Kelly's Directory for South Wales, 1910


The information  below relating to Brynamman, Cwmllynfell and Quarter Bach was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)


Brynamman, Cwmllynfell and Quarter Bach 



....is an ecclesiastical parish and village in the civil parish of Quarter Bach, partly in Glamorgan and partly in Carmarthenshire, on the Nantmelyn stream in the Amman Valley, and has a junction station of the Great Western and Midland railways; 250 miles from London, 18 north-east from Swansea, 18 north-east from Llanelly and 14 south from Llandilo, in the eastern division of the county of Carmarthen, and western division of Glamorgan, Pontardawe and Llandilo unions, Pontardawe, Llandilo and Llangadock petty sessional divisions and county court districts, rural deanery of Llandilo, archdeaconry of Carmarthen and diocese of St David's.

The water supply is drawn from the mountains, and is under the control of the Llandilo-Fawr Rural District Council.

The church of St Catherine, erected in 1881, at a cost of £1,731, is a building of stone in the Gothic style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisle, organ chamber and a belfry containing one bell: there are 300 sittings. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £200, in the gift of the Bishop of St David's, and held since 1908 by the Rev Edward Jenkins Davies L.Th of St David's College, Lampeter.

There are Congregational, Baptist and Calvinistic Methodist chapels.

New tin and iron works have been opened here, and these with collieries are the principal industries.

The population of the ecclesiastical parish in 1901 was 1,936, which was also the population of the civil parish of Quarter Bach.

Parish Clerk, Watkin Jones



..with a station on the Midland railway, is a village in the ecclesiastical parish of Brynamman, and in the civil parish of Llanguick.

The church of St Margaret's, built in 1905, is an edifice of local stone, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, organ chamber, a porch and baptistery and a bell-gable with one bell: there are sittings for 200 persons. The Rev Evan Morgan Davies L.Div of St David's College, Lampeter, has been curate in charge since 1910.


Post, M O & T & Telephonic Express Delivery Office, Upper Brynamman (letters should have Carmarthenshire added). --- David William Lewis, postmaster. Letters received through Llanelly, 6.15am & 12.50 pm; dispatched at 10.45 am & 5.35 pm; sunday, 3.35 pm.

Post & M O Office, Lower Brynamman. --- Mrs Elizabeth Harries, sub-postmistress. Letters through Lower Cwmtwrch, Glamorgan, arrive 8.40 am & 2 pm; dispatched 8.55 am & 5.30 pm week days only. Upper Brynamman is the nearest telegraph office.

Post &  M O Office, Cwmllynfell. --- Mrs Elizabeth Harries, sub-postmistress. Letters through Lower Cwmtwrch, Glamorgan, arrive at 8.40 am; dispatched 8.45 am & 5.40 pm; no sunday delivery or dispatch. Upper Cwmtwrch ,1 1/4 miles distant, is the nearest telegraph office.

Wall Letter Box, Ystradown house, Cwmllynfell, cleared 8.40 am & 4.30 pm & Cwmgarw road, cleared 5.30 pm; Rainbow Hill, 8 am & 5.55 pm; Station road, 10.30 am & 5.30 pm, week days only


Railway Stations

  • Brynamman, Great Western, Thomas Clement, station master; Midland, John Edwards, station master.
  • Cwmllynfell, Midland



Quarter Bach

.. has a station 12 miles south-east by road from Llandilofawr and the same distance north-west from Neath, and contains the village of Brynamman.

Earl Cawdor, who is lord of the manor, Henry Thomas esq and John Williams Gwynne-Hughes esq of Tregib, Llandilo, are the principal landowners.

The soil is various; subsoil, gravel and rock.The chief crops are wheat and roots. The area is 7,704 acres, of which 25 are water. The population in 1901 was 1,936. The rateable area is 1,118 acres; rateable value £4,291.

Letters arrive from Brynamman at 7.55 am & 12.25 pm ; dispatched at 5.20 pm. Brynamman is the nearest post, money order & telegraph office.


Public Elementary School, Brynamman (mixed), opened in 1896, for 483 children; average attendance, 136 boys, 150 girls & 172 infants; Jenkin Jones ACP, master; Miss Sarah A Isaac, infants' mistress. A higher grade class is included under the Carmarthen County Council.

Public Elementary School, Cwmllynfell, for 200 boys & girls & 164 infants; average attendance, 219 mixed & 118 infants; John Isaac, master; Mrs Mary Isaac, infants' mistress.



  • Byrne, Edward Crofton; Nantmeyen house, Station road
  • Davies, Rev Edward Jenkins L.Th (vicar); The Vicarage
  • Davies, Rev Joseph Lee, (Baptist)
  • Hargreaves, Joseph; Brynamman ho
  • Jones, Rev Hywel Owen (Cong); Ebenezer
  • Lewis, James, William; Dany-coed
  • Llewellyn, William; Bryncelyn, Cwmgarw road
  • Llewelyn, Rev John (Congregational)
  • Owen, John Lloyd MD
  • Thomas, Rev William Davies (Congregational)


(Early closing day, Thursday)

  • Beynon, Thomas, grocer
  • Blaen-cae-gurwen Colliery Co
  • Bowen, David; Gwynne Arms PH
  • Bowen, Enoch, grocer; Station road
  • Britannic Assurance Co Limited (David Hill, supt); Station road
  • Brynamman Co-operative Society (Mrs Mary Davies, propr)
  • Brynamman Public Hall (Rees Edwards, caretaker)
  • Byrne, Edward Crofton LRCP, LRCS & LMI, physician & surgeon; Nantmeyen house, Station rd
  • Capital & Counties Bank Ltm (tues & fri 10.30 am to 1.50 pm); draw on head office 39 Threadneedle street EC
  • Cowling, Phillip Henry, shopkeeper
  • Davies, Claude R, solicitor; & at Llandilo
  • Davies, David William, ironmonger; Station road
  • Davies, Elizb (Mrs), shpkpr; Station rd
  • Davies, John (Mrs), farmer; Sarnfan
  • Davies, John, tailor & draper; Cwmgarw road
  • Davies, Margaret (Mrs), shopkeeper; Station road
  • Davies, Morgan, draper; Station road
  • Davies, Samuel, farmer; Bryn Brain
  • Davies, Thomas Timothy, tailor; Station road
  • Eastmans Ltd, butchers; Station road
  • Edwards, Morgan, shopkeeper
  • Edwards, William, farmer; Tirhen
  • Evans, Enoch, farmer; Nanty Brain
  • Evans, Evan Price, mason
  • Evans, Thomas, cabinet maker
  • Glynbeudy Tin Plate Co Limited (A Gilbertson esq, managing dir)
  • Griffith, Sarah (Mrs), greengrocer; Station road
  • Hargreaves, J & F, butchers
  • Harris, John & Son, boot makers
  • Harris, Morgan, shopkpr; Cwmgarw road
  • Herbert, Wm & Son, drprs; Station road
  • Hopkin, Griffith, tailor
  • Howells, John & Thomas, carpenters
  • Howells, Thomas, grocer
  • Hughes, Ann (Mrs); Black Mount PH
  • James, John,, farmer; Cwmgarw
  • Jones, Andrew R'd; Rose & Crown PH
  • Jones, David, butcher; Station road
  • Jones, Elizabeth (Mrs), grocer
  • Jones, Isaac, grocer; Cwmgarw road
  • Jones, Jenkin, boot maker & repairer; Station road
  • Jones, John R, draper & grocer
  • Jones, Jonathan, rate collector; Llwynmeurig, Cwmgarw road
  • Jones, Rees Daniel, grocer
  • Jones, Thomas, greengrocer; Stafford ho
  • Jones, Thomas, tailor; Station road
  • Jones, Watkin, refreshment rooms; Station road
  • Jones, William, farmer; Cwmclyd
  • Jones, Wm Thos, butcher; Cwmgarw road
  • King, William John, outfitter
  • Lewis, David William & Son, stationrs
  • Lewis, Jas Wm LRCP & S.Edin LFP & S.Glas, surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator, Quarterbach district, Llandilo Fawr union & certifying factory surgeon; Danycoed
  • Llewellyn, John, ironmonger
  • Lloyd, Jos Roderick, grocer, Station road
  • Lloyds Bank Limited (sub-branch), tues & fri 11 am to 1.50 pm; draw on London head office, Lombard street EC
  • Morgan, David, ho furnisher; Bristol ho
  • Morgan, John; Tregib Arms PH
  • Morgan, Thomas, grocer; Cwmgarw road
  • Morgan, Watkin, carpenter
  • Owen, John Lloyd MD Edin, physicn
  • Owen, William, grocer; Cwmgarw road
  • Rees, Llewellyn, draper; Bryndu, Cwmgarw road
  • Rees, William, chemist; Station road
  • Rees, William, farmer; Brynpedol
  • Richards Bros, watch mas; Station road
  • Roberts, Henry; Bridgend PH
  • Roberts, Rees, china shop; Cwmgarw road
  • Rogers, Josiah, boot & shoe dealer; Station road
  • Stevens, Thomas, farmer
  • Thomas, John, grocer; Emporium
  • Thomas, Thomas, butcher
  • Thomas, Thomas, grocer & draper; Manchester house, Cwmgarw road
  • Thomas, William, farmer; Ddolgam
  • Walters, John, china & eartheware dealer; Station road
  • Wilkins, Gwladys (Mrs), shopkeeper; Rhos Amman
  • Williams & Thomas, painters; Station road
  • Williams, David; Derlyn Arms PH
  • Williams, Jn, coffee tavern; Station road
  • Williams, William, farmer; Llynmoch
  • Williams, William J, builders' merchant; Station road


Quarter Bach

  • Davies, Rev Evan Morgan L.Div (curate in charge of St Margaret's); The Parsonage, Cwmllynfell
  • Davies, Rev George R (Baptist)


  • Davies, Elizabeth (Mrs), Bryn farm
  • Evans, David; Ystradowen
  • Evans, Moses (Mrs); Bryn Bach
  • Griffiths, John; Bryhy fryd
  • Jones, William; Cwm Nantmole
  • Llewellyn, William; Bryncelyn
  • Morris, William; Coedcaemawr
  • Richards, John; Nantgwyne
  • Williams, Thomas; Tygwyn



  • Owen, John MB
  • Rees, Rev John (Congregational); The Firs


  • Cwmllynfell Co-operative Society
  • Davis, John William, shopkeeper
  • Griffiths, Thomas, grocer & draper
  • Harries, Elizb (Mrs), grocer, Post off
  • Jenkins, J Llewellyn, ironmonger
  • Jones, David, farmer; Blaennant
  • Jones, Griffith, shopkeeper
  • Jones, Rhys, tailor & draper; Lower Cwmllynfell
  • Jones, William, insurance agent
  • Jones, Wm David, grocer & ironmonger
  • Jones, Wm M, boot & shoe maker
  • Morgan, John H, tailor & draper
  • Morgan, John Watkin, shopkeeper
  • Morgan, Thomas, blacksmith
  • Morgans, Samuel M, butcher & confr
  • Owen, John MB & CM Edin, surgeon
  • Powell, David T, stationer
  • Protheroe, D & Sons, shopkeepers
  • Samuel, William; Mountain Hare PH
  • Thomas, Benj & Sons, colliery owners
  • Thomas, Rees, boot maker & dealer
  • Watkins, Howell J, shopkeeper
  • Williams, Henry, builder & contractor
  • Williams, Rees, shopkeeper
  • Williams, William J, shopkeeper
  • Williams, Wm Thos, draper & grocer