Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830


The information  below relating to St Clears, Laugharne and Neighbourhoods was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

St Clears, Laugharne & Neighbourhoods

St Clears, or St Clare (so called from its founder Lady Santa Clara, in the sixth century), is now an inconsiderable market and borough town, in the parish of its name, hundred of Derllys, and county of Carmarthen; 229 miles from London, 13 from Narberth, and nine from Carmarthen; situate on the river Tavy, which is navigable for vessels up to 250 tons burthen, and by which means it carries on a trade in agricultural and dairy produce.

It is governed by a portrieve, elected annually by and from the burgesses, who have the right of voting at the election of the county member.

The places of worship are, one church and three dissenting chapels; and the charities comprise a small foundation-school for educating eight children; and a charity school for 60 children, supported by subscriptions; and alms-houses, founded by Lady Drummond (sister to James I), who was buried in the church here. The living is a vicarage, of which Major Phillips is the patron, and the Rev. David Evans the incumbent.

The market days are Tuesday and Friday; and the fairs take place on the 12th of May, 5th of June, and 10th of October, for cattle and swine.

The parish contained, by the last returns, 908 inhabitants.

Laugharne, or Lacharne, commonly called Larne, is a village and township, in the parish of its name about three miles from St Clears, in the same hundred and county as that town; containing in the year 1821, 1953 inhabitants.

Post Office, St Clears, Thomas Rees, Post Master --- Letters from London arrive every morning at two, and are despatched every night at half-past eleven--- Letters from Ireland arrive every night at half-past eleven, and are despatched every morning at two.

Post Office, Laugharne, John Harry, Post Master --- Letters from all parts arrive every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at four.

Gentry and Clergy

  • Beynon, Rice, gent; St Clears
  • Brown, Colonel John; Laugharne
  • Callow, Mrs William; Laugharne
  • Edwards, Col. Rowland; Laugharne
  • Edwards, Mrs; St Clears
  • Edwards, Reece, esq; St Clears
  • Evans, Mrs Alice; Laugharne
  • Evans, Rev John; St Clears
  • Evans, Rev Joseph; St Clears
  • Evans, Rev Stephen, St Clears
  • Fairchild, Dennis, esq; Laugharne
  • Hamilton, Rev Augustus Lodowick; Laugharne
  • Hill, Captain Henry; Laugharne
  • Howells, Joseph, gent; Laugharne
  • Jones, Mrs Ann; St Clears
  • Larn, Captain William; Laugharne
  • Locke, Hy Sampson, gent; Laugharne
  • Parry, Rev George; Laugharne
  • Philipps, Rev James; St Clears
  • Powell, Timothy, esq; Laugharne
  • Price, Captain John; St Clears
  • Scott, Captain Edward; St Clears
  • Stackpole, George, esq; Laugharne
  • Starke, Mrs Elizabeth; Laugharne
  • Thomas, Rev David Thos; St Clears
  • Thomas, the Misses; Laugharne
  • Trehearn, John, esq; St Clears
  • Trehearn, Mrs Sarah; Laugharne
  • Uniack, John, esq; Laugharne
  • Van Heythuysen, Miss; Laugharne
  • Waters, Mrs Margaret; St Clears
  • Waters, Thomas, esq; Laugharne
  • Weir, Lieutenant Thos; St Clears
  • Whitaker, John, gent; Laugharne
  • Williams, Hy, esq; Gosport, Laugharne


  • Bland, William; Laugharne
  • Evans, Ann; St Clears
  • Morgan, Morgan; Laugharne
  • Thomas, Ann, Laugharne


  • Beynon, Thomas; Laugharne
  • Rees, John; Laugharne


  • Clark, William; St Clears
  • Evans, Esau; St Clears
  • Williams, Richard; Laugharne

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Clark, Evan; St Clears
  • Francis, John; St Clears
  • Hugh, John; Laugharne
  • Hughes, John; Laugharne
  • Williams, William; Laugharne


  • Hughes, David; Laugharne
  • Hughes, William; Laugharne
  • Powell, Thomas; Laugharne

Butter & Corn Dealers

  • David, John; Laugharne
  • Rogers, James (& miller); St Clears


  • Brickstocke, Job (& cabinet maker); St Clears
  • Davies, George; Laugharne
  • Davis, Joshua; Laugharne
  • Francis, John; St Clears
  • Jones, Wm; St Clears
  • Thomas, Joshua ( and auctioneer); Laugharne
  • Williams, William; Laugharne


  • Hooper, James; St Clears
  • Howell, Daniel; Laugharne
  • Jones, Thomas; Laugharne

Flannel Weavers

  • Phillips, John; St Clears
  • Walter, Jacob; St Clears

Grocers & Drapers

  • Bevan, William; Laugharne
  • Davies, Jonah; St Clears
  • Escott, Thomas; Laugharne
  • Glascodine, Mary; Laugharne
  • Griffiths, Thomas; St Clears
  • Hugh, Jane; Laugharne
  • Hughes, John (& stamp distributor); Laugharne
  • Lewis, Thomas; Laugharne
  • Powell, John; Laugharne
  • Rees, Thomas; St Clears
  • Roberts, Lewis; St Clears
  • Thomas, Evan; St Clears
  • Thomas, Stephen; Laugharne
  • Williams, David; Laugharne
  • Woods, Thomas (& liquor dealer); Laugharne


  • Blue Boar, Jno Thomas; St Clears
  • Red Cow, Wm Bowers; St Clears


  • Harry, John; Laugharne
  • Powell, John; Laugharne
  • Rees, Thomas; St Clears
  • Roberts, Lewis; St Clears


  • Evans, Jonah; St Clears
  • Griffiths, John; St Clears
  • Harry, John; Laugharne
  • Howell, John; Laugharne
  • Philipps, James; St Clears
  • Rees, Thomas; St Clears
  • Thomas, Margaret; Laugharne

Stone Masons

  • Davies, Thomas; St Clears
  • Hitchins, William; Laugharne
  • Hugh, John; Laugharne
  • Thomas, Henry; St Clears


  • Hawkins & Hamilton; Laugharne


  • Francis, Thomas; Laugharne
  • Jardine, Alexander; Laugharne
  • Wilkins, John; Laugharne

Tallow Chandlers

  • Lloyd, William; Laugharne
  • Thomas, David; St Clears

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Ball, Rose Rees; Laugharne
  • Black Lion, John Thomas; St Clears
  • Bush, Joseph Davies; St Clears
  • Bush, William John; Laugharne
  • Carpenters' Arms, David Davies; Laugharne
  • Coach & Horses, Henry Clark; St Clears
  • Globe, Thomas Edwards; Laugharne
  • Green Dragon, John Sedger; Laugharne
  • Greyhound, John Davis; Laugharne
  • Hope & Anchor, Jabez Davies; St Clears
  • Jolly Sportsman, David Hughes; Laugharne
  • King's Head, John Griffiths; St Clears
  • Mason's Arms, Henry Thomas; St Clears
  • Mermaid, David Harris; St Clears
  • New Inn, William Maddox; Laugharne
  • Rose & Crown, Edward Davies; Laugharne
  • Ship, Benjamin Clark; St Clears
  • Ship, Thomas Skeel; Laugharne
  • Three Mariners, Joshua Davis; Laugharne
  • Three Mariners, James Hooper; St Clears
  • White Horse, Josiah Evans; St Clears
  • White Swan, John Griffiths; St Clears


  • Curtis, Ann, straw hat maker; Laugharne
  • David, James, druggist; Laugharne
  • Davies, Edward, glazier and tin-plate worker; Laugharne
  • Edwards, Mary Ann, dress maker; Laugharne
  • Howell, Arthur, coast officer; Laugharne
  • Lewis, Seth, tanner; Laugharne
  • Payer, Henry, glover & tanner; Laugharne
  • Pugh, David, saddler; St Clears
  • Roberts, Thomas, ship builder; Laugharne
  • Sayer, John, earthenware and basket dealer; Laugharne


  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Milford) calls at the Blue Boar, St Clears, every night at half-past eleven; goes through Carmarthen
  • To Carmarthen, the Cambrian (from Haverfordwest) calls at the Blue Boar, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoon at three --- and the Regulator, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at half-past twelve, during the summer.
  • To Haverfordwest, the Cambrian (from Carmarthen) calls at the Blue Boar, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday forenoon at half-past eleven --- and the Regulator, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at half-past two, during the summer; both go through Narberth.
  • To Milford, the Royal Mail (from Carmarthen) calls at the Post Office, every morning at two; and goes through Haverfordwest.


  • To London, North and Rees, every Wednesday morning --- and Prosser and Co, every Thursday night; both go through Carmarthen.
  • To Carmarthen, John Davies and William Beynon, from Laugharne, every Wednesday and Saturday morning.
  • To Haverfordwest, North and Rees, every Monday --- & Prosser & Co, every Tuesday night.

Conveyance by Water

Coasting Traders

To Bristol, the Mary, Thomas Lewis, from Laugharne, every month