Myddfai: Its Land and Peoples


By David B James, 1991

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These are supplementary extracts to the main indexes and the names that appear here are not included in the latter

Names from the Land Tax assessment made upon the Upper Division of the parish of Myddfai for the year 1797

The data for the actual charges levied has not been extracted.
It appears that the assessment for the Lower Division were not available to the author. (p236-7)








George G Williams

His own

Tir y Pentre

Rees Price

Thomas Jones


Rev Mr Powell

His own

Tir bach

Rev Mr Powell

His own

Cefn gwrych

Rev Mr Powell

His own

Capant yr efel

George G Williams

Rev Mr Powell


David Lloyd

widow of Rees Williams


George G Williams

His own

Bran Mill

George G Williams

His own

Caeau duon

Mrs Owens

George G Williams

Tir bach

Mrs Price

widow of David Morgan

part of Gellyfelen

Evan Morgan

His own

part of Gellyfelen

Lewis Williams

Rev Mr Price

part of Cwmbran

Mrs Owens

Lewis Jones

part of Gorllwyn

Mrs Price

John Jones


Rees Price

John Prichard


Mrs Owens

Evan David


Rees Morgans

William David


Rees Morgans

Morgan and David John


Daniel Price

David Prydderch


George G Williams

Rees Williams


Thomas David

His own


Lewis Jones

Daniel Thomas


Lewis Jones

William Lewis


Thomas Jones

John Rees


Evan David

David Roderick


Mrs Morgans

widow of Rees David


Mrs David Jones

Jacob Rees


Mrs Price

widow of Rhydderch Jones


Evan Powell

Benjamin Theophilus

Hafod y Cadno

Mrs Rees Williams

John Lewis

Tri chwmmwd

Mrs Rees Williams

William John

Hafod vach

Walter Jeffreys

David Moses

Llannerch goch

David Thomas

David Prydderch


Rees Price

Morgan John


Mrs Prydderch

David Jacob


George G Williams

David Lewis

Troed y rhyw

David Llewelyns

Griffith Thomas

Llwyn y piod

Mr Davies Esq

His own


Sackville Gwyn

John Thomas


Sackville Gwyn

John Williams


William Williams

James John

Small hamlet

Morgan John

His own

Small hamlet

widow William Rees

Her own

Small hamlet

Harry Powell

Joseph Evans

Cae Mothvey

Sackville Gwyn

widow of John Thomas

Van fach

George G Williams

Evan Powell


Mr Bowen

His own


Rev Mr Beynon

Thomas Phillip


Rees Price

William Morgan


Mrs Price

Mrs Williams

Merdy bach

Sackville Gwynne

William Morgan William


Mrs owens

William Price

Upper House

Evan Morgan

His own

Lower House

Evan Morgan

His own

White Hall

George G Williams

Rees Williams


Jenkin Phillip

His own


Lord Ashburnham

Lewis Griffith


Rees Pryce Jones

- Parry


Mrs Price

Rees Evan


Mrs Price

David Thomas


Mrs Price

widow of Evan Wm Howel


Mrs Price

Morgan Price


Mrs Price

Jenkin Griffith

Mothvey Tithes

Rees Williams


Mothvey Tithes

Rev Mr W Griffith


Mothvey Tithes

Mrs Price



Mrs Price

Rees Morgan

Dulles vach

Vaughan Esq

Lewis Griffith

Rhandir rosser

W Williams

Thomas Prosser

Black cock

Gwynne Esq

John Lewis


A List of names from the Inscriptions in the parish church of Myddfai

This data is shown in the form of an index based on the entries on pages 233-236 - there is other information in the book.

It would appear that these inscriptions are almost all inside the church itself


Place of abode

Year of






Jones, David - surgeon

Jones, John - surgeon




Father & son

Bishop, John Rees - magistrate

Jones, John - Lieut in 31st Reg of Foot

Bishop, Caroline





Father, son & daughter

Pryse, John Ivor



Son of Judge Bishop of Dolygarreg and his wife Caroline

Bishop, Charles

Bishop, Eleanora Elizabeth

Bishop, Richard Henry





Son of John Rees Bishop

Daughter of Revd Lewis Lewis of Gwinfe

Son of Charles Bishop

Bishop, Arthur - Lieut in 77th Reg of Foot



Son of Charles Bishop of Dol-y-garreg

Price, Rice - Esquire

Price, Anne - his wife





Williams, Lewis Rev. - clergyman



Rector of Cemeys, MON

Price, Magdalen - spinster



Daughter of Rees Price of Porthyrhyd

Price, Thomas - Gent




Owen, Henry - Esqr

Owen, Morgan

Owen, Anne - wife of Morgan

Morgan, Bishop of Llandaffe






Morgan  being the father of Henry

Morgan, Bishop of Llandaff being Henry's great uncle

Jones, Mary - wife of Theos Jones of Brecknock



Daughter of Rees Price of Porthyrhyd

Bowen, Owen - Gent

Bowen, William - Gent

Bowen, Magdalen - wife of William

Bowens, Owen - Gent of Cwmydw

Bowens, David - Gent of Cwmydw







Owen is father of William Bowen

Morgan, Anne



Daughter of Evan and Mary Morgan and grand daughter of William Bowen late of Cwmydwo

Bishop, John Rees - Rector of Oake, SOM

Marke, Mary Dinah

Rees, Elen





Born at Dolygarreg

Mary his daughter

Elen his son

Williams, Erasmus



Son of David Williams of Llwynwormwood

Price, John Rev. - vicar




Williams, David Rev and Mrs



Inscription on church harmonium

Lewis, Lewis

Merthyr Tydfil


Noticeboard with details of will directions

Lewis, Gwen



Altar ornaments given by Anne her daughter

Phillips, Jenkin

Phillips, Ann - wife of Jenkin

Blaen y Ddol



Tablet erected by their grandson John Phillips

Jones, Elizabeth - spinster



Daughter of David Jones, Penyrock

Bishop, Gwenllian - relic



Widow of John Rees Bishop, Dolygareg

Gwynne Holford, Sophia Elizabeth - child



Daughter of Major Gwynne Holford of Cilgwyn

Griffiths, David Isaac

Prydderch, James

Smith, John

Thomas, Dan



War Memorial set in church yard wall


The Free and Voluntary Present to King Charles II (1661-2)

King Charles II was proclaimed King on May 5th 1660 and an attempt was made by parliament to raise money for him by authorising the raising of a voluntary levy, this was termed the free and voluntary present to King Charles.

It seems that the majority of resident freeholders in Myddfai contributed to the king's coffers - this is the list of their names, the data re their contributions isn't extracted here. (p243)

  • Morgan Owens, gent
  • John Rees John Morgan
  • Lewis John Morgan
  • Morgan Williams
  • Lewis Howell
  • Rees David Davies Bedoe *
  • Rees Prees Moris
  • David Morgan David Prees
  • Lewis Phillips
  • John Thomas Rees
  • Thomas Rees David
  • Morgan Owen Morgan John
  • David John Phillip
  • David Rees David
  • Morgan John Morgan
  • Rees Griffith
  • Williams Prudderch William
  • Rees Powell David
  • Owen Morgan
  • John Rees John
  • David Bynon
  • Owen William
  • William Thomas
  • Morgan Rees
  • Lewis John Lewis
  • Howell Lewis
  • William Prees
  • David Rees Griffith
  • Griffith Rees Griffith
  • Griffith Jenkin
  • Phillip Jenkin
  • David Rees ap John
  • Griffith Howell
  • Rudderch Evan
  • Thomas ap Evan
  • John Howell John
  • Owen Thomas
  • Howell David Beynon
  • Rees Rudderch Rees
  • Howell David Thomas
  • Morgan John ap John
  • Gladice Thomas
  • Morgan David Thomas
  • John William Prudderch
  • Lewis Rees David Prees
  • Griffith David Griffith
  • David thomas Lewis

*A deed dated 1623 showied that Rees David Bedoe owned Kae'r Marchog in Myddfai which he sold to William Thomas John Morgan.

Data from the Hearth Tax Returns for 1668

There were 111 houses (in Myddfai parish) that were eligible to pay hearth tax, since some houses had more than one hearth the corresponding number of hearths was 149.  The  24 persons  occupying houses with more than one hearth are listed below. (p244

  • Rees Griffiths
  • Owen Morgan
  • Margaret Thomas
  • James Price, Glantowy
  • Rees Walter
  • Morgan Owens, Glasallt
  • Benjamin Lewis, Cilgwyn
  • Rees Price, Williamsfield
  • William Protherch
  • Thomas Price, Gorllwynfawr
  • Rees Griffith
  • Lewis John Lewis
  • John Rees
  • Gwenllian Lewis
  • Morgan Harry
  • William Williams
  • Gladis Thomas, Great House in village
  • Thomas John Thomas
  • Owens
  • Vincent Fullwood
  • David Rees Griffith
  • Griffith Price
  • David Lewis
  • David Rees ap John

A List of Freeholders in the parish of Myddfai for 1735

This list of 45 names is on p245

  • Roderick Gwynne Esq
  • Morgan Lloyd Esq
  • Morgan Owen Esq
  • Samuel Hughes Esq
  • David Williams of Brecon, gent
  • Daniel Williams, gent
  • Rees Price, gent
  • James Price, gent
  • John Jones of Llandingat, gent
  • David Williams of Glantowy, gent
  • Owen Bowen, gent
  • Evan Thomas
  • William Williams, gent
  • Griffith Jenkin
  • Phillip Jenkin
  • David Phillips
  • David Williams
  • Rees Griffiths
  • Thomas Parry
  • Thomas Prudderch
  • John Powell
  • Thomas John
  • Rees Thomas Rudderch
  • Lewis Williams
  • Rees Thomas John
  • Morgan David Morgan
  • Owen Rees
  • David Thomas ap Thomas
  • David Eynon
  • William Lewis David ap Rees
  • Lewis Thomas Lewis
  • William Thomas
  • John William Prees David
  • Walter Rees
  • David Powell, clerk
  • Lewis David
  • David Thomas of Bettus
  • William Walter
  • Morgan Jenkin
  • Phillip Thomas Lewelin
  • Owen Thomas
  • Thomas Lewis Powell

A List of the Freeholders for the Parish of Myddfai taken from the Land Tax Assessments for the Year 1830

These 3 lists are on p246

Mothvey Upper Division

  • Mr Lewis - Caeauduon
  • J P Holford esq - Tyissa
  • Mr Morgan Morgan - Gellyfelen
  • Mr Lewis Jones - Gellyfelen
  • Daniel Williams - Abertriphlwyf
  • Jeffreys Esq - Hafodfach
  • Mr Thomas Williams - Blaenycwm
  • Mr Morgan Davies - Part of Wernyfed
  • Mr Evan Morgan - Cae Mothvey
  • Mr David Bowen - Cwmydw etc
  • Morgan Morgan - Part of the Upper House
  • Mr Benjamin Morgan - part of the Upper House
  • Mr Thomas Rees - Blaenddol & Pencae
  • Rev Beynon - Beilycelyn
  • Sir G G Williams Bart - Tithes
  • Mr John Walter - Garnlwyd
  • Mr Lewis Walter - Cwmnantyboidy
  • Mr Morgan Morgan, surgeon - Pentwyn
  • Thomas Prosser - Halfway House
  • Mr Thomas Thomas - Pentregronw
  • Mr David Davies - Yellow House
  • Mrs Mary Williams - Llwynrhicet etc
  • Mrs Thomas, widow - Col
  • Anne Williams, widow - Gribin
  • Elinor Morgan - Part of the Upper House
  • Mrs Jones, widow - Cefngole

Mothvey Lower Division

  • J J Holford Esq - Kilgwynne etc
  • John Rees Bishop Esq - Dolgarreg
  • E P Lloyd Esq - Glansevyn etc
  • Mr Thomas Thomas - Cwmgwynne etc
  • Mr Lewis Thomas - Blaendynfich
  • Mr David Lewis - Llettyifandde etc
  • Mr David davies - Goleygoed
  • J G H G Williams Esq - Llwynwormwood etc
  • R W Price Esq - Williamsfield etc
  • Rev Thomas Francis - Tythe
  • Mr Isaac Jones - Troedyrhiw
  • Mr Morgan Thomas - Caelean
  • Mrs Bishop - Penrock etc
  • Mrs Lloyd - Mandinham

Lands in Other Parishes


  • Llwynrhydd - Mr Evan Morgan
  • Abermydan - Mr John Powell
  • Gwernyfed - Mr Morgan Davies


  • Mr Price - Glasallt
  • - Lewis esq - Cwmbran

Free tenants of Myddfai exempted from manorial payments and duties ...1709

Persons whom possessed land within the jurisdiction of the lord of the manor were known as free-tenants of their lord........................... in Myddfai free-tenants holding certain lands were exempted from payment of all dues and customary services except for the attendance at the court of their lord..................... At a Court Baron in 1709 the current holders of these lands are confirmed as were some of the previous holders......... There were eighteen such land holdings - these are not named.

These person names that follow were taken from the transcript of that part of the document setting out the holders of the lands in question. There is narrative accompanying the names in the book which is not extracted here. (p252/3)

  • 1. John Powell Esq - David Rees Lewis - Sir Thomas Jones - Thomas David Goch - Rowland Gwynne Esq of Glanbrane
  • 2. Rowland Gwynne - Lewis Bowen - Sir Thomas Jones - Griffith Lewis Hopkin - Thomas Griffith - Thomas Rees David
  • 3. Morgan Williams gent - Howell Rudderch - William Lewis
  • 4. Thomas Lewis - Lewis Thomas - David Prees Morgan
  • 5. John Thomas Rees - John Powell Esq - Howell Prudderch - Walter David Morgan
  • 6. Morgan Davies - Morgan William - Howell Prudderch - Thomas Gwilym Bowen
  • 7. Morgan Davies - Gwenllian John widow - Lawrence David Bedo
  • 8. John David Rees - Lewis David Griffith - Thomas David Morgan
  • 9. Henry Owen Esq - Anne Owens widow - David Rees ap Morgan
  • 10. Henry Owens - John Morgan David Rees - Lewis David Griffith
  • 11. Rowland Gwynne Esq - James Price - Rees ap Rees Gwynne
  • 12. Morgan Rees gent - John William Morgan
  • 13. Thomas Price gent - David Williams - Thomas Lloyd ap John
  • 14. William Williams gent
  • 15. William Owen
  • 16. Roger Manwaring Esq - David Williams - Martha Owens - Lewis Thomas
  • 17. Rees Griffiths
  • 18. John Powell - Catherine Howell widow - David Powell - Rees Loyd ap Howell

Some Genealogical Inter-Relationships between the Families of Llwynwormwood, Cilgwyn and Williamsfield

This table appears on p 254/5 in the book, the names have not been extracted here.

The name at the top of the tree is David Williams, Vicar of Myddfai, no date shown but from the main book a date of 1614 is indicated.
There are several generations shown, some branches with fewer lines.