Canrif o Luniau. A Century of Photographs. Plwyf Llangeler Parish


Editor Alun L. Jones. Published by Llangeler Community Council, printed by Gomer Press, June 2000.

Indexed by Mary Jane Stephenson, Feb 2001

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This was published  in  June 2000 by the Llangeler Community Council , edited by Alun L. Jones and printed by Gomer Press. There is no ISBN number.

My friend Nan Jones originally collected over 400 photographs, of which a selection was reproduced on 120 pages. These photographs celebrate the hundred years that have passed since Daniel Jones published his book in Welsh "Hanes Pwyfi Penboyr a Llangeler" about the parishes of Llangeler and Penboyr and which was reprinted in 1994 by Gomer. Since then the two parishes have been joined together and and the name of the parish is now Llangeler.

The black and white photographs show how much the life of ordinary people in West Wales changed through the twentieth century: the first picture is that of the horse-drawn Royal Mail coach at the beginning of the century near Henllan bridge. Many of the people in the photographs have been identified and named and places of work and worship as well as homes have been illustrated too.

The text accompanying the photographs is informative and fully bi-lingual and the book is obtainable from members of Llangeler Community Council

Mary Jane Stephenson 2001



Bell, Julia, Llangeler Sch, 100Bell, Rev Stuart, ---, 100
Brynmor-Williams, Margaret, Llangeler Council, 101Campden, Olive, Brynsaron School, 15/108
Campden, Terry, ---, 97Cooke, Janet, Penboyr Sch, 70
Coombes, David, Llangeler Sch, 100Coombes, Donna, Llangeler Sch, 100
Coombes, Tracey, Llangeler Sch, 100Côr, Bargoed Teifi, ---, 38/115
Crompton, Gareth, ---, 112Crompton, Edward, Llangeler Council, 101
Davies, Andrea, Brynsaron Sch, 92Davies, Aneurin, Penboyr Sch, 102
Davies, Aneurin, Saron, 69Davies, Angela, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Davies, Ann, Brynsaron Sch, 92Davies, Benjamin, Maespant Saron, 50
Davies, Bertie, Bargod Rangers, 68Davies, Brian, Penboyr Sch, 70
Davies, Christine, Penboyr, 72Davies, Cllr Wilfred, Llangeler, 108
Davies, D. Emlyn, Saron, 69/85Davies, David, Brynsaron School, 15
Davies, David, Capel Mair Sch, 93Davies, David, Cware Grafel Cwmhiraeth, 42
Davies, Dennis, Blaenmaenog, 96Davies, Eiry, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Davies, Elizabeth, ---, 64Davies, Emlyn, Bargod Rangers, 68
Davies, Enid, ---, 110Davies, Eurwen, ---, 64
Davies, Gareth, Brynsaron Sch, 92Davies, Hannah, ---, 64
Davies, Hannah, Tyharris, 8Davies, Harry, Bargod Teifi, 95
Davies, Hettie, ---, 64Davies, Huw, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Davies, Hywel, Bargod Rangers, 68Davies, Iwan, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Davies, James, Bargod Teifi, 95Davies, Jim, ---, 65
Davies, Katie, ---, 64Davies, Lizzie, ---, 64
Davies, M., Penboyr Sch, 86Davies, Martin, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Davies, Mary Emily, Danbanc, 8Davies, May, ---, 64
Davies, Ned, ---, 65Davies, Olifer, ---, 65
Davies, Onia, Llangeler Sch, 100Davies, Rhys, ---, 113
Davies, Rhys, Bargod Rangers, 68Davies, Robert, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Davies, Rosemary, Capel Mair Sch, 93Davies, Sian, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Davies, Sulwyn, Saron, 69Davies, Tom, Ffynnonrhadis, 11
Davies, Tom, Llangeler, 55Davies, Tom Ll., Saron, 69
Davies, Uran, Penboyr Sch, 70Davies, William, Llangeler, 55
Davies, William, Penlan, 65Dramatic Company, 1932, St Barnabas, 41
Enoch, Cllr Trefor, Llangeler, 100Evans, Alan, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Evans, Albert, Bargod Teifi, 95Evans, Aled, Brynsaron School, 15
Evans, Alun, Delfan Cwmhiraeth, 42Evans, Arwyn, Saron, 69/85
Evans, Betty, ---, 64Evans, Bryn, Llangeler, 55
Evans, Christmas, Llandysul, 13Evans, David, Bargod Teifi, 95
Evans, David, Saron, 85Evans, David, Waun Pentrecwrt, 34
Evans, Dinah, Ardwyn, 14Evans, Eirwyn, ---, 113
Evans, Elsie, Penboyr Sch, 70Evans, F.A., Brynsaron Sch, 92
Evans, Gordon, ---, 113Evans, Gwendoline, Cwmhiraeth, 21
Evans, Ieuan, Delfan Cwmhiraeth, 42Evans, Ieuan, Nant Cwmpengraig, 60
Evans, J.B., Bargod Rangers, 68Evans, Jack, Pantglas, 42
Evans, John, John Y Gwas, 72Evans, Llew, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Evans, Mair, ---, 110Evans, Margaret, Penboyr, 72
Evans, Margaret, Trefecca, 8Evans, Megan, Saron, 85
Evans, Mrs, Capel Mair Sch, 93Evans, Nelian, Penboyr Sch, 70
Evans, Nigel, Brynsaron Sch, 92Evans, Rev Sam, Penboyr, 72
Evans, Tom, Glanhelyg Pentrecwrt, 34Evans, Trefor, Llangeler Council, 101
Evans, Vernon, Llwyndafydd, 79Evans, Wendy, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Evans & Jones, Haulage Contactors, Ffostrasol, 11Griffiths, Edward, Penboyr Sch, 70
Griffiths, Eric, Llangeler Council, 101Griffiths, John, Pennboyr School, 70
Griffiths, Johnny, Llangeler, 113Griffiths, Lilian, Saron, 66
Griffiths, M., Penboyr Sch, 86Griffiths, Maggie, ---, 64
Griffiths, Margaret, ---, 64Griffiths, Rev Edward, Soar Ch, 98
Harries, Mona, ---, 110Havard, Patricia, Llangeler Sch, 100
Havard, Paul, Llangeler Sch, 100Hicks, Doreen, Penboyr Sch, 70
Hicks, Gary, Brynsaron Sch, 92Hindes, William, Emlyn House Felindre, 48
Hockey Team, 1931-2, Drefach -Felindre, 40Howell, John, Saron, 66
Howell, Ken, Saron, 66Howells, Samuel, Penboyr, 72
Hughes, David, ---, 65James, D. John, Dangraig, 19
James, David Albert, Greenmeadow, 45James, Howel, Greenhill Saron, 34
James, Jeff, Penboyr Sch, 70James, John, Waunfawr Rhos, 90/91
James, Lynn, ---, 112James, Mair, ---, 110
James, Phil, Bargod Rangers, 68James, Preston, Saron, 85
Jenkins, Betty, Tyddyn Llangeler, 81Jenkins, Bonar, Llangeler, 19
Jenkins, Brinley, Bargod Rangers, 68Jenkins, Gwynfor, Llangeler, 113
Jenkins, Gwynfor, Saron, 69Jenkins, Jean, Saron, 66
Johnson, Josephine, Capel Mair Sch, 93Johnston, Donald, Bargod Teifi, 95
Jones, Albert, Bargod Rangers, 68Jones, Alfred Gwyn, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Alice, Tygwyn Saron, 12Jones, Alun, ---, 113
Jones, Alun, Bargod Rangers, 68Jones, Alun, Llangeler Council, 101
Jones, Aneurin, Saron, 69Jones, Annie, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Arthur Llewelyn, Tygwyn Saron, 12Jones, Ben, Bargod Teifi, 95
Jones, Ben, Llangeler, 55Jones, Brian, Saron, 66
Jones, Bronwen, Bargod Teifi, 95Jones, D. James, Llangeler, 55
Jones, D.R., Llangeler, 55Jones, David, Llangeler Council, 101
Jones, David, Penboyr, 72Jones, David, Trewern Saron, 97
Jones, David Edwin, Tygwyn Saron, 12Jones, David John, Saron, 66
Jones, Defi John, Bargod Rangers, 68Jones, Diane, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Jones, Dilwen, Penboyr Sch, 70Jones, Edgar, ---, 65
Jones, Edgar, Saron, 69Jones, Eilian, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Jones, Eirlys, Capel Mair Sch, 93Jones, Ellen, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Ellen (Nel Fach y Bwcs), Patagonia, 23Jones, Emrys Lloyd, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Ena, ---, 64Jones, Evan, Arwynfa, 43
Jones, Evan, Llangeler, 19/113Jones, Frances Maud, Tygwyn , 12
Jones, Griffith, Llanddowror, 7Jones, Gwilym Parry, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, H.M., ---, 65Jones, Hannah, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Heather, Llangeler Sch, 100Jones, Heddwyn, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Jones, Ieuan, Brynsaron School, 15Jones, Ivor Picton, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, J., Gwalia House, 9Jones, J.R., ---, 110
Jones, Jac, Llangeler Council, 101Jones, Jack, Saron, 66/69
Jones, James, Llangeler Council, 101Jones, Jenji, Cwmhiraeth, 42
Jones, John, Brynsaron School, 15Jones, John, Dolwion, 77
Jones, John, Gwalia Felindre, 28Jones, John Tudor, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Johnnie, Bargod Teifi, 95Jones, Johnnie, Penboyr, 72
Jones, Joy, Capel Mair Sch, 93Jones, Lizzie, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Louis, Saron, 69Jones, Marged Lloyd, ---, 23
Jones, Marlene, Capel Mair Sch, 93Jones, Mary Jane, Tygwyn Saron, 12
Jones, Meinir, Capel Mair Sch, 93Jones, Miss M., Llangeler Sch, 100
Jones, Morwenna, Saron, 85Jones, Mr & Mrs David, Tygwyn Saron,12/15
Jones, Myfanwy, Tygwyn Saron, 12Jones, Nia, Llangeler Sch, 100
Jones, Peter, Penboyr Sch, 70Jones, Rev Iorwerth, Saron Chapel, 85
Jones, Rev J. Towyn, Soar Ch, 98Jones, Rev T. Elfyn, Soar Ch, 45/98
Jones, Rita, Penboyr Sch, 70Jones, Robert, Dolwion, 77
Jones, Roy, Brynsaron Sch, 92Jones, Sam, Brynderi, 43
Jones, Santley, ---, 65Jones, Sheila, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Jones, Susan, Brynsaron Sch, 92Jones, T. Emlyn, Llangeler, 55
Jones, T. Leslie, ---, 63Jones, T. Llew, Eisteddfod, 87/120
Jones, Tegwedd, Saron, 66Jones, Teifi, Pentrecwrt, 78
Jones, Thomas Morgan, Tygwyn Saron, 12Jones, Tod, ---, 65
Jones, Tom, Pentrecwrt, 78Jones, Tom Elis, Llangeler, 19
Jones, W.G., ---, 65Jones, W.H., Saron, 85
Jones, Will, ---, 65Jones, Will, Bargod Rangers, 68
Jones, William, Pelican, 43Jones, Wyn, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Lewis, Albert, Llangeler, 100Lewis, David, ---, 112
Lewis, David, Bargod Teifi, 95Lewis, Elizabeth, Brynafon, 14
Lewis, Haydn, ---, 112Lewis, Huw, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Lewis, John, Bargod Rangers, 68Lewis, Mr, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Lewis, Mr A., Headteacher Llangeler Sch, 100Lewis, Mrs T., Llangeler School, 100
Lewis, Rev Gomer, Saron, 29Lewis, Tommy, Drefach Tumble, 30
Lloyd, Cllr Ambrose, Llangeler, 100/101Lovell, Daniel, Bryngarw Saron, 51
Lovell, Jane, Saron, 51Lovell, Melita, Saron, 51/66
Marged y Gof, Smithy, 6/24Morgan, John, ---, 113
Morgan, T.S.F., Penboyr School, 54Morgan, Tom, Bargod Teifi, 95
Nash, John, Llysnewydd, 25Newman, David, Llangeler Sch, 100
Newman, Julie, Llangeler Sch, 100Newman, Michael, Llangeler Sch, 100
Newman, Paul, Llangeler Sch, 100Newman, Steven, Llangeler School, 100
Organ, Eiry, Llangeler sch, 100Owen, John, Penboyr, 72
Owen, Nan, Penboyr, 72Owen, Rev J.G., Soar Chapel, 47
Owens, Sam, Llwynbedw Felindre, 22Peared, Dawn, Saron, 66
Phillips, Idris, Llangeler, 113Phillips, John, Llangeler Council, 101
Phillips, Rev Edgar, Soar Ch, 98Phillips, Rev Tudor, Soar Ch, 98
Powell, E, Penboyr School, 70Powell, Evan, Brynsaron School, 15
Reed, Gwyn, ---, 65Rees, B.D., Penboyr Sch, 86
Rees, Eleri, Brynsaron Sch, 92Rees, Ifor, Saron, 69
Rees, Llinos, Brynsaron Sch, 92Rees, Morfudd, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Rees, Rev Tom, Soar Ch, 98Richards, Winnie, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Richards, Wyn, Capel Mair Sch, 93Roberts, Silyn, Brynsaron School, 15
Robinson, David, Brynsaron Sch, 92Silcock, Anna, Llangeler Sch, 100
Silcock, Janet, Llangeler, Sch, 100Stoakes, Judith, Capel Mair Sch, 93
Stoakes, Rosemary, Capel Mair Sch, 93Temperance Band, Dyffryn Bargod, ---, 26
Thomas, Dewi, ---, 112Thomas, Elfed, Brynsaron Sch, 92
Thomas, Emyr Wyn, Soar, 90Thomas, Hirell, Penboyr Sch, 70
Thomas, Jack, Llangeler Council, 101Thomas, Lynne, Bargod Rangers, 58
Thomas, Michael, Brynsaron Sch, 92Thomas, Rev W.T., Soar, 90
Thomas, Rev W.T., Soar Ch, 98Vare, Pat, Penboyr Sch, 70
Walters, Annie, ---, 64Williams, Aneurin, Llangeler Council, 101
Williams, Brenda, Saron, 66Williams, Catherine Mary, Penboyr Sch, 70
Williams, Cecil, Bargod Rangers, 68Williams, Ceinwen, Saron, 85
Williams, David, Llangeler, 55Williams, Eileen, Penboyr Sch, 70
Williams, Eilir, Llangeler Sch, 100Williams, Johnny, Blaencefn, 43
Williams, M.J., Penboyr Sch, 86Williams, Phil, Bargod Rangers, 68
Williams, S.M., ---, 63Williams, Samuel, Blaengwthan Saron, 51


Aberbudrell Cottage, 10Aberbudrell Fach Cottage, 21
Alltpenrhiw, 44Bancyrafon Cwmhiraeth, 121
Black Horse Pentrecwrt, 67Bont Chapel, 114
Brynsaron, 82Brynsaron Chapel, 107
Brynsaron School, 12/15/30/92/108/111/116/117Cambrian Mills, 37/84
Capel Mair Pentrecwrt, 80Capel Mair School, 93
Cilgraign Drefelin, 7Closygraig Chapel, 83/88
Cware Llwyd, 89/90Cwm Alltcafan Bridge, 105
Cwm Alltcafan Mill, 104Cwrdd Bach Pentrecwrt, 78
Derw Mills, 75Dolau Canol Pentrecwrt, 79
Drefach, 35Drefach Chapel, 20/74
Drefelin, 46Dyffryn Mills, 37
Evangelical Hall Rhos, 61Glynteg Drefelin, 7
Henllan Bridge, 5/81Henllan Falls, 33
Henllan P.O.W. Chapel, 56Henllan Station, 29
Llandysul Station & Staff, 16Llangeler Church, 6/109
Llangeler School, 100/109/124Llwyndafydd Inn, 51/53
Llysnewydd Mansion, 25/59Maespant Saron, 73
Nantgarreg Farm Saron, 106Newcastle Emlyn, 77
Ogof Felindre, 20Pantybara, 90
Pantybwlch Chapel, 107Pant-yr-efail Cwmhiraeth, 7
Pantywennol Cwmmhiraeth, 21Penbanc Farm Drefelin, 49
Penboyr Church, 99Penboyr School, 44/62/72/86/118/119
Pencader, 77Penrallt Home Farm Pentrecwrt, 120/122
Penrhiw Chapel, 76Pentrecwrt Halt, 27
Pontweli, 17/52Red Dragon Hall, 71/113/124
Rhiw Beili, 50Rhydygalfe Pontweli, 73
Rhyfach, 5River Bargod Rhos, 61
Saron Cemetery, 12/29/57Saron Chapel, 57/85
Saron Chapel Vestry, 15Seilo Chapel, 94
Sgwâr Y Gât Felindre, 62Soar Chapel, 45/47/96/98
Soar Vestry Cwmpengraig, 32St Barnabas Church, 44/62
St James Church Rhos, 39/63Tabernacle Chapel Pentrecagal. 39
Talgarth Drefelin, 7The Old Reading Room Felindre, 62
Trefecca Drefelin, 7Tybedw Pentrecwrt, 13
Ty-Cornel Felindre, 18Tyharris Drefelin, 7
Waungilwen, 31 



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