Newspaper extracts for Flint


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

  •  From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 14th March 1879

FLINT. COAL AT 8s. A TON.—The Coleshill Coal Company have reduced the price of their coal to 8s. per ton, which is the lowest rate it has stood at for years.

  •  From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 28th January 1881

FLINT. The weather this week has been intensely cold, and the frost has caused considerable inconvenience by preventing the regular supply of water. The distress amongst the poor has been met by heartily adopted means of relief. Several tons of coal have been distributed this week under the superintendence of the Rev. J. P. Alban. The Mayor is daily distributing sixty cups of tea or cocoa and bread and his timely liberality is much appreciated. The distribution is managed by Miss Muspratt, Miss Moon, and the ladies from Trelawny House, assisted by the Rev. W. P. James, senior curate. A soup kitchen has also been opened by a number of ladies, Mrs. Bowers acting as honorary secretary and treasurer.

  • From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 9th May 1879

FLINT. STRIKE. -The furnace men employed in the black ash department at Messrs. Muspratt Brothers and Huntley's Alkali Works struck work at the end of last week upon a question as to whether they should leave the works immediately on completing their day's task or be allowed to remain in the work until a stated hour as the employers required, Happily the stand out lasted but a few days, and at the commencement of this week they had all returned to their furnances.

  •  From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 1st April 1881

FLINT. LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.—The usual fortnightly meeting was held on Monday evening last in the Mechanic's Institute, when a paper was read by Mr. E. Rigby, on "The use of wild plants." Capt. C. E. Dyson presided, and introduced the subject in a few appropriate remarks. Mr. Rigby then read his paper. He dealt with the nature of wild plants, and their use from a medicinal point of view. He explained how many of them were also of great value to the dyer, giving him many of his colors and dyes. He advised strongly a thorough study of these plants which were so easily obtained and which were able to impart to the student so much interesting and valuable information. Other members also spoke upon the subject, and a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Rigby brought the meeting to a conclusion.

  • From the  Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… (Supplement) 8th April 1881

FLINT. NATIONAL SCHOOLS.—On Wednesday morning, in last week, the Mayoress and Miss Muspratt, visited the schools, and kindly intimated their intention of giving prizes for competition in the various classes, as well as in the infant department, much to the satisfaction of the scholars. At the instance of the rector, the Rev. W. Ll. Nicholas, M.A., hearty cheers were given in appreciation of the kindness of the Mayoress and Miss Muspratt

  • From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 27th June 1879

 FLINT. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE.—At a meeting of the School Attendance Committee of the Borough of Flint, held at the Town Hall, on Tuesday last, Councillor J. W. M. Evans presiding, it was resolved to issue 22 summonses against parents of children resident in the borough, for neglecting to send their children to school. And the committee have decided that in all future cases sent for their consideration, to order summonses to issue unless it is shewn them that the parents are unable to provide proper elementary education through poverty or illness.

  •  From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 4th July 1879

FLINT. LADIES' CLUB ANNIVERSARY.—The thirty-ninth anniversary of the Flint Female Benefit and Friendly Society was held on Tuesday last. The members met at half-past two in the afternoon at the Castle Assembly Rooms, and walked in procession to church, headed by the band of the 5th Flints. Rifle Volunteers. After service, the members to the number of about 130, partook of tea, the tables being presided over by the following Iadies  ..... (part extract)......

  • From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 3rd June 1881

FLINT. THE FOUNDER OF FLINT CASTLE.—Mr. Henry Taylor, Town Clerk of Flint and Deputy Constable of the Castle, writing to the "Cheshire Sheaf" upon this question says-" The period when this Castle was erected is a point which has been much questioned by historians. Camden asserts that it was begun by Henry II. in 1157, and finished by Edward I. Lord Lyttelton is of the same opinion. Leland attributes its foundation to Edward 1. Pennant frankly says, "The founder of this Castle is uncertain." The Rev. Charles H. Hartshorne in an able paper read on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain, held in Chester, in July. 1857, stated. that no Accounts of the expenses of erecting Flint Castle had been preserved; and other authorities appear to be of the same opinion. This, however, is a mistake, for at the Public Record Office, London, there is a roll endorsed—

"Roll of the stipends of the carpenters, masons, smiths. dykers, and other workmen, who were in the army of the King at FLIND and RODELAN, in the time of the Welsh War, in the fifth year of the reign of King Edward (1277), and paid by Master THOMAS BEKE, keeper of the wardrobe of the aforesaid King."

In which will be found entries of payments made "for the construction of the Castle of Flind" between Sunday the 25th day of July in that year, and the 7th day following "Sunday, the day of the beheading of Saint John the Baptist," viz. :—23th day of August following. .....(part extract).....

  • From the  Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 2nd September 1897

FLINT. BOROUGH LICENSING SESSIONS WEDNESDAY.—Before His Worship the Mayor (Ald. S. K. Muspratt), Messrs Jos. Hall and C. N. Hull, THE SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT. Superintendent J. Ivor Davies (Mold), in his annual report on the operation of the Licensing Acts in the Borough during the past year, stated that there were in the Borough 21 fully-licensed houses; 14 beer houses; 2 off beer houses; 2 licenses to sell wine, making a total of 39 licenses. The population of the Borough according to the census of 1891, was 5247, thus giving one licensed house to every 134 of the inhabitants. One inn- keeper was proceeded against and convicted. Thirty persons had been convicted for drunkenness, being an increase of 13 as compared with the previous year.

  •  From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 16th July 1896

FLINT. NOVEL FOOTBALL MATCH.—On Wednesday evening, in the presence of a large concourse of people, the British Ladies' Football Club played a team of Flint gentlemen. The ladies won the game easily.

SUNDAY SCHOOL TREAT.-On Wednesday afternoon the members of the Sunday School at Caersalem, and the Bryn Calvinistic Methodist Chapels, had their annual treat. The day was beautifully fine. By kind permission of Mr Richard Davies, Coed Onn Farm, tea was partaken of in the large barn, and afterwards sports and games were held in the field. Mr James Jones, Church-street, was the caterer for the tea.

  •  From the Flintshire Observer Mining Journal and General Advertiser… 21st October 1897

FLINT. CHESTER PORT SANITARY AUTHORITY.—A meeting of the joint board of this Authority was held on Thursday, at the Town Hall, Flint, under the presidency of Mr J. L. Muspratt.—Mr J. Humphrey Williams, the medical officer, reported that he had inspected all vessels entering the Dee, and found. everything clean and satisfactory, and no cases of sickness on board. He had attended the Sanitary Congress at Leeds, but that being an inland town there was nothing of special interest to Port Sanitary Authorities as when the congress was held at Newcastle-on-Tyne last year. The most important matter which came up was a paper and discussion on the purification of water in the estuary of rivers.— Mr J. Prince, Connah's Quay, also explained the proceedings at some length.

  •  From the Evening Express (Second Pink) 10th January 1895

DISTRESS IN FLINT. Great distress is being felt at Flint by the temporary closing of the great chemical works of the United Alkali Company, which form the staple industry of the town and have afforded employment to nearly 1,000 hands.

  •  From the Evening Express (First Edition) 7th February 1900

REPRESENTATION OF FLINT MR. ELDON BANKES INVITED BY THE UNIONISTS. Mr. J. Eldon Bankes, B.L., of Loughton Hall, near Mold, is to be asked by the Flintshire Constitutional Association to become the Unionist candidate far the Flint Boroughs at the next general election, in opposition to the sitting; member, Mr. J. Herbert Lewis, who has held the seat in the Radical interest since the retirement of the late Mr. John Roberts. Mr. Bankes is a large and influential landowner, a vice-chairman of quarter sessions, and a lawyer of distinction.

  • From the Evening Express (Special Edition) 7th December 1910

FLINT CASTLE CONSTABLE The "London Gazette" states that the King has been pleased to direct the issue of letters patent under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom appointing Mr. John Herbert Lewis, M.P. to be Constable and Keeper of the Gaol of Flint Castle, in the room of Mr, Philip Pennant Pennant, deceased. Mr. J. Herbert Lewis was returned unopposed as Radical member for Flintshire on Monday. He was Parliamentary Secretary to the Local Government Board in the recently dissolved Administration, and was a Junior Lord of the Treasury from 1905 to 1909. He is the eldest son of the late Mr. Enoch Lewis, of Mostyn Quay. Flintshire.

  • From  The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 8th January 1876

FLINT. PENTRE NATIONAL SCHOOL.—A juvenile concert, distribution of prizes, and tea meeting took place on the 3rd of January, and was very largely attended. This is the third juvenile concert that the pupils of this school have given during the last twelve months, each time with a change of programme. The programme on this occasion was especially attractive,  ....(part extract) .......

  •  From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the…23rd January 1869

FLINT. FLINT RIFLE VOLUNTEERS. The annual dinner of No 5 Company of Flintshire Rifle Volunteers was held on Thursday evening sen'night. The volunteers, to the number of 60 assembled at the Armoury at seven o'clock, and marched under the command of Lieutenant H. Taylor to the Cross Foxes Inn, where a substantial repast awaited them, ....(part extract).....

  •  From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 4th May 1861

FLINT. LAUNCH.—On Thursday last a very beautiful clipper- built schooner, the property of Mr. David Jones, Caerwys, was successful launched by her builders Messrs. Ferguson, M'Callum, and Baird, shipbuilders, Flint and Connah's Quay. The vessel is of 130 tons burden, and was named the Caerwys Castle. The launch, over, her proprietor, with his wonted liberality, entertained her builders, both masters and men, together with numerous friends, at a dinner provided at the New Anchor Inn, Flint, and an agreeable evening was spent, during which success and prosperity were heartily wished to attend the Caerwys Castle and her spirited proprietor.

  • From  The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 5th October 1867

FLINT. CRICKET CLUB,The members of this club celebrated the closing of their present season by dining together on Tuesday evening, at the Cross Foxes Inn, Flint. When first established—two years ago—the number of enrolled members in the club was about sixteen, but since that period their number has been very considerably augmented, and at the close of their second season their members and what is most essential , their funds, are in a very healthy condition, which will enable them to enter upon their third season under much more favorable auspices than on either of the previous occasions.

  • From The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the… 11th February 1865

FLINT. THE EISTEDDFOD - A Committee meeting was held at the Ship Hotel Assembly Room on Wednesday evening, P. Ellis Eyton, Esq., in the chair. The subjects chosen by the select Committee were then placed on the table, and read over by the Chairman, which hare been referred to the general committee meeting appointed to take place on Monday evening next to decide upon their adoption. The amount of prizes upon the list will exceed £300. The subjects proposed will be found worthy of interest, and will require great research and study. Several letters have been received from gentlemen of note promising their support, and adding their names to the list of patrons to the undertaking. It is gratifying to state that the matter has been taken up in influential and distinguished quarters, and it leaves no doubt of its ultimate and triumphal success.