Hanes Methodistiaeth Sir Gaerfyrddin


(The History of the Methodists in Carmarthenshire)

By Rev James Morris
Published 1911
Translated by Ivor Griffiths, 1994

Here are lists of names compiled by Pat Powell from the English translation of the book (Oct 2005)
The names are grouped within the sections they appear in,  i.e not in alphabetical order.  Use your browser's Find facility to search for a particular name

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  • PART 2 /History of the Church
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To the Reader Page 1
PART 1  
Foreword Page 3
Leaders of the Monthly Meeting  
First Generation Page 5
Second Generation Page 9
Third Generation Page 14
Fourth Generation Page 19
Carmarthenshire Monthly Meeting Page 23
Ordination year of the Ministers in Carmarthenshire Page 25
Statistics and accounts of the Monthly meeting Page 28
PART 2  
History of the churches Pages 29 - 244



LISTS OF NAMES   (in order of sections)


William Williams, Pantycelyn ,6 Peter Williams,7,8 George Whitfield,Carmarthen,7
Daniel Rowlands,7 Howell Harries,7 Thomas Williams, Bethesda-y-Fro,7
John Elias,8 William Llwyd,Caio,8 Owen Davies,8
Rev David Charles, Carmarthen, 8,9,10,17,18 John Jones, "Black Lion" Llansawel, 8 John Evans, Cilycwm,8
David Howell,8 John Evans,Llandeilo,9 Morgan Rhys,9
Griffith Jones,Llanddowror,9 Thomas Charles,Bala,9 Samuel Levi Phillips,10
Dr Owen Thomas,10 John Jones,Talysarn,10 John Evans,Llwynfortun,10
David Rees,Llanfynydd,11 William Lloyd,Caio,11 Mr Charles,Carmarthen,11
R. Jones Esq,Pantglas,11 Arthur Evans,Conwil,11,12 Rev. Thomas Jones,Carmarthen,12
Rev Peter Williams,,12 Rev David Bowen,Llansaint,12 Rev David Humpries,Llandyfeilog,12,17
Rev Richard Davies,Llansadwrn,13 Rev David Hughes,Yr Ynys,13,15,16 Rev Thomas Jones,Llanddarog,13
John Bowen, Llanelli,13,14 Walter Bowen Gellyon,14 Rev Rees Phillips,Llandovery,14,15,24
Thomas & Elizabeth Phillips,Llandovery, 14 Rev Thomas Phillips, Hereford,14 Rev Jonah Phillips,Llandovery,14,15,24
David Davies,Rhydycymerau,15 Rev Rees Phillips,Aberavon,15 Rev Thomas Phillips,Siloh,15,24
Rev Richard Hughes, Bishop of the West in America,16 Mr Evan Davies, Llangadog,16 Rev William Prydderch,Nantgaredig,16
Rev W.E. Prydderch,Swansea,16 Rev S.E.Prydderch,Lampeter,16 Rev John Jones,Llanedi,16
Deborah Williams,,17 Rev Peter Williams,,17 Rev B.D. Thomas,Llandeilo,17
David Thomas, Llanddewi Brefi,17 David Moris,Hendre,17 Rev William Morris,Llanelli,18
Rev D.W.Morris,Swansea,18 Rev Ebenezer Morris,Vicar of Llanelli & Llannon,18 Rev Thomas Charles,Bala,18
Rev Thomas Job,Kidwelly,19,24 Rev Thomas James,Llanelli,19 Rev John Walters, St Clears,20
Rev David Lewis, Llanstephan,20 Rev Daniel Morgan,Llandeilo,21 Rev J Wyndham Lewis,Carmarthen,21,22
Rev David Saunders,,21 Rev John Evans,Llanelli,22 Rev Thomas James, Hendre,22,24
Rev Arthur Evans,Conwil,24 Mr John Morgan,Roc Fawr,24 Rev Timothy Davies,,24
Mr John Havard,Mydrim,24 25 Mr John Thomas,Cwmsidan,24 Rev James James,Llanddarog,24
Rev James Morris,,24 Rev John Oliver,Cwmamman,24 Rev Edward Davies,Carmarthen 24
Rev Evan Williams,Llandausant,24 Mr David Harries,Penllwynau,Nantgaredig,25 Thomas Herbert,Llanelli,25
William Jones,Llandeilo,25 H Harries,Swansea,25 Rev B.F.Richards,Carmarthen,28
Rev George Williams,,28 Thomas Levi,,28 William Jones,Aberystwyth,28


Ordination Year of the Ministers of Carmarthenshire.


  • John Evans, Llwynffortun
  • David Charles,Carmarthen
  • David Rees,Llanfynydd
  • Arthur Evans,Conwil


  • Thomas Jones,Carmarthen


  • Richard Davies, Llansadwrn


  • Thomas Evans,Carmarthen


  • Thomas Jones,Llanddarog
  • David Bowen,Llansaint
  • John Bowen,Llanelli
  • John Evans,Llandeilo
  • Thomas Phillips, Hereford


  • David Hughes, Yr Ynys
  • Rees Phillips,Llandovery
  • Richard Lumley,Laugharne
  • Rees Havard, Llanelli


  • William Prydderch
  • John Jones, Llanedi


  • David Humphreys,Llandyfeilog
  • B.D.Thomas, Llandeilo
  • T.J.Williams, Myddfau
  • William Howells,Carmarthen
  • Jonah Phillips,Llandovery


  • Owen Lewis, Llanddeusant
  • Wm. Jones, Cwmamman
  • Morgan Morgans, Llandeilo


  • William Morris, Llanelli
  • Josiah Evans, Pembrey
  • Wm. Jenkins, Llanlluan
  • David Charles, Carmarthen
  • William Williams, Pendine


  • John Jones, Llanddeusant


  • Charles Bowen, Penclawdd


  • John Morris, Hendre
  • Thomas Job, Llanddarog


  • Rees Davies, Gorwydd


  • Josuah Phillips, Bancyfelin
  • David Griffiths, Pentwyn
  • David Hopkins, Llanlluan
  • John Evans, Llanelli
  • Richard Hughes, Llangyndeirn
  • Wm. Hughes, Cilycwm


  • Dr. J. Harries Jones


  • David Wales, Pembrey
  • Thomas Davies, Llandeilo
  • Arthur Evans, Conwil
  • Thomas E Thomas, Llandovery
  • P.J.Walters,Llangadog
  • Thomas James M.A.,Llanelli
  • Daniel Williams,Caio


  • John Walters, St Clears
  • R.Phillips, Llandovery


  • Evan Davies, Llanpumpsaint
  • William Thomas, Burry Port


  • David Jones M.A. , Bontyrynyswen
  • W.M. Jones


  • Robert Salmon, Llansadwrn
  • John Owen, Burry Port


  • Edward Jones, Pentwyn
  • David Jones, Pontyberem
  • W.D.Williams, Gowerton
  • John Griffiths, Pentwyn


  • Daniel Morgan, Llandeilo
  • Thomas Jeremy, Carmarthen
  • James Clark, Llanddowror


  • W.E.Prydderch,Swansea
  • W.Lewis, Cwmpark


  • Thomas Phillips,Bancyfelin
  • Thomas James, Hendre
  • John Davies, Llanelli


  • Isaac Thomas, Ferryside
  • Thomas Phillips,Siloh


  • Henry Stephens, Aberdare
  • Thomas Price, Brechfa
  • David G. Owen,Kidwelli
  • Daniel Lewis, Penmorfa
  • Thomas R Lloyd,Merthyr


  • David Phillips,Llanddeusant
  • James James,Llanddarog


  • Robert Simpson, Llandeilo
  • Geo. Evans, Pensarn
  • John Jones, Talley


  • Edward Jones, Kidwelli


  • John Oliver, Cwmamman


  • W.D. Jenkins, Pembrey


  • David Davies, Cwmcyfyng
  • J.E. Davies M.A., Llanelli
  • John Thomas, Llamsamlet
  • W.L. Powell,Caerphilli


  • John Morgans, Gosen


  • D.T. Jones, Brynamman
  • James Morris, Llanstephan


  • Thomas Williams, Llangennech
  • William Thomas, Maesteg


  • J.R. Davies, Llanelli
  • D.M. Thomas, Laugharne


  • J. Lloyd Thomas, Bryn
  • Edward Davies, Carmarthen


  • William Richards, Briton Ferry


  • W.G. Evans, Llanelli
  • Isaac R. Morgan, Talley
  • R.T. Rhys, Resolven
  • John Evans, Hendre
  • John Davies, Llandovery
  • John Davies, Whitland


  • L. Rhystyd Davies
  • David Williams, Llandeilo


  • T. Rhys Saunders, Llwynhendy
  • W.P. Jones, Cwmtwrch


  • J.M. Saunders M.A.,  
  • James Griffiths, Pembrey


  • W.E. Jones,Pentwyn
  • Benjamin Daniel, Llanelli
  • E.W. Edwards, Aberavon


  • Thomas Evans, Bettws


  • Evan Williams, Llanddeusant
  • Samuel Evans, Cwmdwyfran
  • D. Picton Evans, Morriston
  • J.D. Evans, Talley
  • T.H. Williams, Llanelli
  • David Jones, Creunant
  • E.H. Jones, Llandovery


  • D. Pandy Rhydderch, Llandeilo
  • Eleazer Richards, Cross Inn
  • J.R.Evans, Skewen
  • J.B.Thomas, Carmarthen
  • James Evans M.A., Brecon


  • Richard Williams, Llanelli
  • Thomas Lloyd, Heol Fach


  • Thomas Ashton, Pendine
  • M.H. Edwards B.A., Llanelli
  • D.J. Howells, Llanbradach


  • J. Vincent Thomas, Seven Sisters
  • P.H. Griffiths, London
  • B.Griffiths, Conwil


  • W. Nantlais Williams


  • Joseph Lewis, Pontardulais
  • Morgan Jones, Furnace
  • David Hughes, Llansawel
  • E.Davies, Bettws


  • Isaac Davies, Nantgaredig
  • Richard Thomas, Conwil


  • W. Talfan Davies


  • Phillip E Evans, Llandybie
  • D.M.Davies, Cwmbach


  • John Edwards, Llanfynydd
  • W. Whitlock Lewis, Newport
  • J.E.Thomas, St. Clears


  • D.E. Thomas, Morriston


  • W. Llewelyn Davies, Mydrim
  • G.A. Edwards B.A., Carmarthen
  • Daniel Jones B.A., Llansawel


  • Caleb Williams, Kidwelli
  • O.J.Robinson, Brechfa


History of the Churches

Chapter 1

Kidwelli Division:
Burry Port, Kidwelli & Ferryside

BETHANY, Burry Port

Mr George Lewis, Burry Port, 30 William Davies, Dyfatty, 30 Rev John Owen,30
David Evans, Achddu,30 Rev Josiah Evans, Pembrey, 30 Rev William Thomas, Llandyssul, 30
Rev W,D, Williams, Gowerton,30 Rev John Owen, Whitland, 30 James Peregrine,30
Thomas Morgan, Moreb, 30 John Richards, Tai Parks, 30 William Lewis, Station shop, 30
John Bevan, Dyfatty, 30 Augustus Lewis,The Stores, 30 David Jones, Park-y-minos, 30
Griffith Evans, Heol Pencoed, 30 George Samuel, Coedole, 30 John Hewitt, New Lodge, 30
William Peregrine, Heol Mansel, 30 Evan Evans, Pemberton Avenue, 30 David Rees, Llety'r Pant, 30
John Griffiths, Penfedw, 30 John Griffiths, Park-y-minos, 30 Robert Lewis, Colly Road, 30
William Davies, Derwydd, 30 David Charles, Chemist, 30 John Rowlands, Post Office Achddu, 30
Rev S.T.Jones,Rhyl,30 Rev William James,Aberdare,30 Rev T.E.Edwards,Cwmavon,30
Rev Thomas Levi,,30 Rev John Morgan Jones,,30 Rev D. Lloyd Jones,,30
Rev J Cynddylan Jones D.D.,,30 Rev W. M. Lewis, Ty Llwyd,30 Rev Thomas Rees D.D.,Cefn,30
Rev John Davies,Shirland Rd,30 Rev John Evans,Abercarn,30 Rev T.J.Edwards, Merthyr,30
Rev Moses Thomas, Aberafan,30 Rev Walter Davies, Plasmarl,30 Rev John Owen,,30



Howell Harries,,31 Rev Peter Williams,,31 Mr John Phillips,,31
George Whitfield,,31 Pelican Hotel,31 Brigstocke Esq, Lechdwnny,31
Hen Dy Cwrdd,31 Rev David Jones, Langan,31 Rev Phillips, Llangrallo,31
Rev Jones,Llandudoch,31 Rev Griffiths,Nevern,31 Morfa Chapel,31
Mr Phillips Luke,Carmarthen,31 Mrs Stephens,Berthen,31 Mrs Bevan,Pengey,31
Miss Bevan,Pengey,31 John Bevan,,31 Rev T.R.Lloyd,Pontardawe,31
Rev D. Geler Owen,,32 Rev Evan Phillips,,32 David Lewis,Llanstephan,32
Mr Stephens,Berthen,32 John Rees,,32 David Lloyd,,32
David George,,32 John Roberts,,32 Thomas Lewis,,32
David Griffiths, Y Shop,32 Henry Anthony,Gardde,32 John Anthony,Morfa House,32
David Thomas,Shoemaker,32 David Anthony,Bryn-y-Morfa,32 Rev Abraham Roberts,,32
David Charles,,32 J.G.Anthony (Alan Gwendraeth),,32 Ebenezer Evans,,32
Isaac Harries,,32 Rev W.P.Jones,,32 Salem School house,32
Rev W. Whitlock Lewis,,32 Rev W.E. Prydderch,,32 Rev W.H.Thomas, Maesteg,32
Dr Moelwyn Hughes,,32 Rev Caleb Williams,Pwllheli,32 Rev Thomas Job,,32
Rev David Bowen,Llansaint,32 Rev David Griffiths,Pantywyll,32 Rev Samuel Anthony,,32
Rev John Evans,Llanelli,32 Rev Arthur Evans,Kidwelli,32 Rev Edward Jones,,32
Parc-yr-Eflan,32 Rev Richard Jones,Llanfair,32 W Evans, Tonyrefail,32
Morgan Howells,,32 Parcshonditw,32 Rev John Jones,Blaenanerch,32
Rev John Phillips,Bangor,33 Dr Harris Jones,,33 George Williams,St Davids,33
Rev Daniel jenkins,Babell,33 Rev David James,Llaneurig,33 Dr Rees, Cefn,33
W. Jones, Trawsfynydd,33 R Jones, Treherbert,33 Dr Phillips, Swansea,33
E Edmunds,,33 Rev John Prichard, Amlwch,33 Simon Frazer,Anglesey,33
Dr Saunders,,33 W Williams,Swansea,33 W M Lewis, Tyllwyd,33
William Williams, Hirwaun,33 Samuel Anthony,,33 Horeb,33
Llansaint,33 Sunday School Carway,33 Salem,33
J.G. Anthony(Alan Gwendraeth),,33 Evan Evans,,33 Lewis Gravell,,33
Arthur Harries,,33 Lewis Jones,,33 D.S.Davies,,33
D.G.Anthony,,33 Rev D.G. Owen,,33 Mt Thomas Beynon,Horeb,33


FERRYSIDE. (Glanyferi)

Bethania,33 John Jones,Cwmbwry,33 John Phillips, Bryncoch bach & Llandybie,33
William Evans,Blaengwasted,33 Edward Edwards,Bronun,33 John Jones, Tresilwood,33
John Jenkins, Carpenter,33 Rev Ebenezer Rees,,33 Rev John Griffiths,Pentwyn,33
Rev William Prydderch,,33 Rev John Jones,Llanedi,33 Rev John Morgans,Carmarthen,33
Rev Isaac Thomas,,34 Rev D.J.Lewis,,34 Mr T.J.Lewis,,34
Rev John Griffiths,,34 Richard Jones,Tresilwood,34 Thomas Davies,Maesmawr,34
Henry Davies,Villa,34 John Thomas,Tycanol,34 Edward Gower,,34
Mr J.D. Davies,,34 Davies Davies, Maesmawr,34  



Kidwelli District;
Horeb, Llansaint, Trimsaran and Pembrey


Thomas Morgan,Cwmsel,34 Mr John Morgan, Gwenllian,34 David Beynon,,34
Rev John Beynon,Skewen,34 Mr D.R.Beynon,Trimsaren,34 Thomas Beynon,Horeb,34
John Prydderch,,34 Richard Morris, Court,34 Jane Griffiths,,34
John Job,Ty-hir,34 David Job,,34 Rev Thomas Job D.D.,,34
David George,,34 Thomas George,Tregoch,34 W Williams, Cletwyn family,34
Ezekiel Williams,,34 Rev John Evans,Llwynfortun,35 Rev Thomas Nathan, Bancyfelin,35
Rev Timothy Davies, Rhydargaeau,35 Rev Thomas Davies, Closygraig,35 Rev Henry James, Cwmbach,35
Rev William Prydderch,,35 Dr Job,,35 Jane Griffiths,,35
Rev Thomas Williams, Myddfai,35 Rev Jonah Phillips, Llandovery,35 Rev Rees Phillips,Llandovery,35
William Morris, St Davids,35 Thomas George,,35 David Beynon,,35
David George,,35 Thomas Beynon,Mynydd-y-garreg,35 Thomas Morgan,Croft Cottage,36
William Griffith,,36 John Davies,,36 David Evans,,36
Sophia Evans,,36 John Morgan, Gwenllian,36 John Beynon,,36
William Evans,,36 D Griffiths, Tyhir, 36 D Davies,Knock,36
William Davies,,36 D Gravell,,36 Rev Thomas R Lloyd,,36
Rev D Geler Owen,,36 Rev John Beynon, Skewen, 36 Thomas Beynon , not Mynydd-y-garreg,36
Rev D W Morris,,36 Dr Job,,36 Rev Edward Edmunds,Swansea,36
B D Thomas, Llandeilo,36 John Williams, Llanelli,36  



Rev T Charles, Bala,36 David Charles, Carmarthen ,36 John Elias,,36
John Evans, Llwynfirtun, 36 Mrs Bevan, Pengey,36 John Bevan,Pengey,36
Rev Griffith Jones,,36 Cadi Siencyn,,37 Mary Evans,,37
Ruth Richards,,37 James Richards,Pantyrathro,37 Rev David Bowen, Llansaint,37
Samuel Anthony,,37 Rev William Thomas,Maesteg,37 Mr Thomas Davies, Treforis Fawr,37
Daniel Brynmor Jones,,37 John Rees,,37 Mr Thomas, Treforis Fawr,37
Henry Davies J.P.,Glaneiddan,37 John Rees, the shop,37 David Williams, Treforis Fach,37
John Thomas,,37 Jonah Rees,,37 Mr Thomas,Bwlchgwynt Mydrim,37
Owen Hughes, Plas,37 Thomas Lewis,Westdown,37 Jonah Thomas,Cilgadan Fawr,37
Jabex Rees,,37 Henry Davies, Treforis Fawr,37 Mr Edwards, draper Swansea once of Penallt,37
James Richards,Pantyrathro,37 Rev John Griffiths,Pentwyn,37 Rev Thomas James,,37
Rev John Walters,St Clears,37 Rev Joseph Evans,Carmarthen,37 Rev Edward Edmunds,Swansea,37
Rev D.G.Owen,,37 David Morris,,37 Owen Thomas,,37
William Thomas,,37 John Rees,,37 John Reams,,37
William Walters,,37    



Rev David Lewis, Llanstephan,38 D Geler Owen,,38 Rev Edmund Jones,Kidwelli,38
David Williams,,38 John Phillips,,38 Charles Lloyd,,38
John Jenkins,,38 John Morris,,38 Thomas Beynon,,38
Thomas Jenkins,,38 David Lloyd,,38 David Jones Williams,,38
John Morgan,,38 Mr Griffith Thomas,,38 Mr D R Beynon, Llanelli


Henry Jones,,38 Harry Rees,,38 David Rogers,,38
Cwrt farmhouse,39 W Wm Williams, Pantycelyn,39 Peter Williams,,39
D Jones, Llangan,39 Rev D Saunders,,39 Rev Thos. James,,39
Rev Richard Simpson,,39 Rev Abel Thomas,,39 Rev Thos. Job,,39
Thomas, Hengoed(or Gwrath),39 John Brown,Llety'rychain Fawr,39 David Rogers,(known as Uncle),39
John Griffiths,Twyncanol,39 John Griffith,sexton,40 Robert Hall,,40
Thos. Rogers, of the Dungeon, 40 John Phillips,,40 Rees Williams,,40
John Williams,,40 Thomas Griffiths,,40 John Howells, of the Coed, 40
Rev Josiah Evans, native of PEM,40 Rev Daniel Evans, Woodstock - brother of Josiah, 40 Rev David Wales,,40
Mr David Rogers,,40 Rev James Griffiths,,40, 41 Rev John Edwards,Llanfynydd & Carmel,40
Rev W D Williams, Gowerton,41 Rev W D Jenkins,,41 Rev D J Howells,,41
Mr Thomas Davies,,41 Mr George Thomas,,41 Mr David Griffiths,,41
Mr William Edwards,,41 Mr John Evans,,41 Mr William Howells,,41
Mr Thomas Williams,,41 Mr Tom Williams,,41  



The  Hendre District.:-
Cefnbach, Llanlluan and Hendre



William Gryffydd Jones,,41 John Thomas, Llanfihangel,42 Rev Daniel Rowlands,,42
Rev William Williams,,42 Rev Peter Williams,,42 John Jones,,42
David Rees, Brynmartin,42 Richard Jones,,42 David Davies,,42
Richard Rees,,42 William Henry,,42 Mr Bennett,,42
Henry Thomas,,42 T Stephens,Cathargoed,42 John Gabriel,,42
William Jones,Pantglas,42 William Roberts,Tyllwyd,42 William Thomas, Callifor,42
William Cleaver,,42 J R Jones,Pantglas,42 Phillip Perkins,,42
John Stephens,,42 Mr David Davies,,42 Rev Richard Williams, Glynogwr,42
Morgan Thomas,(Moc o'r Ffald),42 David Rees,,42 W.R.Hopkins,,42



Rev Daniel Rowlands..43 Phillip Lloyd Esq,,43 Mr David Jones, Wern,43
Mr Phillip Walters, Tyddyn,43 Mr Daniel Jenkins, Cardigan,43 Rev D Jones,,44
Mr Stephens, Dyllcoed,44 Mr Douglas, Llanelli,44 Thomas Jones, Llanddarog,44
Mr Cleaver, Brynrodyn,44 Rev John Jones, Llanedi,44 Mr Vaughan, Felin Plasnewydd,44
Robert Davies Esq, Bodlondeb,44 David Evans, Maenllwyd,45 William Stephens, Dyllcoed Uchaf,45
David Roberts, Foel,45 Arthur Jones, Tyllwyd,45 John Lewis, Carmel Road,45
David Davies, Heolddu,45 David Lewis, Goferglas,45 William Jones,Fardre,45
Stephen Stephens,Cwm,45 David Evans, Trecastell,45 Daniel Davies,Maesymwnws,45
Daniel Davies,Dugoed,45 David Davies,Capel,45 John Evans, Llwynderw,45
Thomas Evans, Bancyllyn,45 William Davies, Llidiartmawr,45 William Stephens, Myrtle Hill,45
Owen Evans,Garnllwyd,45 John Davies,Penport,45 Rev William Jenkins,,45
David Davies, Rhydcymerau,45 Rev David Hopkins,,45 Rev David Jones,,45
Rev Richard Williams,,45 H I Morgan,,45 D Davies, Park,45
D Francis, Teglan,45 W Evans, Cenarth,45 William Cleaver,,45
Nathaniel Thomas,,45 David Thomas,,45 Herbert Samnays,,45



Thomas Williams, Tyllwyd,46 Hannah Williams,Tyllwyd,46 John Thomas Jones, Tyllwyd,46
David Thomas, Eithinog,46 Rev Ebenezer Richards,,46 John Jones, Rhos,46
John Davies, Pentwyn,46 Rev Edmund Leigh, Llanedi,46 Rev Thomas Elias,,46
Thomas Williams, Myddfai,46 Mr Rees Jones,,46 Mr William Lewis, Llwynmain,46
Rev Moelwyn Hughes,,46 Rev Thomas Williams, Holyhead,46 David Morris, Hendre, 46, 47
Rev Edward Matthews,,47 Rev Rees Powell, Cross Inn,47 Rev W Jenkins,Llanlluan,47
Rev A Davies, Bethania,47 Rev John Evans,Kidweli,47 Rev Joshua Phillips, Bancyfelin,47
Rev David hughes, Cross Inn,47 D Morris Esq, Brynffin,47 Rev W E Prydderch,,47
Rev Robert Salmon,,47 Rev W D Williams, Gowerton,47 Rev John Morris,,47
Dr Thomas Job,,47 Rev John Evans,,48 Rev J M Davies, Aberfan,48
Rev B D Thomas, Llandeilo,48 Jacob Jones, Bettws,48 William Jones, Swansea, 48
Rev Thomas James,,48 Rev Thomas Lloyd, Heolfach,48 Rev W M Davies,,48
David Morris, Gwndwn Bach,48 William Thomas, Llannon,48 David Harris, Gorsgoch,48
David Thomas, Garnfach,48 Rees Jones, Tanyfan,48,49 Griffith Vaughan,,48
David Edwards,,48 Thomas Edwards,,48 Evan Hughes,,48
David Evans,,48 Thomas Jones,,48 David Walters,,48
David Vaughan,,48 Mr William Lewis,,48 Mr & Mrs Anthony,Brynyrodin,48



Hendre District:-
Pentwyn, Llanedi, Caersalem, Penygroes & Crosshands



Jacko Dafydd, Pentwyn, 49 Shon, Tyllwyd,49 Jacko, Rhos, 49
Mr Evans,,49 Mr James Rees,,49 Rev Thomas Phillips, Bancyfelin,49
Thomas Davies ,( Davies Bach) , 49 W Stephens,,49 John Roberts,,49
John Davies, Pentwyn,49,50 Jacob Davies,Cross Hands,49 David Jones,,49
Rev Edward Jones,,49 J W Jones, Llandeilo,50 Rev John Evans,,50
Rachel Rees,,50 David Davies,Llwydcoed,50 Thomas Rees, Butcher,50
Rev John Griffiths,,50 William Jones, Aberdulais,50 Isaac Thomas, Ferryside,50
E H Davies, Bethania,50 Phillip Jones,Llandeilo,50 J D Jones,Ynysybwl,50
D Picton Evans,Morriston,50 D Morgan, Tabor,50 W M Davies, Hendre, 50
B A Hendre,,50 B B Griffiths, Cross Inn,50 Thomas Parry, Pencader,50
Griffith Rees,,50 John Morgan, Blaenau Isaf,50 John Owen,,50
John Richards,,50 Thomas Richards,,50 William Roberts, Tynewydd,50
Henry Roberts, Gellyrodin,50 Thomas Evans , Typoeth,50 John Owen, Blaenaubach,50
Griffith Roberts, Gellyrodin,50 Thomas Williams, Pentwyn,50 Rees Walters,,50
Rev John Evans, Llwynffortun,50 Mrs Eliezer Rees,,50 Rev David Davies,,50
Rev David Griffiths, Pantywyll,50 Rev Edward Jones,,51 Rev William Jones, Aberdulais,51
Rev W E Jones,Aberdulais,51 Mr W Beynon Jones,,51 Victor G Griffiths,,51
Rev John Griffiths,,51 Rev Peter H Griffiths,,51 B B Griffiths,Conwil,51
John Owen,,52 John Owen,Babell,52 J R Owen,Bethel Crosshands,52



Howell Harries,,52 Henry Pugh,,52 Rev Peter Williams,,52
Mr Pryse, Plasnewydd,52 Gryffydd Morgan Esq, Glynhir,52 Rev Daniel Rowlands,,52
Rev David Jones,Llangan,52 Rev John Elias,,52 John Francis, Pencrug,53
William Rees,Llechygarreg,53 David Evans,Sychnant,53 John Francis henry Pugh,Caecorin,53
Katherine Pugh,Cwm,53 Katherine Robert, Cwmgelli-Sylfed,53 Rev Ebenezer Richards,,53
Mr William Rees, Parc Llandybie,53 David Davies, Shoemaker,53 Rev William Havard,,53
Rev David Howells, Swansea,53 Rev William Jones, Aberdulais,53 B Watkins, Ferndale,53
John Rees, Llechygarreg,53 David Rees, Tirgwaudd, 53 John Francis, Teglan,53
Henry Vaughan, Ty'r Inn, 53 David Beynon, Brynrhyd,53 David Roberts,Ystlyscoed,53
William Howells, Pentrehardd,53 David Francis, Teglan, 53 Henry Roberts, Ystlyscoed,53
David Rees, Clawdd-ddu,53 Rev John Jones, Llanedi,53 Rev Richard Hughes, Llangendeyrn,53
Mr John Pugh,,53 Mr John Hughes,,53 Rev David Hughes, The Ynys,53
Rev Richard Hughes,,53 Miss Francis, Teglan,54 Mrs Davies, Plasfforest,54
Mrs Rees, Clawdd-ddu,54    



William Matthews,,54 Jacki Williams,,54 Rev Dafydd Morris,,54
David Davies,Parc,55 John Evans,Plas,55 William Morgan, Penybank,55
David Davies,Wernosfach,55 David Rees, Cae'rlloi,55 Thomas Jenkins, Maesbach,55
William Vaughan,Wernos,55 William Rees,Tycanol,55 Rev W E Prydderch,,55
Mr Daniel Williams, (Calfin)  Llanelli,55 Mr John Randall, Llanelli,55 Mr Benjamin Jones, Caeffair,55
John Francis, Teglan,55 Rev T.E.Thomas,Llandovery,55 Thomas James,Llanelli,55
James James,,55 Rev Thomas James,,55 Benjamin Lewis,,55
David Morgan,,55 David Parry,,55 John Phillips,,55
John Williams,,55 Robert Davies,Pontmenai,55 Arthur Stepney Esq,,55
Thomas Lloyd,Heolfach,55 W Moses Davies,,55  



Mr Rees Jenkins,,56,57 Mr John Richards,Gorsddu,56 Miss Williams,,56
Mr Young,,56 Rev Thomas James,,56,57 Mr Griffith Vaughan,,56
Griffith Rees,Llanlluan,56,57 Rev Thomas Williams,Llangennech,56 Lord Cawdor,,56
William Richards, Lanlash,56 Mrs Richards,Penygroes,56,57 Rev William Richards,,56
Rev Lewis Richards,,56,57 Mr J W Jones, ironmonger Llandeilo,56 Mr Stephen Stephens, Cwm,56, 57
Mr D Davies, Llwydcoed,56 Mr D Jenkins,Chwech-heol,57 Mr B Jenkins, Chwech-heol,57
Mr Rees Jones, Hendre,57 David Davies, Parc,57 Mr Morris, Bettws,57
Rev W Richards, Briton Ferry,57 Rev M P Morgan,,57 Rev T F Jones,,57
Rev Isaac Thomas,,57 Rev P H Griffiths,,57 Mr Parry,,57
Daniel Jones,,57 John Mainwaring,,57 Thomas Powell,,57
John Richards,,57 William Richards,Lanlash,57 John Adams,,57
David Davies,,57 Thomas Evans,,57 Evan Lewis,,57
Phillip Lodwig,,57 Rev W E Jones, Pentwyn,57 Rev Vincent Thomas,,57
Rev H Ffimant Morgan,,57 Rev Thomas Parry,Pencader,57 Rev Lewis Richards, Gowerton,57



Evan Jones Esq., Llanelli & Nantglas,58 Rees Jones, Hendre,58 J.W.Jones,Llandeilo,58
David Davies, Parc,58 D Francis, Teglan,58 Rev W M Davies, Hendre,58
Mrs Evan Jones, Llanelli,58 Mrs Davies, Rheidole Crosshands,58 Rev John Griffiths, Pentwyn, 58
Rev Phillip Jones, Llandeilo,58 H F Morgan, Penygroes,58 John Jones, Meadow Lodge,58
Rev William Jones, Aberdulais,58 Robert Evans, Gwili Lodge,58 Joseph Lewis, Pontardulais,58
H.M.Edwards,,58 M A Griffiths, Llanelli,58 D.J.Griffiths, Woodlands,58
Howell John, Pleasant Hill,58 J Bevan Owen, Penybanc,58 Rev D.E.Thomas, Tumble,58
Rev E J Herbert,Solva,58    


Carmarthen district :-
Water Street, Zion chapel, Pensarn and Bethania



Rev George Whitfield,,59 Rev Howell Harries,,59 William John,,59
John Bowen Esq,Tygwyn,59 Rev Peter Williams,Water street,59 David Charles,,59
William Harry Turner,,59 Rev David Jones,Llangan,60 Mr Hughes, Sychbant,60
John Williams,Lledrod,60 Mr Charles,Bala,60 William Williams,Cilycwm,60
Evan Davies,,60 Mr Griffith Harries, Water street,60,62 Mr W Roberts,,60
Thomas Griffiths,,60 John Jones Esq, Ystrad,60 John Lewis Esq, Aelybryn,60
Mr Lewis Lewis, Johnstown,61 Mr Kemp, Swansea,61 Rev Griffith Hughes,,61
Rev John Williams,,61 Rev John Jones,Lampeter,61 Rev Lewis Morris,,61
Rev W Rowlands,,61 Rev John Davies, Nantglyn,61 Rev Thomas Harries,,61
Rev William Havard,,61 Rev John Prydderch,Talwrn,61 Rev Thomas Phillips, Hay,61
Rev Thomas Richards, Fishguard,61 Rev John Jones, Talsarn,61 Rev T Rees,Crickhowell,61
Rev Griffith Parry,Llanrwst,61 Rev John Jones, Blaenanerch,61 Rev John Hughes, Liverpool,61
Rev W Williams, Swansea,61 Rev John Phillips,Bangor,61 Rev Edward Matthews,,61
Rev R Roberts,Llangeitho,61 Rev David Charles,Trefecca,61 Rev Richard Lumley,,61
Dr Saunders,,61 Rev H Powell, America,61 W Roberts, America,61
Rev S.T. Jones,Rhyl,61 Rev Evan Phillips,,61 John Morgan Jones,,61
Rev Thomas Evans, New Inn,61 Rev D Peters,,61 Rev Ebenezer Richards,,61
Rev David Howells, Swansea,62 David Roberts, Pontfaen,62 Rev Edward Davies,Carmarthen,62
J M Davies, Cefnmawr Llanidloes,62 Rev J Wyndham Lewis,,62 Rev W D Rowlands, Llanelli,62,63
Rev M H Jones,,62 Mr William Wigley,,62 Mr Lewis Jones, Johnstown,63
Thomas Josuah,,63 John Davies, Priory street,63 William Evans,Station,63
Benjamin Davies,Johnstown,63 William Davies,Johnstown,63 Edward Edwards, nantybwla,63
Jeremy Thomas, Wellfield Rd,63 Thomas Thomas, Wellfield Rd,63 John Lewis, Wharfinger,63
John Davies, Quay St,63 Richard Thomas, Hafodwen,63 W Joseph, Queen St,63
William Williams, Lime Grove,63 John Thomas,,63 Jonathan Phillips,,63
John Lewis J.P.,,63 John Harries,,63 David Griffiths,,63
George Treharne,,63 John James,,63 David Davies,,63
John Phillips,,63 Mr Evan Vaughan,Spillman street,63 Mr John Davies,Ystrad fach,63



Daniel Mortimer, , 64 James Mortimer,brother of Daniel,64 Griffith Harries, the younger,64
Daniel Jones, the printer,64 William Davies,,64 Rev W Howells, headmaster at Trefecca,64
Rev Moses Williams,,64 Rev Joseph Evans,,64 Rev John Owen, Barry,64
Rev J Mortimer Green,,64 Rev W W Lewis, Dowlais,64 Rev G A Edwards, Llanelly,64
Rev Owen Edwards,,64 Rev D.W. Davies,Newport,64 Rev Edward Davies,,64
Rev J.W.Mortimer,son of Daniel,65 Rev James Mortimer,son of Daniel,65 Rev Leon Stephens, India,65
Rev George Thomas, Goodwich,65 Mr Thomas Thomas J.P.,,65 D.M.Jones, headmaster pentrepoeth,65
Evan Roberts, Parade,65 James Bright, Erddi Ffynon,65 Mr P,J,Wheldon, Bank,65
Mr Donald Maclean,,65 Mr Griffith Harries,,65 Rev B.F.Richards,,65
John Richards,,65    



Rev David Jones, Bontyrynyswen,65 Rev William Prydderch,,65 Rev David Lewis, Nazareth,66
Rev J Wyndham Lewis,,66 Rev Thomas Job,,66 Rev Hugh Jones,Tabernacle baptist,66
Rev T Rhys Saunders,,66 Evan Evans, Philadelphia Independent,66 Rev George Evans, Pensarn,66
Mr William Williams,,66 Mr James Lloyd,,66 George Cadwaladr,,66
Jacky Lot, fisherman,66 Benjamin Williams,Pilwrwen,66 Captain Jenkins,Pensarn,66
David Davies, Parkyswn Farm,66 William Evans, Moelfre,66 Jonah Nicholls,,66
John Owens,,66 David Thomas,Crossyceiliog fach,66 David Davies, Spillman Street,66
Henry Jones, Church Street,66 Thomas Rees, Waverley house,66 Rev Evan Rees, Pwllheli,66
Rev D.W. Rees, Penmark,66 Mr W Jones, Bryncyrne,66 Mr E Vaughan, Spillman Street,66
David Hughes,,66 David Daniel,,66  



Rev W.W. Lewis,,67,68 Rev B.F.Richards,,67 Rev Edward Davies, Carmarthen,67,68
Rev Joseph Lewis, Pontardulais,67 Rev J Gwynoro Davies, Barmouth,67 Rev Phillip Jones, Llanelli,67
Rev Thomas Phillips, Siloh,67 Rev W Nantlais Williams, Ammanford,67 Rev David Phillips,Carmarthen,67,68
Rev W Jones, Aberdulais,67 Rev W Mydrim Jones,,67 Rev Evan Phillips, Newcastle,67
Rev D Geler Owen,,67 Mr T Thomas, Capel Seion,67 Mr J Lewis,,67
Mr Thomas Evans, Dolgwili,67 Rev James James, Llanddarog,68 Mr D J Harries, Nantgaredig, 68
Mr John Edwards,,68 Mr Thomas Evans,,68 Mr Thomas Daniel,,68
John J Jeremy,,68 Rev John Morgan, Ferryside,68 Rev John Morgan, Bancyfelyn,68
Rev J Coedfryn Davies,,68 Rev D J Howells,Llanbradach,68 Gwilym Llewelyn Evans,,68
George James,,68 Mary Llewelyn,,68  



 Carmarthen District:-
Cwmdwyfran, Nantgaredig, Capel Dewi and Pantgwyn



Mr Richards, Pembroke,68 Mrs Reid, Pistillgwyn,69 William the Voel,,69
Robert John, Llain,69 Betty John, Llain,69 Evan Edwards, Tanyrallt,69
David Richards, Llwyncroes,69 Rev Edward Jones, Kidwelly,69 John Jones,Crychddu,69
Mr Griffiths, Bronwydd,69 John Davies,Clyngwyn,69 Benjamin Davies, Forge Farm,69
Richard Davies, Cwmdwyfran,69 John Edwards, Bethania Carmarthen,69 Robert Richards, Water Street,69
John Evans,,69 Rev Samuel Evans,,69 John Thomas, blacksmith,69
Mrs Anne Phillips, Penrhiw,69 Esau Davies, tailor,69 Jonah Davies,,69
Benjamin Jones,Crychddu,69 John Davies, Fronfras,69 Evan Williams,,69
Jonah Williams,,69 Jennet Jones, Ty'capel,69,70 Mrs Lewis, Glangwili,70
Esther, Fronfras,70 Margaret, seamstress,70 Mrs Evans, Cwmdwyfran,70
Mrs Lewis, Troedyrhiw,70 Rev Thomas Rowlands,,70 Rev Evan Davies, Llanpumpsaint,70
Rev Thomas James, Hendre,70 Rev B Ceitho Davies, Abercarn,70 Rev J Gwynoro Davies, Barmouth,70
Rev Samuel Evans,,70 Rev David Morgan,,70 Rev James Lamb,,70
Evan Edwards,,70 Evan Jones,,70 Mr Thomas Harries,,71
Mr Jonah Williams,,71 Mr John Thomas,,71 Mr Thomas Evans,,71
Mr William Stephens,,71    



Evan Richards, Glantowi,71 Mrs Simpson, Glantowi,71 Rev Richard Simpson, Llandeilo,71
Mr John Simpson, the Cwm,71 Shon Hugh,,71,72 Daniel Lewis, weaver,71
Rev John Evans,Llwynfortun,72 Rev William Prydderch,,72 Rev John Walters,,72
Rev Thomas Jenkins,Alltygog,72 Jonah, carrier,72 W Jones, Cwmtwrch,72
Thomas Davies, Lan,72 Thomas Thomas, Neuadd,72 Thomas Phillips,Ysgarholen,72
Thomas Jones,Tirydog,72 John Jones, Cwm,72 Mr Williams, Glanyrynys,72
John Jeremy, Barriwns,72 Josiah Thomas, Llain,72 Mr Jones, Penyrheol,72
Mr Jones Davies, Glyneiddan,72 Rev David Phillips,,72 Rev Isaac Davies, Cilycwm,72
Rev David Hughes, of the Ynys, 72 Henry Jones, Cwmbach,72 Edward Jones, Kidwelly,72
Benjamin Daniel, Llanelli,73 T. J. Williams, Treorchy, 73 Rev H T Stephens,Aberdare,73
Mr D J Harries, Penllwynau,73 Richard Davies, Penygraig,73 Daniel Richards, Dolwerdd,73
Richard Griffiths, Glasynys,73 D.H.Davies, Waundrefi, 73 Thomas Jones, Llwyncelyn,73
Evan Davies, Danyrallt,73 Rev Edward Matthews,,73  



David Thomas,,73 Thomas Charles Morris, ,73 Mr Thomas, Brynmenda,73,74
Jack Walters, Penybanc,73 John Lewis,pendeulwyn,73 John Lewis J.P., Carmarthen,73
Deio Phil, Lodwig Wainhir,73 Jack Harry, The Lodge,73 Nancy Harry, The Lodge,73
Mary Evans, Cwndifa,73 Peggy Rees, Pendeulwyn,73 William Thomas,Ffynonddewi,73
Esther Davies, Capel Canol,73 Daniel bach y Towr,,73 Jacky, Wainhir,73
Thomas Davies, Penbedw,73 John Dyer,,73 Henry James,Cwmbach,74
Rev John Walters,,74 Rev David Phillips, Carmarthen,74 David Thomas, Ty'rheol,74
John Davies, Capel Canol,74 William Williams, Llwynddewi,74 David Tobias, Penyclog,74
Henry Richards, Capel Isaf,74 John Edwards, Capel Uchaf,74 Herbert Griffiths, Pendeulwyn Ganol,74
David Thomas, Penyclog,74 Thomas Richards, Capel Isaf,74 Rev Thomas Davies, Haverfordwest Neyland & Australia, 74



Mrs Richards, Pantgwyn farm,74 Maria y Slong,,75 Morgan Jones, Shoemaker Abergwili,75
Richard Jones, Abergwili,75 Henry Williams, Coed,75 Edward Edwards, Pantygleuen Quarry,75
John Davies, Jacky y Cwar,75 Thomas Williams, Gellyglyd, 75 John Evans, Hendrehedog,75
Rev H A Jeremy,,75 Thomas Phillips, Helegleulas,75 Thomas Evans, Hendrehedog,75
David Davies, Llainwen,76 David Williams, Gelliglud,76 Thomas Lewis, Slong, 76
David Jones, Pencnwc,76 Mrs Harries, Pilroath,76 Thomas Francis, Pengraig,76
Mrs Howells, Trefecca,76 Jonah Davies,,76 Thomas Jenkins,Penybryn,76
Rev Thomas Jenkins, Alltygog,76 Benjamin Jeremy, Caregllys,76 Henry Williams, Penybwlch Isaf,76
Dr Thomas Thomas, Llandovery,76 Thomas Jeremy, Carmarthen 76 Rev H A Jeremy, Blackwood,76
Rev Evan Myrddin Rees, Pwllheli,76 Rev D W Rees, Penmark, 76 David Morgan, Pantygleuen,76
Daniel Jones, Cwmhowell,76 John Griffiths, Ardwyn,76 Rev Benjamin Thomas, Llandeilo,77
Mr David Jones, Pontmorlais,77    



District of Llandovery:-
Llandovery, Memorial Chapel, and Cilycwm


Rev John Williams, Pantycelyn,77 David Thomas, "the old prophet", 78 Rev John Evans,,78
John Evans (snr), Cilycwm, 78 Ebenezer Evans, 78 Thomas Evans,,78
John Evans, Pentrefelin,78 Rev Ebenezer Williams, Shrewsbury,78 Daniel Williams,,78
David Williams, Beilu-Glas,78 Rev W D Williams, Gowerton,78 Thomas Phillips, Llandovery,78
Jonah Phillips, Llandovery,78 Rees Phillips, Llandovery,78 Rev Richard Saunders, Aberdare, 78
Rev Rees Phillips, Aberavon,78 Rev Thomas Phillips, Siloh,78 Rev John Davies, Cilycwm,78
Rev H Solva Thomas, Maesteg,78 J Vincent Thomas, Vardre, 78 Rev T E Thomas, ,78,79
Rev J D Thomas, Caerphilly,79 T Goshen Evans, Bargoed,79 Rev Samuel E Prydderch, Lampeter,79
Henry, the glover,79 David Jones, Cefnllan,79 Mr Rees James,,79
Mr Rees Jones,,79 Mr David Lewis,,79 Mr Joshua Anthony,,79
Mr William Thomas,,79 Mr John James,,79 Thomas Rhydderch,,79
Morgan Price,,79 Morgan Price Protheroe,,79 George Anthony,,79
Evan James,,79 Daniel Davies,,79 Daniel Evans,,79
Mr John Morgan,Maesllydan,79 Mr Thomas Griffiths,,79 Mr J Rees Jones,Maesllydan,79
Mr Henry Havard,,79 Mr David Edwards,,79 Mr Morgan Jones,,79
Mr William Williams,,79 Mr Thomas Richards,,79 Mr David Williams,,79
Mr George Morgans, Ystradwallter,79 Mr John Clement,Llwynjack,79 Gwilym James esq,,79
Rev Edward matthews,,79 Dr Harries Jones,,79 Dr David Saunders,,79
Dr Owen Thomas,,79 Dr Parry, Aberystwyth,79 Robert Jones, Treherbert,79
Morris Morgan,,79 John Davies, Blaenanerch,79 John Jones, Penmorfa,79
Rees James, Pantywheel,79 Mrs Williams, Dolaugwynion,79 Mrs Jones, Tanners Hall,79



Rev William Williams, Panycelyn,80 Rev William Williams, Swansea,80 Rev J W Lewis, Carmarthen,80
Rev Thomas James M.A., Llanelli,80 Rev J E Davies M.A., Llanelli,80 Rev Robert Salmon, Llansadwrn,80
Rev W Prydderch, Goppa, 80 Rev Thomas Phillips, Siloh,80 Rev Thomas Job, Conwil, 80
Rev T E Thomas, Llandovery,80 Rev Henry Jeremy,,80 Rev James Morris, Llansawel,80
Mr W Wigley, Carmarthen 80 Mr W Griffiths, Blackwood,80 Mr Thomas Phillips, Roe Fawr,80
Mr W Morgan, Maesllydan,80 Mr David Evans, Goring Rd Llanelli, 80 Mr Walter James, Llangadog, 80
Mr John Thomas the Bank Llandeilo,80 David Davies Esq., Llandinam,80 D Pugh Esq.,,80
Rev J Wyndham Lewis,,80 Rev Edward Matthews,,80 Dr David Saunders,,80
John Williams, Brynsiencyn,80 H Barrow Williams,,80 D Lloyd Jones,,80
W Dickens Lewis,,80 Rev T E Thomas,,80 John James,,80
J R James,,80 Mr J Rhys James,,80 Mr D S Thomas,,80,81
Mr J Phillips,,80 Mr J Thomas,,80 Mr J Williams,,80
Mr Morgan Jones,,80 Mr Rees James,,80 Miss M Nicholas,,80
Miss E Davies,,80 Miss S J Thomas,,80 Miss M James,,80
Miss S Evans,,80 Mrs Lizzie Davies,,80 Rev J H Saunders,,80
Rev E H Jones, Neath,81 Mr Rees Bishop,,81 Rev Evan Williams, Llanddeusant,81
Mr D Jones,,81 Mr J Thomas,,81 Mr David Perrot,,81
Mr J Williams,,81 Mr J Hague,,81 Mr J Handley,,81
Mr J Preece,,81    



Rev Daniel Rowlands,,81 John Thomas, counsellor,82 Isaac Davies,superintendent,82
John Thomas John, Ochorfforest,82 Richard John,Coedifan,82 William Lloyd, Tygoedydd,82
Isaac Prydderch, Dolgynon,82 Evan, the fuller, 82 Rhys Thomas John, the glover,82
Betty, the Black Gorse, 82 Ann James, Dolfallt,82 Rev Howell Harries,,82
Rev Llewelyn Llewelyn, parish priest,82 Rev William Williams, Pantycelyn,82,84 Rev John Williams,,82
Richard Evans,,82 Rev John Evans,,82 David Morgan, counsellor,82
William Jones,,82 John Evans,Cilycwm,82 William Thomas, Cwmbargoed,82
John Jones, Llanddeusant,82 John Thomas,,82 Isaac David,,82
William David Rees, Nantddu,82 David Williams, Beulu-Glas,82 Rev Ebenezer Williams, Bridgend,83
Rev W D Williams, Gowerton,83 Jackie James, Ioan ap Iago, 83 David Jenkins, Cochmain,83
David Lewis, Gilwern,83 David Davies, Drysgol,83 Evan Evans, Penfedw,83
Daniel James, Glanrhyd,83 John Pritchard, Glanwenlais,83 Daniel Williams, Tyisaf,83
Evan Jones, Llwyndinawed,83 John Timothy, Dinas Bach,83 David Evans, Penlan,83
Evan Williams,Ty'nwain,83 William Jones, Brynhyfryd,83 Morgan Davies, Lamb House,83
Thomas Williams, Lamb Shop,83 Daniel Price, Rhydwydd,83 Daniel James, Glandeunant,83
William Jones, Gwilym Myrddin, 83 Daniel Evans, Cwmcaebach,83 John Hughes, Cilycwm, 83
Walter Davies, Graiggraiadr,83 Morgan Williams, Glanrhyd,83 Rev William Hughes,Cwmamman,83
Rev John Walters, St Clears,83 Rev Isaac Walters, Ferryside,83 Rev Hopkin Howe, Llangamarch,83
Rev D Picton Evans B.A., Morriston, 83 Rev Thomas Phillips,,83 David Jones, Llwyndinawed,83
Rev Isaac Davies, Nantgaredig,83 Daniel Evans, Nantyfforest,83 Evan R Davies, Carmarthen,83
Rev Thomas John, Cilgerran,83,84 Rev Samuel Price, Llanmartin,84 Aaron Davies, Cadoxton,84
Rev Owen Thomas,,84 David Morgan,,84 William Prydderch,,84
Rev D Charles Davies M.A.,,84 Rev Francis Jones,,84 Rev John Evans, Llanfaircaereinion,84
Dr Thomas Rees, Cefn,84 W James, Aberdare,84 Joseph Evans, Denbigh,84
Thomas Edwards, Cwmavon,84 John Morgan Jones,,84 W D Morris, Cwmamman,84
David Elias, Brynteg,84 Rev William Williams, Glanwenlais,84 Rev Thomas Elias, Cilycwm,84
Mr David Davies, Rhydfelen,84 Mrs Jones, Henllys Fawr,85 Rev Benjamin Morris, Brecon,85


Llandovery District:-
Rhandirmwyn, Goshen, Siloh, and Myddfai


Jeremiah Richards,Dinasbach,85 Richard Jones, Erwhwch,85 Thomas Richards, Galltyreirw,85
William Jones, Hafodypant,85 Isaac Jones Dolfallt fach,85 Phillip Reynolds, The Mount,86
Rev  W Hughes, Cwmamman,86 Rev John Walters, Cilycwm & Goshen,86 Rev Thomas R Lloyd, Pontardawe,86
Rev John Oliver, Twrgwyn,85 Rev R Towi Rees,,86 Rev D Picton Evans B.A., Morriston,86
Rev John Jones, Llanddeusant,86 Rev David Theophilus, Rhandirmwyn,86 Rev David Thomas,,86
Rev Isaac R Morgan, Pontardawe,86 William Davies,Trefecca,86 Daniel James, New Inn,87
Mr Morgan James, choirmaster,87 Mrs Jones, Trade Hall Pontardulais,87 Isaac Morgan,,87
William Morgan,,87 Rev J R Morgan, Pontardawe,87 David Rees, choirmaster,87
Mr Timothy Theophilus,,87 Mr John Williams,,87 Mr David Richards,,87
Mr Thomas Jones,,87 Mr Daniel Theophilus,,87 Mr David Richards, The Shop, 87



Mr Isaac James, Dolfollt,87 Nancy, Coedifan,87 Kitty Parry, Aberwyddon,87,88
Polly, Penybryn,88 Mr Healey,Glanbran,88 Rev T Rhys Saunders, Llwynhendy,88
Mr William Williams, America,88 Rev John Morgans,Y Vwng,88 Thomas Morgans, Y Vwng, 88
Rev William Prydderch,,88 Thomas Morgans, Gwengwinau,88 Mr Thomas Watkins, Tregaron,88
Rev Rees Evans, Llanwrtyd,88 Mrs Evans, Bhoilymbong,88 David Evans, Taxon,88
Jacob Rees, Glandwr,88 Joseph James,,88 Mr Rees Parry, Aberwyddon,88
Mr David Morgan, Gilfach,88 Mr Daniel Williams, Penyparc,88 Mr Jenkin Harries,,88
Mr William Evans,Penlan,88 Mr Daniel James, Dolfach,88 Mr Daniel Nicholas, Bronfelin,88
Mrs Morgan, Y Gilfach,88,89 Mrs Morgan, Caedivan,89 Mrs Morgan, Y Vwng,89
Rev W Morgans, vicar of Llandeilo-Talybont, 89 George Morgans, Ystradwalter,89 James Thomas, Capel y Graig Merthyr, 89
Mr J Rees Morgans, Gwerngwineu,89    



Mr Thomas Williams, Talog,89 John Davies, Henllys,89 Rev Jonah Phillips,,89,90
Rev P J Walters,Llangadog,90 Rev Thomas Job, Conwil,90 Rev B D Thomas, Llandeilo,90
Rev David Evans, Elim,90 Rev William Jones, Cardigan,90 David Lewis,Gilwen,90
Mrs Davies, Talog,90 Daniel Evans, Tanycapel,90 Jacob Rees, Blacksmith,90
W Davies, Grumlin,90 Rev T E Davies, Cruglas Swansea,90 William Richards, Wernddu,90
Morgan Evans, Rhiwgoch,90 Thomas Hughes, Glanrhydenyd,90 William Harries, Wernddu,90
Mr Thomas Hughes,,90 Morgan Lloyd, Penlan cottage,90 John Davies, Penpontbren,90
Daniel Davies, Cilmaren Caio,90 Rev Thomas Phillips,,90 Rev T E Thomas D. D.,,90
Rev John Walters,,90 Rev John Stephens, Brychoed,90  



David Morgan Davies, Godreuwaen,91,92 John Evans,,91 Mr Gwynne, Glanbran,91
Lewis Williams,Van,91,92 David Davies, Eskerfeithgen,91,92 Rees Rees, Shoemaker,92
John Jones, Closygraig,92 Morgan Davies, Rhyblid,92,93 Thomas Jones, Llwynmeredydd,92,94
Joseph Rees,,92,93 John Price,,92 John Owen,,92,94
Morgan Davies, Gorllwynfawr,92 David Davies, Rhydblid,92,94 Thomas Jones( the younger) ,Llwynmeredydd, 92,94
D Jones, Ty'nycoed,92,93 David James, Ysgubor Fawr, 92,94 Rev Rees Phillips, Llandovery,93
Mr Jonah Williams,,93 Mr Lewis Williams,,93 Mrs Williams,Ty'nGarn,93
Elizabeth Jeffreys, 'Beto Col',93 Owen Jeffreys,Col,93 Rev David Morgan,,93
William Jones, Cwngari,93 John Lewis, Cefngolau,93 Anne Isaac, Ty'rcoed,93
Mrs Davies, Rhydblid,93 David Williams, Gellimudog,93 Mrs Williams, Y Pentref,93
David Thomas, Shoemaker,93 Daniel Morgans, Glan-nant, 93 John Davies, blacksmith Llansawel,93
James Lloyd,,94 Mrs Elizabeth Davies, Cwnbranisaf,94 Bili Dafydd Williams,,94
Rev T E Thomas D.D.,,94 Rev Thomas Williams, Myddfai,94 Rev David Charles, Trefecca,94
Rev John Evans, Llwynfortun,94 Rev Morgan Davies, Treherbert,94 Rev Rees Davies, Brynmeherin, 94
Rev John Davies, Pandy,94 Mr T J Anthony,Shirland Road,94  


Meidrym District:-
Meidrym, Tyhen, Cwmbach, Bancyfelin, and St Clears


J Bowen Esq., Castellgorfod,94,95 John Williams,,95 David Bowen, Llansant,95
Josuah Phillips,Bacyfelin,95 Williams Williams,Tyhen,95 John Davies,,95
John Phillips,,95 Rev Henry Rees,,95 Rev John Griffiths,,95
Mr John Lloyd,Pentwyn,95 Dr Edwards, Bala,95 Mr John Lloyd, meidrim,95
Mr Walter Lloyd,Meidrim,95 John Havard,Meidrim,95 W Harries, Trafael-yr-Uch,96
Rev John Griffiths, Llanstephan,96 Rev P H Griffiths, Charing Cross,96 Rev B Griffiths, Conwyl,96
Victor Griffiths,,96 Rev Joseph Lewis, Pontardulais,96 W Calvin Lewis, Meidrym,96
Rev W Mydrim Jones, Meidrim,96 Rev Thomas Job D.D.,,96 Abednego Jenkins,,96
J Coedfran Davies, Llanstephan,96 John Walters, St Clears,96 Rev W Llewelyn Davies, Llanelli,96
Mr Lewis Harries, Penwch,96 Jonah Griffiths, Glanhafren,96 John R Thomas, Bwlchgwynt,96
Henry James, Llwyndittw,96 Evan Lewis, Garden Hill,96 William Williams, Swansea,96
E Jones, Ffynonbedr (Ind), 96 B D Thomas, Llandeilo,96 D Charles B.A., Trefecca,96
John Lewis, Henllan (Ind) ,96 Joseph Griffiths, Tynewydd,96 George Thomas, the Shop,96
John Jones, Fronsgawen,96 William Evans, Troedyrhiw, 96 John Harries,,96
Samuel Thomas, Bwlchygwynt,96    



Mr Theophilus Howell, Cefncloch,97 Thomas, the Hooper,97 Howells, Penrhiwbeili,97
Theophilus Howells jnr,Cefcloch,97 William Clarke, Pandy,97 Rev James Clarke,,97
John Jones, Penybont,97 David Devonald, Penyrallt,97 William Evans, Waenolau, 97
John Howells, Plaspoenau,97 John Williams, Eithinduon,97 Howell Evans, Cefnonen,97
David Thomas, Pandy,97 William Williams, Meidrym,97 Benjamin Howells,,97
Rev Thomas Job D.D.,,97 Rev W Mydrim, Jones,,97 Rev J Coedfryn Davies, Llanstephan,97
Rev D Moses Davies,,97    



John Davies, Penrhiw,98 James Thomas, Pen'rallt,98 Rees Evans, Fronisaf,98
David Davies, Pengraig Trelech,98 Marc James, Y Fron,98 Thomas Richards, Hafodypwll Eglwysfair,98
Phillip Reynolds, Y Felin, 98 Thomas Lloyd, Troedyrhiw,98 John Williams, Cae yr Uchedydd, 98
Godfrey, Parcybedw,98 David John, Pwllymarch,98 Thomas Williams, 98
Rev John Williams, Lledrod, 98 Rev David Evans, Llanwynno, 98 Job Evans, Fron Isaf,99
David Evans, Penhenrhiw,99 William Evans, Fron Isaf,99 Benjamin Jones,,99
Rev Jonah Edwards,,99 Rees Edwards,,99 William Edwards,,99
Henry James,,99 Rev Isaac Thomas, Ferryside,99 Rev William Williams, Tonypandy,99
Rev D Picton Evans, Morriston, 99 J.D. Evans, Talley,99 H W Thomas, Porth,99
Daniel Thomas, Fron Uchaf,99 John Williams, Blaencelli,99 Enoch Daniel,,99
Rev L Rhystyd Davies,,100 Rev Thomas Job,,100 Rev D Moses Davies,,100



Samuel Thomas, Hafod,100 Richard Thomas, Pantyderi,100 Rev David Jones, Llangan,100
Rev D Davies, Conwyl,100 Rev W Davies, Neath,100 Rev W Williams, Pantycelyn,100
Rev Peter Williams,,100 Thomas Charles, Carmarthen 100 David Charles, Carmarthen,100
David Howells, Waunbricks,100 Rev D Howells, Swansea,100 Shon Griffiths,,100
Abel Thomas, Abel y Pant, 100 Jeremiah Lewis, Trefnewydd,100 Thomas Nathan,Capel Newydd,100,101
Robert Waters, silversmith,100 Rev Thomas Charles B.A.,,101 Rev Joshua Phillips,,101
Rev David Phillips, Swansea,101 Thomas Phillips, Bancyfelin,101 Rev M B Phillips M.A.,Swansea,101
Rev David Howells, Swansea,101 Rev David Lewis, Llanstephan,101 Rev W Llewelyn Davies,,101
Isaac Nathan, Llangadog,101 Mr Howell Davies, Whitland,101 Rev J Lloyd, Bryn,101
Rev William Davies, Penarth,101 Rev H J Lewis, Maesteg,101 John Lewis, Trenewydd,101
William Lewis, Trenewydd,101 William Gryffydd, shoemaker,101 William Jones, carpenter,101
William Howells, Waunbricks,101 William Jones, Sarnau,101 John Phillips, Caebricks,101
Thomas James, Parkyrabbot,101,102 Job Morris,,102 John Davies, Plas Isaf,102
Joseph Thomas, Penline,102 William Thomas, the Shop,102 John Davies, Pantygrove,102
David Walters, Penrhiw,102 David Rowlands, schoolmaster,102 Peggy, Bronscawen,102
Mr B Jones, Pwllygravel,102 Mr John Jenkins, Cowin Grove,102 Charles James, Pretoria, 102
H H Jones,Waunwenallt,102 Mr Charles James,,102  



Michael Davies,,103 Miss Jones, Y Gardde,103 John Davies, Plas Isaf Bancyfelin,103
Rev W Davies, Penarth,103 Mrs Phillips,,103 Josuah Davies, Coedllysuchaf,103
Howell Davies, Whitland,103 Thomas Davies, Graigwen,103 John Davies, Parcglas,103
Benjamin Davies, Llanddowror,103 Josuah Davies, Aberdare,103 William Evans, Manarddwylan,103
John Evans, Plas Llanedi,103 David Evans, Ty'rcoed Llanddowror,103 William Evans, Ffynone,103
James Evans, Bethesda Pembrokeshire,103 David Lewis, Cefn-Newydd, 103 Richards, Blaenwaun,103
Captain James,,103 Esther James,,103 David Phillips, mason,103
Thomas Howells,,103 Mr John John, Pentre Stores,103 Benjamin Davies, Graigwen,103
William Beynon, Temerance Hotel,103 William Howells, Ship, 103 Thomas Thomas, Penline,103
David John, Glantaf, 103 Henry Jones, Plasygwer,103 Benjamin Jones, Hafren House,103
Mr Hugh Williams, Gardde,103 Mrs Phillips, Rose Cottage, 103 Dr Harries Jones, 104
Rev John Pritchard, Amlwch,104 Rev T C Edwards M.A.,,104 Dr Rees, Merthyr ,104
Ebenezer Williams,,104 Enoch James, Borth,104 Ezekiel Thomas,,104
Edward Edmunds, Swansea,104 Rev Daniel Williams, Caio,104 Rev J B Thomas, Carmarthen,104
Rev Thomas Phillips, Bancyfelin,104 Rev J E Thomas, ,104 Rev Robert Salmon,,104
Rev John Phillips,,104 James Davies,,104 John Davies, Parcglas,104
Rev Abednego Jenkins,,104 Rev J Walters,,104 E Herbert Evans,,104
Rev Abel Thomas,,104 Rev Abednego Jones,,104 Rev John Phillips,,104


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