SS5084198296     Built 1879.   Demolished by 1998       Coflein


Nazareth (Calvinistic Methodist, 1865), Parc Gitto, Llwynhendy         SS53679977    Built 1865/6, rebuilt 1927      Coflein          Nasareth,  Parc Gitto, Llwynhendy, Llanelli  CM chapel  - still open in 2006 


Presbyterian Chapel - English (Calvinistic Methodist, 1870) Cowell St / Stephney St, Llanelli            SN5059400281  Built 1873, rebuilt/enlarged 1903.   Still open 1998  Coflein


Presbyterian chapel, Llanelli       SN504003   On Dyfed FHS    [same place as above despite slightly differing location?]


Saron (Calvinistic Methodist, c1849), Pentrepoeth Rd,  Furnace             SN5041601322         Built 1879, rebuilt/modified 1907.     Still open 1998           Coflein


Siloh (Calvinistic Methodist, 1875), Greenfield / Lakefield, near Llanelli town               On Dyfed FHS


Tabernacl (Calvinistic Methodist, 1906), Pontyates     SN47090815     Built ? 1908     Coflein                 Tabernacl Heol Carwe, Pontiets, Llanelli CM chapel - still open in 2006


Trinity (Calvinistic Methodist, 1852), New Dock Rd,      Records with those of Capel Newydd (Llanelli)                 On Dyfed FHS              Triniti, Heol y Doc Newydd, , Llanelli   CM chapel  - still open in 2006




Bynea (Berea) Ind chapel, Tanygraig Rd, Bynea           SS54479945   Built 1871, rebuilt 1897 & 1934.  Coflein                 Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)


Capel Als [Capel Alice] (Independent, 1770), Marble Hall Rd / Wern Rd, Llanelli          Births and baptisms (1808-37), deaths (1831-37) PRO RG4/4060, LDS 828112, IGI; marriages (1837-70) and burials (1842-51) NLW; members (1832-68) NLW, subscriptions (1830) NLW Ms1168A, plus many other post-1850 records NLW         On Dyfed FHS       See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg      Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)

  •  Capel Als    Ind                   Erected in 1780     David Rees, Minister        "Remarks: In times of yore there was an old dame of the name of Alice living on the spot where the chapel is built at the corner of whose house there was a well over which the chapel is, which was called Alice's Well and when the place was occupied by the chapel it was called very naturally Capel Alice abreviated Capel Als. ....... It should be also understood that great many of the people are obliged to work on the Sabbaths in copper works and other works which require to be kept in order so that all the worshippers are never at the same time in any of the chapels in this place. There are at least 1,300 who are in the habit of frequenting this chapel which is always crammed in the evening."     (The Religious census of 1851)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas.  Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches),4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh ) - with translation by Maureen Saycell (March 2009)

Bowen, D. Hen gymeriadau Capel Als, Llanelli, Llanelli, (1881) 24 p.

Loader, M. Capel Als 1780-1980, Abertawe, Penry (1980) 137 p., [5] p. of plates: p., ill., 1 map, ports. [ISBN: 0903701324; 0903701359 (pbk)]

Loader, Maurice. The ministry of Revd David Rees, Capel Als, [Llanelli] 1829-1869. Typescript, 11p.


Capel y Bryn (Independent, 1840), two miles east of Llanelli on road to Llanegennch            Baptisms (1854-96), minute books, deeds in Hanes Eglwys y Bryn, minutes music festival comm (1909-12) Carmarthenshire R.O.; also records with those of Capel Als            On Dyfed FHS              Bryn Ind chapel (no parish) - Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)

  • Bryn, Llanelly    Ind               Erected in 1841                John Williams, Deacon, Penllwyngwyn, Llangennech           (The Religious census of 1851)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas.  Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches),4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh ) - with translation by Maureen Saycell (March 2009)

Williams, Edwin Braslun o hanes eglwys y Bryn [Llanelli] a rhai o'i hen gymeriadau: hefyd hanes Côr y Bryn, (Llanelli, 1891), 64p.


Dock (Independent, 1855), Chapel St, Morfa, Llanelli            SS5125598889    Disused 1998  Coflein                On Dyfed FHS                See Capeli (2005/2006 lists of chapels under threat)


Ebeneser Ind chapel, Inkerman St, Llanelli           SN5069500099     Built 1881        Coflein                  On Dyfed FHS         Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)


Lloyd St Ind chapel, Lloyd St, Llanelli                      SN5045400113               Built 1887   Demolished in 1994            Coflein  

Evans, J. Camwy. Hanes eglwys Lloyd Street, Llanelli, (Llanelli, 1937), 95p.


Noddfa Ind chapel, Heol Llanelli, Pontyates           SN47290819    Built ? 1908    Coflein                         Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)


Park Street - English (Independent, 1839), Murray St / Inkerman St,          Records with those of Capel Als        Park Church UR on Dyfed FHS            Reference Park United Reformed, Murray St, Llanelli - see Capeli (2005 list of chapels under threat)

  •  Park Street     Ind            Erected in 1839          "This is an English chapel"       Thomas Roberts, Independent Minister        (The Religious census of 1851)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas.  Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches),4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh ) - with translation by Gareth Hicks (Dec 2008)

Samuel, W.J. The story of a church: Park Congregational Church, Llanelly, 1839-1954, Cardiff, Western Mail & Echo (1954) 94 p., ill.


Sandy Ind chapel, Llanelli                SN5000         Coflein


Saron Ind chapel, Llanelli             SN5000            Coflein


Siloa / Siloah (Independent, 1840), Glanmor Rd / Copperworks Rd, Seaside               See Capel Als members (1854-1911); Carmartheshire R.O. (1854-1911)                  On Dyfed FHS

  • Siloah    Ind       Erected in 1840      "Several absent, some at sea, some engaged in copper smelting and some on account of illness"      David Davies, Minister   (The Religious census of 1851)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas.  Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches),4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh ) - with translation by Gareth Hicks (Nov 2008)


Soar Independent chapel, Marsh St / Hick St, Llanelli           On Dyfed FHS  


Tabernacl Ind chapel, Coleshill Terrrace, Llanelli              On Dyfed FHS                     Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)

Roberts, R. Gwylfa. Y Tabernacl, Llanelli: hanes yr eglwys (amlinelliad). Ysgrifenwyd ynglyn â dathliad y jubili, 1908, (Llanelli, 1908), 56p.


Wesleyan Methodist


Chapel - English (Wesleyan Methodist, bef 1770), Hall St, Sea Side,  Llanelli                Births and baptisms (1835-38) PRO RG4/4416, LDS 828112, IGI; minutes and schedules (1937-60), and (1925-49)                 SN5053200617     Built 1836/8.     Still open 2000    Coflein                 On Dyfed FHS      

  •  Sea Side Wesleyan chapel      WM           Erected in 1838      Thomas Harding, Minister                (The Religious census of 1851)


Jerusalem (Wesleyan Methodist, 1856) (Welsh), Wind St, Llanelli          Rawlins says "Purchased the old English Wesleyan chapel which was built in 1793. Renovated 1887-90"          SN5069600602   Built 1792/1793, church established 1810, rebuilt 1828, enlarged 1834, final building 1861         Demolished by 2000          Coflein

  • Wesleyan Methodist     Erected in 1792, re-built in 1828, enlarged in 1834     Samuel Bevan, Chapel Steward, Ironmonger            (The Religious census of 1851)


Havelock St English Wesleyan chapel, Llanelli (New Dock chapel)            SS5145798955   Built 1856, enlarged 1870 & rebuilt/modified 1877           Coflein    


Victoria Rd English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Victoria Sq / Bryn Rd, Llanelli            SS5009499700       Built pre 1885      Still open 1998         Coflein    



Ainon Sunday School, Furnace                   SN5001       Built 1889 & rebuilt 1898             Demolished by 1998              Coflein  


Alexander Hall Salvation Army Citadel, Llanelli                   SN5000      Coflein


Bethany Free Church (Evangelical), Llannerch, Llanelli                   SN5150601287      Built in Late C20th style          Still open 2002     Coflein


Evangelistic Hall, Arthur St / Upper Robinson St, Llanelli                 SN5082400079      Built pre-1905     Still open 1998    Coflein


Llanelli Free Evangelical church, Queen Victoria Rd, Llanelli          SN50300012      Built c 1900    Originally a Jewish synagogue       Still open 2002     Coflein


Church of Latter Day Saints, Morfa                    SS506995 (which is more Ty-isaf)        Opened 1996      Still open 2002       Coflein


Mormon Church, Llanelli  [Morfa]          SS5145798955    Built in 1847     Coflein

  • Mormonites Chappel, or Later Day Saints          Erected in 1847      President of the Llanelly Branch Benjamin Jones. Officers; Elders 13, Prists 8, Preachers 9, Deacons 9.     Joseph Evans, Elder of the later day saints          (The Religious census of 1851)


Church of Latter Day Saints, Pyntws  Terrace, Coedcae, Llanelli               SS5194199893     Modern. still open 1998            Coflein


Gospel Hall, Bynea           SS55029931      Demolished by 1998           Coflein


Elim Pentecostal church,  Ponthenry Rd, Pontyates             SN472082     Built after 1945?      Coflein


Llanelli Christadelphians Church, Heol Goffa, Llanelli                  SN51010010     Built later C20     Still open 2002   Coflein


Ty Gwyn Apostolic church, New Rd, Llanelli               SN5019100993       Built late C20th   Still open 2002           Coflein


Zion Apostolic church, Trallwm Rd, Llwynhendy            SS53759995      Still open 2000      Coflein


Mortuary chapel, Clifton Terrace, Llanelli           SN5176800836       Demolished by 1998      Coflein