Secret Sins


Sex, Violence & Society in Carmarthenshire 1870-1920

By Russell Davies 1996

Indexed by Angela Davies April 2000

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  • Introduction; Private Lives, Public Witnesses; The Individual and Society in Carmarthsnhire
  • A Sense of Place
  • A Psychic Crisis ? The Social Context of Mental Illness and Suicide
  • "Secret Sins"; Crime and Protest
  • Sexuality and Tension
  • Spiritual Skeletons ; Religion, Superstition and Popular Culture
  • Conclusion; Carmarthenshire and Welsh Society

Introduction from the book's cover;

"The traditional portrait of Welsh rural society in late Victorian and Edwardian times was of an intensely religious land of bible-black morality.

This exciting book challenges that view by using the experiences of individuals, rural inhabitants and town dwellers, to present a radically new interpretation of Welsh social history.

After an overview of the economic, social, and political changes in Carmarthenshire between 1870 and 1920, Russell Davies probes the records of people's private lives to analyse the reluctance for education in farming communities, the influence of religion and the Revival, the continuation of superstitions, and the rich variety of popular culture.  We are also taken into a twilight world of mental illness and suicide, crime and protest, sexuality, prostitution, high illegitimacy, assaults, disease, cruelty, neglect and infanticide.

This challenging, passionately written and meticulously researched volume gives a major new appraisal of the social history of an area of rural and industrial Wales which many Nonconformists in particular had claimed to be thoroughly law abiding, moral and respectable."

For my part, I found the book managed to live down its "racey title" , completely lived up to the above introduction and was a thoroughly absorbing read.

Gareth Hicks 2000



Andrews Mr, 29, 
Baccus, John Pen-bre 124,Banks, Thomas, Tumble, 141,
Barker, Thomas, Bishop Auckland, 47,Barnes, Rose, 215,
Batten, Inspector, 183,Beith, Robert, Bryngwili,Tumble, 140,141,142,
Bell, Grace, New Dock, Llanelli, 162,Bennett, George Talybont 125,
Bingham, Judge, 171,Bishop, Judge, Llanelli, 54,
Blake, George Stradey Estate,Llanelli 106,Bourne, Annie, Bynea 181,
Bowen, Clifford A., Morriston and Llanelli, 47,Bowen, David 106,
Bowen, James Lane, 32,Bowen, John, Ammanford, 167,
Bowen, Maria, Bryn Terrace, Llanelli, 169,Bowen, W, Station Road, Llanelli, 52,
Bowen, William, Revd., Penygroes, 201,Brace, Judge 26,
Brett, Lord Justice 113,Brice, William, Llanelli, 133,
Bright, Alfred, Kidwelly, 54,Brodie, W.W. Dr., 182,
Burnie, R.D., 138,Burrows, Captain, Llanelli, 144,
Bytheway, William, Llanelli, 55,Carter, Frederick, 181,
Cawdor, Earl of, Stackpole Court and Golden Grove, 41,45,Chappell, Edgar, 63,64,
Clark, Enoch, Tumble, 142,Clarke, Ellen, Llanelli, 52,
Cleeves, Frederick 29, 
Clement, John, Pontarddulais, 131,Cookman, Mrs, Dolau Cothi, 134,
Cooper, Alfred, Llanelli, 225,Cope, Emily, Carmarthen and Bristol, 173,174,
Coslet, Joshua, 215,Cottrell, Mary, Carmarthen, 181,
Cowell-Stepney,Sir Arthur Keppel, Llanelli, 41,Currie, Charles Pen-y-groes 124,
Currie, Margaret Pen-y-groes 124,Currie, William, Tumble, 141,
Curtis, Mary, Laugharne, 214,Darling, John, 131,
David, William Llanelli 119,Davies, Annie, 195,
Davies, Arundel, Tumble, 141,Davies, Benjamin, Ropewalk Road, Llanelli, 178,
Davies, Blanche, Llanelli, 76,Davies, C. Meudwy, Llanelli, 48,
Davies, Catherine Miss, Llanelli, 48,Davies, David James, 188,
Davies, David Revd., Cynwyl Gaeo 112,Davies, David, Llanelli, 105,
Davies, David, Private, Tregaron, 105,Davies, David, 79,
Davies, David, Llanelli, 152,Davies, Elizabeth, Llangennech, 75,
Davies, Enoch, Dr., 138,Davies, Esther, 169,
Davies, Esther, Blaenduad, Llandysul, 134,Davies, Eunice, 79,
Davies, James Mill St, Carmarthen 121,Davies, James, Burry Port, 138,
Davies, James, Lampeter, 99,Davies, Jane, Gwernogle, 85,
Davies, John Andrew, Llanelli, 76,Davies, John, Pantyrholiad, Penbryn, Cardiganshire, 138,
Davies, Marina, Pleasant Row, Llanelli, 181,Davies, Mary Ann, Cardiff, 164,
Davies, Mary Ann, Trostre Road, Llanelli, 180,Davies, Mary Ellen Penclawdd 106,
Davies, Mary 106,Davies, Owen, St Clears, 172,
Davies, Rees, Tumble Row, Tumble, 140,Davies, Revd., 212,
Davies, Rhys, 35,Davies, S.O., 67,
Davies, Susannah, Ropewalk Road, Llanelli. 178,Davies, T, Llanelli, 173,
Davies, Thomas John, 132,Davies, Thomas Manordeilo/Llandybie 118,
Davies, Thomas, Ffynnondafalog, Tre-lech a'r Betws, 136,Davies, Thomas, Llangennech, 130,
Davies, Thomas, Tumble, 67,Davies, Tom, P.C., Llanelli, 152,
Davies, Walter, Spittal, Pembrokeshire and Llanelli, 47.Davies, William Thomas, Nevill Street, Llanelli, 167,
Davies, William, Llansawel, 129,Deaking, Professor, Alexandra Rd, Swansea, 172,
Dewy, Ann, 211,Dodd, Adelina New Dock St., Llanelli 121,122,123,
Dodd, Albina 120,Donnio, Francis, 121,
Donovan, John, 61,Drummond, D.W., Edwinsford, 86,
Drummond, James, Sir, 83,182,Drummond, Lady, 44,
Dryden, John Llanelli 123,Dynevor, Lady, 75,
Dynevor, Lord, Dynevor Castle, Llandeilo, 41,45,130,Ebsworth, John, Pendine, 136,
Edmunds, Henry, The Railway Hotel, Burry Port, 197,Edwards, Ann Oxen St, Llanelli, 152
Edwards, Ann, Oxen Street, Llanelli, 149,Edwards, Mary, Pemberton St,Llanelli, 179,
Edwards, Mrs, Campbell Road, Llandybie, 212,Edwards, Thomas Charles, Pemberton St,Llanelli, 179,
Edwards, Thomas John, 12 Church St, Llanelli, 152,Elliott, George, Llandybie, 139,
Elms, Lydia Pen-bre, 174,Elms, Walter, Pen-bre, 174,175,
Emlyn, Lord, Golden Grove, 44,Emmanuel, John, Neville Street, Llanelli, 179,
Evans, Ann, Cynwyl Gaeo, 171,Evans, Benjamin, 180,
Evans, Caradoc 110,113,Evans, Caradoc, 89,90,96,
Evans, Daniel, Tumble, 142,Evans, David, Ffair-fach, 129,
Evans, David, Llansawel, 129,Evans, Dr., Llanelli, 140,
Evans, E, Dr., 73,78,Evans, Edith, Llanelli, 183,
Evans, Elizabeth 120,Evans, Elizabeth, Llangennech, 78,
Evans, Ellen Llanpumsaint 123,Evans, Ellen, Llanelli, 162,
Evans, Esther Ann, Tre-lech a'r Betws, 172,Evans, Esther, Pwll, Llanelli, 56,
Evans, Evan, Llandyssul, 138,Evans, Evan, Llangennech, 78,
Evans, Gwilym 24,55,Evans, Gwilym, Llanelli, 55,
Evans, Henry, Llanelli, 183,Evans, Hiriam, Rhymni, 127,
Evans, James, Caer-bryn, Penygroes, 106,Evans, John Crwys Revd., 107,
Evans, John, Revd., Gwernogle, 137,Evans, Jonathan, Llanfynydd, 69,
Evans, Keri, Revd., 195,199,207,Evans, Margaret, 180,
Evans, Mary Ann 120,Evans, Mary, Llansawel, 182,
Evans, P, Revd., Llandysul, 137,Evans, Phylip, Revd., 212,
Evans, Revd., Tynewydd, 137,Evans, S.T., 138,
Evans, Sidney, Llanelli, 197,Evans, Thomas, Llanelli, 77,
Evans, William, Bird in Hand, Carmarthen, 163,Evans, Caeo, 84,
Forbes, Mary Ann Llanelli 123,Francis, Mary Wharf Lane,Llanelli 123,
Garrett, William, Pendine, 136,George, Harriet 120,
Gibbs, Betsi, Laugharne, 132,Gilmore, Carrie, Llanelli, 164,
Goodall, Dr., Carmarthen, 93,99,Gravell, Daniel Ferryside 118,
Griffiths, Charles 106,Griffiths, D.D., 202,
Griffiths, Maggie, Miss, Llanelli, 197,Griffiths, Rachel, Dafen, Llanelli, 169,
Griffiths, William George, New Dock Road, Llanelli, 217,Gwynne-Hughes, J.W., Tre-gib, Llandeilo, 41,
Haggar, William, Llanelli, 221,222,Harding, Albert, Llanelli 48,
Harries, John, Cwrtycadno, 216,Harries, William, Llanelli, 131,
Harries-Campbell-Davys,William, Neuadd-fawr,Llandovery, 41,Harris, Reader, Q.C., Carmarthen, 194,196,
Harry, Morlais, Llangennech, 168,Hearder, Dr., Carmarthen, 96,
Heeson, Henry, 102,Herbert, Revd John, Llanllawddog, 188,
Hewlett, E., Ammanford, 55,Hills, James, Sir., Dolau Cothi, 83,
Hills-Johnes, Charlotte, Dolau Cothi, 212,Hills-Johnes, Sir James, Dolau Cothi, 42,43,44.
Hope, Mary Elizabeth, Llanelli, 180,Hopkins, Dr., Carmarthen, 173,174,
Hopkins, M, Revd., Pen-bre, 160,Hopkins, P.C., Carmarthen, 174,
Howard, Sir James, Llanelli, 45,Howard, Stafford Vaughan Stepney, 42,223,
Howard, Stafford, Lady, Llanelli, 79,Howell, William, Llanelli, 130,
Howell, William, Llanelli, 55,Howell, William, New Lodge, Burry Port, 45,
Howells, David Thomas, Pont Tynon, 151,Howells, William Rees, Whitland, 183,
Howton, Pastor, 199,Hughes, Arthur, Dr., 73,76,
Hughes, Arthur, Dr., Carmarthen, 65,Hughes, D.E. Revd., Llangeler, 202,
Hughes, D.J., Ferryside 118,Hughes, Evan R. Revd., Taffs Well, 202,
Hughes, R, Revd., Llanfihangel Rhos-y-corn, 137,Hughes, William Ferryside 118,
Hunter, Dr., 106,107,Isaacs, Thomas, Swansea Road, Llanelli, 176,
James, John, 102,James, Margaret, Pen-bre, 74,
James, William, Llangennech, 130,Jarman, Una Gertrude, Llanelli, 163,
Jay, John Llanelli 119,Jeffreys, P, Revd., Saron Llangeler, 137,
Jenkins, David, 37,Jenkins, David, 87,
Jenkins, Gwili, 206,208,Jenkins, Henry Carmarthen 116,
Jenkins, Joseph, Rev., 194, 195,196,Jenkins, Joseph, Rev., 203,207,
Jenkins, Mary, Mrs, Glynderi,Llangeler, 202,Jenkins, May, 169,
Jenkins, Rachel, Vauxhall,Llanellli, 169,Jenkins, Sara, Pwll, Llanelli, 166,
Jenkins, Sarah, Heol Y Mynydd,Bryn, Llanelli, 167,John, David Daniel, Llanelli, 152,
John, David, Llanelli, 131,John, Henry, Llangennech, 130,
John, Hopkin, 127,John, John, Llanelli, 144,145,153.
Johnes, Charlotte, Dolau Cothi, 134,Johnes, John , Judge Sir, Dolau Cothi, 134,
Johnes, Miss., Dolau Cothi, 83,Johns, John, Llanfihangel-ar-arth, 171,
Johns, Thomas Revd., Llanelli 112,Johns, Thomas, Revd., Llanelli, 188,192,204,
Johnston, Ellen, Llanelli, 174,Jones, D., Revd., Bangor Teifi, 138,
Jones, D.E. Revd. Professor, 204,Jones, Daniel Catherine St, Carmarthen 121,
Jones, Daniel, Gorsfach Cottage, Carmel, 200,Jones, David Eleazar, Revd., Carmarthen, 204,
Jones, David, Llandovery, 95,180,Jones, David, Swansea, 54,
Jones, Ebenezer, Pantyffynnon, 129,Jones, Evan, St Clears, 165,
Jones, F.A. Gerwyn, Pantglas, 68,Jones, F.A.G., Pantglas, Carmarthen, 41,
Jones, Griffith Evan, 131,Jones, Idris Inspector, Llanelli, 183,
Jones, Ieuan Gwynedd, 67,Jones, Jack, Llanelli, 225,
Jones, James, 163,Jones, John Cynwyl Gaeo, 171,
Jones, John Llanelli 124,Jones, John Llangynnwr 106,
Jones, John, Revd, Llandovery, 180,Jones, John, Wern-fawr, Carmarthen, 132,
Jones, Margaret, 163,Jones, Margaret, Llandovery, 99,
Jones, Margaret, Mill Terrace, Pantyffynnon,Ammanford, 167,Jones, Mary Ann, Carmarthen, 102,
Jones, Mary Ann, Hawkers Lodging House, Carmarthen, 183,Jones, Mary, 211,
Jones, Miss, Llanelli, 197,Jones, Morgan, Llanmilo, St Clears, 41,
Jones, Myron, Llanelli, 55,Jones, Oliver Ferryside 118,
Jones, P, Revd., Pencader, 137,Jones, P.D., Revd., Llandysul, 137,
Jones, R.B. Revd., 194,Jones, Ruth, New Street, Llanelli, 177,
Jones, Samuel, Cleveland Hotel, Llanelli, 169,Jones, Sarah, Gorsfach Cottage, Carmel 202,207,208,
Jones, Sarah, Gerrnogle, 85,Jones, Sarah, Gorsfach Cottage, Carmel, 199,200,201,
Jones, Superintendent L., Llanelli 117,Jones, Ted, 225,
Jones, Thomas Llanelli 124,Jones, Thomas, J.P. Bryn-mair, Goring road and Bradbury 15,127,145,146,149,150-153
 Jones, Thomas, Bradbury House, Llanelli, 45,
Jones, Thomas, Llanelli, 144,Jones, Thomas, Llanelli, 61, 126,
Jones, Towyn, Revd. M.P., Tumble, 68,Jones, Trevor, Revd., Llanelli, 197,
Jones, W. Revd., Llan-non, 141,Jones, W.H., Ferryside 118,
Jones, W.N. Alderman, J.P., Ammanford, 55,Jones, W.S., 194,
Jones, William, Carreg Cennen, 180,Jones-Davies, Henry, 37,38,
Joseph, W, Revd., Llandysul, 137,Joshua, Frank, 195,
Joshua, Seth, 194,195,196,Joshua, Seth, 202,206,
King, William 121,Lane, W.R., Carmarthen, 196,
Laurie, Ivor Manordeilo/Llandybie 118,Ledster, Mary Ann, Llwynhendy, Llanelli, 174,
Lee, Jane Mill St., Carmarthen 123,Lewis, C.W.M. Llanelli, 130, 131,
Lewis, Catherine, Bryn-teg, Carmarthen, 178, 179,Lewis, Charles Prytherch, Llandingat, Llandovery, 45,
Lewis, David, Bryn-teg, Carmarthen, 178, 179,Lewis, David, Dan-y-bank, Carmarthen, 129,
Lewis, E.R.R., 67,Lewis, Elfet, 195,208,
Lewis, Gwenllian, Glanaman, 178,Lewis, Hodge, Llanelli, 163,
Lewis, Jane, Llanfihangel Aberbythych, 171,Lewis, John Llanelli 124,
Lewis, John, Wind Street, Llanelli, 171,Lewis, Lydia, Llangennech, 168,
Lewis, M.M. Mrs., Carmarthen, 93,Lewis, Mary 106,
Lewis, May, Llanfihangel-ar-arth, 171,Lewis, Peggy, 138,
Lewis, PS., Tumble, 132,Lewis, Rees, 129,
Lewis, Robert, Burry Port, 139,Lewis, Robert, Pendine, 136, 137,138,
Lewis, Thomas, Revd,, Tywi Valley, 211,Lewis, Thomas, Llandybie, 139,
Lewis, W.W. Revd., Carmarthen, 194,195,196,Lewis, William, Carmarthen, 95,
Llewellyn, John, Glanaman, 167,Lloyd Thomas, J.M. Canon, Llannarth, 98,
Lloyd, Eleanor, Llanelli, 166,Lloyd, Fred, Water Street, Carmarthen. 180,
Lloyd, Horace, Llanelli, 182,Lloyd, Llewelyn, Glangwily, Carmarthen, 41,
Lloyd, Marteine Owen Mowbray Sir, Bronwydd, Llandysul, 41,59,Lloyd, Mary Ann, Water Street, Carmarthen, 180,
Ludcott, William Llanelli 119,Ludford, Thomas R., Llanelli, 167,170,
Luffman, George, Llanelli, 130,Mainwaring,David, 221,
Maizey, Benjamin, Kidwelly, 133,Maizey, David, Kidwelly, 133,
Maizey, Jane, Kidwelly, 133,Markham, Drusilla, 215,
Marriot, James alias Saunders Llandeilo Fawr 125,May, Albert, Llanelli, 152,
Meyer, F.B. Dr., 194,Michael, William Thomas, the Croft, Ammanford, 46,
Morgan, Ann, Gors-las, 75,Morgan, Ernest Lloyd 106,
Morgan, Evan, Pwll, Llanelli, 167,Morgan, John Lloyd, KC.,MP., Llanelli, 171,
Morgan, Maggie, 105,Morgan, Muriel, 105,
Morgan, Revd., Tabor Baptist Chapel, 141,Morgan, William Llanarthne 107,
Morrels, Margaret, Carmarthen, 102,Morris, Colonel, Llandeilo, 56,
Morris, Elisabeth, Llanelli, 182,Morris, Lewis Sir, 107,
Morris, Myrddin, Llanelli, 69,Morris, William, Llanelli, 182,
Morse, Joseph, Pwll, Llaneli, 168,Mundy, Elizabeth 107,
Mundy, Frank 107,Murphy, Patrick Llanelli 124,
Nevill, Frank, Llanelli, 144,Nevill, Richard Thornton, 42,
Nicholas, Gwilym, Revd., Gowerton, 168,Nicholas, John, 171,
Norris, James Manordeilo/Llandybie 118,Nurse, Arthur, Llanelli, 131,
Nurse, Richard, Park Terrace, Llanelli, 149,O'Brien, Patrick, 132,
Owen, Margaret, Kidwelly 120,Page, Thomas, Park Terrace, Llanelli, 149,
Parker, Blodwen, 179,Parker, John, 179.
Parry, D.C., Llanelli, 145,Parry-Jones, Daniel, Revd., 87,
Peel Miss, Danyrallt, 42,Peel, William, Taliaris, Llandeilo, 41,
Penn-Lewis, Mrs, 194,209,Phillipps, Wynford, 138,
Phillips, D.M., 195,Phillips, David Edwin Sheridan, 181,
Phillips, J.W., Haverfordwest, 45,Phillips, John Bevan, J.P., Llwynarthen, 46,48,
Phillips, John 125,126Phillips, John, Revd., Newcastle Emlyn, 195,
Phillips, John, 127,Phillips, Sydney J., Llanelli, 50,
Phillips, T, Revd., 137,Phillips, Willie, Garnant, 225,
Phillpot, Margaret Mary, 182,Platt, Joseph, Trimsaran, 145,
Powell, Alice 120,Powell, E.J., 49,
Powell, Mr and Mrs, Maes-gwyn, Llanboidy, 42,Powell, Thomas Hambury, Llanelli 107.
Powell,W.R.H., 44,Praws, Ann, Cardigan, 102,
Prendeville, Thomas Llanelli 119,Price, Daniel Glanaman 121.
Price, James, Park Terrace, Llanelli, 149,Price, Rees, Llandovery, 95,
Pritchard, Charles Coldstream Street, Llanelli 124,Protheroe, James, Llwynhendy, 162,
Pugh, David, Llansawel, 129,Pugh, William, 52,
Puik, Mr., Murray Street,Llanelli, 52.,Puxley, Henry Lavallin, Llangan, St Clears, 41,
Rae, Daniel Mill St, Carmarthen 121,Rae, George, Mill Street, Carmarthen, 60,121,
Rae, William Mill St, Carmarthen 121,Randel, Ann, 127,
Reed, Deborah, 182,Rees, Anne, 180,
Rees, Catherine, Trimsaran, 169,Rees, David, Llanddarog, 129,
Rees, E Miss, Mina Street, Llanelli, 49,Rees, Elizabeth Ann, Pwll, Llanelli, 168,
Rees, Enoch, 26,Rees, Henry Captain, Mina Street, Llanelli, 49,
Rees, John, Tumble, 141,Rees, Rees, Llanelli, 166,
Rees, Rees, Llan-giwg,Glamorgan, 216,Rees, Thomas, Llandybie, 139,
Reesm , Daniel, St Clears, 165,Reith, Mr., Tumble, 140,
Rice, Walter Fitzuryan, Dynevor Estate, 42,Richards, Emily Maria, Carmarthen, 168,
Richards, Henry Evan Blagdon, Carmarthen 46,Richards, John, New Road, Llandeilo, 129,
Richards, Mr., Llanelli, 77,Richards, Thomas Rees, 106,
Richards, William Ferryside 118,Richardson, E.C., Glanbrydan, 42,
Ridgen, Henry Llanarthne 106,Riechaelieu, Jessie Llanelli 124,
Roberts, Agnes, Tumble, 170,Roberts, Agnes, Tumble, 172,
Roberts, Dan, 195,Roberts, Evan, Loughor, 193,195,197,199,
Roberts, Evan, Loughor, 200,203,207,208,Roberts, Evan, Loughor, 209,
Roberts, Gomer, Revd., 212,Roberts, Gomer, 221,
Roberts, R. Gwylfa, Llanelli, 221,Roblin, Mr., Llanboidy, 138,
Roderick, J.S., Dr., Llanelli, 173,Roderick, Sydney, Dr., 131,
Roderick, William Buckley, Llanelli, 45,Rodgers, J.H., Llanelli, 53,
Rodleym, Fred, Maenordeilo, 166,Rogers, Mary, Llanelli, 102,
Rogers, Roger, Llanfallteg, 129,Russell, William Llan-non 123,
Saunders, J.M., Carmarthen, 196,Saunders, James Llansawel 125,
Scott, Captain, Llanelli, 142,Scott, Superintendent, Llanelli 140,
Scott, William, Five Roads, Llanelli, 172,Scull, Andrew T., Professor, 98,
Smith, Alice 'gypsy', 215,Smith, John, 163,
Smythe, William Llanpumsaint 123,St Leonard, Madame, Coldstream Street, Llanelli, 215,
Stagg, Georgina 120,Stead, Holmes, Llanelli, 55,
Stepney St, Lanelli, 149, 150,Stepney, Catherine Muriel Cowell Miss, Llanelli 48,
Stepney, Sir Arthur, Llanelli, 45,Steward, Mary, Llanelli, 183,
Stuart, Brownlow, Major, Llanelli, 144,Sutton, Henry 124,
Sutton, Mrs, Llanelli, 154,Symms, Frederick, 127,
Theopolis, Christopher, Llanelli, 169,Thickens, John, Revd., 194,195,203,207,
Thomas, Ann Llanelli 115,Thomas, Cambrian, Dr., 74,
Thomas, D. Lleufer, 62,Thomas, D.W. Revd., Canon, 212,
Thomas, David Henry, Capel Hendre, 168,Thomas, David Kidwelly 124,
Thomas, David, Carmarthen, 95,Thomas, David, Llanelli, 169,
Thomas, Edgar, Gwalia House, Llanelli, 167,Thomas, Fanny, Llanelli, 102,
Thomas, Henry, 106,Thomas, John Revd., Capel Isaac 107,
Thomas, John, Kidwelly, 133,Thomas, Mary Llanelli 115,
Thomas, Mary, Cynwyl Elfed, 167,Thomas, Sarah Jane, Pont-henri, 164,
Thomas, Thomas, Merthyr Tydfil, 162,Thomas, Thomas, Pantyffynnon, 129,
Thomas, W, Revd., Whitland, 135,137,204,Thomas, W. Revd., Llanboidy, 138,
Thomas, William Mrs., Carmarthen 123,Thomas, William, Pontyberem, 168,
Thompson, Ada, Mill Street, Carmarthen, 60,120,Toplis, Thomas, Llanelli, 130, 131,
Toplis, William, Llanelli, 130,131,Tregonning, J.S., Llanelli, 49,
Treharne, Ernest, 169,Tremble, William, Caeo, 134,
Trimming, William, Llanelli, 152,Vaughan, H.M., 44,
Vaughan, Mary Llanelli 123,Vaughan, Richard Llanddeusant 110,
Virago, Madame and Professor, 215,Waddell, George, Tumble, 142,
Waddell, John, Tumble, 139,142,Walker, Ann, Swansea Castle Inn, Llanelli, 173,
Walters, David, Llanelli, 131,Walters, T.R. Revd., Carmarthen, 192,
Walters, Thomas, Dr., 105,Watson, Mr., Bryngwili, Tumble, 142,
West, John, Llanarthne, 132,Wherle, Mr., Park Street, Llanelli, 52,53,123,
White, Joe, 225,Wilkins, Henry, Llanarthne, 132,
Wilkins, Henry, Llanelli, 150,Wilkins, Tom The Bungalow, Burry Port, 21,
Wilkinson, Mr., St Clears, 191,Williams, Ann 107,
Williams, Arthur 106Williams, Bridget, 163,
Williams, C.M., Cardigan, 91,Williams, D.J., 99,
Williams, D.P., Penygroes, 209,Williams, David, Carmarthen, 100,
Williams, David, Llanelli 48,Williams, David, Tumble, 142,
Williams, Edith Mary, Plough and Harrow, Glanaman, 167,Williams, Frederick, Oxen Street, Llanelli, 149,
Williams, Henry, Dolau Fawr, 181,Williams, Henry, Hall Street, Llanelli, 146,
Williams, Henry, Llanelli, 144,Williams, Iona, Revd., 205,224,
Williams, J.H. Dr., Llanelli, 217,Williams, James, 208,
Williams, John, 131,Williams, John, Llanelli, 131,
Williams, John, Tregaron, 105,Williams, Josiah Waterloo Rd, Penygroes 124,
Williams, Llewelyn, Pontarddulais, 131,Williams, Louise, Dolau Fawr, 181,
Williams, Margaret, 105,Williams, Mary, 168,
Williams, Mary, Five Roads, Llanelli, 172,Williams, Mr., Princess St, Llanelli, 217,
Williams, Nathaniel, 38,Williams, Owen, Dr., 175,
Williams, Ruth 107Williams, Sarah, Maenordeilo, 166,
Williams, T.G., 171,Williams, W. Nantlais, Ammanford, 195,196,207,
Williams, William Llewelyn, Llansadwrn, 88,Williams-Drummond, Sir James, Edwinsford, 41,
Wilson, Dr., 90,Worsell, Leonard, Llanelli, 144,145,153,
Wyn, Watcyn, 221,Yelverton, William, Whitland, 41,