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Hanes Methodistiaeth Sir Gaerfyrddin

(The History of the Methodists in Carmarthenshire)

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PART 2 /History of the Churches - Chapters 20-23

LISTS OF NAMES  (continued)

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Churches of Llanddarog,  Llanarthney, Pontyates and Tumble (English)


Howell Harries,,201 Thomas Jones, Felinfach,201 David Thomas, Brynmenda Isaf, 201
Evan, Cwmealyfach, 201, 202 Thomas Morgan, Ty'ncoed, 201 David John Hugh, Coedadam, 201
John Morley, Cwmealy, 201 Rev James James,,202, 203 Rev W Mydrim Jones,,202
Rev J T Davies, Llanstephan, 202 Rev William Jones, Aberdulais, 202 Mr Richard Jones, Lodge, 202
John Jones, Felinfach, 202 John Evans (the elder), Cwrt, 202 Rev Thomas Jones,,202
Rev John Jones, Llanedi, 202 Rev Thomas Job DD,,202 Rev John Williams, Ystradgynlais, 202
Mrs Job, Conwil, 202 John Jones, Capel Ifan, 202 John Williams, Blaenllwynswch, 202
James Richards, Torcoed, 202 Joshuah Jones, Torcoed, 202 E M Davies, Llwynbach, 202
John Jenkins, Llwynbrain, 202 W Jones, Capel Ifan, 202 David Jones, Blaenpibur, 202
Thomas Evans, Gilfach, 202 Isaac Evans, Cwrt, 202 Thomas Gibbons, Llwynhenry, 202
David Morgan, Cwmisfael, 202 James Jones, Tydicca, 202 Mr Evans, draper Hammersmith London, 203
David Treharne, Pontyates, 203 Mr Jones, Ystomenlle Farm Hendy Pontardulais , 203  



Thomas Jones, Tanyrallt, 203 William Thomas, Hafod Fach, 203 David Jones, Glantowi, 203
William Tobias,,203 David Jones, Brynmenda Isaf, 203 Rev John Evans, Llwynffortun, 203
Mr J D Lloyd, Carmarthen, 203 Mr Griffith Harries, Carmarthen, 203 Rev James James,, 203
Rev D Pandy Rhydderch, Llandeilo, 203 Rev W Jones, Abercynon, 203, 204 Rev David Lewis, Capel Dewi, 203
William Michael,, 203, 204 John Thomas, Cefn yr Abbey, 203, 204 Mr W Michael, Wern, 203
W Maddy, Dyffryn, 203 David Thomas, Pantmawr, 203 John Richards, Pistyll Dewi, 203
David Jones, Tirwain, 203, 204 Thomas Williams, Glascoed Isaf, 203 Thomas Evans, Pantawel, 203
Henry Owens, Tanycastell, 203 Christopher Harries, Derlwyn, 203 Rev Samuel Jones, Penarth, 203
John Tobias, Closglas, 203 John Williams, Caecwm, 203 Thomas Williams, Heol Fawr, 203
John Tobias, Penybanc, 203 Herbert Jones, Hafod, 203 John James, Ffynonlwyd, 203
David Edwards, Broncairo, 203 John Michael, Wern, 204  



Rev Hugh Edwards, Pontyberem, 204, 205 Mr & Mrs Job, Fixburgh House Pontyates, 204 Morris Jones, Bancycapel, 204
William Thomas, Tumble, 204 J Morlais Jones, Tumble, 204 William Aubrey, Pontyberem, 204
William Thomas, Pontyberem, 204, 205 David Jones, Llandefeilog, 204, 205 Mrs Kate Job,,204
David Treharne,,204, 205 Thomas Jones, Forest Fach, 204, 205 Rev Maurice Griffiths MA,  Llanelli, 204
Morgan Jones, Furnace, 204 Rev W D Rowlands,,204 Mr W D Thomas, Club Houses Pontyberem , 204
Mr & Mrs Jones, Forest Fach,,204 Mr & Mrs Treharne, Wainygwiail, 204 Mrs Maria Davies,,204
Miss Anne Davies,,204 Mr David Davies,Forest Uchaf ,204 Mrs S A Evans, Chemical House, 204
Mrs Blodwen Davies, Magna Mara, 204 Mr Thomas Gravell,,204 Miss May Gravell,,204
Miss Phoebe Gravell,,204 Miss S L Gravell,,204 Mr Joseph Jones, Brynhaul, 204
Mr John Phillips, School Villa, 204 Rev D G Owen, Kidwelly, 205 H Edwards, Pontyberem, 205
William Eynon, Llanelli, 205 J G Anthony, Kidwelly, 205 T Cunllo Griffiths, Pontyberem, 205
E E Richards, Pontyates, 205 Rev Isaac Thomas, Ferryside, 205 Mrs Walters, Clifton House Pontyberem , 205
Mrs D D Harries, Mydrim Villa  Pontyberem, 205 Evan Griffiths Esq, Chelsea, 205 Rev H Edwards BA, Llanelli, 205
Rev Williams, Independent Carway, 205 Mrs Morgan, Croft Cottage Horeb, 205 Rev D E Thomas, Tumble, 205
Rev W Richards, Briton Ferry, 205 Rev T M Rees, Meincau, 205 Miss Stepney,,205
Gwynne Morgan Job,,205 Jenny Maria Lewis, Ponthenry, 205 Mr Griffiths,,205



Mr Morlais Jones,,206 Mr Waddell, Colliery owner,206 Rev Whitlock Lewis,,206
Mr J G Anthony, Kidwelly, 206 Henry Chalmers,,206 Hugh Walker,,206
Arthur Watson,,206 Rev O J Robinson,,206 Rev J Morgan Jones,,206
Rev D E Thomas, Morriston, 206    


Churches of Brechfa, Pontyrynyswen, College, Cross Inn, Llanfynydd and Carmel


Titus Dafydd, Brynfelin, 206, 207 David Cadwaladr, Troedyrhiw, 207 John Evans, Cilycwm, 207
Margaret Evans, Llain, 207 Eleanor Evans, Llety'rderyn, 207 Mary Williams, Pantycoebal, 207
Ann Jones, Tanycapel, 207 Sarah Thomas, Ty'rhyn, 207 David Alban,,207
Evan Phillips,,207 Richard Morris,,207 John Alban,,207
David Thomas, The Gilfach, 207 John Owen, Penygraig, 207 John Williams, Craigddu, 207
Daniel Jones, Tynewydd, 207 William Morgan, Felin-Farles, 207 Daniel Davies, Llystyn, 207
David Tomas, Castle Green, 207 Evan Davies, Llystyn, 207 John Jones, Brynhebog, 208
David Dyer, Gelligreen, 208 Leyshon Thomas,,208 David Dyer, Ynysbrechfa, 208
John Jones, Tirclai, 208 Thomas Dyer,,208, 209 Daniel Thomas, Pantllyn, 208,209
Henry Thomas, Cwmpib, 208 Rev Thomas Job,,208 Rev David Lewis, Llanstephan, 208
D Williams, (Independent) Rhydybont, 208 Rev John Walters, Nantgaredig, 208 Isaac Williams, (Independent) Panteg, 208
Rev W E Prydderch,,208 D R Jones, (Independent) Pontargothi, 208 Gwynne Hughes Esq., Tregib, 208
Phoebe Thomas, Forest, 208 Mary Thomas, Brynteg, 208 Elizabeth Lewis, Forest Arms, 208
Rev James Clarke,,208 John Williams,,208 Rev Thomas Price,,208,209
Rev J Vaughan Jones, ,208 Rev O J Robinson,,208 Rev Timothy Davies,,208
Rev David Griffiths, Pantywyll, 208 Rev John Morris, Bancyfelin, 208 Anne Davies,,208
John Davies, Gilfach Goch Brechfa, 208 Rev Arthur Evans,,208 Rev John Evans, Llwynffortun, 208
Timothy Davies Esq., London, 208 Rev David Davies, Penmorfa, 208 Leyshon Thomas, Plasypark, 209
John Jones, Tirbach, 209 John Jones, Tirmawr, 209 David Dyer, Rhydcoch, 209



Rev Thomas Job,,209 Thomas, Clothier Pengare, 209 David Davies, Penrhiwfoel, 209
Rev W Jones,,209 William Jones, ,209 Rev David Jones MA, Blaenavon, 209
Rev Frederic Thomas, Aberdare, 209 Evan Davies, Waungranod, 210 C Davies, Glancapel, 210
David Evans, Ynyswen, 210 J Evans, Cwmcothi, 210 J James, Brondawe, 210
J Thomas, Tyllwyd, 210 Mr J Simpson, Cross Inn, 210 Rev W Jones, Cwmtwrch, 210



William Ambrose,,210 Jacob Davies, Dryslwyn Uchaf, 210 John Smith, Cwmagol, 210
William Edwards,,210 Rev Eleazer Richards,,210 Rev B B Griffiths, Conwil ,210
Rev John Evans, Llwynffortun, 210 Rev Joseph Thomas, Penybank, 210, 211 Rev David Thomas, Llanddewibrefi , 210
Rev B D Thomas, Llandeilo, 210 Rev Robert Roberts,,211 Dr Benjamin Davies,,211
Rev David Hughes,,211 Rev Thomas Davies, Cilberllan, 211 Rev Henry James, Cwmbach, 211
Rev David Rees, Pantygog, 211 John Jones, Cross Inn, 211 Rev W E Prydderch,,211
H T Stephens,,211 Mr Thomas, Mwche, 211 Rev D J Lewis, Ferryside, 211
John Williams, Cross Inn, 211 David Morgan,,211 Miss Davies,,212
Miss Phillips,,212 Ieuan Gwyllt,,212 Rev Thomas Davies,,212
David Smith, Cwmagol, 212 John Smith, Cwmagol, 212 David Simpson,,212
Evan Evans, Cefn, 212 Rev Timothy Davies,,212 John Simpson,,212
William Richards, Cwmysgyfarnog, 212 Thomas Scurlock,,212 D B Morgan,,212
John Ambrose,,212 John Morgan,,212,213 John Harries,,212
William Jones,,212 Rev Richard Simpson,,212, 213 John Thomas, the Bank Llandeilo, 212
Thomas Davies, weaver, 213 John Israel, 213 John Edwards, Cwmharad, 213
John Jones, Felindre, 213 Isaac Ambrose,,213 David Davies,,213
Mr Evan Evans, (the elder) Cefn, 213 Mr Henry Jones, Dryslwyn, 213  



Thomas Griffiths, Panteg ,213 Thomas Bengough,Cilsane, 213 Evan Jones, Roe-Fawr, 213
William Morgan, tailor Llangathen, 213 Lettice Rees,Bwlchygwynt,213 Betto Allen,,213
Betto Davies,,213 Bettws Fach,,213 Mary Jacob,,213
John Jones, Roe-Fawr, 213 Edward Fisher, Cilsane Hill, 213 David Davies, Penrhiw, 213
Thomas Phillips, Row-Fawr, 213 Daniel Thomas, the Shop, 213 William Rees, Golden Grove Farm, 213
George Allen,,213 Rev T E Thomas DD , Llandovery, 213 Rev David Lewis, Llanstephan, 213
Rev Joseph Evans, Carmarthen, 213 Rev John Walters, St Clears, 213 John Morgans,,213
John Thomas, Roe-Fawr, 213 Rev D T Davies MA BD, Cadoxton, 213 Rev Daniel Morgan,,213
Archibald Falconer,,213 David Samuel,,213, 214 Thomas Davies, Bird Hill, 213
W Morgan, Broad Oak House, 213 Josuah Jones,,213 Thomas Falconer, Cilderi, 213
William Rees, Broad, Oak, 213    



James Williams,,214 David Williams, counsellor, 214 Morris Jones, deacon, 214
David Evans, Briscen Helyg, 214 Evan Dafydd Evan, Tir-clai ,214, 215 David William Rhys,,214
Howell Harries,,214 Rev William Davies, Neath, 214 Rhys Evans, the Gallt, 214
Morgan Rhys, hymnist, 214 William Morgan Thomas, Galltllan, 214 Thomas Lewis, Pantgwineu, 214
Thomas Lewis, Pentrefelin, 214 Rhys Rhys,,214 John Rhys,,214
Rev David Rhys,,214, 215 David Williams, carpenter, 214, 215, 216 Thomas Jones,,214
Dafydd Evan, Briscen, 214 William Williams,,214 Peter Williams,,214
W Lloyd, Henllan, 214 John Evans, Cilycwm, 214 Jenkin Thomas, Penhydd, 214
Rev Thomas Job DD, Llanddarog ,215, 217 Rev William Lewis, Cwmparc, 215 Rev W Richards, Briton Ferry, 215
Rev Thomas Parry, Beuludu, 215 Rev John Edwards, Pembrey, 215 Rev J E Davies MA, New Jewin London, 215
Rev Rhys Jones, Ammanford, 215 Dafi Dafis, Rhydcymerau, 215, 217 Rev Lewis Powell, Cardiff, 215
Rev David Evans, Ffynon Henry, 215 Mr William Morgans, Nantgwilw, 215, 216 Thomas Jones , Gwaelod y Maes, 215, 216
John Oliver,,215 Rev Henry Oliver,,215 David Daniel, Cilganwr, 216
David Jones, Blacksmith, 216,217 David Jones, Gwaelod y Maes, 216 Rev William Oliver,,216
Hugh Hughes, schoolmaster Llanfynydd, 216 Henry Jones, Penrhos, 216 William Lewis , Y felin, 216
Thomas Jones, Whitehall, 216 Henry Jones Thomas JP, Penrhos, 216, 217, 218 John Davies, Briscen Uchaf, 217
Thomas Evans, "Twm Domos",217  John Williams, carpenter, 217 Thomas Evans, Cwmgelli-fawr, 217
David Jones, Llwynfedwen, 217 Thomas Morgan, Brynyreglwys, 217 Thomas Morgans, Dyffryn Uchaf, 217
Henry Evans, Blaensanan, 217 Evan Jones, Waunlluest, 217 Evan Jones, Terrace shop, 217, 218
Thomas Morgan, Ffosyrewig, 217 Evan Jones, Cwmbanfach, 217 David Davies, blacksmith, 217
Thomas Howells, Penlan, 217 William Williams, Pantawel, 217 Thomas Davies, Marble Villa, 217
William Jones, Nantgwilw, 217 William Morgan, Cwmgellifach, 217 Thomas Jones, Lletty'rgors, 217
David Davies, Brynyreglwys, 217 Thomas Evans, Parc, 217 James Jones, Maespant, 217
Thomas Williams, Rose Hall, 217 Margaret Morgan, Nantgwilw, 217 Esther Jones, Llwynfedwen, 217
Sarah Oliver,,217 Miss Oliver,,217 Emma Jones, White Hall, 217
Shan Edwards,,217 Rev Lewis Ellis, Rhyl, 217 Miss Davies,,217
Miss Phillips, 217 Rev William Jones, Aberdulais, 218 Rev Simon Frazer, Rhoscolin, 218
Mrs Morgans, Penrhos Isaf, 218 Mrs Harries, Picton Terrace Carmarthen, 218  



David Williams,,218 John Williams, carpenter Llanfynydd, 218 David Williams, Russell St Swansea, 218
David Jones, Gwaelod y Maes, 218 David Daniels,,218 Rev B D Thomas,,218
William Thomas, Bontyrynyswen, 218 Henry Jones Esq., Penrhos Llanfynydd, 218 Thomas Thomas, Pantyffynon, 218, 219
Benjamin Williams, Garreg Wen, 218 John Jones, Tircrwn Isaf,218, 219 Daniel Thomas, Cefn Briscen, 218
Thomas Morgan, Pistyll South, 219 David Davies, Maesyrhaidd, 219 William Morgan, Nantgwilw, 219
Lettice Davies, Laswern, 219 Elizabeth Jones, Llwynymarch, 219 Lettice Powell, Cwmyrhelen, 219
Mrs Morgans, Picton Terrace Carmarthen, 219 Rev John Williams,Radnorshire,219 Rev David Williams, Llandeilo, 219
Rev Thomas Lleufer Roderick, Lampeter, 219 Rev Isaac Roderick, Vochriw, 219 Mr Thomas Davies,,219
William Morgan, Ffrwdwen, 219 William Davies, Maesyrhaidd, 219 Thomas Davies, Briscen Isaf, 219
John Davies, Pistyll South, 219 Thomas Morgan, Ffrwdwen, 219 Jonathan Jones, Pantyrefail, 219


Churches of Capel Newydd, trinity, Presbytarian chapel and Siloh


Rev David Jones, Llangan, 220 Walter Bowen,,220 Rev John Bowen, Llanelli, 220,222
Henry Rees,,220 Martha,,220 Mr Bowen, Moreb Pembrey, 221
Griffith Morgan Esq., Glynhir, 221 Rev Hopkin Bevan,,221 Rev David Davies, Conwil, 221
Mr Charles, Bala, 221 Rev W E Prydderch,,221,225 Mr E T Davies, Dowlais, 221
Henry Jones, Harry'r Gof, 221 Rev Ebenezer Jones, Skewen, 221 Alexander Raby,,221
Mr Mansel, Stradey, 221 Rev Thomas James MA,,222,223 William Morris,,222
Rev J E Davies MA, London, 222 Dr Gwilym Prosser James Esq., Penarth, 222 Rev Phillip Jones,,222
Abel Jones, America, 222 Rev Stephen Griffiths,,222 Rev W D Jenkins,Morriston, 222
John Jenkins,,222, Sarah Jenkins,,222 Rev J H Lloyd,Builth Wells ,222
Rev W G Evans, Llanelli, 222 Rev James Morris, Llanstephan, 222 Rev J E Samuel, Blackburn, 222
Mr Ishmael Lewis,,223 Rev William Lewis, Cwmpark, 223 Rev Rees Havard, Laugharne, 223
Rev William Morris,,223 John Roberts, Llanelli, 223 John Williams, Llanelli, 223
Rev W Williams, Cardigan, 223 Rev Thomas Jones,,223 Rev D W Morris, Marmora, 223
Henry Jones,,223 Henry Rees,,223 Edward Hughes,,223
David Hughes, Llwynhendy, 223 Evan Evans, Ferryside, 223 William Rees, Stradey, 223,224
William Rees, Y Syddyn, 224 Daniel Davies, Felinfoel, 224 John Jenkins,,224
John Thomas, ap Howell, 224 John Harry Thomas,,224 Evan Samuel, Dowlais, 224
Mr E T Davies, Merthyr, 224 Daniel Davies, Aberporth, 224 Edwin Price AD, Tabor Maesteg, 224
William Williams, Box, 224 Rees Williams,,224 Edward Evans,,224
John Morris,,224 John Griffiths, Lamb, 224 David Williams, carpenter, 224
William Davies, Llangyndeyrn, 224 William Davies, weaver, 224 John Perrot,,224
Walter Perrot,,224 John Barker,,224 Daniel Jenkins,,224
John Jenkins,,224 David Evans, Goring Road, 224 Daniel Davies,,225
James Jenkins,,225 John Rees,,225 David May, treasurer, 225
David Roberts,,225 John Thomas,,225 William Robert,,225
William Lewis,,225 Rev John Hughes, Liverpool, 225 William Morris, St Davids, 225
Rev Dr Thomas Rees,,225 Rev D Charles Davies,,225 Rev John Pritchard,Amlwch ,225
Rev Edward Morgan,,225 Rev Owen Thomas,,225 Rev Roger Edwards,,225
Rev Griffith Davies,,225 Rev Henry Rees,,225 Rev Dr Hughes,,225
Rev Hugh Jones,,225 Rev James Donne,,225 Rev Owen Jones, Liverpool, 225
Dr Owen Thomas,,225 Dr Saunders,,225 Dr Griffith Parry,,225
David James, Llaneurwig, 225 John Hughes, Carneddau, 225 Dr Harries Jones,,225
Dr John Roberts, Khasia, 225 Rev John Williams,,225 Rev Evan Jones,,225
Iolo Caernarvon,,225 Rev John Hughes, Liverpool, 225 Rev Evan Phillips,,225
Professor Prys MA ,,225 Rev T Charles Williams,,225 Rev David Phillips, Bala, 225
John Griffiths, Lamb, 225 David Davies, Felinfoel, 225 Miss Davies, headmistress, 225
William Lewis,,226 John Thomas, choirmaster, 226 John Davies, Bryncaerau Villas, 226
William Davies,,226 John Edwards, 226 John Lewis,,226
Owen Rowland,,226    



Thomas Roberts, New Dock, 226 Evan Roberts,,226 Mrs Hopkins, Cwman-Llech, 226
David Williams, printer Guardian Office, 226, 227 James Thomas,,226, 227 Daniel Richards, Calfin, 226, 227
John Randell,,226, 227 John Williams,,226, 227 Thomas Roberts, Flats, 226,227
Isaac Jones,,226 Rev Edgar Willaims MA BD , Newport Mon, 226,229 John Jones, Llanedi, 227
David Randell Esq.,,227 Augustus  Lewis, Inspector of Factories, 227 Rev William Prydderch,,227
David Hughes,,227 Rev William Hughes, Cardiff, 227 William Evans,,227
Thomas Herbert,,227,229 Thomas Williams, Marine, 227 William Williams Esq., Box, 227
David Rees, Machynys, 227 David Davies,,227,228 Thomas Griffiths,,227,228
John Griffiths, Lamb, 227,220 Will Bryan,,228 John Morgan, Joppa, 228
John Davies,choirmaster,228 John Thomas,,228 William Davies,,228
David Thomas,,228,229 John Hughes,,228 John Jenkins,,228
David Anthony,,228 William Davies,,228 William Hughes,,228
Levi Llewelyn,, 228 Rev James Llewelyn,,228 William Eynon,,228
Isaac Jones,,228 Tom Griffiths,,228 William John,,228
William Griffiths,,228 Rev Thomas JamesMA, Llanelli,228 Rev John Evans,Kidwelly,228
Mr John Davies, Dyffryn Merionethshire, 228 Rev Josuah Davies,,228 Rev Edward Morgan, Dyffryn, 228
Rev Joseph Evans, Carmarthen, 228 Rev Lewis Price, Burry Green, 228, 229  Rev David Phillips, Swansea, 229
Rev John Walters, St Clears, 229 Rev William Griffiths, Gower, 229 Rev Richard Williams, Aberdare, 229
Rev W D Rowlands, Carmarthen, 229 Rev W Adams BA, Lampeter, 229 Rev H T Stephens, Aberdare, 229
David Griffiths,,229 Mr Walter Lewis, Llangadog, 229 Rev D T Jones, Brynamman, 229
Mrs Thomas, Russell Street, 229 Rev John Griffiths, Australia, 229 Tom Griffiths, secretary, 229
Rev James Llewelyn, Tredegar, 229 Mr Levi Llewelyn,,229 Rev W Llewelyn Davies, Bancyfelin, 229
Mr Oliver Thomas BA, ,229 Rev D Harries Jones, Islwyn, 229,230 W Evans MA, pembroke Dock, 229
Miss Bowen,,229 David Williams,,229 Thomas Hughes, Machynlleth, 230
Tom Hughes, choirmaster, 230 Miss M Hughes,,230 Mrs Stone,,230
Miss Charlotte Roberts,,230 Mr John Gwilym,,230 Mr Sam Jenkins,Patagonia,230
Samuel Bodicombe,,230 John Jones, Newquay, 230  



Rev John Evans,,231, 232 Rev W E Prydderch,,231 Rev John Owen, Burry Port, 231
David Williams, printer,231 John Williams,,231 Captain Bowen,,231
Thomas William,,231 Richard Davies,,231 John Evans,,231
William Wild,,231 Rev T E Thomas, Llandovery,231 George Evans, Pensarn, 231
Rev J E Davies MA, London,231, 232 Mrs Evans, Llangennech Park, 231 Mrs Evans , Goring Road Llanelli, 231
Mrs Herbert,,231 Mrs Hughes,later Mrs Timothy ,231 Rev David Hughes,,232
Rev T R Saunders,,232 Rev John Foulkes,,232 Rev John Thomas, Llansamlet,232
Rev John Morgans, Ferryside, 232 Rev Benjamin Daniel,,232 Rev Barac Rees,,232
Rev W Mydrim Jones,,232 Rev M H Edwards,,232 Rev John Edwards, Glandwr, 232
Alaw Ddu,,232 D H Lloyd, Cwmystwyth,232 R G Davies,Pontardulais,232
D R Beynon, Aberystwyth, 232 R Samuel,,232 Rev T F Jones,London ,232
Rev J R John, America, 232 Rev R R Davies, Llandeilo, 232 Rev D E jenkins, Denbigh, 232
Rev J C Davies, Millin Cross, 232 James Richards,,232 William Jones,,232
D R Williams,,232 John Davies,,232 John Williams,,232
John Edwards,,232 John Davies,,232 William Davies,,232
Evan Williams,,232 John John,,232 D R Marker,,232
Walter Williams,,232 John Davies,,232  



Captain Jones,,232, 233 John Randell,,232, 233 David Williams,printer,232, 233
William Harry,,232 Jacob Hughes,,232, 233 Rev Owen Edwards BA, Llanuwchllyn, 233
Rev J Rhys Davies, Troedyrhiw, 233 Rev John Foulkes, Aberdare, 233 Rev Maurice Griffiths MA,,233
Rev David Williams, St Davids, 233 William Williams, Box, 233 Mr David Evans, Goring Road, 233
Thomas Herbert,,233 David Thomas,,233 David Williams,,233
William Richards,,233 Richard Roberts,,233 William Davies, treasurer, 233
Evan Evans, secretary, 233 Gwilym Evans Esq.,,233 Dr J J Lloyd,,233
Mr Luther Owen, organist, 233 David Evans, Llangennech Park, 233 David Howells, Swansea, 233


Churches of Llwynhendy, Llangennech, Furnace, and Glenalla Street, Llanelli


Sarah Owen, Tynewydd, 234 David Morgan, weaver, 234 Rev William Morris,,234
J Powell Jones, Loughor, 234 Rev J Wyndham Lewis,,234 David Hughes, clothier, 234, 236
Thomas Lewis,,234, 235, 236 Rev William Lewis,Cwmpark,234 David Lewis,,234
John Morris,Dafen,234 Thomas Richards,,234 Rev Thomas James MA, Llanelli, 234
John Davies, Llansamlet, 234 David Jenkins,,234 Rev B D Thomas,Baptist,234
Rev John Thomas, Bryn Independent, 234 Rev T E Thomas, Llandovery, 234 Rev David Lewis,,234
Rev John Jones, Blaenanerch, 234 Rev Daniel Williams,,234 Rev Dr Saunders,,234
Rev Thomas James MA,,234 Rev Owen Edwards BA, Llanelli, 234 Mr J A Williams, Guardian Office, 234
Daniel Richards, Calvin, 234 Rev W Jones, Mozerah,234,237 John Lewis,,234
Rev Dr Charles,,236 Rev David James, Llaneurwig, 236 Rev John Hughes, Carneddau, 236
Rev William Jones, Trawsfynydd, 236 Rev John Jones,Blaenanerch, 236 Rev J Ogwen Jones BA,,236
Rev T R Saunders,,236 George Saunders JP, Park Y berllan, 236 Rev John Evans, Llwynffortun,236
Rev J R Beynon, Australia, 236 Mr T Lewis, secretary, 236 Mr William Eynon, Llanelli, 236,237
David Lewis, Pencoed, 236,237 John Morris, Dafen, 236,237 Herbert Richards,,236,237
Noah Phillips, Loughor, 237 David Hopkins,,237 Olicer Edwards, Cwmdwyfran, 237
William Lewis,Bynea ,237 Evan Owen, Cwmfelin, 237 Abiah Davies,,237
William Eynon, Cwmnant, 237 David Jenkins, Y Dafol, 237 Henry Thomas, Dafen, 237
David Jones, carpenter, 237 David Williams, Pemberton, 237 Esther Morris, Dafen, 237
David Harry, Loughor, 237 Hannah Evans,,237 Mrs Davies, Cwmcarnhowell, 238
Rev David Hughes, Yr Ynys, 238 Evan Davies, Llangadog, 238 Mrs Sarah Richards, Pemberton, 238
Mrs Williams,,238 David Thomas, Glandafen farm, 238  



Rev W E Prydderch, Goppa, 238, 239 Owen Edwards BA,,238 Rees Harries, Bolgoed, 238
Daniel Richards, (Calvin) Llanelly, 238 Rev Thomas Williams,,238,239 Rev Lewis Price , Llanelli, 238
Rev Daniel Williams, Llwynhendy, 238 Rev Thomas James MA,,238 Mrs Michael,,238
Mr W Michael, Libanus Pontardulais, 238 William Davies,,238 Hopkin Hopkins,,238
Rev W Jones, Pentwyn, 239 Rev John Evans, Hendre, 239 Thomas Herbert, Llanelli, 239
David Evans Esq., Llangennech Park, 239 Robert Davies, Bodlondeb, 239 James Knoyle,,239
Rev Francis Knoyle BA, London, 239 Rev David Hughes, Yr Ynys,  239 Rev John Thomas,Llansamlet,239
Mr Joseph Griffiths, Abertillery, 239 Rev W M Williams, Neyland, 239 Dr T E Thomas, Llandovery,239
J John,,239 J Owen,,239 David Jones,,239
T Davies,,239    



Penbryn family,,240 Isaac, Y Rhos, 240 Samuel Evans, Cwmbach, 240
Mr Wilkins,,240 Nellie Wilkins,,240 Evan John Williams,,240
John Rogers,,240 Rev John Bowen,,240 William Rees, Cilfryg, 240
Maria Rogers,,240 David Evans, Gatygarn,241 David Lewis,,241
Rev David Phillips MA, Bala, 241 Margaret Rees,,241 Mrs Matilda Jones, Stradey Road, 241
Thomas Howells, New Road, 241 Evan Howells,,241 David Howells,,241
David Howells,,241 David Lewis, Pentrepoeth, 241 John Davies, Soho, 241
Rev Evan Harries,,241 Thomas Davies,,241 William Jones, exciseman, 241
John Thomas,,241 David Phillips,,241 Thomas Phillips,,241
Henry Evans,,241 Nancy Lewis,,241 William Lewis,,241
Richard Richards,,241, 242 Daniel Phillips,,241 David Williams, contractor, 241
Miss Gwladys Roberts, singer, 241 John Edwards,,241 Rev T E Edwards, Cwmavon, 241
Hannah Walters, Trebeddod, 241 Rev Thomas James MA,,242 Mr Daniel Davies, Felinfoel, 242
William Harries,,242 Henry Rees,,242 Thomas Jones,,242
David Jones,,242 Rev Morgan Jones, Llanddeusant, 242 David Davies,,242
David Howells,,242 Rhys Rees,,242 George Hughes,,242
E R Samuel,,242 William Thomas,,242 Evan Samuel, (Alawydd y De), 242



John Thomas, Kiffig House Capel Road, 242 Rev W D Rowlands,,242 Rev Maurice Griffiths MA,,242
Rev Morgan Jones,,242 David Thomas, Capel Road, 243 Mr William Eynon, Trinity, 243
John Grey, Woodland Road, 243 Thomas Davies, 59 Marble Hall Road, 243 Mr W Griffiths, Llanelli, 243
George Mercer, Contractor Llanelli, 243 Miss Stepney Dell,,243 Miss Davies, Headmistress,243
Rev J E Davies MA, London, 243 Rev Daniel Williams, Llwynhendy, 243 Mr Daniel Davies, Felinfoel, 243
Mr W Eynon, Llanelli, 243 Mrs Evans, Goring Road, 243 Rev W Adams BA, Trinity, 243
Rev Phillip Jones, Capel Newydd, 243 Daniel Phillips,,243, 244 Thomas Davies,,243, 244
John Thomas, John Y Sais ,243,244 Edward Samuel, Canifor, 243 David Thomas,,243
James Davies,,243 Daniel James,,243 Mr W James, College Square, 243, 244
Rev Benjamin Daniel,,244 Professor David Phillips MA, Bala, 244  


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