A Denbighshire Bibliography


 Books of General Interest for Family Historians


It is acknowledged that one of the principal sources of the details of books etc included
 on these pages is the online catalogues of the National Library of Wales


  • Eminent Welshmen of Denbighshire: by a 'Cambrian'    Carnarvon 1875/6
  • Hughes, H Ellis.  Eminent Men  of Denbighshire   Liverpool 1946

Church History

  • Deoniaethau gwlad Dinbych a Dyffryn Clwyd      The Church in Wales        2001
  • Evans, J Wyn    The early church in Denbighshire      Denbighshire Historical Society  35 (1986),
  • Lloyd-Williams & Underwood.  The architectural antiquities and village churches of Denbighshire   (facs)  Mold 1998
  • The village churches of Denbighshire illustrated by perspective geometrical and detail drawings    Denbigh  1872

Church Records

  • Handlist of Chapel Registers, Clwyd Record Office, 1993, 19p.
  • Veysey, A J. Guide to the Parish Records of Clwyd, Clwyd County Council, 1984, 123p.  ISBN 0-905349-98-9   This is the standard guide to Denbighshire's parish registers and other parish records. The former Clwyd Record Office has from time to time published "update" leaflets.

Court Records

  • Ellis, Bryn.   Denbighshire Quarter Sessions rolls in the eighteenth century, 1.    Trafodion (Denbighshire Historical Society), Vol. 50 (2001)        
  • Ellis, Bryn.   Denbighshire Quarter Sessions rolls in the eighteenth century. 2. 1751-1800: roads, bridges and public buildings       Trafodion (Denbighshire Historical Society), Vol. 51 (2002)
  • Veysey, A G. (ed)  A Handlist of the Denbighshire Quarter Session Records       Hawarden 1991

Description and Travel

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  • Sir Ddinbych   Ruthin 2001
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Emigration and Immigration

  • Williams, John.   The Denbighshire Society in London  Trafodion (Denbighshire Historical Society), 42 (1993)


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Land and Property

  • Hubbard, Edward.  Clwyd: the buildings of Wales vol 2    1986
  • Palmer, Alfred N.  A history of ancient tenures of land in the marches of North Wales   Wrexham 1885

Military History

  • Freeman, B F M et al.   Historical records of the Denbighshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry from their formation in 1795 till 1906   Wrexham 1909
  • Tucker, N.  Denbighshire Officers in the Civil War  Colwyn Bay  1964          
  • Williams, David.   The experiences of a Denbighshire yeomanry officer as a prisoner of war      Trafodion (Denbighshire Historical Society), Vol. 52 (2003)

Names, Geographical

  • Williams, Ifor        Rhai enwau lleoedd yn Ninbych         Journal of the Welsh Bibliographical Society  vol 5/5 1941              Welsh Journals Online


  • Burt, Roger et al (eds)   Mines of Flintshire and Denbighshire   Exeter 1992
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  • Lerry, G G.   The collieries of Denbighshire -  past and present  2nd ed by Ifor Edwards  Wrexham 1969

Politics and Government

Religion and Religious Life

  • Kennedy, Thomas.   Roman Catholic recusancy in Denbighshire      Trafodion (Denbighshire Historical Society), 42 (1993)
  • Rogers, Graham.  The religious and social life of former days in the Vale of Clwyd   Wrexham  c 1986
  • The statistics of the nonconformist churches, county of Denbigh, for the year ending Dec 31st 1905.   Welsh Church Commission   1906?


  • Dodd, P C Llywarch.   A report on a language and cultural survey of schools in Denbighshire   Ruthin 1950          
  • Seaborne, Malcolm.     Day schools and Sunday schools in mid-nineteenth-century Denbighshire     Trafodion (Denbighshire Historical Society), 39 (1990),       

Social Life and Customs

  • A short history of the Flint & Denbigh Hunt         London 1953
  • Cartrefi a chelfi y bonedd yn siroedd Dinbych a 'r Fflint, 1540-1640     Cof Cenedl  17   2002          
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  • Matthews,  E. Gwynn.  Denbighshire's democratic druids     Denbigh and its past 8 (1994)
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  • Rules and regulations for the government of the Denbighshire General Dispensary and Asylum for the Recovery of Health        Denbigh 1833
  • Williams, Owen. Awduron Sir Ddinbych a'u gweithiau   (Denbighshire authors and their works)   Wrexham 1937


  • Castledine,  David C.   The origins of the Denbighshire Historical Society     Trafodion (Denbighshire Historical Society), Vol. 50 (2001),