Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830


The information  below relating to Llanelli and neighbourhood  was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading.(Archive CD Books)

Llanelly and neighbourhood

Llanelly is a flourishing and a respectable market and borough town, in the hundred of Carnwallan and county of Carmarthen; 217 miles from London, 15 from Carmarthen, 13 from Swansea, and 9 from Kidwelly; situated on a port or creek of the Bristol Channel, and where the custom house for the county of Carmarthen is established.

Of late years this town has greatly increased in importance, in trade, and in population --- and the improvement in its appearance has kept pace with its prosperity; many old and unsightly habitations have been removed, and new ones erected on their site, with ranges of handsome shops; a new and convenient market-house has also been built, which is well attended on the market days.

The town is governed by a portrieve and an unlimited number of burgesses, to whom valuable estates belong, the rental of which is directed by act of parliament to be expended in improving the town and port; nor have those with such funds at their disposal been negligent in applying them to the purpose intended.

Llanelly has long been noted for the excellent quality of its bituminous or binding coal, stone-coal, culm, and fire-clay; this has induced wealthy and spirited individuals to establish copper, iron, lead and fire-brick works, upon most extensive scales; and the copper smelting-works of Messrs Daniell and Co., and the Messrs Shears employ a great number of hands. The several important establishments are the source from which the present flourishing trade of the port is derived; to accomodate which, three commodious docks have been formed, furnished with convenient loading stages, and the copper-works dock has a wet-dock, sunk to the depth of 12 feet at the lowest neap tides.

The Railway Company's dock is considered one of the best graving-docks in the Principality; from one end of it, a breakwater stretches out, of great extent, which enables vessels to ride in perfect safety. Each of these docks has a reservoir, of great capacity, for cleansing the harbour and channel. A steam-tug is actively employed in towing vessels and lighters into the harbour.

There are two very good Inns here, well deserving the patronage of the traveller visiting this town; they are the 'Falcon' and the 'Thomas's' Arms.

The church, which is situated in the centre of the town, and is an ancient and irregular pile, has lately been furnished with a new set of bells.

The market, which is a well supplied one with all necessary commodities for domestic consumption, is held on Thursday; and the two annual fairs take place on Ascension Thursday and the 30th of September.

The parish of Llanelly comprises the hamlets of Berwick, Borough, Glyn, Hengoed, and Westoac; the which collectively contained, according to the returns of the parliamentary commissioners in the year 1821, 5649 inhabitants.

Post Office, John Morgan, Post Master.--- Letters from all parts arrive every morning at six and are despateched every evening at seven.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Bruin, William, esq; Llanelly
  • Chambers, William, esq; Llanelly
  • Child, Henry, gent; Llanelly
  • Duncan, Robt, esq; Llangenock park
  • Jones, Rev John; Llanelly
  • Lewis, David, esq; Stradey
  • Morris, Rev Ebenezer; Vicarage hse
  • Nevill Rd. Janion, esq; Glan y mor
  • Pemberton, Colonel; New lodge
  • Roberts, John, esq; Bryn y kyre

Academies and Schools

  • Jones, Rev John (boarding and day)
  • National School, David Davies, master
  • Phillips, Margaret
  • Williams, Letitia
  • Williams, William


  • Brown, Frederick Lewis
  • Davies, John


  • Griffiths, Thomas
  • Matthews, Ann


  • Bowen, Thomas
  • Hugh, William
  • Morgan, Henry

Boot and Shoe Makers

  • Evans, Thomas
  • Griffiths, Wm
  • Lewis, John
  • Roberts, John


  • Davies, Morgan
  • George, Thomas
  • Jones, Daniel
  • Jones, Richard
  • Potts, John
  • Rees, Robert


  • Davies, David
  • Davies, John
  • Lee, Daniel

Coal Proprietors and Merchants

  • Duncan, Robert; Llangenoc
  • Gurthy, Jas & Co; Camain Colliery
  • Nevill, Richd Janion; Glan y mor
  • Pemberton, RSR and Thomas
  • Roberts J and MJ
  • Webb, William (merchant)

Copper Smelters

  • Daniell, Nevill & Co
  • Shears and Sons; Spitty Works --- Thomas Daniel, agent

Grocers & Drapers

  • Brown, Jn & Co
  • Burgess, William
  • Davies, Catherine
  • Deer, John
  • Howell, Griffith
  • Morgan, John
  • Rees, Robert
  • Roberts, John
  • Thomas, David
  • Williams, Daniel


  • Falcon; William Stanley
  • Thomas's Arms; William Lover

Iron Founders

  • Waddle, Wm ( & steam engine manufacturer); Lanmore Iron Works
  • Yalden and Co


  • Deer, John
  • Hughes, David
  • Roberts, John
  • Thomas, David

Leather Cutters

  • Lewis, John
  • Sneyd, Charles


  • Buckley, Henry Child
  • Rees, John

Milliners & Dress Makrs

  • Davies, Lucy
  • Tregerthen, Sarah


  • Griffiths, Christopher
  • Jenkins, John
  • Williams, Thomas

Ship Brokers & Agents

  • Nevill, Charles (& stamp distributer and agent to the Sun fire office)
  • Rabey, Alexander

Ship Chandlers

  • Hearson, Richard (and block maker)
  • Jones, David

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries

  • Andrew, Wm
  • Lewis, John
  • Morris, William
  • Samuel, John
  • Williams, David
  • Williams, William

Stone Masons

  • Griffiths, Thomas; Culwrva
  • Griffiths, William
  • Owen, David
  • Owen, William
  • Williams, Griffith


  • Cook, Thomas B
  • Davies, David
  • Howell, Thos Lewis; Braze house


  • Davies, John
  • Griffiths, John
  • Jenkins, John
  • Rees, William
  • Thomas, David

Tallow Chandlers

  • Broom, Samuel
  • Roberts, David

Taverns and Public Houses

  • Black Horse; David Morris
  • British Tar; John Potts
  • Burchers' Arms; William Bowen
  • Cornish Arms; Mary Ball
  • Cornish Arms; John Shambrook
  • Farmers' Arms; Joseph Thomas
  • Greyhound; Thomas Griffiths
  • Hope and Anchor; David Bower(n?)
  • King's Arms; Janes Harries
  • Lord Nelson; John Wells
  • Mansell's Arms; John Howell
  • Saddlers' Arms; Thomas William
  • Ship; George Perrott
  • Ship, Henry Roberts
  • Ship and Castle; Sarah Britten
  • Square and Compasses; Margaret Powell
  • Three Compasses; Rees Williams
  • Three Crowns; David Francis
  • Three Horse Shoes; John Morgan
  • Union; John Billing
  • Union; Ann Chalinder
  • Union; David Roberts
  • Wheat Sheaf; John Griffiths
  • White Swan; John Owen

Timber Merchants

  • Nevill, Broom and Co
  • Pugh, John

Watch Makers

  • Davies, Thomas
  • Isaac, Richard


  • Ansdall, John; agent to Box Colliery
  • Goulstone, William; Chymist and druggist
  • Lazarus & Son; silversmiths & jewellers
  • Lewis, William; rope maker
  • Morgan, John; edge tool maker
  • Phillips, Frances; straw hat maker
  • Phillips, George; cooper
  • Roberts, Robert and Co; linen & woollen drapers
  • Thomas, John; ship builder
  • Young, Samuel; sail maker

Customs House

  • Collector; Robert Daw esq
  • Comptroller; Wm David Davies esq
  • Landing Waiter; Griffith Harries
  • Surveyor; John Williams
  • Harbour Master; Anty. Tregerthen


  • To Haverfordwest, the Regulator (from Swansea) calls at the Falcon, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, during the summer; goes thro' Kidwelly, Carmarthen, St Clear's and Narberth.
  • To Swansea, the Regulator (from Haverfordwest) calls at the Falcon, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, during the summer


  • To Swansea, William David, from the Market place, every Thursday

Conveyance by Water

Coasting Traders

  • To London, the Merton, Wm Hoskins, master; and the Emma, Thos Lewis
  • To Bristol, the Charles, James Llewellyn, master; the Emily, Philip Ball; and the Three brothers, John Brabyn