Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1844


The information  below relating to Llanelli with Loughor, Pembrey, Burry Port and Neighbourhoods was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

Llanelli with Loughor, Pembrey, Burry Port and Neighbourhoods

See the 1830 extract for a full general description of Llanelly itself.

The parish of Llanelly (which comprises the hamlets of Berwick, Borough Glyn Hengoed and Westfa) contained, in 1831, 7,646 inhabitants; and in 1841, 11,115.


Loughor is a borough and parish, in the hundred of Swansea, county of Glamorgan, 4 miles from Llanelly, on the road to Swansea, situated on the river of its name - which stream is the boundary here of the counties of Glamorgan and  Carmarthen - the intercourse between which is maintained by means of a handsome wooden bridge, of considerable length.

The smelting of copper was formerly carried on here largely; but now, independent of the coal works, the most prominent business is the extensive chymical works of Mr Player, where are manufactured naptha, sugar of lead &c.

Loughor is a contributory borough with Swansea and other places named under that town, in returning a member to parliament. Population of the borough and parish, in 1831, 945; in 1841, 854.


Pembrey is a village and parish, in the hundred of Carnwallan, county of Carmarthen, about four miles from Llanelly.

The manufacture of iron was formerly carried on in this parish to a considerable extent, and large sums of money were expended in opening bituminous collieries, and constructing a commodious harbour and wet-dock, called 'Pembrey harbour'. These collieries have ceased to to be wrought for some years, but there is a probability of their being re-opened, and the harbour brought again into requisition.

Population of the parish, in 1831, 2,645; in 1841, 2,850.

About half a mile to the east of Pembrey, another harbour called Burry Port, has been formed, with a floating dock, where vessels of five hundred tons burthen can be loaded afloat. A canal communicates with the Gwendraeth valley, where there are some extensive collieries at work, producing anthracite or stone-coal, culm, &c. At Trimsaran, five miles from Burry Port, on the canal, the Trimsaran Iron and Coal Company have erected iron works, and two furnaces are now in blast, producing the so much celebrated anthracite iron.

The population of Burry Port is, we presume, returned with Pembrey parish.

Post Office, Thomas-street, Jane Challinder, Post Mistress. - Letters from London, Bristol, Swansea, &c arrive every afternoon at half-past five, and are despatched every morning at half-past five. - Letters from Milford Haven, Carmarthen, &c together with those from Ireland arrive every morning at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at twenty minutes past two.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

  • Biddulph, John Esq; Llangennech
  • Bowser, Mrs Mary Ann; Pembrey
  • Chambers, Wm Esq; Llanelly House
  • Chambers, Wm jun Esq; Llanelly Hse
  • Dundas, Sir William; Welinrol
  • Evans, Rev David; Church st
  • Jones, Rev John; Vicarage, Pembrey
  • Jones, Rev Wm; Wyndham, Loughor
  • Kirke, Mr Robert; Llangennech
  • Lewis, David Esq; Stradey
  • Lucas, the Misses; Loughor
  • Morgan, Rev Thomas; Llangennech
  • Morris, Rev Ebenezer; Church st
  • Motley, Thomas Esq; Welinrol
  • Nevill, Richard Janion Esq; Llangennech Park
  • Pemberton, Colonel ---, New Lodge
  • Price, Rev ---; Loughor
  • Rees, Rev David; Thomas st
  • Rhys, John Hughes Esq; Kilmanllyd
  • Saunders, J E Esq; Llanrwddw
  • Thomas, Rees Goring Esq; Gellywernen
  • Webb, William Esq; Sea side
  • Wedge, John Esq; Goodig
  • Wedge, Joshua T Esq; Pen y Vai

Academies & Schools

  • Evans, Rev David; Church st
  • Francis, Francis; Swansea road
  • Infants School, Prospect place --- George Boulter, master; Ann Boulter, mistress
  • Marks, William; Prospect place
  • National School, Wern --- John David Evans, master; Esther Evans, mistress
  • Williams, William; Oxford st


(See also Coal & c Proprietors; and also Fire &c Office Agents)

  • Broom, Nevill (to the Bristol traders); Sea side
  • Dunkin, Robert (to Lloyd's, the Northern clubs, & the Guernsey Mutual Insurance Society); Dan-y-Graig
  • Hands, William (land); Goodig lodge
  • Nevill, Charles (ship); Sea side
  • Williams, William (land); Morab


  • Brown & Grove (and agents to Wm Chambers Esq); Park st
  • Davies, John; Lower end of the Town
  • Gardnor, William; Water st
  • Jones, Benjamin (and clerk to the commissioners of Burry Port); Thomas st
  • Tate, Anthony Temple (& master extraordinary in chancery); Thomas st

Bakers & Flour Dealers

  • Bentley & Vicary; Sea side
  • Burgess, William; Sea side
  • Chase, Richd (& confectioner); Water st
  • Gray, Robert; Water st
  • Griffiths, Thos (& confectur); Cjurch st
  • Morgan, Henry; Sea side


  • Wilkins & Co (Bank of South Wales), Thomas st - (draw on Barnetts', Hoare & Co. London)- Morgan Williams, Manager


  • Bowen, David; Sea side
  • Brown, William; Vauxhall
  • Evans, Henry; Steam Mill
  • Grylls, John J ; Sea side
  • Hugh, William; Wern
  • Isaac, Wm (& nailer); Swansea road
  • James, John; William st
  • John, James; Swansea road
  • Morgan, David; Swansea road
  • Morgan, Edward; Thomas st
  • Morgan, Henry; the Bryn
  • Morgan, William; Sea side


  • Broom, George; Cheapside
  • White, Robert White; Thomas st

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Davies, John; the Wern
  • Harries, David; the Wern
  • Hays, William; Thomas st
  • Jones, David; New dock
  • Miller, Richard; Water st
  • Roberts, Charles; Park st
  • Roberts, Henry; Thomas st
  • Thomas, Louisa; Chapel st
  • Williams, Sylvanus; Sea side


  • Davies, Mary; Hall st
  • Jones, Richard; Hall st
  • Mills, James; Park st
  • Rees, William; Hall st

Cabinet Makers

  • Morris, David; Hall st
  • Phillips. John; Park st
  • Phillips, Morris; King st
  • Rees, Richard; the Wern
  • Treadwell, Frederick; Thomas st

Chain Makers

  • Bowen, David; Sea side
  • Grylls, John J; Sea side

Chymists & Druggists

  • Broom, George (&sub-distributer of stamps); Cheapside
  • Hughes, Edward; Hall st
  • Pridham, Thomas; Water st

Chymist - Manufacturing

  • Player, John (sugar of lead and naptha &c manufacturer); Loughor Chymical Works

Coal Proprietors and Merchants

  • Arthur, John (stone coal and culm); New dock
  • Bynea Colliery Co (bituminous), R W Jones, manager; Loughor
  • Cameron, Colonel; Loughor
  • Cwm Amman Stone Coal Compy; New dock
  • Dunkin, Robert; Burry Port
  • Garnant Stone Coal Co, New dock --- Samuel Heineken, jun agent
  • Gwendraeth Coal Compy, Burry Port --- Morris Edmunds, agent
  • Johnston, Robert (patent fuel manufacturer), New dock
  • Jones, John; New dock
  • Llanelly Stone Coal Company, Robert Kirke, agent; Henry Groom, shipping agent; New dock
  • Llangennech Coal Co (bituminous), J G Lynch, agent; New dock
  • Morgan, R & Sons; New dock
  • Pemberton, Col--- (bituminous and anthracite), Burry Port --- William Williams, agent
  • Pool Colliery Co, Wm Clements
  • St George's Colliery, William Webb, agent; New dock
  • Sims, Willyams, Nevill, Druce & Co (bituminous and stone); Sea side
  • Trimsaren Iron and Coal Company; Burry Port
  • Walters, William; Burry Port
  • Williams & Fenton; Burry Port


  • France --- Richard Janion Nevill; Llangennech Park
  • United States, Prussia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Russia and the Brazils --- Robert Dunkin; Burry Port


  • Hooper, William; Park st
  • Phillips, George; Sea side

Copper Smelters

  • Sims, Willyams, Nevill, Druce & Co, Llanelly Copper Works

Corn & Flour Merchants

  • Buckley, James; Thomas st
  • Hall, John; Ann st
  • Howell, Griffith & Son; Thomas st

Curriers & Leather Cutters

  • Hughes, William; Thomas st
  • Thomas, John (& tanner); Church st

Earthenware Manufactory

  • South Wales Pottery, Llanelly --- Wm Chambers jun, Proprietor

Fire &c Office Agents

  • Atlas, Anthy,Temple Tate; Thomas st
  • Dissenters (fire and life), John Thomas; Water st
  • Globe, Thomas W Davies; Bellevue
  • Guardian (life), Morgan Williams; Thomas street
  • Marine Insurance, Morgan Williams; Thomas street
  • Royal Exchange, Brown & Grove; Park st
  • Royal Farmers' and General, William Rees; Bres House
  • Scottish (law and life), John Davies; Lower end of the Town
  • Sun, Charles Nevill; Sea side
  • West of England (fire), Morgan Williams; Thomas st

Flannel Manufacturers

  • Jenkins, Hugh; King st
  • Wilson, Edward; Swansea road

Grocers and Tea Dealers

Marked thus * are also Drapers

(See also Linen Drapers, likewise Shopkeepers, & also Ship Chandlers)

  • Bentley & Vicary; Sea Side
  • *Bowen, John; Church st
  • Davies, Catherine; Park st
  • Davies, John jun; Water st
  • Evans, David; Park st
  • Grylls, John J; Sea side
  • Harris, Rees; Water st
  • *Howell, Griffith & Son; Thomas st
  • Hughes, Elias; Park st
  • Llewellyn, George; Park st
  • *Morris, David; Hall st
  • *Parsons, George; Thomas st
  • *Price, Jane; Park st
  • Robinson, John Bloomfield; Water st
  • *Samuel, John; Hall st
  • Stone, Thomas; Sea side
  • Thomas, John; Hall st
  • *Thomas, William; Hall st
  • White, Robert White; Thomas st


(See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Falcon (ansdposting house), James Wheeler; Water street
  • Ship and Castle (and excise office), Elizabeth Britten; Park st
  • Thomas' Arms (and posting house), Thomas Thomas; Thomas st

Iron Founders & Engineers

  • Llanmore Iron Company; New dock
  • M'Kiernon, William (civil engineer); Burry Dock
  • Nevill, Richard jun; the Wern


  • Beynon & Bevan; Hall st
  • Roberts, John (and dealer in oils and colours); Park st
  • Thomas, William; Hall st

Joiners and Carpenters

  • Britten, Thomas; Park st
  • Davies, David; the Wern
  • Davies, William; William st
  • Davies, William; Davies st
  • Evans, Ebenezer; the Wern
  • Griffiths, Thomas; Church st
  • Jones, William; Hall st
  • Lewis, John; Hall st
  • Thomas, William; the Wern

Linen & Woollen Drapers

(See also under head Grocers)

  • Davies, John jun; Water st
  • Howell, Griffith & Son; Thomas st
  • Jenkins, John & David; Thomas st
  • Lewis, Titus; Thomas st
  • Marsden, William; Park st


  • Buckley, Jas (& brewer); Thomas st
  • Hall, John; Ann st
  • Howell, Griffith & Son ( & hop merchants); Thomas st
  • Jones, John; Park st
  • Roberts, William; Church st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Llanlliedy  
  • Williams, Thomas; King st


  • Buckley, James; Thomas st
  • Dunkin, & Co; Llanelly
  • Hall, John; Ann st
  • Howell, Griffith & Son; Thomas st
  • Webb, George Jones; Sea side


  • Buckley, James; Thomas st
  • Morgan, John; Upper Mill
  • Thomas, William; Steam Mill

Milliners & Dress Makers

  • Brodie, Sarah; Park st
  • Davies, Elizabeth; Thomas st
  • Gibson, Mary, Thomas st
  • Powell, Ann & Betsy; Water st
  • Roberts, Mary Ann; Park st

Painters & Glaziers

  • Davies, John Arthur; Water st
  • Evans, Thomas; Church st
  • Sweet, John; Thomas st
  • Sweet, Silas; Mount pleasant

Porter Merchants

  • Hall, John; Ann st
  • Howell, Griffith & Co; Thomas st

Printers & Book Binders

  • Broom, George; Cheapside
  • Rees & Thomas; Water st


  • Jenkins, John; Mount pleasant
  • Jenkins, Thomas; Thomas st
  • Jones, William; Park st

Sail Makers

  • Jones, Charles; Sea side
  • Lewis, Wm (& rope maker); Sea side
  • Symmonds, John; Bryn

Ship Brokers

  • Nevill, Charles; Sea side
  • Raby, Alexander; Furnace

Ship Builders

  • Brabyn, James; Sea side
  • Mansfield, John; Sea side

Ship Chandlers

  • Burgess, William; Sea side
  • Grylls, John J; Sea side
  • Hearson, Richard; Sea side
  • Jones, David; Sea side
  • Simon, Samuel; Sea side
  • Mansfield, Josiah; Sea side

Shopkeepers & Dealrs in Groceries & Sundries

  • Ball, Philip; Hall st
  • Burgess, Elizabeth; Thomas st
  • Davies, David; Park st
  • Davies, Mary; Sea side
  • Griffith, David; the Wern
  • Griffiths, John; Thomas st
  • Hopkins, John; New dock
  • Jones, David; Thomas st
  • Jones, Margaret; Loughor
  • Jones, Rebecca; Loughor
  • Lewis, Hannah; Thomas st
  • Mansfield, Josiah; Sea side
  • Morris, David; Hall st
  • Mortimer, John; Church st
  • Pierce, Jane; Water st
  • Rees, Evan; Park st
  • Rees, Jane; Hall st
  • Rees, John; Church st
  • Rees, William; Thomas st
  • Stringer, Joseph; the Wern
  • Thomas, David; Pembrey
  • Thomas, John; Pembrey
  • William, David; Sea side

Stone Masons

  • Griffiths, David; Swansea road
  • Griffiths, Thomas; Thomas st
  • Griffiths, William; Thomas st
  • Jenkins, George; the Wern


  • Cook, Thomas B; Church st
  • Davies, David Arthur; Thomas st
  • Howell, Thomas Lewis; New road
  • Thomas, Benjamin; Park st


  • Bagot, Edward; Mount pleasant
  • Hand, Thomas; Goodig Lodge
  • Harris, Griffith; Swansea road
  • Hay, John; Prospect place
  • M'Kiernon, William; Burry Port
  • Payne, Samuel Henry Clarke; Llanelly House
  • Ridley, Henry; Prospect place
  • Roberts, David; Pontardulais


  • Davies, John; Park st
  • Lloyd, Edward; Sea side
  • Miller, John; Water st
  • Morgan, William; Prospect place
  • Price, William Jones; Park st
  • Rees, William; Mill st
  • Stephens, Lemuel; King st
  • Thomas, David; Thomas st
  • Walters, Richard; King st

Tallow Chandlers

  • Broom, Theodore; Furnace
  • Hall, John; Ann st
  • Roberts, David; Church st

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Ashburnham Arms, Jno Williams; Pembrey
  • Barley Mow, John Price; Park st
  • Bear, Jane Chalinder; Thomas st
  • Bull, Justina Francis; the Wern
  • Bush, John Phillips; Park st
  • Bush, John Thomas; Loughor
  • Butcher's Arms, David Lewis; Chapel st
  • Cambrian, George Llewellin; Park st
  • Castle, David Morgan; Hall st
  • Colliers' Arms, John Williams; Swansea road
  • Commercial, John Thomas Griffiths; Marine terrace
  • Commercial, Francis Randall; Pembrey
  • Cornish Arms, John Leyshon; Sea side
  • Cross keys, David Jeremiah; Loughor
  • Drovers' Arms, John Jones; Thomas st
  • Duke of Buckingham, William Griffiths; Church st
  • Farmers' Arms, Thomas Jones; Thomas st
  • Fishguard Arms, David Howells; Sea side
  • Fountain, Hannah Harry; Thomas st
  • Globe, William Bowen; New dock
  • Greyhound, William Griffiths; Park st
  • Half Moon, John Hugh; the Wern
  • Hope and Anchor, John Morris; Loughor
  • Island House, David Griffiths; Swansea rd
  • Ivy Bush, John Francis; Park st
  • King William, George Laing; Park st
  • Lord Nelson, Thomas Saunders; Sea side
  • Mansell's Arms, John Howell; Church st
  • Masons' Arms, Thos Griffiths; Thomas st
  • Nag's Head, Owen Thomas; Church st
  • Neptune, William M'Kiernon; Burry Port
  • New Dock Hotel, Wm Stanley; New dock
  • New Hope & Anchor, David Bowen; Sea side
  • Newfoundland, Richd Williams; Pembrey
  • Pelican, Anthony Tregarthen; Sea side
  • Prince Albert, Frederick Roberts; New dock
  • Raby's Arms, William Jones; Sandy gate
  • Railway Tav, John Humphreys; New dock
  • Red Cow, Henry Rees; Hall st
  • Red Lion, Alexander Davies; Pembrey
  • Rose and Crown, John Sweet; Thomas st
  • Royal Exchange, John Jones; Park st
  • Saddlers' Arms, Richard Thomas; Chapel st
  • Ship, William Roberts; Church st
  • Ship and Castle, William Morris; Loughor
  • Square & Compasses, Isaac Arnold; Water st
  • Star, John Lansdown; King st
  • Three Crowns, --- Clements; Church st
  • Three Horse Shoes, Edw Morgan; Thomas st
  • Three Mariners, Thos Llewellyn; Sea side
  • Trafalgar, David Roberts; Marine terrace
  • Ty Melyn, Francis M'Kiernon; Park st
  • Union, John Billing; Church st
  • Union, John Thomas; Sea side
  • Victoria, John Lloyd; Park st
  • Wheat Sheaf, John Griffiths; Water st
  • White Swan, Thomas Phillip; Water st

Retailers of Beer

  • Anthony, Mary; Sea side
  • Binning, James; Park st
  • Bowen, Morgan; Sea side
  • Bowen, William; Sea side
  • Evans, Henry; Park st
  • Harry, David; Loughor
  • Isaac, William; Park st
  • James, Thomas; Prospect place
  • Jenkins, John; Mount pleasant
  • Jenkins, John; Sea side
  • John, David; Swansea road
  • Jones, Rees; New Road
  • Jones, Thomas; King st
  • Lewis, Elizabeth; Burry Port
  • Lloyd, Edward; Marine terrace
  • Matthews, Isaac; Marine terrace
  • Morgan, Ann; Sea side
  • Morgan, Thomas; the Wern
  • Morris, John; Loughor
  • Morris, John; Swansea road
  • Phillips, John; Chapel st
  • Phillips, William; New dock
  • Pryor, John; Marine terrace
  • Richards, Thomas; Park st
  • Roberts, Margaret; Burry Port
  • Thomas, David; Thomas st
  • Thomas, John; King st
  • Thomas, Walter; Sea side
  • Tobias, Thomas; Sea side
  • Watkeys, David; Water st
  • Williams, John; Marine terrace
  • Williams, William; Park st
  • Winkle, John; Swansea road

Timber Merchants

  • Llanelly Timber Company, Sea side --- Nevill Broom, agent
  • Lynch, J G ; New dock
  • Winch, John; Water st

Watch and Clock Makers

  • Isaac, Richard James; King's square
  • Isaac, William; Park st
  • Jenkins, Thomas Hopwood; Water st

Wine and Spirit Merchants

  • Howell, John; Church st
  • Llewellyn, George; Park st


  • Davies, David Arthur, registrar of births and deaths; Thomas st
  • Davies, Ths & Son, auctioneers; Belle vue
  • Gas Works, Llanelly --- Wm Jones, mangr
  • Goulstone, Eliz, dealer in game; Park st
  • Hearson, Rd., block and pump mkr; Sea side
  • Hopkins, David, wheelwright; Vauxhall
  • Lewis, John, tin-plate worker; Park st
  • Lewis, Thomas, lime burner; New dock
  • Llanelly Railway and Dock Company's Office, New dock --- John Biddulph esq, superintendent
  • M'Kiernon, Wm, civil engineer; Burry Port
  • Reading Rooms, Church st --- Richard Thomas Howell, treasurer; Edward Bagot, secretary
  • Rees, William, superintendent registrar; Bres house
  • Union Poor-House, Swansea Road --- Griffith Harris, governor; Martha Lewis Harris, matron

Custom House, Sea Side

  • Collector --- James Ross
  • Comptroller and Landing and Tide Surveyor --- Edward Waters
  • Acting Searcher and Landing and Coast Waiter --- C C Rees
  • Acting Principal Coast Waiter ( for Pembrey and Kidwelly) --- Thomas Roderick
  • Coast Waiter (at Loughor) ---Wm Eaton

Harbour Office, Sea Side

  • Solicitor & Clerk to the Commissioners --- Benjamin Jones
  • Collector of Tolls, Pilotage &c --- Charles Nevill
  • Harbour Masters --- John Pasley Luckraft RN, Llanelly; William M'Kiernon, Burry Port
  • Dock Masters --- Alex Weir RN, Llanelly dock; Thomas Griffiths, Copper Works and Pemberton's docks; Geo Perrott, Railroad Company's dock


  • To Carmarthen, the Picton (from Swansea) calls at the Ship and Castle, every morning (Sunday excepted) at a quarter before ten; goes thro' Kidwelly
  • To Swansea, the Royal Mail, from the Ty Melyn Inn, every morning at a quarter before six, and the Picton (from Carmarthen) calls at the Ship and Castle, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at a quarter before six

Conveyance by Railway

  • The Llanelly Railway & Dock Company's Trains leave the New Dock, for Cwm Ammon and Cross Inn, every morning at half-past six and nine, and afternoon at half-past twelve and three.
  • Parcels and merchandise are forwarded from Cross Inn Station by Nathaniel Rees' Waggons, to Llandilo, Llangadock, Llandovery, and all places adjacent


  • To Carmarthen, John Charles, from the Mansell's Arms, Church st, Tues.
  • To Llandilo, Llangadock, Llandovery, and all places adjacent, Nathaniel Rees' Waggons, by Railway, daily.
  • To Swansea, George Laing, from the King William, Park street, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Conveyance by Water

  • To Bristol, the Hercules Steam Packet, from the New dock, weekly
  • To Bristol and Liverpool, the Emily, John Thomas; the Henry, Jas Llewellyn; the Gowerian, Hny Marker, and the Alexander, Thomas Roberts, masters. One of the above vessels sail weekly from the Copper Works dock.